Twilio Chatbot Set Up – What To Avoid

In this article I would like to go through Twilio and chatbot set up Let us introduce you to the highly effective channel for customer communication: SMS through Chatammo! Below you’ll find the description of the feature and how to use it. Which Chatammo accounts can send SMS? Sending SMS is available for usage on … Read more

Why Marketing Strategy Is Important In 2021

Why Marketing Strategy Is Important

What is Strategic Marketing? Strategic marketing sounds a whole lot more complicated than what it is. It should be something that all businesses undertake to ensure that the marketing efforts have the desired results. Strategic marketing is achieved when a business works to a clear, and documented marketing strategy, that guides them through their marketing … Read more

Why Marketing Is Important in 2021

Why Marketing Is Important

Why marketing is important is a question that many people ask every day. Marketing becomes one of the first things people begin to cut from their budgets when money is tight. But by cutting your marketing spend, you are missing your future profits. Any business’s object is to make money. Without marketing, you could have … Read more

New Butterfly Marketing – How You Can Use It To Your Advantage 2021

Butterfly marketing

If you have arrived on this page no doubt you have heard of butterfly marketing and what it can do for your online business today. Welcome To Butterfly Marketing With butterfly marketing almost a forgotten term, it is good to see this kind of marketing getting a considerable resurgence and already beginning to retake hold … Read more