Builderall Review 2021 Finally An Honest Review Not Trying To Sell

In this Builderall review 2021, I would like to go through everything Builderall related to give you a complete view. Is this software is the right choice for you and your digital marketing needs. Let’s take a deep dive to find out.

An Honest Builderall Review 2021

I was a Builderall user for many years, and have looked through many builderall reviews. Unfortunately, there is an awful lot of untruths out there regarding Builderall. They offer an affiliate program, which tends to make their affiliates stretch the truth a little, and sometimes an awful lot. 

This blog aims to uncover the complete truth behind everything and get you the very best deals out there.

What is Builderall?

Builderall markets itself as an all in one digital marketing tool. And on the face of it, they have given a tool for almost all of your digital marketing needs.

These are all targetted to help you set up your online business and help you become successful. As it means you don’t need to gaffa tape together, in theory, making everything run smoother.

Who Is Behind Builderall

Builderall was launched in 2017 by Erick Salgado who has been involved in digital solutions since 1998. After several other program releases, Eric started in his quest to produce a complete system.

And the idea of building a complete affordable platform is a good one. When you consider how badly it can go when you are trying to piece various software together. 

Builderall Tools

First things first let’s go over some of the tools that Builderall gives you to get started.

Cheetah Website Builder

Anybody who used to use Builderall in the past. Will know that their website builder was terrible. A fact that through many different tries Builderall just couldn’t seem to fix, even when they first brought out the Cheetah builder, it didn’t live up to the hype.

With Builderalls old builder people were leaving in droves. As the Builderall affiliates said that the builder was great, it caused a lot of distrust against builderall.

But now they have released yet another new version, and it does actually have some improvements. I am certainly not saying that the builder is perfect as I believe there is still quite some way to go before Cheetah can be in the same league as some of the others. But finally, it looks like there are signs it may get their one day.

Suppose it is purely a website builder that you are looking for. In that case, there are many choices around and quite a few options I would choose rather than the cheetah builder that is included.

Which one to chose that would very much depend on what you are wanting to achieve. If it is blogging that you are wanting to do, then you have the likes of.

WordPress – purely for blogging. I would go for the twentytwenyone theme, which is free (also what this blog is built on) great tutorial

Groove – who are releasing their own WordPress blog-type software in February (and early signs show it will be outstanding, and FREE hosting)

You can also host a WordPress site within Builderall, but this to me seems a little pointless when a better speed and results can be got hosting your own. (Groove doesn’t let you host a WordPress site, rather Grooveblog which is hosted at a magnificent rate).

All three of these options offer a blistering fast speed and are worth checking out if you are looking at blogging. At the time of writing, Groove has an entirely free version.

Website Builders

This is a little confusing to me, as already mentioned, Builderall has their cheetah website builder. Still, it also comes with two other builders.

This means that you can offer your audience a good experience no matter where they view your content. 

However, I would have preferred one great website builder rather than three runs of the mill builders. Having three builders does let you increase your speed in Googles eyes but buy having three builders this can be very off-putting and gives you yet more to consider.

All of the builders within Buiderall are drag and drop so easy to get your site built. 

What found happening was a lot of time wasted on the three builders. And becoming obsessed with creating a great looking site on each rather than just getting my ideas down and completing the website.

Quite a neat trick was the builder being able to produce infographics, Resume designs, Pinterest designs, Kindle covers, Google Plus headers, Facebook covers, Ebook Covers, business cards, blog header designs, and advertising images, plus more. 

But if you need these, regularly then can also do them all and is free.


A very nice benefit is that Builderall has some very well designed templates for you to use, both as full sites or sales funnel builders. Builderall has you covered, and it is easy to change these templates to fit the exact niche you are looking for.

Some of the categories already built are

  • events
  • music
  • travel
  • health and beauty
  • design
  • agency
  • news
  • education

And are sorted by type too, so searching for your perfect build is simple.

Cheetah Funnel Builder

Until recently, Clickfunnels have dominated the sales funnel building world. I love that other companies are coming in to challenge their rule. 

Building a sales funnel no matter what kind of online presence you have should be one of your priorities for converting.

Builderall’s funnel builder does everything that you would expect from a funnel builder including

  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Bumps
  • and so much more

There are better systems out there for around the same money or cheaper; however, they have a few little features that are a nice touch. Such as being able to layout your entire funnel before building it. I would not use a feature, but I can see why other people might enjoy it similar to funnel analytics. But with Builderall you can plan out your entire funnel press a button, and all of the planning stages is then completed for you. On the face of it this does sound good, but in real life trying to keep track of your entire layout can be a little troublesome.

There is a good selection of templates already built-in, which is always good. It means you can begin to build with minimal experience. Meaning you can get your ideas published into your funnel quickly.

