Clickfunnels Review 2021 Every Secret They Don’t Want You To Know

No doubt by now of heard of Clickfunnels as writing clickfunnels is still the largest (by paying members) out there. However, in this review, I would like to give a complete clickfunnels review 2021 And every secret they don’t want you to know. I want to go through if this could be the best sales funnel software for you.Table of Contents

What Is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder where a viewer is taken down a ‘funnel’ towards a sale.

Clickfunnels was founded in 2014 by the now infamous Russell Brunson. At its core, Clickfunnels is made to be an attention-grabbing landing page software, that when used correctly can also launch and automated email campaign either using Clickfunnels email automation built-in. Or an external email marketing software.

The idea behind Clickfunnels is that you can create various features to automate your sales process, from cold traffic into red hot buyers.

With clickfunnels, you don’t need a website, but rather a funnel to make sales, as websites have been proven not to convert as well, mainly because of the number of distractions that are on websites.

Creating engaging landing pages is the central promise of Clickfunnels. It comes with various simple ways to make split tests to get the best performing funnels, and managing multi-faceted retargeting campaigns also becomes a breeze, even with no experience.

Everything you build inside of clickfunnels is made with a straightforward drag and drop editor, which has become almost the industry standard.

Who Founded Clickfunnels?

Started much like most businesses, Clickfunnels was created by one individual, and self-funded by Russell Brunson.

It is now boasting an entire team Clickfunnels has been enjoying success, mainly due to Russell’s marketing expertise, and dedication. Using several strategies have elevated their sales exceptionally quickly. And with their pretty unique marketing have done this without having to invest a fortune.

These techniques have been taught extensively through various books and courses that Russel has released.

Russell Brunson Clickfunnels review 2021

Who Is Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson has built up a huge following of over two million entrepreneurs and sold more than 450,000 copies of his various books. Which he wrote as part of his sales process for Clickfunnels

Russell has been featured in many major publications, including Forbes, Huffington Post, and many others.

Also owning the number one business podcast (marketing secrets), he was award marketer of the year 2018 by

Honest Clickfunnels Review 2021

Trying to find an honest Clickfunnels review is a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack, mainly due to Clickfunnels having a recurring affiliate program. With an excellent sales path set out by Clickfunnels but more on that a little later.

I Am Not A Clickfunnels Affiliate – But I Was A Clickfunnels User For A Very Long Time.

There are thousands of clickfunnels reviews out there, but with so much spread about Clickfunnels, which often isn’t true I thought writing my review of this popular software was needed.

Let’s begin, as stated before. Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder software that allows its users to create Sales funnels capture leads, produce upsells, downsells, and order bumps to increase their marketing profits. 

Until recently, clickfunnels was the leader within the sales funnel space, and comes with its ability to create conversion built sales funnels.

See Clickfunnels Vs Groovefunnels For Some Shocking Results

Clickfunnels Features

Before I fully go into Clickfunnels features it is important to remember that clickfunnels is not for building websites.

Clickfunnels is purely for sales funnels, this is because clickfunnels is extremely difficult to get ranked organically.

If you are looking for both a sales funnel builder and website builder that I would recommend check out here

Drag And Drop Page Builder

Although Clickfunnels didn’t invent the drag and drop builder, they have done a great job of implementing it within their funnel builder. It is easy to get your clickfunnel looking exactly way you want. As the name suggests merely picking on the element that you would like in your page dragging and dropping it into where you would like it on your page.

Clickfunnels also has a good selection of pre-made templates that you can use However, with so many users, I would tend to make my own as you see many marketers using the same templates that waters down their impact.

Pre Built Templates are included for 

  • Sales Pages 
  • Order Pages 
  • Checkout Pages
  • And Many More

Once you have chosen the type of page, Clickfunnels will present you with the various templates of that type, and you can then change the different elements of it, to create a page of your liking.

I do like the Clickfunnels drag and drop editor, apart from it is a little fiddly choosing between the child and the parent element, which can be a bit frustrating at times.

However, drag and drop builders do save a lot of time. This means instead of spending hours trying to create your funnel page, and you can have this completed quickly and without fuss.

