How to build a successful list in 2021

How To Build A List In 2021

In this post, I will show you exactly how to build a successful list in 2021. 

Do You Need A List?

One of the best decisions I ever made when I started using the internet to make money was building my lists.

And I am not just talking about email lists. You see, there is so much more with so many opportunities in each list that you build. It doesn’t matter if they are messenger lists, Sms lists, or good old email lists. This is something you can’t do without if you are trying to build a sustainable business.

There is no doubt you have heard the saying the money is in the list, which is getting more accurate as every day goes by. 

A simple way to see how essential lists are is to look at affiliate marketing. Those who win all competitions and make all of the prize money have the most extensive lists. Usually, the best affiliates are also vendors. They build their lists by releasing products and getting other affiliates to promote them and keep all of that list. And then they remarket to those lists.

But it doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate, an agency, e-commerce, or whatever else. It still rings true you need those all-important lists.

Social Media

Often you hear almost everybody talking about Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or whichever social media is hot that day. And there is a good reason for that. Social media is where the people are.

But social media isn’t enough.

Suppose you want to build a sustainable business. In that case, the secret to both a lasting income and stability is to build and nurture a list. Therefore, building your email list should entirely be your number one priority.

Why You Need A List

So maybe you have heard all this before. When I started, building a list seemed to be quite a complicated affair. There are so many moving parts, and at first, I thought hard about if I could even be bothered with building a list.

So let’s go through a couple of reasons why I believe a list should be your number one goal.

There is no middleman 

You can interact directly with your customers and potential customers. However, suppose you are simply trying to communicate over social media with your customers through posts. In that case, everything is out of your control.

Social media is constantly changing the rules, and they control how many people see what you put out.

They change the algorithm they are in charge of who gets to see your posts and who doesn’t get to see your posts, and that algorithm is constantly in flux. 

Once you work out their new algorithm change, the goalposts move, and you have to relearn. For example, you have to pay to play if you are trying to reach via a business or fan page. And that is even with people who have subscribed to the page.

Now, if you have your list in place, they have permitted you to contact them. In addition, directly, they can unsubscribe at any time, which is a good thing as it means you’re not wasting your emails, messages, or SMS.

Think about this yourself. Do you check your emails, SMS, and messages? 

Of course, you do. That’s where you need to be in front of your potential clients.

You have a direct line of communication through all three of these, so why wouldn’t you use them to drive more sales. Marketing to a list has been proving it more effective at making actual sales. So much more than organic or paid marketing. You can break away from the middle man’s rules. 

Warm Leads

You hear about warm leads all of the time. You hear terms like, know, like, and trust. And this is what you are building with your lists. A warm lead is somebody who has heard of you before. Well, guess what? 

If they are on your list, they have heard of you.

These are people who are statistically more likely to buy from you whatever you’re selling than a casual follower on social media. And the reason is simple, right. They know who you are.

They have put their hands up and said, hey, I want to hear from you, they may not want to buy anything from you yet, but they have clicked and agreed to start a relationship with you.

Your social media should be filled with free offerings, pure value. That way, when people are looking to find somebody, you are the number one choice, and it is half the same as all of your lists (less so with SMS) give value. This is especially true with your email list. 

Garry Vee said it best in jab jab jab right hook, which is given at least three bits of value before you make an offer.

Tools That You Need To Build Outstanding Lists

Okay, so at first glimpse, as I said, list building can seem quite daunting, but it shouldn’t be. I want to be omnipresent. I want to be able to be in front of a customer when they are ready to buy. Through a tremendous amount of testing, I have found what I believe are the very best tools out there.


A lot of people might discount the importance of a chatbot, which is a huge mistake. Yes, you have to abide by the various rules built into the Facebook platform. Still, with the number of features and data Facebook gives you, it is well worth it.

Chatbots For Funnels

Adding your chatbot to your sales funnel should always be completed, and there are a few good reasons for that.

