Beaver Builder Review

Beaver Builder Review – Could This Be The All In One Answer

Welcome to my Beaver builder Review, In this review, I will be going deep into Beaver Builder, and so have added a table of contents so that you can navigate around the page easily.

I hope you enjoy the Beaver Builder review and I would love to hear your thoughts on it

What Is Beaver Builder

If you are unsure of what Beaver builder is, you have come to the right place. Beaver Builder is a drag and drop page builder that is used in WordPress websites.

Beaver Builder allows you to build stunning websites without the need to know any code.  

Often rated as number one in WordPress reviews of pages builders, and with over. a million users you can bet Beaver Builder is going nowhere soon in those charts.

Beaver Builders themes success has come about in no small part due to their team of dedicated developers, who have worked extremely hard to bring this theme to life with no bloat, and integrated set of tools. 

Beaver Builder Review

From the beginning of this theme, it has sat proudly in the big three page builders. With a fanatical group of users, they have a large Slack Group Combined with a Facebook page, both filled with helpful content and users who are genuinely keen to help. 

With all of this in place and a brand new year, I thought it was about time to review this exciting theme and fond out if non WordPress users would be a good fit for Beaver builder.

Is Beaver Builder Good For WordPress Beginners

Many beginners feel that WordPress is daunting, and it certainly can be if you have chosen the wrong theme to build within their build.

Luckily Beaver builder has decided to tackle this head-on and created a theme that is user-friendly and able to work to the most advanced levels. For users who are used to more commercial solutions. Beaver Builder is a builder that is as simple to use but with all of the advantages of WordPress.

Is Beaver Builder Easy To Use

Whether it is a complete website or sales funnels, Beaver Builder is there for you. Beaver Builder is both appealing for seasoned WordPress users as well as users who are more used to off the shelf builders, so let’s see a head to head to find out how it compares.

Beaver Builder vs Wix

So, Why Have I Chosen Wix?

Out of all of the off-the-shelf-pain builders, Wix has been making considerable strides to improve its builder, and for purely building websites is one of the easiest.

If you are anything like I used to be, you are a little scared to jump into WordPress. After all, building a website should be a one time deal and not something you want to have to redo or spend money on repeatedly.


  • Wix is an all in one platform that allows users to build websites from scratch. It is ideal for beginners and comes with 24-hour support.
  • Pricing is from $0 up to $49 per month, but if you want to make a good website, you will be paying the $49 per month to be fair.

Wix at the time of writing has over 190 million users and has well established itself as a popular user interface among all users.


WordPress has two different types; the one we are going to use for this versus is the, the self-hosted version of WordPress.

  • WordPress is an open-source website builder that comes with almost all hosting, WordPress has also come a long way with most hosting companies offering a one-click install.
  • After you have clicked to install WordPress, it often comes with themes built-in. However, there are upgrades such as Beaver Builder that will take your WordPress site to another level.
  • Pricing WordPress itself is free, along with Beaver Builder Starts can also be free; however, there are upgrades on the basic.
  • You will need hosting which will come in between $4 and $10 per month.

I understand that the above might sound intimidating, but it is a lot easier than it sounds in practice and takes a matter of minutes.

Beaver Builder seems to have almost unlimited design possibilities. There are no limitations of what you can build within your website. And unlike Wix, you don’t need to buy extra add ons to your website as everything all work together beautifully. If you do run into any hiccups(highly unlikely though), there are thousands of great tutorials on youtube, as well as the Facebook group and Slack I previously mentioned.

Getting Started With Each

Getting started with Wix is simple, sign up answer a few questions, and an essential website is built for you. To use Beaver builder, you need to complete a couple of small tasks before you begin.

One thing to keep in mind is that WordPress and Beaver Builder are both hugely optimized for search engine optimization, and so it is easier to rank your new WordPress site.

Your Site With Each

Wix, your site is limited by the limitations placed on you by Wix with WordPress and Beaver Builder your choices are pretty much endless. 

Another point to bear in mind is that getting your domain away from Wix can be extremely difficult (I ended up losing one of my business websites through this.

Wix Pros & Cons


  • Everything takes place inside of Wix.
  • Good range of features built-in.
  • At higher end built in Ecom.
  • The Wix ADI .
  • There’s 24/7 customer support.


  • You don’t have full control of your site. If you break the rules, you will lose your site.
  • With ADI you cant change your site design.
  • Blogging is not good.
  • Hugely more expensive than Beaver Build

WordPress / Beaver Build Pros & Cons


  • WordPress is free and open-source.
  • Beaver Build has free options, but I would upgrade.
  • Limitless designs and options.
  • It’s the most popular content management system on the web — much more popular than Wix — with nearly 40% of the whole web running on WordPress.
  • Significant updates and community.
  • Excellent content management capabilities.
  • Great blogging module.
  • Extremely customizable; you have control over every aspect of your website.


