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So yesterday, we spoke about organic marketing, where you are spending time rather than money. Today is paid ads time. It’s all about spending the cash on getting the results you want.

Warnings on paid ads

running paid ads pitfalls

Massive amounts go into paid ads such as copyrighting, creatives, targeting, etc. I would not be able to go into everything in this post because it would go on forever.

Ad platforms are constantly changing. And suppose you have used the Facebook ads platform before. In that case, you will already know about one of the major problems: getting your account restricted.

This is a strange phenomenon as it happens so often when you are running ads all the time. I have had many of my ads banned or restricted, and after appealing, getting them back, but it is something that you want to be aware of when moving forward.

I see many people who start with paid ads and expect to get three dollars back out when they put a dollar in.

Paid ads are the holy grail when it comes to setting up your agency, as I allow you to go from one-to-one prospecting and into one-to-many prospecting. Even with a virtual assistant, it isn’t easy to reach many people when doing organic outreach. With ads, you are suddenly in front of everybody all at once.

With one too many ads, you are suddenly telling the ad platform, hey, I want to invest money to get in front of x amount of people. Then you tell the platform how much money you want to spend.

So this all sounds simple, and literally, there are thousands of training videos on how to set up your ads. But that doesn’t matter. The number one thing that matters here is that you run ads, and that is the most challenging job that this post is designed to do.

Many people see that ads are remarkable for their businesses, but there is a fear built in there too, and the fear is that you may lose money.

A little while ago, I gave the exact Facebook ad and the step-by-step that brought me in over eight hundred dollars in under fourteen hours. You wouldn’t believe how many people asked for the link and then didn’t run the ad.

Cracking The Facebook Ad’s

It’s simple if you crack the code for ads and particularly Facebook ads. Then you will make money. And hardly any agencies are using ads.

Now getting $3 out for every $1 in is great. But, still, there is something even more critical. You can now gather momentum much faster by getting you in front of people by using paid ads.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect so much faster with paid ads

By giving you more leads, you will be able to hop onto sales calls and create a snowball effect much faster than any other method.

So let’s take, for example, cold outreach. If you are using cold outreach, then maybe you will get three appointments per week. That isn’t enough practice on sales calls, demos, or any other contact that you were maybe thinking of.

However, when you are running ads, you will fill your entire calendar with booked appointments. So, although it has cost you money to get these appointments, you will be able to practice. Which in turn means that you can scale so much faster.

So let’s say, for example, that you are doing direct outreach messages. It might well take you a few weeks to get through appointments to start closing.

Now with paid ads, you will have a lot of leads that you can practice with. You can send them straight into chatbot automation which will warm up your prospects, and then you can hop on a call and close.

This is one of the most significant ways to take your agency to the next level. You aren’t just setting appointments. You are setting up your skill level and scale your business rapidly.

Agencies Running Ads

I always find it ironic that most agencies don’t run ads, even the agencies who sell Facebook ads as a service. This is like going to a dentist with bad teeth or a personal trainer out of shape. You wouldn’t do it.

If you are trying to sell ads, you should be running ads yourself.

One of the biggest things you will see between a seven-figure agency and a struggling agency is running ads.

Paid ads will also point out any problems within your agency. Ads will expose you and your agency. Paid ads will allow you to see what is working, and even more importantly, what isn’t working.

Can’t Afford To Run Ads

cant afford to run paid ads?

As you can see, I like to run ads as I honestly believe in the benefits of scaling quickly.

But I hear a lot of people saying that they can’t afford to run ads. So I would like you to think about how you can afford to run ads if you buy a coffee.

Many people believe that they need to spend hundreds per day running ads, which isn’t the case. You can start your ads at $5 per day. Now obviously, this is going to take longer to scale. You will do even better if you have more money to put in, but $5 per day will be ample to build your agency.

Taking The First Step

The most challenging thing when running ads is taking the first step. I know you are thinking right now, but I’m just starting. Should be running ads, and the answer is yes.

Treat Your Ads Like Your Clients

I find this quite amusing if you are currently running ads for clients, and they don’t take off straight away. Then you would say to the client, hey, don’t worry, it takes a little while for ads to bed in.

However, I often see agency owners running ads for themselves, and the ads aren’t getting much traction, or there are ups and downs in the ad. And agency owners are freaking out, suddenly stopping the ad, or starting to change the ad without giving enough time for the ad to work.

Before you start freaking out about and add, please stop and look at the stock market, yes there are ups and downs, but the general trend is upwards. As long as your ad is trending up, it is working. Everything will have small tremours and fluctuations. Many agencies will think that their ad is failing just by what it looks like over one day.

Instead, look at your ads as a long-term investment that gives you practice and builds your lists simultaneously. You are also building your pixel, your telephone list, and so much more.

So many people cancel their ads just as they are about to take off. I will often see people think, well, I have put in $100, and nothing has happened, suddenly you hear them saying no, paid ads don’t work.

