Blue host web hosting review

Bluehost Reviews – The Pros And Cons You Need To Know

BlueHost Reviews

In this Bluehost review, I want to cover the pros and cons of Bluehost.
So far, I seem to have used many web hosting services out there before finally settling on Bluehost for most of my hosting needs.
But of course, as with everything there cons to Bluehost. So I would like to take a little time and go through both the pros and cons to make an informed decision on your purchase.

Table of Contents

  • What Do Their Shared Plans Include?
  • Pros & Cons
  • Shared Hosting Details
  • Performance Tests
  • Bluehost Review: Do I Recommend It?
  • Bluehost Alternatives

Review Updates

What Products Does Bluehost Offer?

What Products Do Bluehost Offer

Domain names:
As far as getting your domain name from Bluehost although can do it, it is not something that I would suggest.
There are much cheaper services out there, and Bluehost makes it very easy to host a domain name via another outlet. I use Namecheap as it has always offered a reasonable pricing structure. I have been happy with over one hundred domains I have bought from them so far.

Shared hosting:
Shared hosting with Bluehost usually is what will be best for your project. Unless you need a massive amount of hosting or want to geek out with your hosting, a shared hosting plan should easily fit your needs.
Think of it a little like a block of apartments, you have your apartment (hosting space), but you are in the same block (server)
Bluehost’s shared hosting prices range from $8.99 to $25.99 per month.

WordPress hosting:

Bluehost’s WordPress hosting is recommended within site itself, so you know that you will be in safe hands. Bluehost has optimised this hosting for WordPress, meaning that you can cut down on any fiddly work that you might have needed to do with other hosts. Pricing starts at $2.88 per month if you take out and pay for three years of hosting in advance. However, Bluehost give a very good 30-day money-back guarantee to buy with peace of mind.

A VPS or virtual private server is something that falls in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You will share your server with other clients of Bluehost, but there is a wall between projects. This type of hosting can work for those who need unique server configurations.
Prices vary between $29.99 and $119.99 per month.

Dedicated servers:
These are mainly kept for people who have a massive amount of traffic and need a top-performing server. You can pretty much think of your dedicated server as having your own home, and a lot of land as there is nobody else around on your server.
Prices for your dedicated server start at $124.99 per month.

Cloud hosting:
It is quite surprising that blue host does not offer a cloud hosting service at the time of writing.

My own experiences with Bluehost are based on shared hosting, so I will mainly deal with their shared hosting product for this review.

Bluehost Pricing

BasicPlusChoice PlusPro
1 Website
Multiple Sites
And Security
Optimized Web Resources
36 mo term
36 mo term
Top FeaturesTop FeaturesTop FeaturesTop Features
1 WebsiteUnlimited Websites Unlimited WebsitesUnlimited Websites
50 GB SSD StorageUnlimited SSD StorageUnlimited SSD StorageUnlimited SSD Storage
Custom ThemesCustom ThemesCustom ThemesCustom Themes
24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support24/7 Customer Support
Optimized CPU
Free DomainFree DomainFree DomainFree Domain
Free CDN IncludedFree CDN IncludedFree CDN IncludedFree CDN Included
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
Free office 365- 30 daysFree office 365- 30 daysFree office 365- 30 days
Free Domain PrivacyFree Domain Privacy
Free Automated BackupFree Automated Backup
Free Dedicated Ip

Bluehost Reviews Complaints

Before we go any further, I would like to point out a few complaints that I have had with Bluehost so that you are prepared for them.

The term that always comes to mind with Bluehost is cheap. However, you must be aware that the renewal rates that come with the hosting are high.

Great Uptime.
All of my uptime tests have been great with Bluehost. Still, one thing to bear in mind is that they don’t offer a service level agreement that guarantees a minimum uptime, unlike many providers.

Plenty Of Storage:
Bluehost offers a lot of storage, so if this is something that you are looking for, this could be great news for you.

Unmetered Bandwidth:
This is a massive bonus as just knowing that Bluehost isn’t going to limit the amount of traffic you can get to your site. This means you can concentrate on producing content and growing your website.

Bluehost’s system seems to be packed with upsells and pitches trying to make you spend more money. This can get annoying as if you have picked the correct hosting (which they will help you with, you don’t need the upsells.

A little bit of a tricky one as during testing the speed was a bit up and down, they were by no means terrible, but would be nice if they could keep it constant.

Server Location:
Unlike some other providers, you can only host in the USA. This may not be a problem if you mainly sell to the U.S. market, however some countries might experience a relatively slow connection rate.

Backup Options:
The backup options are good; however, the backup options are minimal on the lower plans.

What Is Bluehost Used For

If you are starting, then Bluehost is an excellent alternative if you are a local company, mainly based in the USA, as your speeds will be ideal. Blogging is a cheaper way of starting up your blog until Google begins to find and index your content.

What Would I Recommend Bluehost For

If you need the very best performance, then Bluehost may not be for you if you are hosting SAAS or eCommerce.

