Groovefunnels Review And $10k Of Bonuses

GrooveFunnels Review Plus $10k Of Bonuses

Welcome To My Groovefunnels Review

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What Is GrooveFunnels?

Throughout this Groovefunnels review, I will be using Groove/Groovefunnels/Groovepages don’t worry these are all the same thing and how Groove tends to be known. Think of Groove funnels as a complete suite of marketing apps, Which you might have seen referred to as Groove apps by a lot of digital marketers.

As it is now known, Groove is developed by Groove digital, owned by Mike Filsaime, John Cornetta, Matt Serralta, and Mattijs Naus. Who are well-known powerhouses within the digital marketing field, All bringing their speciality to Groove.

The Grooveapps that have become most well known are the

 – Groovepages, a complete website builder 

 – Groovesell, built for selling digital products

 – Groovemember, member site builder

 – Groovemail, email autoresponder (and won my own best autoresponder review overall). 

– GrooveAffiliate, set up your own affiliate program (Learn more)

But even with these great marketing apps Groove decided to go further, including so much more.

What is included in GrooveFunnels?

With the vision of Groove to provide complete marketing solutions, they have encluded so much more. With each of their software solving every problem a digital marketer might face.  

Included with your Groove digital subscription is:

  • GroovePage, 
  • GrooveMail, 
  • GrooveSell, 
  • GrooveMember, 
  • GrooveWebinars,
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveKart
  • GrooveAffiliate

With all of this software created by the same company, it means that they work together seamlessly. And giving you a cost-effective option. You now don’t need to buy software such as Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign, Katra, Webinar Jam Or Everwebinar, which are all great programs in their own right. But can all be replaced. within this Groovefunnels review, I am hoping to show you how easily this can be achieved.

This helps give some idea of the value you will get with both Groovefunnels Pro membership and Grooveplatinum plan.

Groove entered the online digital marketing world with their first groundbreaking software GrooveKart, which is still relatively unknown but competes and in my opinion, beats Shopify.

Groove has gone to the max in developing pro-level apps. Finally, a company can produce an all-in-one solution for digital marketing needs. Previously the only other company who tried to provide everything in one place was Builderall. But after using Builderall software for over three years, It just doesn’t compute, with its clunky interface and software products that don’t do what they are supposed to be.

Groovefunnels now genuinely solves all of these problems. Giving you pro-level tools to solve issues you might face within finding software that will.

  • Create websites
  • Build sales funnels
  • Easily enjoy more digital sales
  • Resell your products with an affiliate platform
  • Enjoy a complete email marketing and CRM platform
  • Host videos
  • Earn and build from your membership site
  • Be able to host webinars
  • Have an entire eCommerce store

And there are even more to come.

An excellent way to think about it is a little like Clickfunnels, but so much better. And more affordable.

Basically, with Groove as your solution, you can run your entire business.

The Groove apps included are

  • GroovePages,
  • GrooveSell,
  • GrooveAffiliate,
  • GrooveMail,
  • GrooveMember,
  • GrooveVideo,
  • GroovePages for Shopify,
  • GrooveWebinars for Live Webinars,
  • GrooveWebinars for Automated Webinars,
  • GrooveBlog,
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar,
  • GrooveSurvey,
  • GrooveQuiz,
  • and more.

Where Katra, Clickfunnels etc. offer one or maybe two of this software with Groove you get all of them as standard. Which is pretty impressive stuff

GrooveFunnels – Overview

Who Owns Groove Funnels:

John Cornetta, Matt Serralta, and Mattijs Naus

Product Name:

Groove, Groovefunnels, Groovepages, Groovedigital

Groove Funnels Pricing:

 $1397 ( 4, 6 and 12 easy payment modes available)

When Did Groovefunnels Launch:

6th to 18th October 2020

Official Website:

 Visit Here

Refund Period:

Yes, 30 days refund period


Excellent support systems in place

My Groove Review:

Highly recommended, I am a platinum user.

Product Rating:


Confused By Groove?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by Groove, after all, with this one piece of software you suddenly have everything you need within the Groove apps suite of tools.