Once you are used to your clickfunnels drag and drop, it will help you to get your ideas quickly and easily into a complete sales funnel, and ready to launch.

Build Sales Funnels Without Coding

This is a fear I had myself when I started within digital marketing. One of the best things to happen to sales funnels builders was possibly Russell Brunson’s hatred of coding, which had him designing Clckfunnels without the need for any coding at all.

Russel was one of the first to bring no coding to market many more have followed, so its a huge plus point for Russell Brunson. 

All of the templates on Clickfunnels which can be edited by a simple tweak in your drag and drop builder saving you a lot of time

If however, you enjoy coding that can still be done within Clickfunnels, as you have the option to use coding, and even building your funnel from scratch if you would like. 

Up-Sells and Down-Sells

One of the most critical aspects of your sales funnels is, upsells and downsells proven to increase online sales. 

For example, we will use a post you added on your Facebook page which would send your prospect to your landing page, From here the offer can be accepted.

All of that is the easy part; getting the client to buy becomes a little more complicated. But through a series of pages, you can increase your profits by offering both more expensive and cheaper items, with different pages through your funnel. Depending on the actions your prospects take.

Upsell Feature

The upsell feature in Clickfunnels is used just as your prospect is about to check out. Placing another offer in front of your prospect, potentially making you more from the sale. This will start your prospect on what is generally termed a value ladder.

Your prospects are getting a deal within your funnel by offering an upsell if the upsell is taken. 

After that, another upsell can be offered while the prospect is in the buying mood. 

Value Ladder Created With Clickfunnels

With one click, your prospect can either accept or reget the offers that you are making. But there are more tricks with your sales funnel.

Downsell Feature

If your prospects turn down you’re upsell, your sales funnel can direct them to a related offer but is cheaper.

This will have your prospects reconsidering their choice and gives you a second chance at a sale.

Funnel Sharing

With the funnel sharing feature, you don’t have to build a sales funnel from scratch, Clickfunnels allow its users to share their funnels on the platform.

This means that you can use a friend’s exact funnel fr your business or share yours with them.

If you run a marketing business or a sales funnel building business then this feature is useful.

You can also use this feature to make you more as a Clickfunnels affiliate, by offering your funnel to people who might be interested in joining Clickfunnels. 

If you offer your funnel to a non Clickfunnels user, they will be prompted to join, and if they become a user, you get paid.

Split Testing

When building your sales funnels, you need to ensure that your sales funnel performing the best possible.

The easiest way of doing this is to build several funnels and then compare them before choosing one.

Split testing allows you to compare two funnel templates and determine which is converting the highest.

This split testing goes further than just testing your Clickfunnels templates. You can also use split testing on your ads, landing pages, media pages, opt in’s etc. They are allowing you to pin down what is working the best through your campaign.

Sales Data Tracking

If you don’t track you can’t improve, tracking things such as 

  • Where are most of your customers coming from?
  • What are they buying most?
  • Which marketing strategy works best?

Clickfunnels have all of this analytics easily acceptable, all within the platform.

The Sales Analytics feature lets you quickly tell what progress you are making with your sales funnels.

Clickfunnels Pricing Review 2021

Clickfunnels pricing is split into several different aspects and should be read through very carefully, as they certainly aren’t cheap and could prove too costly over years of use.

Is Clickfunnels Free 

Although there is free sales funnels software, notably Groovefunnels clickfunnels only offer a trial for 30 days, although there are a few pages around saying that this can be increased.

Clickfunnels Price Review 2021

The cheapest within Clickfunnels is $97 per month, which will give you a total of sales funnels and 100 landing pages, along with three domains. This used to be around the same cost as most other pro level sales funnel builders however when Groovefunnels came about they offered a lot more than Clickfunnels do, and have also made it free for life for a limited time.

See the full Groovefunnels review here and collect £10,000 worth of bonuses

Clickfunnels Platinum Review 2021

ClickFunnels Platinum $297 per month.

