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Elementor Review 2021 Cutting Through The Hype

In this Elementor review, I will show you what this page builder is all about. List all pros and cons, and hopefully help you see if Elementor is the right fit.

Because of the detail, I will be going through I have added a table of contents to make it easy for you to find anything that you are maybe looking for

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a page builder that can be used with WordPress, to give you more control and your user a better experience while on your website. Ever since Elementors launch, it has received extensive exposure throughout the WordPress world. It is available in over 57 languages and is the 5th most popular WordPress plugins. With over 5 million active installations worldwide, it’s certainly not hard to see why.

But as with so many WordPress builders, the general public. Do not know fully that such a great and straightforward program exists.

This is why I have decided to throw a little light onto this platform. To help you make a more informed choice if this is right for you.  

Elementor Review 

Often referred to as the ultimate and free WordPress page builder. Elementor has a whole host of tricks up its sleeve and is yet another great piece of kit for WordPress that brings ease to WordPress sites.

Is Elementor Any Good?

Elementor still manages to hold onto its personal feeling with over five million users and gives excellent results. When researching more about elementor for this review, I found very few complaints about the product. I was genuinely shocked at how few there are.

Is Elementor the best page builder?

I honestly don’t believe there is the best page builder out there. Every user has different needs, saying that Elementor is the first and one of the only front end builders to offer limitless design possibilities. The key difference is you can reach an elite level of design, while live on your sites front end.

Elementor Review: Overview

Being a drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress means you can do a lot with Elementor.

  • Create original looking posts and pages, that will appear unique, and make your website stand out against straightforward WordPress themes.
  • Separate interface to work on posts and pages, meaning you don’t have to work in WordPress standard block editor.
  • No coding needed
  • Woks on the front end of a website, meaning you see what you are working on immediately. Making it a solution for WordPress and giving a what you see is what you get interface.
  • You can create any content page layout that you can imagine, regardless of which WordPress theme you are using.
  • It works on ALL WordPress themes, so no nervousness when installing.

All of this together makes Elementor very powerful. The main benefit is creating impressive designs throughout your pages, even if you have no WordPress experience.

Elementor’s appeal is extensive, but I think the bonuses give the user a tight budget. Working on their own is second to none.

Elementor Features

Straight out of the box Elementor has a handful of significant elements.

  • There are over 90 content elements and modules to choose from.
  • Mostly drag and drop.
  • WYSIWYG editing (what you see is what you get) no coding
  • Mobile responsive pages
  • Pre-made templets ready to be installed, and the ability to save your own.
  • Pro version has a Theme Builder feature.
  • Brand new WooCommerce Builder

As I have mentioned, one of the biggest pulls is building tweak and adjusting your pages quickly and seeing the result in real-time.

The live page editing feature is a lifesaver. It means you no longer have to worry about what your page will look like, when you publish it, which is one of the biggest drawbacks beginners to WordPress can have.

So what else can it do? Elementor gives you the ability to take advantage of its many content elements /modules, easy to drag and drop anywhere on the page.

The content elements included:

  • headlines
  • text paragraphs
  • images
  • videos
  • dividers
  • spacers
  • icons
  • buttons
  • image galleries
  • counters
  • testimonials
  • social media icons
  • shortcodes
  • And more

The widgets that you already have installed on your WordPress site are still completely useable.

Display settings is another neat feature within Elementor, giving you access to change backgrounds, margins, colours, fonts and so on.

Suppose you are anything like me and keep changing your mind about a design. In that case, there is also a full revision history, which means that you can easily switch back to a previous version.

Elementor also gives you complete control over how your pages look, on desktop, tablet and phone. Which means that you can have a beautiful site that performs well no matter where it is viewed.

Elementor Templates

You may be thinking ‘I can see this is great at designing, but I’m not creative.’

This is where Elementors many pre-made templates come into play. And you are spoilt for choice. With over 150 templates, in the free version and a further 300 more in the pro version.

You also get what Elementor refer to as their kits, which are collecting templates that all follow a similar design, and give you the ability to create an entire website.

All standard pages are included including, about, home pages, contact pages, and landing pages.

They also have you covered through quite a few niches including, restaurants, hotels, portfolios, and many more. And you get the full ability to tweak them however you would like.

Who Is Elementor For?

I have to admit. I am a little taken with this tool, as its ease of use and features are outstanding. And it is a great, dependable solution. Elementor seems to be well built with both the newbie and experienced user and is simple to pick up and use straight out of the box.

It is perfectly suited for anybody who is looking for a good DIY. Who do not want to learn any coding skills.

Suppose you feel limited by WordPress standard editor. In that case, this is a great solution, as it opens up a lot of new abilities. Elementor does a great job at turning non-designers into designers.

Is Elementor Free

Yes, most of the things I have covered so far are entirely free with Elementor, which is pretty awesome, and one of the best values I have seen for quite some time. There is no hidden costs or signups.

There is, however, also a pro edition where things get even better.

Elementor Pro Edition

So you would expect with so much given for free that the pro edition must be something special, and you would be right. Pro users also get.

  • 50-plus additional content elements.
  • 300-plus page templates.
  • Theme Builder (which is fantastic).
  • WooCommerce Builder 
  • Popup Builder 
  • Visual Form Builder 
  • You can create Global Widgets and then reuse them throughout the site.
  • Add custom CSS to any Elementor block.
  • Deploy Elementor elements in sidebars and widgets.

All of the pro features come with the support that is 24/7 and is billed annually. All updates are also supplied as long as your subscribed

Should You Get Elementor Pro?

If you go for the free or the paid, it is essential to remember that not everybody will need the pro version, as the free version is very well equipped.

However, the premium version certainly packs a punch and is well worth its comparatively small price tag. Considering all of the extras you get with the pro version, it is tough not to be tempted.

The tipping point for getting the Pro is the theme builder, which gives you a level of control almost unheard of within WordPress.

It would be best if you went for Pro If

  • You want your website to stand out.
  • You want to create more customization easily in your pages.
  • You want to add features such as a call to action, progress bars etc.
  • You want to build your email list.
  • You want to create your theme, essentially making it unique.

Elementor Review Conclusion

Elementor is an excellent piece of your website building arsenal. It can indeed be used to replace a whole host of other website tools. 

Even with the WordPress market’s growth, Elementor has always held it with the top four builders. Which Include Beaver Builder and Divi and Thrive

All of these builders are top of the league, there isn’t a hands-down winner as such, as each has its pros and cons and ultimately comes down to if it fits for you. No matter which of these builders you end up using non will let you down, and all will impress you with there features

The one thing that puts Elementor a nose above its competition is its price. It is unbelievably low, and when added to its features, it makes Elementor an outstanding buy.

Elementor Pros And Cons

Pros of Elementor: 

  • It’s free. And many websites won’t need to upgrade to Pro.
  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t require any HTML, CSS or PHP skills.
  • ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ editing interface.
  • The ability to adjust your desktop, tablet and mobile views separately.
  • There are very detailed settings for all of the alignments, margins and padding values. Nothing is outside your control.

Cons of Elementor: 

  • Adding custom styling to links doesn’t always go as planned. You may be stuck with Elementor’s default typography and colour settings, which may not be what you want.
  • Like all builders, your site may slow down a minimal amount.

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