When I first started Groove myself, I was also very confused about it all. However, after researching the features and the benefits that I could expect, things became very clear.

And I bought straight into the Groove founders.

In this groove funnels review, I will try my very best to explain everything ‘Groove’ So that you can conclude if Groove is right for you and your business.

Groovefunnels Mentor

Although in this Groove funnels review I will try and explain everything, You might still have questions, If that is the case, please feel free to contact me, and I am always here to help.

Questions About Groove

If there are any questions that you would like to see the answers too straightaway, Groove has a constructive Facebook group. This group is one of the most beneficial I have seen. And members are always eager to help.

Before Groove, Mike Filsaime had set up a Groove competitor called Kartra. And I must admit that I was baffled as Katra used to be pretty untouchable within the sales funnels space. But more of a closely guarded secret.

However, when mike left, he did promise that Groove would not only compete but beat Katra. And well I believe he has already accomplished that.

Is Groove The Deal Of A Lifetime?

Groove Pricing And $10,000 of bonuses

Groovefunnels offers together several different memberships types to Groove. Groove is already as good as or better than other builders such as Clickfunnels, Kartra, and Kajabi. It is still in the beta version. So continually improving.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

To get Groovefunnels off the ground and get all of the financing needed to bring Groove to life, the team behind Groove decided to launch the app as a Kickstarter campaign. This meant that the Groove team would also get feedback from their users on making the software better.

When they first launched Groovefunnels, they used their own software Groovesell, which proves how smoothly it runs.

Is GrooveFunnels Free?

I mean Mike Filsaime and the team decided to make part of Groove for free. So you can get their sales and affiliate platform for free.

Groovefunnels Free Plan

So with the Groove free plan what you get is Groovesell Groovepages lite version. And you don’t need a credit card ever. There are no fees for life, and also no transaction fees.

Is Groovesell Good?

Well, I love it and have my digital product running through it right now. I already make regular sales through Groovesell, and their software does just about everything you are going to need.

How Much Is Groovefunnels?

Groove has tried to make their platform something that everybody can afford and have various pricing options available.

Groovefunnels Lifetime Deal

So at the time of writing, you could make a one-time payment of $1397 which would give you all of the Grooveapps and never have to pay another fee again, making some huge savings for you.

Groovefunnels Lifetime Offer

With groovefunnels wanting to make their payments more manageable, they have also put together pay monthly so that you can spread the cost. At present Groovefunnels cost

$0 today and then four monthly payments of $497 Starting In 30 Days.

Or just six easy monthly payments of $388 starting today.

Or just 12 easy monthly payments of $288 starting today.

After you make these payments, you own the software, so there are no more payments to make ever.

Groovefunnels review plus $10,000 worth of free bonuses

Expired Pricing Options

GrooveDigital used to offer their landing page builder for a one-time payment of $497, with an option to upgrade with two further charges of the same amount. However, because of the pandemic Groove started with their Free option.

Groovepages One Time Offer

When you create your free groovepages account, you will land on a page that says this is not an upsell, and this is where you can access these deals.

I have also included my back door entry here to get these upgrade deals.

Groovefunnels Discount

There are no discounts for Groovefunnels, groovepages or any of the Groove family because they give you the lite version of the software for free.

How Much Is Groovefunnels Monthly?

Groovefunnels doesn’t have a monthly cost; however, shortly, this will change, and Groove will start at $99 per month for silver and $199 per month for the platinum. 

However, if you buy any of the Groovefunnels Lifetime deal offers you will get more software and never pay these fees. 

This is the pricing at the time of writing this article, But the price will increase soon.

Groovefunnels pricing correct at time of writing review plus $10,000 worth of bonuses

What Else Will I Need With GrooveFunnels?

Nothing at all, Groove has everything you are going to need.

GrooveFunnels Bonus

Along with the bonuses that Groove already offer I have also included a huge bonus package for you. Unlike other Groovefunnel bonuses a lot of my bonus package you can also use to get your affiliates. My rewards are designed to make sales fast and give you a complete education within digital marketing, from beginner to expert.