A lot more flexible than clickfunnels standard pricing is Clickfunnels platinum, which gives you the ability to create unlimited offers. You can also create follow up funnels, which include the inclusion of emails, texts, and messages to help you stay in touch with your audience.

A total of nine payment gateways is also included with the Platinum. 


If you sign up for Platinum, you also get Funelfix which is a giant vault of courses to help you sell more clickfunnels

A Better Offer

For a lot less than ten months worth of the Clickfunnels platinum you can get a lifetime membership to Groovefunnels which has many more features, and Free training that surpasses what Clickfunnels is currently offering You can see the full review here

Two Comma Club X – $2,497 per month

Bar far and away from the most expensive out there at a staggering £2,497 per month

Yes, you read that right that is monthly, so let’s see what you get for this massive sum of money.

The biggest thing about the two comma club it also includes quite a bit of mentoring, and like-minded entrepreneurs will surround you the premis bing you are who you surround yourself with.

With boats that if you are surrounding yourself with similar people you will get the benefits of:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Cross-promotion
  • Potential customers

As well as all of the above you also need to have made over 1 million in sales using Clickfunnels, I’m assuming the thought it that you won’t miss the monthly subscription.

If this sounds like you then you can join by:

  • Send a screenshot that proves you made over $1,000,000 with ClickFunnels
  • Create a screenshare video proving that you made that money because of your funnel
  • Make sure you’ve processed at least 40 transactions
  • Pay $250 to be considered

You also get a plaque to hand on the wall and a chance to walk across the stage at funnel hacking live. 

The Two Comma Club Award

Yep to receive your shiny comma club award you would need to pay for this. 

Basically, you are getting bragging rights.

Is ClickFunnels Legit

Let’s do a couple of sums on this, say you are a member for Clickfunnels on the $297 plan so that you can use their built-in email for two years and after that two years you have made 1 million through your sales funnel. That means you have paid Clickfunnels $7,128…. and then you have to pay them for your trophy.

I think to Groove, one-time payment never has another bill and keeps over $5,000 in my pocket.

I do like Russels business savvy, but this is fueling the fire of is Clickfunnels a scam.

The Comma Club Alternatives

There are so many alternatives out there for free, Groove for example recently done a youtube live for 24 hours a day, 14 days in total, and free with some huge names in the digital marketing world.

If you want to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and pick up growth hacks, consider Indie Hackers

Clickfunnels Annual Plans Review

Get 2 Months FREE of ClickFunnels

Only recently have Clickfunnels launched their new annual payment system and with it saving on your long term use of clickfunnels.

The price range of the ClickFunnels annual plans is between $997 and $2,997. Which now includes the base version of clickfunnels, which means you are effectively getting two months of clickfunnels for free

The pricing structure of ClickFunnels annual plans is very simple:

  • Standard: $997/year
  • Platinum: $2,997/year

Plus, as a bonus, you’re going to get:

  • FREE live video support
  • 100+ funnel templates
  • FREE access to FunnelFlix program
  • FREE Virtual Hack-a-Thons

Which Pricing Plan Should You Choose?

If you simply must have clickfunnels then choose the $97 per month option, I left click funnels as I found what I believe to be a superior product at a much better price.

How to Get ClickFunnels FREE Trial?

There are so many affiliates offering the 14 day free trial that it is important for you that you pick the best bonuses for you. Please don’t just pick the highest amount of bonuses but instead think about what you need, and choose who to go with accordingly.

These affiliates will be making money when you buy so you want to get the very best bonuses to help you in your digital marketing.

ClickFunnels Pricing Questions

How to get ClickFunnels for the best price?

The OFA platinum will give you a 44% discount on clickfunnels platinum and free access to the One Funnel Away Challenge, and kit.

How can I get ClickFunnels for FREE?

There is no free with Clickfunnels, only their 14-day trial.

Which is the cheapest ClickFunnels pricing plan?

The cheapest ClickFunnels pricing plan is called Standard, and it costs $97 per month. However, there’s also an annual option for this that will give two months of ClickFunnels for free or cost only $83 per month.

