Groovemail Review plus $10,000 of bonuses

GrooveMail Review Could This Be What You Have Always Needed?

You are probably sick of hearing it, but the money is in the list. It seems as though every marketer out there loves their email list, and it is with good reason. In this GrooveMail review hopefully, I can show an email autoresponder that could be perfect for your business

Can You Trust Autoresponder Reviews?

What a lot of these marketers don’t tell you is which autoresponder they would honestly recommend. Now don’t get me wrong with that sentence there are thousands of reviews out there about autoresponders. But did you know that most of these autoresponders have massive affiliate programs attached to them?

Take almost any autoresponder and what you will find is they will pay you an affiliate commission. So some of the reviews that you see out there are a little biased perhaps?

I know that I have read quite a few ‘reviews’ and seen the companies affiliate. JV page thoroughly copied and then passed off as the reviews own.

Please don’t get me wrong there are some very honest affiliates out there, and some that genuinely want to help you, but as for the majority then well let’s say they might slightly bend the truth a little.

Now, there is a new player to enter the market, to confuse you a little further. And as I want to do an honest website, it is only fair that I review it. 

Full Disclosure

I want this entire site to be transparent as possible and to give host reviews. I do use both Groovemail, and I also have Getresponse email autoresponder. And I am an affiliate for both of these autoresponders. However, I also have affiliate staus on most of the other autoresponders. And some are excellent for different aspects of digital marketing (a complete review will be going up very soon). 

I am trying to say. I am an affiliate for all you will get a genuine review as it will not make a difference as to which email autoresponder you choose.

GrooveMail Release

After what seems like an eternity, the Groove team has finally released their email autoresponder ‘Groovemail.’ Which is their premium solution to your email marketing needs.

Groovemail Beta

At the time of writing Groovemail is still in its beta stages, which is an excellent thing for you, as it means you can even get Groovemail at a discounted price.

Groovemail is now fully working internally. I mean that if you build your lead gen within Groove, then Groovemail will work very well. However, you can’t import contacts in this present time (however that is due to change any day now).

A significant reason why Groovemail hasn’t yet come out of their beta stage is that they are seasoning their servers so that you get a much higher delivery rate. So it is definitely worth the wait.

 What Is GrooveMail?

GrooveMail is a fully integrated email autoresponder and email marketing solution inside of GrooveFunnels. 

If you had read any of my other groove reviews, you would know by now that I am a fan of Mike Filsaime’s software as he is always trying to go above and beyond what you come to expect. And with groovemail, they have pulled out all of the stops.

Mike set a goal for himself to make not ‘just another email autoresponder, and instead, he has created a complete CRM system, and it is included for free within the Groove suite.

But of course, at the core, Mike wanted a system that worked seamlessly and could take on other autoresponders head to head, even calling out the industry leader ActiveCampaign. And stating that Groovemail will be a more affordable alternative.

GrooveMail Pricing

GrooveMail is set to become yet another industry disruptor within the industry, and that is precisely what Groove have planned. 

If you were to look at other email solutions, you would see how expensive email marketing can be. When I was using it, my active campaign was hundreds of dollars per month, and even though email marketing is a great way to make money. It is a lot easier if you arent paying out those sorts of figures.

If you have already signed up to GrooveFunnels lifetime deal, you have at the time of writing, the ability to have a 25,000 list you can mail out.

This amount is coming down weekly as Groove add more features.

So by merely shifting your business over to Groove, you’ve eliminated a substantial monthly recurring expense and gain a much better autoresponder.

Suppose you are paying for your Groovefunnels monthly as they are also providing your subscriber size in there. So the faster you sign up, the more money you will make and save. And still for less than I was paying for activecampaign per month.

The complete Groovefunnels unlimited deal is currently a one-off payment of $1,397. But there are also monthly payments that you can make to get the full suite.

Which all give you access to Groovemail and 25,000 subscribers (at time of writing)

Groovemail pricing plus $10,000 worth of bonuses

 GrooveMail vs ActiveCampaign Review

When you compare the amount, you have to pay for Groove which you own and compare to activecamapign. It doesn’t make good reading.

ActiveCampaign’s “Lite” plan alone costs $205/month to market to a list this size. And that payment goes on forever, whereas with Groove it is a one-time fee and you will never get another invoice again. Added to that, all of the other software that you get with Groove the savings are huge.

With Groovemail you can do everything and so much more than you can with activecamapign and seem a no brainer.

