Groove funnels Vs landingi

Groove Funnels vs Landingi Which Is The Best In 2021

In this Groove funnels Vs Landingi Review I would like to take you through all of the differences between these two excellent platforms and show you which I would choose and for what purpose.

In the digital marketing world, it seems as though no matter where you go, somebody has an opinion on which funnel/ landing page builder is best.

So I thought, why not. Lock these two builders in a room and let them fight it out with each other.

Groove Funnels vs Landingi An Overview

It amazes me how passionate people are when discussing a tool that is ultimately just that, a simple tool that will help you in your marketing. Many people seem to believe that if they have the right builder, everything will fall into place. Two of these builders really stand out for both quality and features so its about time they went head to head, in groove funnels vs landingi.

And although the right builder can save you hours if not days of headaches, hard work will always win. 

So with that firmly set in your mind lets look at these two relative newbies in the Sales funnel Buildering sphere.

It is easy to get confused when faced with a few various sales funnel builders. For the newbie, it can become a significant problem trying to decide which is best. That is why I chose to put Groove funnels vs Landingi in the ring together so that a newbie can find out exactly which one will be best for their particular circumstances.

Full Disclosure

I am an affiliate for both of these platforms. So that means not only will you get a fair and unbiased review, but I also have around $10,000 of bonuses to help you no matter which you might choose.

And if you buy through my link, I may make a small commission, but this will not affect the price you pay.

Who Is Behind Groovefunnels

One of the partners within Groovefunnels is Mike Filsaime, called the Micheal Jordan of digital marketing.

Boasting the most million-dollar launches, Mike is quite somebody to take on in the funnel world. 

Having already launched Katra, Everywebinar, and many others, Mike is also the inventor of butterfly marketing, which he fully intends to bring back.

Groovefunnels Is Mikes baby, and he fully intends on taking over where he left off with Kartra. 

Who Is Behind Landingi

Błażej is the leading force for Landingi. He also has a passion for marketing and building and is with a great team behind Landingi. They have strived to innovate when it comes to design and function.

Winner Of The Founders

It has to be Mike Filsaime, for the number of years and track record he has in producing. Outstanding software.

Winner Groovefunnels

Landingi vs Groove Overview

I think it is essential to go through both platforms .to understand what each offers in the way of functions entirely. 

GrooveFunnels Overview

When first reading Groovefunnels features, it can seem a little unfair. When comparing the two, GrooveGroove has built itself into a complete set of tools, where no additional software is needed.

Mike Filsaime and his team have produced software they have concentrated on making GrooveGroove as complete as possible with the experience.

Groove is currently the fastest growing digital marketing platform out there at the time of writing. 

However, it is essential not that Groovefunnels is still in beta, so a couple of glitches pop up and groove out as soon as they see them.

Groove has several other addons in the pipeline but currently fully working is 

  • Groovefunnels
  • Groovepages
  • Groovesell
  • Grooveaffiliate
  • Groovemember
  • Groovevideo
  • Groovecart
  • Groovemail

And many more being released as they are rolled out.

Landingi Overview

Landingi is more of a traditional landing page sales/ funnel builder, but one that has been brought right up to date.

The user interface is beautiful and very easy to use. And the templates are certainly some of the best I have seen. These templates are stunning. Full integration of eCommerce can be done quickly, and PayPal integration is built-in.

The dashboard is perfect for newbies as there isn’t a steep learning curve and everything seems very intuitive.

Groovepages Vs Landingi Dashboard

Both of the dashboards are excellent GrooveGroove using drag and drop built into both simple and easy blocks.

However, it is Landingi I would have to give the best dashboard too. The simplicity is outstanding even though complex tasks can still be completed quickly.

Winner Landingi

Groove Platform vs Landingi Features

Both of these platforms have great software tools for fundamentals. Let’s go through some of the highlights for both software to see how they compare.

Groove Platform: Features

Groove has many advanced tools, but it is nice to see that they didn’t rush from one tool to the next without completing the fundamentals in each. With all the tools that GrooveGroove has at its disposal, it is easy to integrate everything GrooveGroove.


When first going into groove apps, you are greeted with Groovepages, including groove funnels, meaning you can incorporate them into each other without any hassle.

Mike and his team have gone out and secured some of the best site builders to make GrooveGroove beautiful and functional. There are many templates if you do not wish to start from scratch. And you can see a lot of time has been taken over the design and the conversion of each.

Many widgets are simple to add, in case you didn’t want all groove functions, or if you have a software that you couldn’t be without.

Landingi Web/Funnel Builder

What can I say that hasn’t already been said, I don’t know who their head web designer is but I would like to shake his hand. Everything is clean, simple, and functional. You would be hard pushed to find any builder with better templates and FREE photo library.

Loading of your dashboard is a little slow and could use a minor speeding up, but baring that, I would pick it over GrooveGroove… But only just


Groovesell is the digital sales side of Groovefunnels and works spectacularly well. It seems as though everything has been thought of and three payment methods are already built-in ready for you to use

The payment methods are 

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Groovepay

And even better each can be set up to take a percentage of the total cost. Meaning is one payment processor went down; you could still get access to the remaining processors. 