Bluehost is not meant for the more advanced hosting needs that some businesses have. However, if you are starting Bluehost could be a great goto host that will serve your needs, and give you a great entry to an intermediate hosting solution.

Bluehost Email Pricing

With the basic Bluehost package, you are limited to five email accounts. However, unlimited becomes available if you move up and get the higher plans.
There is a limit as too many emails you can send within the hour. If you are looking at sending over 500 emails in the space of one hour, this isn’t allowed.

With the basic package, you can get up to a maximum of 20 databases. Which I have typically found to be enough, however, if you see that as too few for your needs, once you upgrade you can get 5 G.B. of database space.

Bluehost comes with an auto-installer built-in, which is very good, as it means everything that you might need is already there at your fingertips. However, one thing to bear in mind is when using WordPress try and keep your plugin low as this will affect your loading time, and could prove harmful for your search engine ranking.
Using WordPress delete the further installations that they give you and keep down to your bare minimum.

Webspace Limit:
The shared plan comes with 50 G.B. of webspace, which is pretty good, and as I have said, they don’t meter your storage. However, the maximum amount of files allowed is 200,000 and 300,000 for the pro plans.

FTP Accounts:
You can create as many Ftp accounts as you need, but be aware that a secure FTP is limited to only one Ftp account.

Where Are Bluehost’s Servers Located

Bluehost only seem to have servers in the U.S. at this time which could be a small problem for users located outside of North America. Something which you should bear in mind, however, it must of your traffic comes from that area, or that is your target area, then this will suit you.

Bluehost’s security is excellent. They also have some extra paid to add ons to their security if you feel that you might need them. Sitelock prevents hacker attacks, and code guard will give you even more back up options.
They also have a built-in two-factor authorization. Even if a hacker manages to get into your site, they will not gain access to your Bluehost account.

Bluehost Customer Service:
Customer services were excellent whenever I had to deal with them and were very helpful on what they could do. All support agents that I spoke to seemed friendly and helpful.

Bluehost’s performance is acceptable. Hopefully, they are planning on expanding where their servers are located; however, I think they are a good company even with this in mind. I wouldn’t say I like having to pay a lot of money and pay by the year. But with the low prices they offer for doing this, it seems acceptable.

Based on Bluehost speed tests, you should have no problem being able to rank your site as all of the feedback speeds I have had been on a whole very good.

Bluehost’s uptime has been excellent in the past. There are no hosting companies out there who can offer 100% uptime as maintenance etc. always needs to be carried out. Still, in my experience, the Bluehost has broken through the acceptable uptime of 99.95 and continues to do so.
It is a shame that Bluehost doesn’t provide an uptime warranty; those other providers can do.

Bluehost Reviews: Do I Recommend It?
I believe that for the price and service they provide, Bluehost is an excellent choice for hosting. With the unmetered storage, unlimited bandwidth could be a perfect solution for you.

Free bonuses when you try bluehost through this link

Because of Bluehost’s appeal, I have decided to also offer some bonuses if you decide that you would like to use the Bluehost hosting platform.

If you would like these bonuses then once you have got Bluehost simply drop me an email with your receipt to

Get BlueHost And Bonuses

Now you might be wondering why you see so many great reviews of Bluehost.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Reviews

With full transparency in mind, I thought that showing you a little behind the curtain of Bluehost’s most effective sales method. That is, of course, affiliate marketing. Now all of the affiliate marketing you are not allowed to buy through your affiliate link. With that in mind, I wanted to pass you on some software and bonuses that will help you if you decide to get Bluehost hosting. But what is their affiliate program?

Firstly if you are thinking about becoming an affiliate for Bluehost, I would urge you to get the program first to give an honest and full review of it.?

On first look, Bluehost’s affiliate program seems a little bit too good to be true. And yes I would recommend you trying it out yourself.

The affiliate program itself offers not only a good payout on your sales. But also a great back up with some good tutorials on what has worked for them in their sales.

How Much Does Bluehost Affiliate Program Pay

Bluehost’s payments are $65 per customer that you refer, which is pretty good and doesn’t get added to the price you pay for hosting, let me take a moment to explain why.

Within affiliate marketing, it is common to be paid a percentage of sales you make. Bluehost’s affiliate program works in a slightly different way. Instead of getting paid on a portion of the customers spend you instead get $65.

This means that within the first year of somebody being with Bluehost they will only make around £30 – $50 per person who signs up. This means that they already know their service is good, which is why they are happy to make so little money within the first year. They know that customers will continue to use their services.

It is not until the second and third year that Bluehost begin to see any real profit at all.

In the first year, BlueHost will make around $30 to $50 off each new customer. Still, the magic happens when the customer stays on for another year, that is when they become profitable.

This leads to Bluehost, making sure that the service they provide is a good one. They couldn’t afford to give poor service and lose customers before they begin to see any profit.

As an affiliate for Bluehost, you are encouraged to promote their two main hosting products, which I recommend. And domain name sales (where I believe there are better options).

I would Like to thank you for taking the time to read through my Bluehost reviews, and would love to hear any thoughts you may have


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