Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency – 5 Ways Even A Newbee Can Find New Clients

In this tutorial, I would like to cover how to get clients for your digital marketing agency, even if you are brand new. The reason that I wanted to do this tutorial is that I see so many people starting an agency but struggling to find the correct clients.

How do I get my first marketing client?

If you’re looking to grow your agency, there are many ways to approach businesses and get them on board with monthly retainer digital marketing agreements. here are some great offers that you can begin with before we move onto how to actually find the clients

1) Offer a free trial month. This gives potential new customers a chance to try out the services offered by the agency before signing on for a full year.

2) Provide testimonials from previous clients that will vouch for the quality of work provided by the agency.

3) Give potential customers an opportunity to speak directly with past or present employees of the company about their experience working there as well as why they enjoy it so much.

4) Send direct mailers and flyers offering informational packets detailing how benefits can be maximized

A lot of people have the misconception that if you don’t have a degree in marketing, it’s not possible for you to be an effective digital marketer. This is simply not true!

The internet has opened up so many doors and made it easier than ever before to start your own business without having to spend any money upfront on office space or equipment.

All you need is some good ideas, a laptop, and enough time each day for execution. Nowadays there are tons of people who are doing very well with their own websites and blogs from home.

Today I would like to take you through a few methods to find clients for your digital agency if you are brand new.

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency – Cold Calling

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency cold calling

If you’re an agency owner looking for new clients, cold calling may be the best way to get them. Here are a few tips on how to make it work.

1) Make your list of prospects niche-specific and area-specific so that they’re easier to organize.

2) When talking with prospects, give them your elevator pitch as they don’t have much time and get many sales calls every day. Don’t forget about virtual assistants! They can take care of the phone while you do other things in order to free up more time for yourself which is valuable because…

3) Digital marketing is all about ROI (return on investment). If you spend x amount with Google, YouTube or Facebook then y should be coming back. Additionally, having a list of contacts can greatly benefit your business and clients when it comes time to reach out with offers.

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency – Cold Approach

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency cold approach

Method number two is the cold approach, and I must admit even though this is one of the methods I would suggest in the early part of launching your agency, I would still use this method, as I have had great success with it.

There are so many ways to approach this but again always keep in mind the problems the business you are going to see has, so for the chatbots, it would be along the lines of filling up their bookings, increasing sales, etc.

For websites you can actually stand outside the business, I’ll use a restaurant as an example and type into your phone restaurants near me, you will be shocked how often the restaurant you are standing outside of doesn’t show up in the search results.

Now simply head inside armed with the information, and say something along the lines of

“Hey I’m a digital marketing specialist, I help businesses get noticed online and I help businesses grow online. I noticed that when I googled a restaurant near me, literally five steps outside your doorway, you didn’t even show up and these five competitors showed up in front of you. This is a problem and I can fix it for you”.

Really simple stuff and it applies to any form of digital marketing that you can do to help.

By using the cold approach method you are already putting yourself above so many other marketers, who wouldn’t dream of going into a business, it shows the owner that you are confident and dedicated to your business, it also highlights a problem they may not have known of before.

There are so many marketers that don’t have the drive to walk into a business cold but trust me it does actually become quite enjoyable.

Plus if you have niched down as I have explained before, you can even have a groove website template ready for the owner to give away for free if you wanted, and say their site wasn’t correctly optimized or wasn’t very good for the purpose, how many owners would be happy to chat with you after you have given them a completely free website?

I’m thinking quite a few as you have now started the relationship off with something of value you have given away, and in the future, there is an excellent chance of them upgrading their account.

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency – Cold Emails

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency cold email

Thirdly we have cold emails, now this is a bit of another beginner method to begin to get your clients, but if the cold email is done correctly then this method can work great.

Now with any cold email strategy, you are going to be sending out emails to scale, as so many business owners simply won’t open them fully, in another post I explained how we would get around this problem by embedding a video made personally to that client, with there website in the background and your elevator pitch in it also.

The email also breaks down the basic problems that you can see with the business, and you will be very surprised how many businesses will actually write you back and be a lot more interested in your offer.

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency – Referrals and Partnerships

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency referrals and partnerships

The fourth method is referrals and partnerships, and this is a huge method of continued growth I say referrals, I talk about current clients referring people in their network to work with your agency and also people in your network simply knowing you as a digital marketing expert and referring their friends, family, colleagues, who might need digital marketing help to work with you.

When people have a friend or a friend of a friend who is either an owner of a business or a marketing manager of a business and then the topic of how to scale comes out or the topic of, “Hey I don’t understand digital marketing, do you know anyone that could help?” comes up I often get recommended and they usually send me a simple email introduction to the new business owner and that we take it from there and this is once your business has momentum.

This is for most agencies the primary driver of growth and the reason why this works so well is that these prospects are I would say anywhere from five to ten times more likely to actually close and become a client than people that we contact through cold outreach methods and the reason for that is there’s so much more trust when someone is contacting you through a trusted referral from a friend or colleague of theirs.

The second part is partnering with another agency, that way if a referral comes in that would be more suited to another agency you can recommend them, and vice versa so this is a massive win-win and if you’re just starting out, there’s nothing stopping you from finding other businesses that also serve the same types of clients you want to serve and approaching.

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency – Marketing

Get Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency digital marketing

The Fith which may well shock you but is working extremely well is doing your own digital marketing, you will be shocked how many agencies simply don’t do digital marketing.

Now your own digital marketing should be broken down into two parts, organic and paid.

Organic simply means that whatever content you have produced will be found without you having to pay anything but time to produce it.

So this is the likes of ranking youtube videos, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, and can work very well in establishing yourself as a trusted expert and building your own tribe of people.

Even better non of the organic methods are difficult, and so if you invest the time then you will see results, there are really only two things that you need consistency and good content. Try and post as often as possible, don’t go out all guns blazing post for a couple of months then get bored, the point where you want to give in is normally the point just before you get traction.

But make sure that you are pixeling everybody that lands on your website or better still send them directly to your chatbot, as this is going to hugely help with the next step which is retargeting with paid ads.

If somebody arrives in our chatbot we now have them and will continue to build value with them until they either unsubscribe or until they buy, if they have landed on our pages then we can follow them around with a pixel.

Within the ad, we would use some basic ADIA ad copy and a picture of either myself or their industry and call them out.

I used a software called Jarvis for this and through this link, there are 10,000 words for free so you can get your own ad perfect.

Personally, within the retargeting, I like to send them into my chatbot and then follow up further with omnipresent marketing throughout all of our mediums

So those are the five methods that I wanted to talk about for how to get digital marketing clients for your agency if you’re just starting out I encourage you to focus on the cold calls, the cold emails, and the cold approaches if you’re in the intermediate stages and you already have happy paying clients and you want to scale things up I would encourage you to focus on the referrals and the partnerships as well as on doing your own digital marketing in the form of organic rankings and in the form of paid ads, specifically retargeting.

If you want to learn more about how your customers think, what drives their decisions and why they buy from certain people over others.

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