1 Your chatbot can be fired and also send somebody down the rest of your funnel. This means that you are removing one of the huge hurdles when trying to get somebody’s email. Often, people will give out a false email address to get your freebie. Facebook will supply your chatbot with the email address that people have registered their Facebook account with. (the same goes for SMS numbers), which they can replace if they have a better one but very rarely do.

2 Your chatbot can be used from a physical location to get people into your list. A simple QR code is needed, and once scanned, your list is building with yet another subscriber.

3 Links everywhere you can add a link you can get subscribers into your chatbot.

4 Comments on your posts, if somebody comments on your Facebook or Instagram posts, then they are part of your list

5 Massive open rates within your chatbot, then open rates are around 80%, so you know that your lists will see what you are offering.

After testing the various chatbots, the b=very best I have found is ChatAmmo which has far and away from the most features at the best price to grow your list and add value.

Email Autoresponder

Now be very careful when considering your autoresponder. I am currently using Activecamapign, which is an excellent service and reasonably priced, 

However, when Groove mail is fully working, I will be changing over to that.

At present, Activecampaign can be directly integrated into Chatammo, making it even more effective and not needing to patch things together via zapier.

An autoresponder will automatically add an email address you have collected directly to your lists and automate sending your email.

SMS Autoresponder

I love twillio, which is also built into chatammo. Still, there are plenty of others out there that will serve a very similar purpose.

One thing to watch out for is if the chatbot company charges any extra for sending SMS messages, many of them do. Still, again Chatammo doesn’t add any charges at all.

Lead Magnet

A misconception that many have is that people will give up their details for your list quickly. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

An email address, for example, is a precious asset, and you should look at it as such. But, unfortunately, just asking for their email address doesn’t give any reward and will often be overlooked.

So we need an ethical bribe to offer in exchange for the email address.

This is called a lead magnet. Now a lead magnet should be something that has a perceived high value. And by high value, I mean people would be happy to pay for it, you want something that people will want, and when they receive it, will not understand why or how you managed to give it away for free.

Maybe it’s an exclusive video or a PDF download or a cheat sheet, or a podcast. It’s a personal podcast that they can download, have access to something that they definitely won’t, and you give it to them if they give you their email address.

It’s a happy exchange, and with it being so good, they will look forward to your text messages, remember the jab jab jab. This means they will be excited to receive your emails and the value that you are adding to them.

Only after giving value should you then try and sell any products, which will generate your revenue.

You can also use your lists now – to gain valuable feedback from your audience and learn about them and learn what they want more of so you can better serve their interest now. 

The point of the list is to have a curated audience that when you do have something to sell, you can sell directly to them and see more success.

Building Your Lists

So, suppose you’re looking to build your lists with Facebook ads, which I’d highly recommend, as remember we want to create a long-term sustainable business.

So, to build a list successfully using Facebook ads, there are two things you need. Your chatbot and your lead magnet.

The best chatbot we have found because of the different aspects of it, and easy to collect is chatammo. And if you are struggling with your lead magnet, please feel free to use my membership site.

Now you could also use a landing page, which is a perfect thing to have further down the line, in which case I would recommend Groove free landing page software. This also means that you can use my industry templates to gain even more people onto your list.

Start With The End In Mind

Contrary to what you might have heard before, size doesn’t matter. I will even go so far as to say hyper-targeted is the best way to go. For example, if you are selling to realtors, the very last thing that you want is a whole load of restauranteurs joining your list. Instead, you want people who will directly want to buy from you after building your trust.

Later, when you have exhausted that niche, then, of course, you can build a new list inside of your chatbot and tag them as such.

So if you were using the membership site as your lead generation, inside, it teaches messenger marketing, Real estate, restaurants, and affiliate marketing, so you would want to target one of those niches and then make your ad copy.

When making a copy, remember that you want to push pain points. People want to keep away from pain, even more so than heading towards pleasure.

So think of your ad copy that way, join my membership and think of the various pain points that you are helping people keep out of. A particular form of copywriting I like is the ADIA method, which gives some excellent copy.

When making your ad, you want to push your free product or do that at the lowest price point possible. So do not try and push your actual product that can be done within your sequences, and at the moment, you want the very best list potential.

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