I would expect other autoresponders are responding with price drops in the future as already GrooveMail has been taking many customers away from them.

Is GrooveMail Easy To Use

Yes, if you have ever used an autoresponder before such as Getresponse, Aweber etc. Then you will feel right at home using Groovemail.

However, some premium features are built-in, which generally you would only expect from the very top end of autoresponders. This gives you features such as.

  • Subscriber tagging
  • List segmentation
  • Send message based on contacts behaviour.
  • Many more


A hugely important part of organizing your subscribers is to know where they came from ad the promise you might have made to them, e.g., through messenger, which lead gen they clicked etc.

When you have done this, it means that you can now send out messages that fit these subscribers exactly and increases your conversion rates.


Once you have tagged your subscribers, you can further segment them based on these tags. Groove makes this easy as you can use its unique segmentation, and send emails to one group while ignoring the others.

Surprisingly many autoresponders don’t do this. Which is why I found this an important feature within this Groovemail Review.

This is a must as you don’t want to be continually asking people to do something they have already done. This is one of the fastest ways to end up in their junk mail folder.

The more tags you have, the more information you have about the customer to use for targeted segmentation.

Dynamic Variables

This one is a little more common, and it is making your emails personal, for example, your subscriber’s name, which is simple to collect at the optin stage.

Using your subscriber’s name has been proven to increase your email open rates.

Conditional Split

One of my favourites is conditional links, which helps email marketing better via automation.

An example of this is sending a different message depending on what the subscriber clicks on, which means that your emails come off as more personal and professional.

Where this comes into its own is if your subscriber hasn’t opened one of your emails. You can set up a conditional split to do something different for the people who open and don’t. Perhaps with a different subject line.

What Else Can You Do In GrooveMail?

With Groovemail continually updating and changing it isn’t easy to give a definitive list, As every Groovemail review seems to be outdated almost as soon as it is typed. but some of the key functions are

Specify When Emails Get Sent

Which means no more annoying your subscribers when they get an email at 3am. You can send out your emails at the best times when they are more likely to get opened.

Tagging Users

As mentioned before an excellent function for sorting through your lists

Subscription To Another Groovemail Sequence

To avoid your list getting ‘cold’ once one sequence has completed, you can switch them straight over to another plan, keeping your subscribers warm and giving you the ability to sell even more.

Broadcasts with SMS Integration All Through GrooveMail

Groove has recently announced that there will also be the ability to send a broadcast with SMS integration through Twilio. 

Full GrooveFunnels Integration

If you have somebody who has only watched part of your video, perhaps scheduled an appointment with you or just about everything else, Groove will very shortly be integrating all of that and sending out automated reminders or calls to action.

GrooveMail Demo

The best way to demo GrooveMail is to log into your Groove account and begin to play with it. Hopefully this Groovemail Review has answered a lot of questions already. But A complete demo can be found below.

I would strongly recommend getting the FREE Groovefunnels account first. Review of Groove can be found Here

However, if you haven’t already got a Groove account, then a demo video can be found here.

GrooveMail: Writing an Email

Writing an email within your Groovemail is very simple and designed to be a similar interface as Gmail so that you can adapt very quickly. The usual features are all in there such as bold, italicize words, add links, change the font, etc.… 

GrooveMail Pros & Cons

What Do I Like About GrooveMail? 

Being an upgraded user of Groove Groovemail has saved me hundreds per month, the rest of the Groove Software has saved me even more.

Groovemail is simple to use, as I have spent many hours trying to work out different autoresponders. In gives me easy to make campaigns and so much more.

What Don’t I Like About Groovemail?

It doesn’t matter which program you choose there are also going to be some negatives, and this Groovemail review wouldn’t be complete without at least one.With Groovemail still being in beta then there are a couple of bugs. However, they are getting sorted out daily, and the software seems to be going from strength to strength.

If you don’t want to be a beta tester? Just sit back and wait as the developers get everything working. 


GrooveMail Review Conclusion

To summarize my GrooveMail review, I believe this is a hugely exciting software that goes perfectly with the ethos that Groove continues to be run by.

Everything that Groove has said they will do better they have done, and they are now doing that with Groovemail.

This GrooveMail email autoresponder and CRM is one of the most significant pieces to their suite of tools. If it lives up to the hype, GrooveMail should be making their competitors nervous. A premium tool at an affordable price.

I hope that this GrooveMail Review has helped you. If there is anybody you think might benefit from this review, please feel free to share.

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