Building Your Email List From Scratch

Build Your Email List From Scratch

Gaining information seems to be one of the most significant difficulties, many digital marketers today. Everybody seems to have already heard the phrase the money is in the list, but building a list lacks digital marketers’ plans.

It is hardly surprising when you look at how many people are offering the second rate pdfs. Or other crappy giveaways that nobody is prepared to swap for their email address anymore.

However, for all businesses gathering user information has never been so important. Without the user’s data, it becomes almost impossible to build know like and trust that today’s customers need to have.

Collecting correct information, and using it cleverly, will always give you the edge over your competitors.

But with so many customers either not giving their correct email. Or simply clicking off your page never to be seen again, a simple opt-in form or newsletter subscription just doesn’t cut it any more.

Okay so first things first, it doesn’t matter which way we will try and collect users details if we don’t have something great to offer. And of course, I will be dealing with bonuses giveaways, membership sites, and so much more in a future post. But for now, it is always a good idea that whatever it is fits with what you are talking about.

It is pointless talking about ways realtors can increase sales and offer them a gift of affiliate marketing. Everything that you offer must fit with the subject and the audience that you have.

You might find this software piece as it gives an easy delivery and some bonuses that you can offer.

Okay so with that firmly in your mind.

We have noticed conversion rates for direct email collection at around 4% by checking our opt-in rates carefully.

How To Build An Email List For Free

Many marketers had taken this 4% option and believe it is the best that they can do. However, when we introduced chatbots into the equation things changed rapidly, with email capture rate scoring as high as 90% of impressions.

Suddenly we could catch email addresses and send out our emails and our messenger marketing and quickly. No more false emails collected and a vast new way of contacting our prospects.

  • Step 1: Make a Chatbot that Collects an Email Address
  • Step 2: Use our built-in google sheets to create your email database
  • Step 3: Start sending both email and messages
  • Step 4: Use the gathered emails to create a lookalike audience and to remarket.
  • Step 5: Remarket via your chatbot and cut further costs.

Chatbot that Collects an Email Address

First up, you’ll need to create the chatbot you’ll use to collect your audience’s email addresses.

Start by creating your free for 30 days chatammo account here if you haven’t already.

We have also put together an extensive membership site on getting the most from chatammo.

You can get it here how to build a bot for business

Build An Email List Without A Website

Although I would always suggest getting a website (Click here for full website and hosting FREE), you can still build a great email list without having a website. Better yet, this will be a fully engaged email list full of buyers keen to hear the offers you have.

Using Chatbots To Get Users Emails

For many years I have worked very closely with manychat, even going so far as to become one of their certified experts. However, I always thought something was missing within manychat, and being honest most other chatbot systems.

After I realised this, we decided to go out and create the very best chatbot for everything that we need.

One of the essential features that we needed was ways of collecting users data, and of course, being able to use that data to increase profits.

There are so many situations where you can ask for the user’s details. But each of these needs to be made naturally. Chatbots are best used conversationally, so we wanted to build in.

Collecting Email Addresses Via Quick Reply

From the dashboard of ChatAmmo go to Messenger Bot > Bot Settings

Collecting Emails Through Quick Reply In a chatbot

Select the correct Facebook page for which you want to create a quick reply. By default, Bot Reply Settings is selected.  Click on Add bot reply.

Build and email list with chatbots

To make life easy on yourself, name your chatbot, and add keywords for what the reply the bot will trigger.

Then select reply type to quick reply from the drop-down menu.

Write the message you would like to send in the message box. A good idea is to mention why you ask, what will they get, when they give you their email.

While you are at it, you can also collect the phone number if needed.

Then click Submit to save the reply.

Use Facebook To Build Your Email List

With the method above of collecting emails, the User’s email is supplied automatically by Facebook. While using that method, we found that many people don’t use the same email for Facebook and their daily emails.

We decided the ting to do to combat this was to make a complete web form, inside of messenger, which is also an excellent tool for finding out more about your prospects. The results can be saved and used to get your email marketing on point.

Creating this web form is very similar to creating a quick reply. Like everything in ChatAmmo, we have made it very simple.

However, instead of a quick reply, in this case, you will choose text with buttons.

Then select the button type as users email. You can also choose the User’s phone to collect a phone number and a user’s location by selecting the User’s location as the Button type. 

Click on Submit to save the Reply template.

Again our free member’s site will teach you everything you will ever need to know to set up a successful chatbot for your business.

User Input.

User input is another method of collecting all of the information you would ever need, saved straight to your google sheets.

User input can collect every type of information about your subscriber and makes your chatbot feel a little more like a two-way conversation. 

Of course, there are other ways of collecting users data, which we go over within our member’s area. However, once you have all of the information, you would like to collect the next important thing is to connect it to your autoresponder.

Autoresponders For Email

We have made our chatbot to integrate with a lot of the significant email autoresponders but my personal favourite to use is Getresponce.

But I have used a lot of different autoresponders, and shortly I will be changing again over to Groovemail. At present Groovemail isn’t quite ready to be used as my primary email autoresponder as yet however they are moving the development of this software up very quickly, so by the time you are reading this it could be completely functional.

Check out Groovemail

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