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10 Days To 10K’s – Agency Pitch Example

So here we go. Today is all about agency pitch examples. I believe that chatammo gives you the chance to make more through the agency space than any other software due to the sheer amount you can do.

And of course, because of the large number of features combined with your skill as an agency owner. Then you can double down on your demos and get a lot fewer people who will not spend any money with you as you can now have unlimited downsells.

The way I would like you to think about this method of your agency pitch is to focus on your high ticket sales plus your Saas offerings. Then as a final offer, you could offer the software only.

How Do I Pitch My Agency?

So what you would have is a Saas agency, but making you a sales and service not only sales. This will give you almost unlimited business models to go after with your agency. I’m a fan of high ticket money upfront, which helps to finance future client acquisition.

So let’s start by using traditional Facebook ads and funnel models. We will be doing substantial funnel breakdowns from within our membership site from some of the most prominent marketers on the planet, such as Russel Brunson, Tia Lopez, and many more.

This agency pitch example will begin with Facebook ads and sales funnels as a consulting/service model. And then attach the power of chatammo to have all of the added features of chatammo to drive your agency onto new heights.

The main center of your pitch should be the benefits of chatammo will add to the business you are showing. I can tell the companies that I am pitching to. Without software like chatammo, their business will be obsolete within the next two years because they will not keep up with the different conversations happening across all channels.

This is where you can offer to take over their entire front end and give complete transparency of where every lead comes from and how they are dealt with.

So we can combat retention by using our software as almost a separate entity. Adding to that, we are giving ourselves the ability to charge higher prices. And provide better value to our clients by making sure they will make more money.

Now when I am saying this. I don’t mean for you to get carried away on going over every feature of chatammo. That is not the way to make a great demo. Instead, you should take a few of the features of chatammo that solves a problem. Then solve their problems inside of your demo. Unless heavily into marketing, business owners aren’t interested in the technology. Still, they are very interested if you can solve their problems.

Now, if you have ever run ads for clients before, you will know a few things that generally apply. One is they are terrible at writing ads headlines where they need to think up their offers. This is an easy fix by using Jarvis (grab your bonuses here)

And possibly one of the other significant problems is, as a rule, they are often terrible at following up the leads. This is one of the most important reasons that chatammo will increase your lifetime retention of clients.

As I have mentioned previously, our major thing is to reduce the churn rate from the industry average of three months to something much higher. The first phase of this is within your sales calls which we have gone over before.

The expectations that you are setting needs to be correct. You are not selling some magic plug and play solution where they will never need to lift a finger, and they will be rolling in money by the following week.

Within our demo, we need to show the importance of the software that we will be using. The biggest sale that you will be doing is after you have already captured their credit card details. Just giving them the software isn’t enough. Once you have the details, you want to hop on a call with them and show them around the software a little. Depending on if they have bought a done for you, done with you, or do it yourself option.

The biggest problem is getting the client adoption of the software. You need to make using chatammo as easy as possible for your clients. You don’t want to show every feature unless they need them all. You want your clients to use chatammo within their daily workflow.

You want to explain and sell chatammo, not only on its role in getting clients but also the importance of using the software post-sale. Many businesses will see software as an added hassle and may not want to adapt it to their workload.

So because of this, we need to make it as easy as possible, show them how you will install it, how it will work, the scheduling of posts. All of the other features they will find in there that they will want to use. You want this software to be taken into habit-forming so that they will never want to get rid of the software, even if they need to drop your services down.

The more transparent you can make your lead handling, the more you will build trust. That’s the first phrase. Sell them on it. Once you sell a client on chatammo, they will never leave it, which means they are sticking with you. And building your letterbox money.

This may mean building a tutorial out precisely for them and recording it to access the training quickly. 

I get asked the question all of the time should I demo the software, and the answer is 100% yes.

There are so many different ways to sell chatammo to your prospects, so let’s go through a few of them.

Combine The Software

So firstly and possibly the most simple. Add it to the service that you are already offering as your service. So if your service is chatbots, SEO, Facebook ads, whatever. at tach chatammo alongside it and sell it for a high ticket price, even if you don’t want to do the work yourself, then you could use chatbotsforinsta as a white label subcontract and never have to worry about it all 

Done With You Software

This is a little like what is being done before. You can do the work yourself or sign your client up and give the job over to chatbotsforinsta and not have to worry about doing any of the work at all. 

Alternatively, you can do the work of setting up the accounts and keep 100% of the money.

Training For The Software

This method can work incredibly well and is simple. You can charge high amounts to industries like real estate, mortgage, and insurance.

.You can set up and teach your clients how to use the platform. You could even expand this onto how they can get their leads. You could show them how to build the flows funnels and everything else and charge a retainer on top where you could hop on a call once a week.  

Sell The Software

This could be considered the easiest, but unless done with a passion, then can fall flat. Chatammo has an affiliates program built into it. Still, if treated like just an affiliate program, then you could well suffer from a lack of adoption. You can overcome this by offering training. After all, if you are getting paid monthly, it is worth putting a little something together to build your monthly income.

With this business model, you might, in the early part, only be making a small profit on the front end of gaining clients, however, with the client sticking around for longer than they do with a service. It is worth spending money on your marketing, running split tests, etc., as your monthly income will be increasing with the recurring commissions.

A great way to mitigate this would be to sell a chatbot already completely set up for them. This would mean you have a unique service with a reasonable entrance price and recurring commissions.

These various business models mean that no matter what sort of money your prospect has in place. You should rarely fail to get them some deal and also be able to sell them a higher ticket item later down the line.

Your Pitch Deck

So one of the things I would prepare is my pitch deck, and we want to make it unique to you, so think of a title that would inspire your ideal clients.

For example, if you were going to be working in real estate, you could call it something like buyers on demand. This would be your unique mechanism. Thus, giving you more credibility and your client believing that you have a system that makes you different from your competition.

Use your system’s name whenever you speak about it, as this can quickly become your brand, Which will bring them what they want without the things they hate.

Ideally, offer an explosive promise, so bring in new high ticket customers and fully qualified leads. Next, you want to show some of your testimonials if you have them to prove your point further.

Remember, what your prospects want is just a system to get new customers. 

Then we want to show that we know the pain points in the marketplace. So you can talk about leads quality and how your flows will get much higher lead quality because of the qualifying questions.

Always open your pitch deck in this order. Creating a hook for your prospects as soon as possible and cause engagement within your pitch. Don’t worry about who you are and that you have worked with 700 real estate agents before at this point.

At first, we want your prospects to buy into the fact that you can help them solve their problem.

After that has been completed, you can build your pitch deck in a sequence that will guide them through and clear objections they might well have. For example, after sending my prospects through a bot selling bot, I always like to do my pitch deck, as this will qualify the leads and show me what they find most important for their business.

So the order I tend to go in is the above first and then a series of your services so that it may look like this.


Facebook ads

Landing Pages

Split Testing



Show Software

After Your Demo

One question to always ask after you have gone through your pitch deck is, do you see how this would work to grow your business?

If you don’t get a yes at this point, then you haven’t yet earned the right to give your pricing, so you must cover your particular product and service well.

Tell your prospect you can go deeper if they have any questions. So that they aren’t left with any doubts in their mind

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