See the full bonus list here.

If after reading this Groovefunnels review, you decide that the software is a good fit for you. You will receive these bonuses on signing up with my affiliate link.

I have been in the online entrepreneur space for around seven years, and understand that people want to create SEO friendly, fast websites with high converting sales funnels. And above everything you want to make sales quickly.

It is hard to make a good profit if you are still paying out for all of the software you need. And I believe that Groovefunnels offers a complete solution..

Groovefunnels VS Clickfunnels

There are many differences between Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels, such as the amount of software you get with Groove. But another huge difference is what the two software’s framework is built on.

Groovepages is using a progressive Javascript called VUE:JS. Now without going into technobabble, Groove loads much faster on all devices, which Google loves.

Unlike Groove, many other builders are built using a nine-year-old technology developed by Twitter.

Progressive JavaScript Framework = VUE.JS groovefunnels review plus bonuses

Katra VS GrooveFunnels

With Mike Filsaime being the co-founder of Katra, WebinarJam, And EverWebinar, many people think that Groove will be very much the same. But rather than go and repeat his winning formula with Groove mike decided to better anything that he had previously made.

It is reported that Mike and his former partner split up because of creative differences, and also signed a two-year non compete contract.

After that, and using crowdfunding, Mike and his new partners decided to better what he had done at Kartra. GrooveFunnels is the result of that. They were producing a more robust Sales and affiliate program at a much more affordable price than was possible with Katra.

Having had experience with Katra, Mike decided that he had to use a better framework, which is now in place.

Groovepages Review

GroovePages Features Review:

  • Expertly Designed High Converting Templates
  • Pages Quickly And Easily Built Using Blocks
  • Pixel Perfect and Font Perfect Landing Pages
  • Split Testing Testing
  • Countdown Timers
  •  Royalty-Free Images
  • Upsells And Downsells
  • Product Bumps
  • and much more to create sales funnels, webinar funnels.

Groovefunnels Review Hosting

Within Groove itself, you will get free hosting in the form of Or unlimited custom domains, depending on your membership level. You will also receive Cname masking, FTP to your server, so you can make your own backups.

You can rest assured that any site you build with Groove will load with lightning speed as they are just loading HTML. Added to that, Groovepages is hosted on Google’s cloud platform, meaning you get even faster loading times.

I have done a vast range of tests for the pages and funnels I have built with Groove and found everyone loading at incredible speeds.

Groove has taken on even more developers and introduces even more products to the Grooveapps lineup at breakneck speed.

How Is Groovefunnels Rendered?

All of your pages with Groovefunnels are rendered as HTML when they are added live. Negating the issues found in Clickfunnels and Katra, as there isn’t calls to the database. Unlike clickfunnels and Katra, Groovefunnels doesn’t need to call to a database to load elements, which means that your servers are not slowed down.

Import Funnels With GrooveFunnels

Groovefunnels released very quickly that importing funnels from other builders into Groovefunels was hugely important. So have already put a funnel importer into Groove. Meaning you have so many more options when building your Groovepages. You can either start with a blank slate. A Groovefunnels templates. Or the import feature, Bringing n sites that you already own, or even sites you don’t own straight into your Groove dashboard.

Importing is made easy inside your dashboard by entering the URL of the site you wish to import. After pasting the URL, the software will bring you the funnel for you to edit.

Groovefunnels will also carry over all images and text exactly as they appear if it is your site. If you don’t own the site Groove will replace images with placeholders and text with “lorem ipsum”. You will be able to import hyperlinks, buttons, colours, everything. Some things, like countdown timers, will have to be reconfigured.

Can You Share Groovefunnels?

Yes, groovefunnels have made it easy to share any funnel that you make. If you decide to join Groovefunnels, I give you funnel templates to install and use within your account and even offer to other people. It’s as easy as sharing a Google doc.

Does GrooveFunnels Have Split Testing?

Groovefunnels is a technology company with a top team of marketers owning it. So groovefunnels put in split testing to make more sales, and make the data available quickly.

