Building Your Blogging Brand

Building Your Blogging Brand

Everybody wants their content to stand out, and building your blogging brand can be one of the essential moves you can make. Particularly when you are using affiliate marketing or any monetization techniques

Sometimes a sales funnel just won’t cut it. You need a good old fashioned blog. This content makes you appear as the authority within your niche, no matter what your niche is. 

And more authority equals more sales.

So let’s dive right in and set up your trademark posts and begin to get you appearing on the search engines.

When it comes to getting your affiliate marketing results, many people will jump on every new platform, and try and make money that way. Thinking that the new platform is somehow going to make them untold riches and that this platform is the one.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than getting your message out there, and showing authority, you water down how you are perceived.

Many people go after the newest platform, try and grow their business, and then fail, as the platform fades.

Blogging and vlogging have been proven time and time again but can be a labour-intensive exercise, to begin with.

Think of it as trying to get a rocket to the moon. When trying to get the rocket off the ground, it takes a massive amount of energy to move it a little. But once the momentum is given, then that it gets going.

Suppose you are considering affiliate marketing using a blog. In that case, this is what you can expect a vast amount of work at the beginning. 

With Google being quite a complicated beast to gain trust with, your take off sometimes feels as though you are getting nowhere. But blogging and vlogging are very much grit your teeth and get through it.

Instead of focusing on the latest trick, I will focus on the fundamentals, working a long time and continuing to.

Problem Solving

So the simple job of your vlogging or blogging is to help people solve their problems. But not just your idea customers’ issues, we want people to see what we post on some of our posts, which means building backlinks.

But it is no good just building weak backlinks. We want to have the power within our blog or youtube channel.

Full Transparency

Now, as I write this today, I am still doing my case study on this blog. So you will be able to follow the process that I am going through. Being honest it is a little early for me to get quality backlinks as I don’t have enough posts yet.

However, as I said, this page is built on honesty, so I thought it would be wise to let you know.

Now I tend to get my thoughts a little more lined up once I write them down, maybe you are the same. 

That is why I am writing this.

Build It And They Will Come?

Well no they, won’t. You might have heard all of these gurus telling you to find your ideal audience and then write or record great content, and your customers will find you.

Well, that might well have been the case years ago, but Google has again changed their algorithm, and they have made it clear that they want backlinks and not just any backlinks, but they want quality.

This blog will be written mainly with mind readers, but the content is written to get backlinks once in a while.

That means solving the problems of readers and solving the larger site owners problems who give out backlinks. 

Now if you haven’t already got a full list of your post ideas. I will be giving a brief overview of how to get these in another post. And be going into massive detail on the new section of my membership site.

But if you don’t want to wait, you can use two fast and dirty tactics to build these links.

  1. Go to their websites or look on your own site and find comments on their popular posts. When somebody writes a comment on that post, it means that whatever their question wasn’t answered well on the post. This is an opportunity for you to answer. Perhaps with another post
  2. Look at Quora and Reddit threads. These threads are often questions people have already searched for in google and not found the answer.

List the problems that you find.

Then take the problems you found on step one, and break down what makes the obstacles built to create the entire problem.

This is where you can break down one of these problems. As an example, we will say the problem you have come up with is getting a six-pack. 

What are the obstacles that make up the problem?

So these could be 

  • Late-night snacking
  • Too many takeaways
  • Not enough time to exercise

Finding The Obstacles

If you are having trouble finding the obstacles, take a closer look at the two suggestions above.

Okay so we have now found an obstacle, we need to create a solution that will fix it. 

But not just any solution you need to add a little twist on it too make it unique, don’t worry this isn’t difficult. 

Finding blogging topics

What Problem Have You Overcome

If you are still struggling to find a good problem to solve, then here is another method you could try.

Think of a problem you have overcome yourself, either for yourself a customer or a client.

  • How did you do it?
  • What was unique about your method of solving the problem?

If you can answer these, you are all set.

Okay so now you have begun to get this straight in your head next you need to get those posts some power via backlinks.

Outreach For Backlinks

Let’s start in on outreaching to those more significant site owners, and combining a few proven techniques to real market an impact. 

Guest posting has been popular for a long time but can be a little tricky on getting accepted. By combining guest posting and Infographics, you are cutting down on the workload. If you get a rejection, it isn’t going to hit as hard as you have already completed the work and easy to customize.

Email plus to-do list, don’t worry too much about creating something that is 100% original.

It’s all about the unique recipe.

Describe your unique solution, and brand it so that you will stand out from the crowd, and make you memorable.

Give your method its own name that makes it easy to remember, when you help people with a solution, that you have developed. You will quickly become known as an expert in your industry.

A great brand solution is made up of three parts.

  • Descriptive (should represent what your solution does) 
  • Has some visual element 
  • Contains a term like “Method, Technique” etc

Next is your case study. 

All of this is good. But without a case study, you are losing out on so much brand punch, and of course, backlinks.

Unless people can see that someone got results from your branded solution, they won’t take it seriously. 

And if they aren’t taking it seriously, they aren’t likely to share it. And its even more true with large website owners. This is where your case study comes into its own.

The case study will show that your ideas work, and show tangible proof, of real value. Once people see that your method works, they are far more likely to share.

Don’t worry on this part as you don’t need substantial life-changing results. Even incremental changes can work for your case study. Small, relatable results usually work well. 

These make your full solution look more believable, and people can better relate to the results.

Think about how you are going to approach these web owners.

Your Headline

Your headline should include 

  • A result 
  • A number
  • Specific timeline 

These three are needed, but of course, the more specific elements you can add the better.

A Result

The giving a specific result is very important, sticking with the six-pack if you had a client that lost 2 inches around their waist. Then ‘Reduce your waist‘ would be a good result for your headline.

A Number

The number is next on the list and can boost your credibility and click-through rates something like ‘2 inches

A Timeline

Lastly, we need to include a timeline, so in this case, we will use ‘14 days‘ to set their expectations of your solution.

In general, a shorter timeline is always going to be better.

Get to the point

So you have worked out your ideal solution now is the time for the pitch, this is not the time to be dilly-dallying before getting to the point, hit them straight away with something like.

Today I would like to show you how I reduced my waist size in only 14 days.

Then go into related benefits I also.

  • Reduced my cholesterol
  • Had more energy than ever before
  • Had much better tighter skin

Give them a teaser of the strategy, then mention that you will go into the full system.


How did I reduce my waist in record time? The silo technique. And in this case study, I will show you step by step.

Not giving all of the information in one go means that you are leaving an open loop, something that you have teased them about but not told them yet.

This section should be: Subheading 

  • Result #1
  • Result #2
  • Result #3 

So your subheading would be something that includes your branded name. 


How I used The silo technique, to reduce my waist by 2 inches in 14 days

Next list the additional benefits that you saw, from your solution.

It’s when you have done all of this that you go into the details. You want to include 3-6 very detailed steps. This is important, and a lot more likely to get shared.

By adding a lot of detail, you are also bringing up your content length invaluable information.

Suppose one of your steps was: “Upload Your Video to YouTube”. You don’t just want to say its time to upload your video to youtube. 

You want to walk them through within the post so something like “First, log in to your YouTube account. Then, click on the little “upload” icon on the top right corner (screenshot). etc

Don’t be scared to hold people by the hand, the more details you give within your post, the better that way there is no interpretation by the reader.

Finally, it is time for you to offer up a conclusion. These conclusions should have two parts, your summary, and your call to action.

The call to action can be as simple as, If you gained any value from this post, we would love to share it.

By the way, if you gained any value from this post, I would love for you to share it 😉

Thank you for reading Building Your Blogging Brand

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