The integrations on the funnel and email work similar to the more expensive Clickfunnels. Which does sound good, however, Groove also has this and for FREE.

Sales Funnels Templates

The templates for sales funnels also deserve mention. Builderall has spent a large amount of time perfecting these and making sure that they are both attractive and convert well.

The sales funnels templates come in lots of options, integrations, and checkout options, including two and three-step checkouts. You can also allow cross and up-selling at the checkout too.

Calendar Automatic Notifications 

Another nice little feature is the built-in calendar, which can replace your calendar account and again keep things a little smoother within your set of apps.

Groove is bringing something similar out but, this isn’t revealed yet. 

Messenger Chatbot Automation

Now the addition of a chatbot within Builderall should have been an enormous breakthrough, unfortunately. They are facing very stiff competition from the likes of Manychat, Chatmatic and my Own chatbot Chatammo. All three of which makes Builderalls chatbot come across as very clunky.

This isn’t really a surprise. Chatbots take a lot of time and dedication to get right and not really something to bolt into an all in one suite.

Telegram Funnel and Automation Builder

Again not something that I have ever found the need to use but in some niches, telegram can be a handy add on that may well help you gain more sales.

Push Notifications

An excellent way to help get your notifications out there, for the likes of product launches etc. If you can get your viewers to sign up, then this is a lovely piece of software.

SMS Integrations

If SMS is something that you are looking for. It is included in all of the chatbot software I have previously mentioned, as paying inflated prices for the same service doesn’t seem like a good plan. 

You can also get your SMS directly through Twilio but is a little more complicated to run. The easiest and cheapest way we have found is through chatammo.

MailingBoss Email Autoresponder

A built-in autoresponder is always a welcome addition to any digital marketing platform. With Builderalls autoresponder, this does an adequate job.

However, many Builderalls affiliates have been known to send out a lot of emails that get marketed as spam. This is turn can punish your delivery results.

Mailingboss comes with unlimited email campaigns, which is actually pretty impressive. And of course, you can add contacts manually or import new subscribers, through your opt-in forms.

Your leads can then be organized by various lists that can also be built out, and the use of tags and triggers will help you get your emails going to the correct targets.

There are plenty of predesigned elements inside your mailingboss app. Designing a new campaign is a straightforward process, even if you are brand new to email marketing.

There is a fair amount of analytics, so it is easy to see at a glance if your campaigns are working and bringing in the results. 

While MailingBoss works fine, it is not the best email automation on the market and can be challenging. to get used too

When compared with the likes of GroovemailGetresponse, or Moosend. MailingBoss sadly doesn’t stack up.

Dedicated Servers

Hosting is always going to be a massive part of any online presence that you have. Builderall does very well offering dedicated local servers, that can easily cope with the hosting needed for your websites, sales funnels, videos, webinars, and everything else you want to design and publish for your business.

As Builderall is a hosted service, they take care of everything in the background, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, security, and backup issues. 

Because Builderall has put their servers on five continents, your viewers are always assured of high-speed service. Which also comes with very good uptimes.

Heat Mapping

This is a feature that I do actually love and think it is a shame that more builders don’t include this as standard. Builderall calls their own heat mapping tool a click map. Now, although I do really love this tool and the idea behind it. Don’t expect it to work all of the time as it can prove to be more than a little buggy. When it works its a great tool.

This can be added to your site and used to determine which parts of your website draw the most audience attention and help you improve your user’s experience.

Builerall is also very easy to add Google Analytics, making monitoring your site a whole lot easier.

Floating Video

Another unique feature with Builderall, it basically lets you film with a green screen. It then will only display items in front of the screen.

This works well for grabbing the attention of your audience.

Presentations builder

Very similar to PowerPoint, but does include more features to help you produce slick presentations.

However, if I had to choose, I would still pick PowerPoint.

Animated video tool

Does what it says on the tin with the ability to produce animations, with text and sound.

You get a good range of effects and backgrounds as standard, and you can also include video you have previously shot.

The text to speech feature could do with some tweaking within this app though.

Design studio

The design studio is another tool created to help you produce images and videos for your website, products, courses, eBooks, social media, and more.

A little like mock-up studio allows you to add videos into a specific area of an image, for example adding to a mobile phone screen.

At present this is again very much a work in progress as there is little choice available.

 App creator

The Buikderall app creator allows you to build, edit, and publish mobile apps, which can then be distributed across various different platforms.

But if you want to make some money with your apps, you must create Amazon, Play, and Apple app accounts.

On-page SEO

Builderall’s on-page SEO assesses every part of your websites SEO. It then scores your site, as well as giving suggestions on how to improve it.

This is done by adding a keyword that you would want to try and rank for. From that, the SEO tool will give a host of information to help you score for that keyword, improving your chances of being shown on search engines.