Clickfunnels Review & Complaints

Because I want to give a complete balanced review of Clickfunnels as there are so many biased reviews out there, I decided to do quite a lot of research and see what other people were saying about clickfunnels.

The strange thing is if you had asked me before my switch about the cons of clickfunnels. Then I would have been hard-pushed to name over ten, but after my own, transfer away. Mainly when I was working with both platforms, I can suddenly see the negative aspects of clickfunnels.

However, I have edited this list down, from what I found other users saying, and have omitted several complains where the user was in error. 

Clickfunnels Membership Area Review

Clickfunnels membership area doesn’t allow for very much customization. However, it does work perfectly well and does give you a great starting point for your member’s area.

Saying that, if you are going to be building out a significant membership site you may want to consider another alternative, as transferring your membership site over could be hugely time consuming.

Alternative Membership Creation Tools

GrooveMember – In beta now but soon changing to monthly (Can Get A Free account).

Kajabi – Excellent membership builder but is pricy.

Podia – Built as a competitor to Kajabi, a lot cheaper.

Affiliate Portal Review

Although Clickfunnels has a massive army of affiliates, their reporting system is not up to scratch, with tracking being a considerable problem amongst many users.

Clickfunnels Support

I understand that some company need to farm out their customer services and that there is a significant saving to be made by doing this. However, if you must farm this work out, please teach the support staff the software, the language barrier can be frustrating.

Url Set Up

There seems to be an overcomplicated system for setting up your domains and subdomains. There are several different places where the URL needs to be added, and this can be confusing

Not CRM Function

For some reason, clickfunnels neglected to add a CRM, and although these are easy to add later, it is another expense that will be needed.

Overwhelming When Starting

Like quite a few funnel builders when starting it can be complicated; however, there are many tutorials out there. But if going the purely clickfunnels route, you feel that greed is taking over slightly helping, with a lot of paid solutions offered.

Not A Complete Marketing Solution

Although Clickfunnels markets itself as a complete solution. This is far from the truth as several other programs are needed, including email automation (if not on Platinum), blog, a built-in affiliate program for you to use. All of these would need to be added and will increase your monthly price considerably.

Groove has everything as standard.


For what it is Clickfunnels expensive, a point that even Russel Brunson, admits with his statement of… if you cant be the cheapest you may as well be the most expensive (paraphrased)

Video Metrics

ClickFunnels fall very short on metrics. I want to know who watched videos, how much they watched, or advanced through a video. 

Again this comes with Groove

Page Load Times

This is a huge problem, with Clickfunnels being built on old bootstrapped technology (made nine years ago for twitted), trying to get your funnel to rank organically is very difficult.

Easier to get ranked certain designs


Actionetics Email Autoresponder Review

If you consider upgrading to use the built-in autoresponder, save your money, sadly it’s clunky and almost anywhere you look bad reviews seem to be.

ClickFunnels Benefits

Even if you look back a year, then Clickfunnels was the undisputed champion of the sales funnel world, but then, one of Russel Brunson’s mentors has since come along with Groove, and although still in beta, I would say is already surpassing Clickfunnels.

Sadly there isn’t anything that clickfunnels can do that is a wow kind of situation, and after using it for a while, you begin to feel a little like a cash cow to clickfunnels, as everything seems to come at a price.

This is a real shame as I used to be one of the die-hard Clickfunnel users and never once had a bad feeling about handing over my monthly subscription. I originally signed up with Groove as an early backer. Even at the early backer stage, I could see I wasn’t going to be keeping my subscription to Clickfunnels open, And then Groove introduced a tool that I could easily and import my Clickfunnels funnels over to my Groove account.

Is ClickFunnels Worth it?

It breaks my heart to say it but not anymore. I would buy lifetime on Groove I would love to see Clickfunnels answer the challenge that Groove has thrown down.

Clickfunnels Alternatives

Of course there are many alternatives to clickfunnels and we will do our very best to get through and rate them all. Which software would you like to see

Clickfunnels Vs Groove Funnels

The Very Best In Affiliate Marketing Training FREE

FREE for a Very Limited Time

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