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$10k in 10 Days – What Is Outreach Marketing

This is where we are going to be putting the pedal to the metal as far as your digital marketing is concerned.

So here we go with day four of our ten days tutorials. If if you haven’t seen the other three days, please follow this link, as we are going to be talking about outreach marketing, and how you can begin to get clients for your agency.

The first three days were all about building solid foundations, which are vital moving forward. Just like you wouldn’t try to make a home without foundations, it is not wise to try and make a business without the correct foundations.

You should consume these posts in the same order as they are written, so day 1, day 2, etc. these aren’t something where you can go jumping about from, as you will not get the full effect or the results that you are aiming for

These are the links that you should consume either now or once you have finished this article

Day One – Mindset, to improve your marketing efforts

Day Two – Niche selection for brand awareness

Day Three – Building offers for small businesses

What Is Outreach Marketing

What Is Outreach Marketing reaching out to clients

So it’s day four, and we will be talking about building your prospects list, which means it’s a little shorter today as not too much to get into just some of the things that I have found to be best practices. When using outreach marketing.

Outreach Marketing Strategies

Every outreach marketing campaign should be based around your prospecting list, this is possibly one of the most important aspects, not only when using email marketing, but also across your social media platforms.

What Is A Prospecting List?

Your prospecting list is the people who you can contact that may want to use your services. What we want from our prospecting list ideally is the details of the small business owner.

  • An Outreach Email 
  • Phone Number
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Page

Collecting these key pieces of data make your outreach simpler and make raise brand awareness almost second nature. As further within these training we are also going to go through how when you have a great outreach marketing strategy. We can use these details to 10x our agency client base and make sure that we have the right target audience.


In the good old days before Covid. One of my favorite ways to build new relationships was to walk into the business. And show exactly the methods that we use for business growth.

I would tend to go to a certain area and use Google along with other search engines, to find an ideal business in the area, I would then go into the businesses and speak to the potential customers. In this case the owner or the manager.

This is still an excellent way for you to promote your business, and build relationships. As a bonus, you would often find that these relationships that were built would help promote you to other businesses. That the owner you have met would recommend you too.

Once I got to speak to the owner of the business, I would normally start by showing them what a chatbot could do for their marketing, even pointing out it could improve their current SEO efforts.

One of the best things about going around to businesses is you can also mention that you are only going to be working with a limited number of businesses. And let the owner know that if they don’t want your offer that you will be forced to show other companies what you have.

If you ever get the chance to go into businesses for face-to-face meetings, nothing is better for building relationships and building local business links within your community.

Virtual Outreach Campaigns

So now we want to take what I used to love to do and turn it into an outreach marketing strategy that can be used to, catapult your agency to where you want it to be.

If we cant go out and meet owners face to face that means we are going to have to do our very best at building real relationships using virtual methods for our marketing.

This means we need to collect contact details so that we can reach out. 

The Right Target Audience

When trying to find the perfect target audience, for our outreach campaigns we need to start with two things.

  • Type of business
  • The area where you want to target

Because we are searching online we need to be sure that the businesses have an online presence. Otherwise collecting leads can be almost impossible.

What we are looking for is a way to scrape all of the business contacts for that area, and building the largest list possible. Without these details, we haven’t got a chance to contact them. This means that we will be lacking an effective strategy, and the various methods we go over in our training will be hugely affected.

Once we have the contact details in place, it is just a case of saying, hey, we would like to work with you, get an offer in front of them, and set an appointment to share more information. 

It’s all about the subject line, but we will be going into that in the future.

Remember Your Offers To promote

So on day two training, it was all about building your perfect offer. So, for example, we can contact these business owners and tell them you don’t need to pay me one penny, which is your irresistible offer.

Our aim firstly is to set up your initial email blast, With a great email subject line, then follow up with all leads.

We aim with the outreach to get you ten appointments in 10 days, with zero ads spent, and say, hey would you be interested in my team and me sending you ten appointments for free. Reply with a yes if you would like more information. No pressure either way.

This will be the perfect opener if you are going after a niche like Dentists, Chiropractors, etc.

The whole object of your prospecting lists is to get your offer seen, get them to say yes to more information, and schedule an appointment with you, and close the deal.


Our longer-term goal is to build an audience on Facebook using our collected data to run ads targeting people in our niche.

This is the secret sauce as far as building your agency quickly.

So let’s say, for example, that we were going to go after real estate agents. We know that there are over a million. We would try and find the details of all of them. (or as many as possible) upload that list to Facebook. Now we can accurately build audiences to target on Facebook.

This would mean that we place our future ads right before the people we try to get as clients. Our list building goes way beyond simple outreach. Once we have started to build it, we will be in front of the minds of our prospects.

Again we can now leverage the power of Facebook and combine that with our offers.

Three Options

I have written in the past about how to get your lists built. I will try and link that with this post so you can see it in detail.

But let’s go through an overview of the three options you have to build your list.

Scraping software

With scraping software, you can leave the software to do its job and get all of the contact details you will ever need. My other post goes into huge detail of which of these software worked best for me in the past, with software like D7 being an excellent choice.

There is a lot of scraping software out there. If you already have a favorite, feel free to stick with that. The starting point with all of this software is putting in your keyword and then finding an area.

I like to search google for the biggest cities in the USA, Uk, Canada, etc., and then run an individual search for each city as my starting point.

Buy lists

I like scraping my lists, as then I know that they are correct. However, you can buy lists that are ready to go.

Enter infousa into Google, and you will have pages of list-selling websites. InfoUSA used to be the most extensive list builder, but I think they got bought out, and a few things have changed. But they and many more will still provide you with excellent working lists.


I quite like this method as it is quick easy, and you can also see how well this person works by using their reviews to choose the right person for the job.

Head over to our Facebook Group where there are various offers to get you cost-effective leads for your outreach. 

This can save you massive amounts of time as the contact details will arrive in a CSV file and be imported into your google sheets for ease of use.

Why Its Best To Scrape These High Volumes

Okay, you might be thinking, why do I need this many businesses scraped, and for a niche like real estate, then you wouldn’t need every single one.

For other niches, grabbing all of the details means you can go out and continue prospecting forever. Even if you or your VA are sending out hundreds of personal emails per day, then you aren’t going to run out.


The other reason is by uploading them to Facebook. You’re ensuring that prospective clients are beginning to hear about you. And you are building a great impression of your business.

Building your list should be viewed as one of the costs of running your business. It is something that you need to do. It’s like opening a restaurant and not getting plates. It’s just a cost that is well worth spending. 

Getting a list is one of the first things I have done when starting an agency and Has always proved almost invaluable as this can now be used to contact prospects directly, build a target audience ready for Facebook ads, or even a lookalike audience.

Get your scraping done here to make it easy for you to start straight away and get the results you are wanting

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