blogging vs youtube which is bet to make money

Blogging vs Youtube 2021: Which Is Best To Make Money?

So which is the best Blogging or Youtube to make you money in 2021. Within this blog, I talk about side hustles and full-time hustles, as ways to make money online. Outlining the various software that can be used to boost your results. 

The reason why I do this is to get you to a state of financial independence quickly so that you can become your own revenue-generating machine. And begin to live the life you want on your terms with an income to suit your needs.

I often get asked about which is easier starting a Blog. Our a Youtube channel. And which is better for monetization.

This next point will sound a little strange, as I am just starting this Blog that you are reading right now as a case study to see how quickly we can monetize this Blog to over $6000 per month.

And I am also running a Youtube channel, which we also monetize through affiliate marketing. However, I would strongly suggest that you choose only one and put all of your efforts into that one thing.

What Is A Blog

In 1994 when blogs first began, they were mainly used as a personal diary that people would share online.

It wasn’t long though that people started to see an opportunity to start making money through their Blog, through their Blog, by various means, one of which was affiliate marketing.

By telling their readers that they were using a particular product, they would start to get a commission from the owners. 

There are now well more than 570 million blogs, and in the USA alone, there are over 31.7 million.

What is the purpose of a blog?

There are so many reasons people start blogs, but the purpose we will be talking about is to rank your Blog within search engines to make money.

Advantages Of Blogging

Okay, so Blogging’s advantages are pretty varied. Still, I would like to go through what I feel are the advantages of Blogging and making money for this post.

The first significant advantage with Blogging is, of course, you don’t need to be in front of a camera and speaking when I was younger this thought filled me with dread, and I hated standing up in front of people.

For many people, Blogging can be low handing fruit with low entry points around $10 for a Domain and $5 per month for hosting both available here.

A full Bluehost review can be found here. 

You Own Your Blog

This is huge you own your Blog, your Blog is a tremendous asset to you, and if done correctly, you will have an income source for many years to come. The importance of a self-hosted blog can’t be overstated.

Everything you put on your Blog is yours forever and can continue to bring you an income.

This is a massive difference as when I talk about Youtube a little further on. I will explain how you don’t own your Youtube channel. In theory, you could lose your channel with the press of a button.

This is possibly the most crucial difference that there is between Blogging And Youtube.

Even better once your Blog is set up, there is a vast market n selling monetized blogs.

Monetizing Blogs

Another significant positive for Blogging is that you can monetize with ease. Possibly one of the biggest reasons that people start Blogging as they want to make extra money.

And there are a few different ways you can do monetization within your Blog such as:

  • sponsorships
  • affiliate income
  • sell your products
  • ad networks
  • and more 

Love To Write

If you enjoy writing, then a blog is perfect for you, at school I was never very good at the whole reading and writing thing. 

I was in the remedial classes for most of my school life. However, it is a skill I have practised heavily and although now I do quite enjoy writing. Writing things down and getting my thoughts together drums into me the subject and helps me learn more.

I also use Grammarly, which is an excellent program and has a free level to it.

I find that Blogging helps me get my thoughts about a subject and hopefully improves my communication.

Creating Your Brand 

I believe that the brand term has been overused, but within Blogging, it does ring true that you can create your brand. 

Creating your brand is an excellent way to show your readers that you care and that they can trust you to give honest and helpful solutions to any problems they might have. This in itself, when selling products, being an affiliate or whatever else is always massively important.

A blog is essentially a website full of lots of content. It can become well known and referenced by many other websites.

Blogging Disadvantages

Now reading all of the positives you might be thinking Blogging is for you. However, there are some disadvantages to Blogging.

Get Traffic

Like most things when it comes to selling anything online one of your primary concerns is building your traffic. With a blog, all of that responsibility is yours.

As we talk about later in youtube, you will see how it can be a little easier.

Traffic Sources For Your Blog

When you have a blog, there are a lot of places where you can draw traffic from, places such as 

  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, …
  • Advertising: Google, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Video platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, …
  • SEO
  • Guest Blogging
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Linkbuilding for SEO and referral traffic
  • Audience building through content sites and Q&A sites like Medium, Quora, …

Now to get a post to rank it isn’t as simple as just writing the post. There is a ton of work that goes into, finding the right keywords, competition score, what your competitors are using the list goes on. 

There are tools available to help you in the ranking, but these can prove to be expensive. However, I have found this one which is good and offers a trial.

There is no getting over the fact. To get your post to be found with SEO, you will need to do many keyword research and competitor analysis to find the right type of keywords to target.