  • Even though the WordPress software is free, domain and hosting will still cost.
  • There’s no support, per se on WordPress itself (there are support forums and a lot of tutorials, making it easy to get started).

As you can see Beaver Builder could be a great viable option for your website needs

Beaver Builder Review: Overview

Beaver Builder rightfully deserves its top three placements, and it is little wonder how this them as won so many awards. The theme makes building great-looking content within WordPress very straightforward and simple.

Beaver builder Website examples

What Does Beaver Builder Do?

  • Build custom pages with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • No need to learn any coding
  • Keep using your current WordPress theme if wanted
  • See results as you work

This is only scratching the surface of what beaver builder can do, and a little later I will show you so much more where this them excels.

How To Use Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder lends itself very well for the large majority of users, from site owners to developers, Beaver has made building website from scratch easy and actual fun, being able to see your website developing in front of your eyes.

The biggest bonus that you get with Beaver Builder. It takes away the main stumbling block that some people have with WordPress. It can be not overly friendly, towards users with no experience with websites, and makes even novices appear professional to produce great content independently.

So by now, I hope you are getting your confidence if you are a new user, let’s get into what features Beaver Build has

 Beaver Build Theme Features Review

SEO optimized and lightweight Beaver Build theme will not slow down your site, which is a complaint that is often heard when using other themes, the designs are elegant and have great options for control of layout and styling.

Using the WordPress customizer for theme options, all changes that are made can be previewed without delay.

Beaver Builder And Woocommerce

If eCommerce is something that you are or would like to get involved in the Beaver Builder is an excellent choice, the support for integration between the two is seamless and makes it an easy build for yourself and any clients you may have.

There is excellent documentation and a vast array of hooks and filters, making it a theme easy to love for the developers.

On the flip side, there is an abundance of easy to use options, design elements, and typography controls, all combining to make a huge time-saving.

Beaver Build Plug-In

So its time to take a look at the main Beaver Builder plugin.

The complete list of features that you get with the Beaver Builder is too long to go over here wholly, so I will start with the essentials.

  • Complete Drag And Drop Support
  • Front End Editing
  • No Coding Either HTML or CSS knowledge isn’t needed
  • Works With All Themes
  • Easy To Work With Posts, Pages, And Custom Posts
  • Over 50 Ready Made Page Templates
  • Over 30 Content Elements
  • Output Responsive And Mobile Friendly
  • Compatible With WooCommerce 
  • Includes WooCommerce Content Elements
  • Import And Export Features

With Beaver Builder, everything is there with your Beaver Builder, and you have a complete solution to your web building. This gives you the ability to build your site layouts any way that you wish, using the standard content elements, such as headlines, paragraphs, images, videos, columns, and so much more.

With the import and export features, and the pre-made templates, you don’t need to create at all as it can be done for you.

Beaver Builder Templates

There is a massive, thriving aftermarket in templates. 

There are so many more, but these aren’t needed for your Beaver Builder, these are only aftersales add ons, I would suggest having a good look through what you already get with Beaver builder. Even more, templates aren’t needed unless you want a hands-off approach.

Ultimate Add Ons For Beaver Builder

Ultimate add-ons for beaver builder is one site that does excel in aftermarket add ons for your new build.

Ultimate Add-ons For Beaver Builder Pros

  • Over 45 New Modules
  • 100+ Page Templates
  • Fully Designed Sections
  • Fastest Add-on Package
  • Great Support Staff

 Everything Beaver Builder Add-Ons here

Beaver Builder Animations

Beaver Builder can apply beautiful animations throughout your website to give your web visitors a richer, more immersive experience. These animations can be used to almost all aspects on your pages. 

Beaver Builder Blog Posts

As with all WordPress, add ons Beaver Builder is an excellent choice if you want blog posts, as its highly optimized SEO will help the blog posts to rank, but you also get a lot of customization within your blog.

This means you can make your blog look and perform exactly the way you would like.

Beaver Builder Bread Crumbs 

Breadcrumbs are easy to install via Yoast and won’t cause any problems to your Beaver Site.

  • You can stick to the free version of Yoast as it has everything you will need

Beaver Builder Background Image

This is a very welcome addition to the beaver builder platform. With many other WordPress add on backgrounds can become a very tricky item, making your site unpredictable can build stunning background images and have no problems with the functionality or build. 

Beaver Builder Sales Funnel Builder

Added to what you could do with Beaver builder before. There is now an even greater reason to take this add on very seriously. If you have read my blog for any time, you will know I have a mild obsession with sales funnels.