Does Groove Have a blogging Platform?

Blogging is a hugely important aspect of digital marketing. As such, Groove has been heavily working on their blogging platform. At the time of writing Groovebolog is due for release very shortly. Unlike Katra, who can only imitate the look of a blog. Groove blog will have the complete functionality of a WordPress blog but without the fiddly add ons. Groove is releasing their blog in early 2021, and looking at the sneak peek they have put out, it is of the same high standard as the rest of Groove.

Groovefunnels Integration

Groove realised very early when starting, and already Groove has brought their integration with 20 email platforms, around seven membership platforms, Funnelytics, Zapier, Chatammo and many more.

However, once Groove is completed, you won’t need these integrations as everything will be under the Groovedigital banner.

How many Custom Domains can I Have With GrooveFunnels?

During this beta period of Groove, you get unlimited custom funnels, on Groovepages and Groovesell. Provided that you have upgraded to the lifetime deal, which means you can brand your affiliate links, making them even easier to track, and to brand yourself.

If you have a Free Account at the time of writing, you are allowed three domains.

Groove Review And $10,000 of bonuses

Are Groovefunnels Good For SEO

Unlike other funnels builders, Groovefunnels use a very lightweight code. The pages you build will support Open Graph images, site, and page SEO Title and Meta tag settings. You can set your Image Alt tags, perfect DOM container structure, H1 through H5 tags and paragraph tags. Everything you need to rank your pages on Google.

Does GrooveFunnel have SSL?

Yes. Your SSL through your free Cloudflare account, which is an industry-standard in SSL.

What Do You Get With Groovefunnels

There is a large assortment of digital marketing products that arrive with Groove, and I would like to take you through some of them to help you make a more informed choice. So if you can bear with me through this Groovefunnels review.

GrooveSell Review

Groovesell could be considered one of the flagship software within Groove. This is the software that started the whole of Groove off accepting $2 Million worth of funding for Grooves crowdfunded beginnings.

The easiest way to consider Groovesell is a digital shopping cart, very much like SamCart or PayKickstarter. 

Groovesell gives you the power to sell digital products, courses, memberships etc.

Groovesell also has a few other tricks up its sleeve allowing you to split your payments between producers like Paypal Stripe, and Groovepay, with even more on their way. By giving you the ability to split payments. Groovesell makes sure that no matter if anything goes wrong with your PayPal stripe or any other processor, your money will be safe.

It’s the perfect solution for

  • Saas and Software Developers
  • Infopreneurs,
  • Thought Leaders,
  • Passion Project Experts,
  • Coaches,
  • Consultants,
  • Influencers,
  • Speakers,
  • Authors, etc.

Groovesell also hosts the Grooves affiliate program, which gives you complete marketing tools and everything else you might need to run your business.

Groove Affiliate Marketplace

Quite a new addition is the Groove market place which can be thought of like Jvzoo, Or Warrior plus. One of Groove marketplace’s advantages is that it is exclusive to Groove members, meaning that there isn’t as much if you market a product from the market place. competition

Groove Marketplace

As well as Groove affiliate marketplace, there is also Groove marketplace. This is where you can buy and sell your Groovefunnel designs giving you a whole new revenue through your groove account.

GrooveMail Review

Groovemail was brought about so that you could have a better option than ActiveCampaign for all of your email automation. You would be forgiven for thinking of it a little like Clickfunnels Actionetics platform. But it is a much better version, and a lot more similar to ActiveCampaign than anything else.

Groovemail has taken a long time to get the automation servers seasoned. Because of this, the deliverability rate is excellent. However with Groove integrating with a stack of other autoresponders if you have a system that you love you can easily integrate with your Groovefunnels

GrooveMember Review

For a very long time, if you wanted the very best in membership websites, you had to look at Kajabi. Groovemember had begun to set the changes in this when they launched. At the time of writing Groovemember is still in the beta testing phase, and already is making huge waves. And I have several membership sites hosted with Groovemembers already. (You also get access to these sites If you join).