I believe it is always a good thing to have good SEO within your site and so this is a welcomed addition, as well as using your own URL, others can be added. Which could help you make contact with business owners offering them optimization services.

If however, you are expecting a tool with the power of say Yoast then sadly you are going to be let down again.

Script generator

The script generator allows you to designed to help your copywriting within the email, video, etc.

The script generator tool will help you decide on your perfect customer avatar and write sales copy.


This tool is used for designing courses, managing students, teachers and more. Within the eLearning, you can create videos, produce quizzes, upload course material, and design tests.

The course content can also be drip-fed to your students to build a recurring income and learning. There are unlimited courses that can be made.

 Membership sites

Membership sites are also available within Builderall. This means that you can restrict access within your site to specific content.

Depending on your goal, memberships can be free, or you can charge. 

BuilderAll Support

So Builderall has many tools, but with this, many tools will come problems, which leads us onto Builderall’s Support.

There is so much to set up when you become a user of Builderall, it does get overwhelming, and luckily Builderall has a decent support system in place.

There is a considerable amount of help articles that you can reference. Using these, all of the builderall features can be figured out.

Builderall 4.0

In an ideal world, then Builderall should be the perfect solution to anybody starting out with digital marketing or as an entrepreneur. 

Builderall does look as though it offers everything you could need.

But while Builderall is a popular choice of software for new affiliates, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option on the market. There are a lot of alternative solutions that can do the job.

Builderall’s overreaching idea is a great one, offering all of the tools you need with one platform is a great idea. It was builderall that really took this to heart and started the ball rolling on affordable all in one forum.

I believe that if it wasn’t for Builderall, there would be quite a few less of these all in one platforms out there.

Instead of buying each tool individually. It means that you have everything that you need.

With Builderall being a cloud-based system, you aren’t taking up valuable space on your computer. You can work on your marketing from anywhere.

Builderall can be easily integrated with other applications, so if there is a software that you like, there isn’t a problem connecting them.

Who should use Builderall?

Builderall should work well for anybody who wants to create a website or landing page without much coding knowledge. Niches such as 

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Website service providers
  • Product creators
  • New Marketers

Builderall Pricing

Builderall offers a pretty straightforward pricing structure with two main plans to choose from

Builderall Free Trial

Builderall offers 14 days free trial for its software. Still, unfortunately, the number of apps you get 14 days doesn’t really seem enough. A lot of things aren’t really straightforward and take time to work your way through.

Funnel Club Review

$199 One Time Fee + $69.90


The key additional features that the higher tier Funnel Club plan offers is access to specialist sales funnels, the Builderall affiliate program. And full digital marketing platform. All tools are included with this plan.

  • 30+ Messenger Chatbot Niche Funnel
  • 50+ Niche Funnels for Agencies
  • 50+ Niche Funnels to capture leads and sell
  • 20+ Niche Funnels for List Building (lead magnet included)
  • 300+ Cheetah Strategic Funnels
  • Builderall Premium Affiliate Automatic Approval
  • Weekly New Niche Funnels added
  • Weekly New Cheetah Strategic Themes Added

Builderall Premium Review



Premium gives you all the essential features to get your digital marketing campaign off the ground. Full access to drag and drop site builder with unlimited pages and subscribers and email automation gives you everything to run your online business.

  • 15 Domains
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Cheetah Website Builder & Funnel Builder
  • Builderall Checkout
  • Unlimited Membership areas
  • Drag N Drop Email Marketing Automation
  • Webinar Builder
  • One Individual Live Call with a Builderall Specialist & More

What I like about Builderall pricing plans

  • Marketer plan upwards has all the features required to run an online business
  • Downloadable mobile apps can be built with software


  • A wide array of features require a significant commitment to learn
  • Sometimes inexperienced support team who take time to answer questions

Premium plans

This plan is built to appeal to entrepreneurs in the early growth stages of their online business. The premium plan gives you all of the elements within the Builderall program. 

A common stumbling point with many new businesses is outgrowing their marketing platforms. Builderall gets past this by offering unlimited subscribers with its premium plan, which eases that headache.

Every aspect of your standard sales funnels is covered with this plan, from lead generation to check out. If however, you want to access the full range of pre-made funnels created by Builderall.

If all of this is combined with the CRM system, you have all of the tools needed in theory. 

Builderall Pricing Summary

To recap here are your Builderall plan options:

  • Premium plan at $69.90 a month
  • Funnel Club plan at a one-time payment of $199 and $69.90 a month

Is Builderall A Pyramid Scheme

If you are currently looking for ways to make money online. You would have no doubt have heard of Buiderall’s compensation plan or affiliate program.