Cartflows has now integrated with Beaver Builder to create your sales funnels straightforward, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Beaver Builder

Full memberships sites can also be created using Beaver Builder, Making your membership site attractive to all of your prospects.

Beaver Builder Responsive Design

In the responsive design, you can check how your website will look on anything from a mobile to a desktop so that you can check your finished product looks great no matter where it is viewed from.

Is Beaver Builder Free?

Beaver Builder Lite is the free version, which is like its big brother has a sleek look and easy to use options.

The lite version comes with five modules in basis (text, HTML, video, audio and images) and one layout category that allows you to drop a sidebar in any row of the page layout.

These modules give you a taste of what the premium edition has, which is why most people upgrade.

All of the beaver designs are already optimized for all displays. But fine-tuning can still be done within the responsive optimizer.

What’s The Difference Between Beaver Builder Lite And Beaver Builder Paid? 

Okay well, let’s get into this which version of beaver builder is best for you to get you the perfect web builder.

Beaver Builder Premium Packages

All of the premium versions have the same page builder installed, so if you want to upgrade further, there isn’t another learning curve to be completed.

But they all come with some compelling features that you won’t want to be without, such as an excess of modules and pre-build templates, along with a whole host of other features, such as the ability to save layouts, for re-use or export.

However one of the main additions is the beaver builder theme and other features which cater to those who would like to build multiple sites, or run agencies.


All premium plans arrive with a total of 29 modules split up into six categories of

  • Basic
  • Media
  • Actions
  • Layout
  • Info
  • Posts

If you have WooCommerce installed, then there is also an extra module provided.

All of the above modules have many layout and styling options, that will give you great flexibility, oh how each looks and behaves, including an animation and visibility options.


With all premium options, you are also given 30 landing page templates and 25 content page templates. That gives you 50 pages that are pre-built and ready for use, or to customize.

Templates are built with a combination of rows and columns making customization of any part of the page a breeze.

There are 100 pre-build rows, to choose from. These are all organized in 10 categories, such as a call to action, lead generation, etc. To add drag in a row tweak, content and colours, and you are done.

Once these are all to your liking, you can save it and make it your own template for use on more of your site. You can also save parts of this so that your site can be uniform throughout and give the branding you need.


There are three paid versions of Beaver Builder, and each can be used on an unlimited number of sites, and all have the same page builder, as mentioned before. All versions provide one year of priority support, (which is priceless) and if you choose to auto-update your subscription, there’s a 40% discount with every renewal.

Each version of the premium package builds on the last. 

Beaver Standard

Standard version is $99 per year. However, you will need your theme, which isn’t a problem as Beaver is compatible with most themes, including free themes.

Beaver Pro

Pro version comes in at $199 per year, it has the same functions as the standard but comes with the awesome Beaver Builder theme, one of my favourite themes.

All site settings are fully integrated with Beaver Builder’s plugin rightfully about its fast load time. If you run multiples using the WordPress Multisite feature, the Pro or Agency version is a must. 

Beaver Agency        

Genuinely outstanding value at $399 per year, this version has the same features as the pro and adds even more multisite capabilities. The standout feature is the fact that you can white-label your website.                                                   

The white labelling feature is ideal for website design agencies who want to put their brand on the page builder.

How Much Does Beaver Builder Cost 

Okay let’s talk about the elephant in the room, yes Beaver builder is a lot cheaper than the off the shelf solutions. However, if you compare it to its two closest rivals, it is a little more expensive. Elementor and Divi Builder. 

However, the critical advantage that Beaver builder has is unlimited websites, no matter which plan you choose.

 Beaver Builder Review Conclusion

I do like Beaver Builder, for the ease of use, I prefer to build a website quickly and without fuss and that is one of my favourite points, I don’t have to spend time learning instead I can spend time doing. 

Is there a cheaper alternative? Yes, but not quite as simple to use. 

The WordPress market is saturated, which is useful if you want to make money from WordPress. Using the beaver builder, you are getting an elite add on that you can start quickly today and build stunning sites without any hassle, if you wanted to go on, this would be perfect for you as it is great for developers too. Still, the point is you have time to grow with it, and not hit all at once with the technicalities. 

What If I Don’t Like Beaver Builder?

One important feature to consider is what happens if you stop using your page builder. Some page builders work by inserting shortcodes into the page that connect to the content in your database, so if you delete the plugin, you’re left with a bunch of shortcodes in the WordPress editor, with no way to access the content. On the other hand, Beaver Builder saves text and images in the WordPress editor when you remove the plugin. You lose layout, but you don’t lose content. 

Used/using Beaver Builder? What do you think of it?


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