With Groovemember sites, a lot has been considered, things like different access points, ready to do upsells, drip content, drag and drop builder.

Gamification and certifications are also arriving very soon.

This means that you can build either free or paid courses.

Suppose, however. You don’t want to use Groovemember for any reason. In that case, you can still integrate your Groovefunnels account with every other platform on the market if needed.

GrooveVideo Review

Groovevideo is another excellent app designed to save you money and get your integrations even better. A little like having your own personal Vimeo, where you can host your videos, and avoid losing customers by having youtube related video. Groovevideo has various skins, player controls, autoplay, call to action split testing, and more is yet to come.

GrooveKart Review

Groovekart used to be a stand-alone eCommerce software. However, in recent months and minimal time, GrooveKart is included with the Groovefunnels lifetime updates. It not known as to how long this will be the case.

Groovekart was created as a rival for Shopify GrooveKart comes with built-in apps that Shopify charges for. Including 

  • High converting templates
  • Scarcity timers
  • Layer apps
  • Reviews
  • Upsells and downsells
  • Retargeting
  • Bumps 
  • Powerful reporting
  • Analytics
  • Shipping features
  • One-click product transfer
  • And many more features 

With Groovekart you also receive a built-in support desk and switch from your Shopify store with one click.

GrooveWebinars Review

Groovewebinars is still in the pipeline at the time of writing. Still, Groove has been teasing us with sneak peeks, and as you would expect, it is looking like it will be another great app by Groove.

With the history, Mike has with EverWebinar. There is a lot to live up to as they are already the industry standards. But Mike Filsaime has promised to better what has gone before Groovewebinar.

Groove API And SDK

More for the programmers out there, Groove has given access to their API and SDK documents for developers.

This means that with even a basic knowledge of programming, you can build your apps to work with Groove and then sell them within one of the marketplaces. This is excellent news for Groovestars everywhere as it means specialist apps can be made and sold by anybody.

Groove Academy Review

This is a substantial Free database of all Groove training, which is also searchable, unlike other sales funnel software. This is always being updated with the latest tips tricks hacks and tutorial. However, it is not alone. 

Groove has gone out of their way to produce the very best training out there and recently finished a 24 hour a day 14-day broadcast. Specialists were brought in to teach various sales and marketing methods.

GrooveDesk Review

The easiest way to think about Groovedesk is to imagine Zendesk. Due to be released early 2021 Groovedesk looks like yet another game-changer from GrooveDigital.

What Other Products And Services Do GrooveDigital Provide

With the list already presented above, you will be shocked to know that Groove offers, even more, all held within the Groove brand.

Among them you will find:

Groove Pay

Groovepay is a hugely welcome addition to Groovedigital’s apps and can be used in the place of both Paypal and Stripe. 

Groovepay doesn’t have such tight limits on what you are allowed to sell, Groovepay also has a lower commission rate than both of these other payment processors


GrooveAds can be thought of as a full marketing agency held inside of Groove itself. The sales they have achieved for Groove could be the right solution if you are looking for a third party to run your marketing.

GrooveAds work on a commission basis and will manage your Facebook, Google Adwords, and Youtube Ads for 10%of the Ad spend (If you are spending upwards of $2500 a month)

For a $5000 minimum, GrooveAds will also build your sales funnels, write sales copy, and create your email sequences, including doing your Ads for you.


GrooveFest is a huge get-together and combines your business and pleasure. It is also a chance to meet the team behind Groove. 

Included are several events such as traffic and conversion summit. A party is held every Thursday night, where you can network with the legends of digital marketing.

Due to the corona crisis, this party was cancelled.

However this will be coming back as soon as it is safe, so could be worth marking in your calendar.

Who Is Behind GrooveDigital

Groovefunnels review the team behind Groove plus $10,000 worth of bonuses

Mike Filsaime

Mike holds the unofficial title of the Micheal Jordan of digital marketing, With the more 1 Million Dollar launches than any other marketer out there.

To date, Mike has generated over $125 million and uses his passion for creating his game-changing software. 