Builderall became a little bit of a victim of its own affiliate program in a way, as they decided to mimic Clickfunnels Affiliate program, and tried to also add to it. What then happened was a lot of people jumped into marketing Builderall, but sadly used an extreme amount of spam to do it.

This gave Builderall quite a bad name as far as affiliate marketing was concerned, and made Buiderall rethink their marketing. One of the first changes was to declare that Builderall was not a make money online platform.

This really wasn’t brought into force an awful lot, and so Builderalls affiliate reputation began to suffer again. Which is a shame as when I was using Builderall it did make some outstanding sums of money.

Builderall Vs Groovefunnels

To see a complete Groovefunnels review click here

Builderall Vs Clickfunnels

To see a complete Clickfunnels review click here

What is a pyramid scheme?

To find out is Builderall is, in fact, a pyramid scheme I think it’s only right that we briefly go through what a pyramid scheme is.

Many people fear pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing. Although I am certainly not a fan myself, there are many others out there who love this marketing style.

These used to be schemes where the people at the top with a team could make large sums of money, and at the same time, those at the bottom could lose large sums of money.

In simple terms these pyramid schemes had new members pay existing members to join. Hoping that they will also get paid when they recruit even more new members, and so on.

These schemes, where promoting products that really weren’t very good and so they were going to fail all along. As people were only making money from the sign-ups and not from the product.

Many MLM companies are very good businesses but are still something I personally wouldn’t want to be involved in.

But in effect, they are all pretty much the same, where there are tiers of more and more people under their leaders who all pay the leader, who spends his leader etc., to sell products.

MLM is a little different to pyramid selling and not illegal

But, in general, Multi-level Marketing is not a scam or a pyramid scheme by definition. It can become during the process, but it is not from the very beginning.

With all of the key features that I have gone through, you can hopefully see value in Builderall. This value is one of the features that make Builderal, not a pyramid scheme. It is a significant factor when you want to make sure if something is a pyramid scheme or not. Suppose it has endless valuable products and features, refund policy, great reviews, etc. In that case, there is no possibility that this can scam anyone.

Builderall Affiliate Program Review

Okay, I hope that I have explained that well enough let’s go in a little deeper.

Like a lot of software out there Builderall uses affiliates to help sell its products, which can be advantageous to both the software company (with cheaper sales) and the affiliate (with being able to make money)

This is where a lot of the confusion about the pyramid scheme has come in as the first month’s payment the affiliate keeps 100% of the money.

Suppose your referral becomes an affiliate marketer and specifically for Builderall and brings new referrals. In that case, you will also get a 30% commission on those, and he will also get 30%. (For the first sale, he will get 100% of the money and you 0% as you did on his tier 1 referral but from then on you will both take 30% every time the customer pays BuilderAll. this is called two tiers

The pyramid schemes would make more tiers and tell you to bring customers to get this money without giving anything or without doing anything. That’s why they crush. 

In pyramid schemes:

  • There would not be a product.
  • Commissions in pyramid schemes are not paid immediately after 1 sale. It happens in these kinds of software like Builderall, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, etc.
  • Pyramid schemes do not return money back. Legit platforms always have a refund policy.
  • The products should also have a market value. For example, Builderall is a funnel builder software, website creator, email marketing tool, etc. Clickfunnels is a sales funnels builder, etc.

Builderall Affiliate

As stated, Buiderall has an excellent affiliate plan, and if promoted correctly, then you can make money with it.

One of Builderall’s assets is the sheer amount of software you get, and this should make Builderall easy to sell and make money from. Clickfunnels is $97 per month.

When you promote BuilderAll, they pay you every time you bring a new member to their platform. They also pay you every month your customers stay on the platform.

Builderall also pays out the 100% on the first sale and then 30% on a two-tier system.

However, if you decide that you would like to promote Builderall, learn the platform and teach it to your prospects.

Is Builderall Worth It

This should have easily been the quickest summary of a simple yes, But sadly even with all of these features, a lot of the software just doesn’t seem to work.

You get the feeling as you use builderall that some of the apps are just there to pad the system out and make Builderall look attractive, without getting the core apps working first.

It seems many Builderalls subscribers don’t even use the app and instead concentrate on selling it.

Builderall is continually evolving, and I really hope they catch up with the rest of the field. I would have loved nothing more than when I logged back into builderall after so long that all of the problems with it would have been fixed, but sadly it seems as though it has stood still.

It would have been better for Builderall to go for quality over quantity, putting more focus into fewer tools rather than offering lots of features that are half-baked.

Plus, some of the tools are clunky and confusing to use. 

However, considering that the web hosting fee is inclusive, Builderall is trying to offer value for money.

Builderall Alternatives

The number one alternative I would suggest is Groove

The Very Best In Affiliate Marketing Training FREE

FREE for a Very Limited Time

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