Suppose you have partners within your business. A partner split can also be set up very quickly and easily, meaning that both partners will be paid whenever a sale is made.

There is also full affiliate integration so that you can set up your affiliate programs.

However, Groovesell is only made for digital products. Still, GrooveGroove has thought of this and released their Shopify killer in the form of Groovecart which will easily take care of all of your needs. ( I will do a separate review on This as it is simply too big to go into within this head to head)

Landingi Ecommerce

Compared to GrooveGroove, then Landingi is very small in the way of eCommerce. However, it can be linked to Shopify that is another expense that you would need to justify.

Landingi has just the one payment option which is Paypal, so indeed not a vast choice there.

Winner Groovefunnels

Groove Blog

Suppose you are not wanting to be continually pulling out money on paid advertising. In that case, a blog is hugely important, and the king of blogging is still WordPress. 

However, GrooveGroove aims to change that when they release their Groove blog, which will be interesting. 

As it stands, GrooveGroove is built on a high-speed platform, unlike most other builders. So they believe that they will be able to rank a blog as quickly as WordPress. This I will take some convincing of but it would be great if they did.

Landingi Blog

Landingi have stuck with WordPress so far, and why not it works well. Making blogging and ranking with Landingi easy, with thousands of tutorials on WordPress dotted about

Winner Landingi

Groove Affiliate

As mentioned before GrooveGroove has a fully integrated affiliates platform, and even offers some extras expensive dedicated affiliate platforms don’t. 

Landingi Affiliate

Sadly Landingi does not have this function built-in.

Winner Groove

Groove Kart

A mammoth software on par if not above Shopify.

Landingi Ecom

Sadly Landingi doesn’t have an equivalent built-in.

Winner Groove

Groove also has many more exclusive features which Landingi doesn’t have. 

You can see more about Groove features in our Groovefunnels Review.

And of course, you can see more about Landingis features in our landingi Review.

GrooveFunnels vs Landingi: Pricing

So now you have seen a basic rundown of the features. Let’s talk about the massive elephant in the room, The pricing.

GrooveFunnels: Pricing

Groove Funnels Free For Life

The base plan for GrooveGroove, sometimes called Groovelite is a lifetime Free offer. Which wasn’t supposed to be in place but with covid taking over Groove decided to offer this to help people work from home. And there is a lot included.

On the Free plan, you get GrooveSell, GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GroveKart, and GrooveAffiliates.(some apps are limited). This free plan is available with lifetime free access. Still, businesses that need to build a solid impression online may need to go ahead with a paid plan to access advanced features.

There will also be a gold and platinum plan released from Groove when it comes entirely out of the beta stages. 

Groove Lifetime

But for now, you can take advantage of a one-time payment, which can be broken down into instalments of $1400.Giving almost everything unlimited and 25,000 subscribers to your email list, which is possibly the best value for money I have seen.

This means you will never have another invoice for your websites, memberships hosting, and so much more again.

Landingi: Pricing

Landingi comes with three price points that aren’t free, but you can get a two-week trial.

Note that all the plans available for this software package offer 200+ templates, unlimited visitors, landing pages, and leads. However, when you move to the higher tier plans, you can access many additional features such as Zapier integration, split testing, and A/B testing.

Landingi Basic Plan

Landingi has the basic plan starting at $45 per month billed yearly. You are allowed 50,000 visitors per month, ten custom domains unlimited conversions, and landing pages.

Landingi Automate Plan

The plan I would go for is automated, again billed every year at the equivalent of $65 per month. With the automated plan, you are allowed 100,000 visitors, 20 custom domains, unlimited conversions, and landing pages.

Landingi Agency Plan

The Agency plan is available with a $119+ (billed every 12 months), per month subscription fee. has 300k unique visitors, 30 custom domains, unlimited conversion, and landing pages. 

GrooveFunnels vs Landingi: Pros and Cons

So having read all of that hopefully, it will give you some idea of these great platforms.

But like everything, there are pros and cons to each.

GrooveFunnels: Pros

  • Forever FREE plan with no credit card needed.
  • Affiliate program
  • Active community
  • Continual improvements
  • Lots of templates available on funnels, websites, or online stores.
  • Standalone business package

GrooveFunnels: Cons

  • Steeper learning curve

Landingi: Pros

  • Awesome templates
  • Easy to use drag and drop
  • Great customer service
  • WordPress integration

Landingi: Cons

  • The mobile view is not automatic.
  • Will need other software to get the ‘complete marketing suite.’

GrooveFunnels vs Landingi: The Final Recommendation

Both of these software’s are outstanding in their own right if I had to choose it would have to be Groove on the lifetime plan. 

Suppose you are brand new to marketing and aren’t computer literate. In that case, there is undoubtedly a place for landingi, as those templates are that good. 

If I had to choose one definitive winner, it would be Groove. The option of never paying again is too good to refuse

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