Mikes number one priority is to get rid of the pain and frustration many marketers feel with running an online business.

Mike is behind several industry-standard software platforms such as Katra, Butterfly Marketing, WebinarJam, and many more. 

Mike regularly does training for his Groove members and gives his insights and experience without asking for yet more money from you.

John Cornetta

John Cornetta Groove funnels ultimate review

John is a very well known and successful e-commerce store owner having already set up multiple stores, each doing six figures per month.

John quickly released that the likes of Shopify were both expensive and could be improved to make it easier for e-commerce store owners to make money. This was the beginning of GrooveKart. 

Groovekart was made to be direct competition for Shopify. Still, with John at the helm, GrooveKart has equalled and is going onto surpass Shopify in what it can do and ease of use. Added to that, the cost of GrooveKart is a fraction of Shopify costs.

Mike regularly does training for his Groove members and gives his insights and experience without asking for yet more money from you.

Matt Serralta

Matt is responsible for the beauty behind the beast and designing GrooveKart. Matts experience dates back over ten years, with knowledge of senior executive level management. 

Matt brings years of E-commerce experience, and it shows well within the marketing and development of GrooveKart.

Mike and John have been involved in some big releases over the years, and it is when you put these experiences together that you begin to see the success the Groove is heading towards

Mattijs Naus

Mattijs Naus Groovefunnels review

Matt is experienced at building world-class software and so is perfectly placed as the CTO at GrooveDigital. The software that matt has produced before targeted at digital marketers, entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners. And so is a massive asset within your own business and Groove.

This team has a vision and the know-how to exceed their closest competitors like Kartra or Clickfunnels. If someone can succeed, these four will, as they’ve again & again over recent years.

GrooveDigitals Vision For The Future

API, Zapier & IPN Notifications

Groovefunnels will integrate with all of the major email providers Such as 

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • InfusionSoft
  • Activecampaign
  • Campaign Monitor
  • And many more

But you also have GrooveMail if you would like to use Grooves great integrated email autoresponder.

Even with the release of Groovewebinar, Groove will still integrate with software such as

  • WebinarJam
  • EverWebinar
  • GotoWebinar
  • And many more 

Zapier is also part of Groove’s integration, and I am already running several scripts both too and from Groove.

White Labeling for GroovePages?

At this present time, the answer is a resounding no. However, if you are a big enough influencer, it may be possible.

Can I Use GrooveFunnels If I’m An Agency?

Even though Groovefunels lifetime does offer unlimited domains, this is a limited time offer. And states that it is for family and friends only.

However, if you are an agency, GrooveDigital will work with you to provide the best possible solutions and go on a case by case basis. They are currently suggesting getting a free account and then submitting a ticket into the help desk, which I have found to be an excellent service in the past.

What is GrooveApps?

GrooveApps was the name used to describe Groovefunnels, and as Groovefunnels has grown, it is becoming popularly known as Groove.

Is GrooveFunnels Worth It?

I have never so far seen a software who are so willing to build the best, most affordable software. When you start with Groovefunnels, you will be able to make everything Groove within a very short amount of time. Even checking the amount of video tutorials on Youtube shows you how committed Groovefunnels are in helping you run a successful business.

In brief, I believe each of the software that makes Groove to be outstanding. When all these are put together as they are right now. Honestly, I think this is a no brainer.

Not only will Groove replace other software like: 

Clickfunnels costing $99 – $297 per month

ThriveCart costing $599 per month

PayKickStart / SamCart costing $99 per Month

And these are only a few of the software platforms that you would need rather than Groovefunnels.

Suppose you are serious about building an online business. In that case, Groovefunnels is the obvious choice as you will no longer have to try and tape products together, hoping that they will work.

Karta and Clickfunnels will have to do almost a full rebuild since Groove showed the drawbacks they have been built on old technology.

I must admit when I first joined Groovefunnels as a free member, I was concerned about pulling over $1000 out to pay for a lifetime membership. There was a lot of should I shouldn’t I. Still, Groove is one of the best things I have ever spent money on. I genuinely enjoy the tasks of building funnels and building my complete digital marketing presence with Groove.