Time Consuming

There is no getting away from how much time you need to spend to create an excellent post. That is good for SEO’s spiders to index you and readable by people interested in the subject.

There are many elements to the posts that you will need to get right, such as.

  • Setting up the Blog in the first place.
  • Making the Blog look good
  • Research and create content
  • Promote content
  • Building links

Highly Competitive

There are millions of other blogs out there, so you can bet you will be in a competitive market. However, much like everything niching down will help you massively.


This one can be a little tricky as you are not on screen blogs that can come across as slightly impersonal. People will buy from people on a whole buy from people, and merely appearing on-screen your sales can increase.

Many people will come to your Blog take the information they came to collect and then disappear, not thinking about the time and effort that has gone into the Blog.

When you are writing your Blog if you want to make it more personal, think about your brand colours, photos you use, and tone. The blogs that do this and brand their own tend to stand out against the poorly information blogs, so it is worth considering. Suppose you can include a personal story into your Blog-all the better as humans. In that case, we are conditioned to listen to stories.

Ads Do Not Pay Well

No doubt you have been on various blogs and noticed the ads on there. Sadly, the ads revenue isn’t very good with blogs and usually is paying less than Youtube.

But this can depend to some extent the niche, and even time of year these ads are running.

Advantages Of YouTube

Next, we have Youtube, a lot of people have a bit of a hang-up about appearing n screen worried about if they will get judged, how they look their speech and a whole host of other hang-ups.

But the number one takeaway is that your communication is very different on video. When you are making a post on a blog post, you have to worry about grammar if your words describe something correctly and a host of other stuff. 

On Youtube, the number one thing is to be yourself, if they like you they like you if they don’t… well there are plenty more fish in the sea, as they say.

Youtube you don’t need to worry about your punctuation, of your descriptions show the item and speak its that easy.

Worried what people might think, no need to as your first few videos will be lucky if they are even seen, and by the time you get at Youtube, you will want to look back at them to see how far you have come.

Youtube Is fun

Once you get over your few hang-ups and accept that you will be you on Youtube, you will find it is quite a lot of fun. 

There is, of course, a lot to learn. Still, suppose at the beginning, you keep it to simple lighting and good sound. In that case, it is pretty straightforward (I still prefer to use my iPhone and plug in headphones, so it isn’t as expensive as you might think.

Youtube Is A Huge Search Engine

Youtube is the second biggest search engine out there, which means the Youtubes algorithm does most of the hard work promoting your videos.

I have found this software helps find the right search terms that you can rank for and again, the starter is FREE, but you can upgrade if you like.

Once you know, keywords that you stand a good chance of ranking with Youtube pretty much take care of the rest and give you higher rankings the more people have watched n. The length of time they stay on your video.

Easy To Build Your Audience 

Building your audience is simple because they see you and the way you talk and interact. They develop their know like and trust for you exceptionally quickly.

While you might have a stammer or whatever your audience will love your little quirks and will quickly be able to relate to you. They can tell if you are telling the truth or lying to them, and all of this helps you build a tribe.

You Can Get Paid Well 

There are so many ways to get paid on Youtube. You still have the same offerings you do with Blogging, but you also have Youtube ad revenue, which is a lot higher than you can get with Blogging.

However, there are some thresholds that you need to pass to get your ad revenue, such as 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

The CPM rates on Youtube are currently running around $15 per thousand impressions, so one good viral video could see you doing very well through your ads.

Selling also becomes a little easier on Youtube. The likes of affiliate and your products become pretty easy to sell, provided you are ranking for the right keywords. You can sell many things through YouTube because people know you, like you, and trust you.

Disadvantages Of YouTube

Again with every positive, there is a negative and Youtube is no different. And rather than being an easy option, Youtube comes with its unique drawbacks.

Editing Takes Time

Editing can seem like it takes forever. You can always put your videos up raw, which is something I tend to do. Still, when you start getting more followers, you might want to consider your editing choices as you may well see an improvement your watch times.

Planning And Execution

Planning out your videos is a huge time taker, as you don’t want to be on video and not know all of the information people have come to see. 

  • When planning your time consider
  • Planning out your idea
  • Researching the idea
  • Keyword research
  • Get the data to back up your research
  • Set lighting and sound
  • Shoot the video
  • Edit to some degree
  • Create thumbnail and description
  • Upload 

This all takes time. But once all of this is done, Youtube pretty much takes care of a lot of the promotion. 

