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Welcome to my Groovefunnels affiliate training. if you are new to groovefunnels please check out my full review

Today, I thought it would be a good day to discuss how you can succeed with the groovefunnels affiliate program.

I’ve done relatively well with the groovefunnels affiliate program. 

So if you’re interested in learning how you can do the same, I promise you don’t go scrolling or let some shiny object distract you.

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The first thing you need to understand is that the free account Groovefunnels affiliate program pays a 20% commission rate. And if you have upgraded your account, then it is a 40% commission rate. Soon, these commission rates will be heading towards recurring. 

This means that you will get paid every month in the future when your prospect upgrades ofter groovefunnels has gone onto their monthly payment system.

However, groove pages are still on their lifetime deal which gives you excellent earning potential.

Groove Pricing structure for lifetime plan

Another significant thing to note is unlike Clickfunnels, which gives you a sticky cookie. Groovefunnels hard codes your link into every sale or free trial somebody signed up to when they click on your affiliate link.

This means that no matter when your customer upgrades, you will be paid your commission. 

That means you can send people to the free for life offer. When they sign up for groovefunnels, you get the Commissions.

This allows you to be a marketer who only has to get people through the door. Then leave it to the groovefunnels team to upsell them onto the premium program.

Mike and the team take that person right through their upsells via emails, Facebook groups, and other things, and he sells them on the higher package. 

Share funnels is another excellent tactic within Groovefunnels. It allows you to go to any niche design a funnel and give it away for free.

Your Affiliate link is also shared within that shared funnel..

So I can give someone a funnel template. And once clicked, they will have the entire funnel automatically imported into their Groovefunnel account, becoming a groovefunnels member under my affiliate link, giving me the commission. 

Now if you have a good-sized email list, you can send out a link to your latest funnel template. Because it is free, many people will install it if you have nurtured your email list beforehand. 

Okay, but what if you haven’t got a list?

There is still nothing at all to worry about as we can use search optimization or social marketing.

So, let’s talk about search first, so the search is how I tend to get people to see my groovefunnels. 

Ninety probably 90 and 95 % of my groovefunnels affiliates came through search, but let’s explain how that works. 

Let’s look at some search engines. There’s Google that we all know about that one, but guess what there’s also Yahoo? There’s Bing there’s YouTube the second biggest search engine in the world. There’s Pinterest.

Not many people consider that these are all search engines too, and all are a great source of traffic. And if your leads have come through a search engine, these are scorching leads. They have gone out of their way to find you.

When someone types groove funnels and something else into a browser, they already know about groovefunnels. There’s a good chance. They already think they need it for their business and are just looking for more information. 

They’re looking for pricing information. 

They’re looking to understand better what it is and how it applies to them in their business. 

There are many reasons they could type it in. Still, when someone is actively searching for groovefunnels, they tend to be pretty prepared as one can be to sign up for groovefunnels.

They have already done the searching and are now just looking for more information. And so by targeting those people, through any of the keywords that they might use. You are tapping into a vast pool of hot buyers, that are ready to sign up.

 I don’t have to sell them hard because they’re already halfway down the journey, they’re already hot, I don’t have to take them from cold and warmed them up they’re already hot. 

With search engine traffic there is no need to send hundreds of emails, your prospects are already hot for groovefunnels as they have typed it in.

Now I know that Google SEO can be daunting. Still, you don’t need to touch it if you don’t want too, you could make a video or post on Pinterest or any of the other search engines I have mentioned.

You can talk about how Groove funnels work, give a tutorial, do almost anything related and people will click your link.

So if you were to make a post on Pinterest on what is the price of groovefunnels. And somebody types that in and find your video, a buyer intent keyword, so those leads can’t be any hotter.

Groovefunnel affiliate features

Okay so that’s hot leads, but there are so many more warm leads, there are people who don’t know what groovefunnels is. They might be typing something like how do I increase my profits to my dental practice. 

Well, they need a sales funnel. And you have the perfect platform.

They don’t know that they need groovefunnels, but they are warm leads as you have the solution to their problem all that you need to do is introduce them to it.

If you wanted to rank on google for groovefunnels, it would take a lot of time. However, you can use paid ads, yes organic traffic is excellent. Still, if you are getting $450 per sale from groovefunnels, then ads become very worthwhile.

Another thing to bear in mind is that promoting groovefunnels doesn’t mean that all you have to promote.

The second way is producing a system. By creating a system, you can pick a niche that groovefunnels benefits and make a great sales system around it using Groovefunnels.

This can firstly teach people and then send them straight over to your affiliate link. So let’s think of a niche, and we can use realtors. 

Now all realtors need more clients, so we will build a funnel that will do just that. We can make a funnel within Groove that will encourage a realtors idea client to list their home with that realtor.

Once you have created that sales funnel, show it, to the prospects and explain why it is so great.

Don’t know what niche to look for Okay, go over to clickfunnels on youtube. It’s full of funnels for niches, joining in watching clickfunnels free broadcast on a Friday, called funnel Friday.

Once you create a great sales funnel for a specific niche, the point is no matter what it is. Then you can also create training around that revolves around it.

Then go out there and tell them that just a simple hey here is some free training on getting more clients for…

Everything I will show you I have built inside of Groovefunnels. There is a link below where you can get this software and the funnel template and follow along.

You can also tell the people that this is doable with a different system, but with Groove it will be a lot easier, be honest and upfront as long as you give value.

You make groovefunnels a no-brainer choice for people that want to implement this training for quick success. 

I would love to hear you what you think about my content, as I am doing this blog purely to try and help you.

What would you like me to cover

Thank you for coming to my Groovefunnels affiliate training

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