It is essential to keep in mind that later, Groove will become a very much pay more for less, as already there is talk of another Groove price increase.

Is GrooveFunnels A Fast Funnel And Webpage Builder?

One of the most significant benefits of GrooveFunnels is the progressive JavaScript Framework VUE:JS.

This allows you to create all of the sales funnels and webpages you need but maybe even more importantly will help you rank these pages organically, saving you money as you will no longer be spending on ads to try and drive traffic.

Added to that is the fact you will never have to buy any other software. Everything is there and included to run a successful business.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deals

Having the freedom to never pay for software again is possibly the most liberating experience out there. Instead of earning money to pay off your software for the month, the money you earn is now entirely yours. With only three sales of Groovefunnels, you are already in profit for having this software.

Building your sales funnels and webpages is made easy using blocks and a straightforward drag and drop builder.

There are a few things that Groove are still perfecting while in beta, but right now Groove is equal to most and already surpassing other software out there. Groovefunnels feels like it is growing daily.

Still Not Sure If Groove Is Right For You?

I really can’t stress this next part enough even if you are in two minds about joining Groovefunnels.

Get the FREE Groovelite version now as it will be going away very shortly, and you will miss out. 

Even if you decide not to upgrade later, you have still locked in the most powerful software around right now. 

And if you do decide to upgrade at a later time, you will be kept informed on a price rises and so will not miss out, on what could be the best deal you could get

How I Saw My Own GrooveFunnels Investment.

When I first upgraded my Groove lifetime account, I believed it would be a relatively long-term investment. Because of that, I held onto my Clickfunnels and Katra Accounts.

For a while, it looked as though Groove wasn’t moving forward too rapidly around march of 2020. But like everything Groove was also hit by the pandemic.

Within a matter of weeks, Groove seemed to speed up all of their production, and my long term investment. Wasn’t so long after all.

By April Groove had started getting it together. By August, I had given up both my Clickfunnels and Katra accounts.

GrooveFunnels is perfect for the entrepreneur that wants early access to a premium software like Clickfunnels, Kajabi or Kartra but wants to avoid the hefty monthly or annual fees in the upcoming years.

Unlike many other marketers out there, you won’t see me promoting another builder, as I wholeheartedly support Groovefunnels and use it myself.

I also have this WordPress site (I have even kept the WordPress branding on this site as I am using as a case study on marketing).

Groovefunnels Improvements

Nothing is ever perfect. As Groovefunnels will tell you themselves, they are still in beta, which is why they are offering their insane Groove lifetime deal.

But once you try it, I am sure you will agree with me that this could be the best investment of 2021.

Is GrooveFunnels A Good Investment

GroovePages is a significant investment. Later you will pay more for less.

Groove is not a cheap software like you might see on warrior plus, and the amount you need to invest is significant. But when put head to head with competing software you can see the savings rather than the spending.

Having Groove to use on a day to day basis has helped my business, and that is the reason why I have written this review

At the cost of $497 lifetime, and a choice of if you would like full access for two additional payments of $497. You could have everything.

Compared with Clickfunnels, you would be paying $3564 every year and still not own the software. And not have all of the features you would with Groovefunnels.

This lifetime deal will not be around forever, so please don’t delay getting your account. When Groovefunnels moves out of beta, these prices will be changed to monthly, and you will be trapped paying as you would be with Clickfunnels Or Karta.

Is Groovefunnels A Pyramid Scheme

Far from it, Groovefunnels does have a 2 tier affiliate program but nothing after the second tier. I have written a lot more about Grooves affiliate. program here.

Is Groovefunnels Legit

Very, groovefunnels has the most talented marketers in the world. All of who are almost daily are teaching and building out some of the best software built to date.


Groovefunnels Alternatives

Like everything there are always alternative, below I will try and update the very best alternative prorams from groove, which would you like to see fully reviewed

Groovefunnels Vs Landingi

Groovefunnels Vs Clickfunnels

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