However, I do have some hacks on grey hat systems to do this within my free course above. 

You Don’t Own Your Channel.

This is the big one, you don’t own your Youtube channel, I know it is yours, and I know your name is on it but, if you read the small print, it ultimately isn’t yours.

Now you do own the content. So you are entirely within your rights to take down your content and upload it somewhere else, but as for the channel itself, it could be closed at any time.

Suppose you got a self-hosted blog that is a real asset. And can’t be taken away from you.

Ownership and control are two of the most prominent pillars of building wealth.

On a YouTube platform, you don’t own it, but you control it most of the time.


Yes, Youtube is competitive, but not as much as a blog, I will say maybe one-tenth as competitive as owning a Blog.

This is because many people are too afraid to be on Youtube. So the amount of competition is down a little. However, without a tool like the one listed above, you will often lose to the larger channels with more power behind them to rank their videos.

To stand out on Youtube, spend as much time as you would on a blog, spend it on Youtube and focus on the value and quality, this will show you will gain more followers by those two simple rules.

Blogging Vs Blogging Money

This has become a widespread question as to which is the best, and although both can make large sums of money when done correctly.

As a way of showing status within a niche, both platforms work well in giving the individual a platform to reveal their knowledge. Whenever sharing knowledge is, profit is never far behind.

Blogging Vs Blogging 

Before you choose either a blog or Vlog, which will make the most money, consider what you enjoy doing the most. 

Is it writing?


Are you confident enough to appear on camera and talk?

One of the most significant deciding factors you will have with the vlogging or blogging question is your personality type. If you hate typing but writ a blog, you will rush through your posts and not give all relevant information.

Likewise, if you are shy but choose to vlog, you will be desperate to quickly get off the camera.

We will imagine here that all things are equal with you and find out by the facts which one would perhaps prove a better time investment.

So let’s get into it a little deeper.

Which Has The Most Traffic?

Traffic depends on your audience and your content. Each has ardent supporters that are looking for answers; at the moment, Google is number one. So it can provide more traffic on specific topics. If your target audience is looking for hands-on tutorials, Youtube could win on the traffic front.

Some people estimate that youtube may well take over google by around 2026, how true that is still to be seen.

Traffic depends on the audience and your content. You have to throw the blog or vlog comparisons away and choose which one is right for your content.

  • Create and write informative and guide type posts, you will get more traffic from Blogging.
  • Want to share your own experience with someone and not afraid of speaking in front of the camera where you are good at you should do vlogging.

Vlogging Advantage For Making Money

Vlogging does have one huge advantage when it comes to making money, and that is you don’t need to be established.

If you are brand new to Youtube and have no subscribers and no views, your very first video could still go viral. 

With Blogging, you never see a viral blog post, a few get shred pretty widely, but never to the degree, you can get on Youtube. You would also need to consider how long you need to work to get your posts showing in google, again if you are a new blogger this could take potentially years. However, by using the correct tools, this time should be brought down a lot.

Which Wins?

If I had to decide today as to which channel I was going to start, these are the most critical questions that I would ask myself.

  • Which platform do I find fun?
  • Which platform do I enjoy?
  • Which platform can I commit too for a long time?

What Are your Goals?

What is it you are trying to achieve, with your platform?

When I started my Youtube channel, it was to quickly and easily launch jacks, as I knew I could get my videos completed quickly and ranked. My Youtube channel has since grown from there and now is full of value and information… well and launch jacking because I enjoy it.

On the other hand, my Blog started as a case study as I wanted something that I owned, and I could build on well into the future when I no longer wish to be on camera.

So what is your goal?

How Quickly Do You Want To Grow?

If you need an audience quickly undoubtedly start a Youtube channel. Because of the know like and trust factors involved, it can get you to where you want to be very fast.

For me, my growth speed isn’t of primary concern as I hope to help people who want to do marketing. To understand a subject thoroughly, I tended to jot down the key points. Blogging for me, is my way of learning something quickly, or putting down what had worked for me in the past. 

In Conclusion,

No matter which you start, it doesn’t mean that you cant start another later. This doesn’t, mean try and create them both together. Both take a lot of time and energy to get off the ground. And so you do not want to split your efforts. 

Just pick one and get started today.

The Secret To Success

The big secret to succeeding with either of them is consistency. If you can build your consistency, you will be successful, no matter which platform you choose. You will have developed your work ethic and also proved yourself to Google Or Youtube.

If you have enjoyed this it would be great to share.

Have you started a blog or a Youtube channel, let me know in the comments

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