Ads work in all niches. Yours isn’t the one that it doesn’t work in. Advertising is advertising. Remember how we said at the beginning of this journey not to become emotional, This is so true when it comes to running ads, don’t listen to your emotional side.

Cost Per Lead

We often see some gurus boasting about it, and sure you have seen it before, we are getting leads for $1 each. And, of course, you can, depending on your niche. All niches cost different amounts depending on how many people are going after that niche.

If you have some niche that nobody else is going for, you can get your leads for a lot less.

By targeting the same as everybody else, you compete with everybody else on how much you are prepared to pay.

Now the offer that we built together is going to play a part. If you have a great offer getting clicks, you will see your cost per lead dropping.

The Faster You Test, The More Success

Nows I have said, you can begin your paid marketing with only $5 per day; however, if you do have more money to spare, the more you should place on your ads.

If you had $100 per day rather than just $5 per day, you could rightly think that you would get twenty times the results and be better versed on how to handle your calls.

Keep On Tweaking

Tweaking your paid ads for success in 2021

On the one hand, you need to give your ads time, but on the other, you should constantly be tweaking and testing the results you are getting. It isn’t quite the same as running ads for your agency clients when running ads for yourself. When marketing a local business, then you can pretty much have broad targeting. However, when doing B2B, your targeting will be a lot tighter and well worth testing.

Three Parts To Getting An add to Work

So no matter how complex you think ads are, they are only three parts. First, there is the funnel that your ads are leading to. Either an actual funnel or a chatbot. The targeting, And finally, the creatives.

Many agency owners try to attack all of these three parts together, but remember, small steps need to be taken.

One Step At A Time

So let’s see each part and what we can do, starting with targeting. If you already had lists scraped as was taught before, you now have a ready-made audience, which you can upload to Facebook.

So because we took the time to get ourselves the scraped list, we have taken care of that variable. We don’t need to worry about it as we already know that they are the people we are looking for.

Now one thing to bear in mind is that this isn’t a long-term strategy unless you have a large custom audience, but this will certainly help you crack the code when starting.

Other Targeting Options

Because we have started to learn our niche, we know what their interests are. So if I was to look upon chiropractors in interest, they are very often going to be chiropractors. The same goes if you target job titles, universities, etc.

So when starting, we will target either our custom audiences or our other target criteria. Keep these tight. Yes, a chiropractor might have pain management in their interests, but so will a whole stack of other people, so that is far to broad, always think about your niche that we covered on day two.

Which Funnel To Send Them To?

As I have previously stated, it doesn’t matter if it is a chatbot such as chatammo, or a Funnel. We also build a lot of those that we give away to our members.

But when starting, we want to get rid of variables. To do that, we will use our chatbot platform and use messenger ads to drive them down our messenger funnel. We will do this in the beginning because we are not only capturing their details, but we are leading them towards a sale on every step.

Once we get you knocking ads out of the park, then we can start bringing in ads to funnels again, and then, of course, we will retest. Personally, I have always had more success with chatbots, but I still use funnels every now and then.

Using a chatbot, we figured out how to run paid ads. As I said, there are a lot fewer variables. We aren’t sending the audiences to any crazy funnels where we have to try and work out where they may have fallen off the funnel. Instead, we can see exactly which part of your chatbot prospects is falling off from.

Don’t Stop Your Ads

The number one reason that people fail with their ads is fear. So if it looks like their ads are stopping working, they cancel the ad, get through that first period, it will come together.

Another thing to remember if you have run and failed running ads before, is now you are armed with everything we have learned over the last few days.

The Creative

So that is the targeting, and the funnel took care of. So now we only have the variable of the creative left.

So all you need to worry about is writing excellent copy and getting an awesome scroll-stopping image or video.

Now I think you will agree that so far, it is all sounding pretty easy?

So your creative is where you are going to be testing more. If your creative doesn’t work right out of the box, don’t worry. It can be tweaked a little further down the line. And the same goes for your image or video.

Campaign Structure

Now, if we were doing a deep dive on the technicalities of setting up your ad, then we would be here all month. But, there are so many videos out there it is easy to grab a quick setup video and be on your way.

So the choices on what to choose when setting up your ads are

Ad type – Send to messenger

Target Audience A – Your scraped audience and lookalike

Target Audience B – (once A is exhausted) interest, job titles, or universities

Age – 21 to 65

Creative – Short form copy

Then we will duplicate all of those settings, and this time set up a different creative.

So you are going to be putting creative a directly against creative b

Next, we will duplicate these two ad sets into yet another two sets, so you are going to have four ad sets in your campaign. In the two new ad sets, we will change from short-form to long-form ad copy. And make both of these long-form ad copies different.

So in effect, what you now have is a virus b

And c versus d

We are testing the ad variable.

If you would like, you can duplicate all four of these ad sets, but this time you can make the variable the interests, your audience, and such. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but when you have all of this setup, you can see. which are for the kill and which are for the scaling, giving you a successful ad a lot more often.

Were To Show The ads

When starting again, variables are what we don’t want to stick to the Facebook feed.

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