How To Do Affiliate Marketing Through Email

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Through Email 2021

Welcome to a very special set of tutorials where we will be going in-depth on how to do affiliate marketing through email.

In this email marketing tutorials, I will show you exactly how to grow your email list. Starting from the very beginning and walk through an outline to get you from beginner to expert.

We will be going in deep over several posts, so I have added a table of contents to find any subject you might want to double-check.

Affiliate Marketing With An Email List

When I first started with affiliate marketing, I didn’t believe that building my email list was necessary. And instead, I concentrated on building content. For my youtube channel and blogs, of course, not forgetting my social media.

I didn’t have anything to sell, and I didn’t have anything to say.

When I now look back on my marketing, the biggest regret that I have is that I didn’t start my email list sooner, and not only because then I would have a list of people I could sell to, Which, of course, is a part of it.

Affiliate Marketing Through Email - affiliate marketing

But instead to build a deeper relationship with my audience. 

You see many people boasting about the size of their email list, but the size of your email list doesn’t matter. With your email list, you can suddenly teach people, give them information, and provide value to build that trust in Gary Vee’s theory Jab Jab Right hook. 

Building trust is the singular most crucial action you can take before a transaction happens. It’s a way for you to keep your audience informed when things happen.

That’s the beauty of an email list, more than anything, is you’re able to use that list of people who have permitted you to send them stuff, who know that you are there to serve them. 

You can ask them “ Hey. What can I do “ to better serve you ?” That can inform then what blog posts you should write? What podcast episodes you should create? What videos you should do and also what products to sell. So your email list is way more important than just, What can you sell? Even though that’s going to be the end goal for a lot of you.

However, instead of sales being your end goal, a small change in mindset and how you can better serve people will bring you much better results. Both long and short term.

As you’re going through this process and you’re starting to build your email list, you’re going to check your email numbers every single day And how many subscribers you Got, how many people are opening those broadcast emails and all those sorts of things? And yes, those numbers are significant, But you’ve got to remember throughout this whole process. Every single person on your list is a real human being.

It’s not just about having 1,000 subscribers, It’s about having 1,000 human beings on the other end, And even if you’re starting – and you have, let’s say: 50 subscribers Compared to others. That might seem like nothing at all, But imagine a room full of 50 people.

Who are there because they want to hear from you? Now that starts to put into perspective exactly what we’re doing here, treat your numbers like actual human beings, and you will better serve them, and you will get more results that way. 

Email Service Providers

Affiliate Marketing Through Email email service providers

Okay, so now we have that out of the way, and hopefully, you have your mindset right. Let’s look at the various email service providers out there. 

The choices out there are almost endless. However, please be a little careful when choosing, as I have run into a few problems myself with some providers who cut me off without any warning.

I have some recommendations. But this works no matter which provider you decide to use.

It doesn’t matter which email service provider you use, as all of these principles work the same. throughout

For this training, I will set up and use Moosend, as it is the cheapest and simple to set up.

The first thing to do is click register, and you will be asked for your business email.

After you sign up, there’s going to be a few more details that you need to include, And it starts with your address. Again. This is universal, no matter which email service provider you use. You will not be able to send any emails unless you include an address And the reason is that there are anti-spam laws in place that require you to have that address at the bottom of every email you send out.

Now, keep that in mind when you might be thinking about putting your home address on there. I actually wouldn’t recommend doing that. If possible, put a business address there or a different address, Because you want that information for your own home private.

But whatever the case may be, you need to include an address there for sure. You can then consist of information about your website, whatever that website might be, And then finally, your default email settings which will be your from the name and your reply to email address. The name will be what people see in terms of who is sending this email. And you might be inclined to put your brand name in there or your website name in there.

I would recommend including a real person’s name – Hopefully, your name if you’re the one who’s corresponding with your email subscribers. The reason for that is that when you see an email come into your inbox, you’re more likely to open it if it comes from a real person.

And for things like opening emails and clicking through the links within the emails. The more you can become a person, the easier it’s going to be for you. So I would include a real name. The reply to email address is where people will reply to If people click the reply button on an email that you send out, that’s the email that will receive those replies from your subscribers.

So once you have all that filled out, click on save your information, and we’ll keep going And the next step, we’re going to create a form. A form is something that you embed and place on your website. So you can begin collecting new subscribers. 

You may ask for a name, but you always want to ask for an email address. After this is completed, then you can add this form to your website. Or you can even use the form as a sort of mini-website to collect in emails.

Now on this form, we only want there to be two options, either subscribe or click off the form. We will be going over incentives a little later.

The Biggest Mistakes With Email Marketing

Avoid the biggest mistake with email Affiliate Marketing Through Email

I hear so many affiliate marketers who have had problems saying that their email marketing isn’t working. I thought it would be a good idea to go through some of the mistakes marketers make when setting up their email marketing.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when building their email list is asking people to subscribe to your exclusive newsletter but offering no real incentive or value in exchange for their email address.

There are some cases where if you are the absolute expert on a topic and nobody else in the world has the same information as you. Then you could offer an exclusive newsletter and knowledge. As you would be the only place, people could get it. However, in most cases, just offering additional information will not be enough to get people to exchange our email address.

An email address is not something people give out. It would be best if you offered something of value in exchange. Now that’s not to say you should dangle a carrot in front of people so that they take action. You want to make sure that you don’t just put something up there to get an email.

You want to provide something of value. When you create a lead magnet, you want people to exchange their email address for your thing gladly.

What Makes A Great Lead Magnet

Affiliate Marketing Through Email what makes a great lead magnet

Okay, so let’s go over a few lead magnets that people will happily exchange their email for.

Free email course 

A simple set of emails that you write out ahead of time will get sent out automatically after people subscribe, and because it’s called a course, it comes with a lot of perceived value which enables you to offer it as an incentive. 

Pick something that you feel your audience would love to get and write several emails behind it. It could be three emails, so the three-day course could be a seven-day course, whatever length you would like it to be

Free e-book 

Affiliate Marketing Through Email ebook

Typically a PDF file that you can create that you can give your new subscribers access to. And again, this comes with a lot of perceived value, as long as it shows the quality.

However, today I actually wouldn’t recommend going with this one first. They take a lot of time and effort to produce, especially if you want them to be high-quality. It has been slightly overused, and people like a quick fix on a lot of subjects. Not have to read a complete e-book. 


Affiliate Marketing Through Email checklist

A checklist is much easier to create and still extremely valuable. You can create a checklist that people will want to download.

 List of tools and resources 

Bullet pointing your favourite pieces of software, your favourite quotes or perhaps your favourite books, along with a small summary, can be all you need to incentivize people to subscribe to your list.

Piece of software 

Now obviously, this might not be a good fit for everybody, but if your goal is to sell high-end products and you can get a piece of software that complements your offer, it is a great lead magnet.

This, of course, isn’t all you can offer. It is testing your various lead magnets to see which take off. Using any of these lead magnets will not only build your list bigger but will also provide a lot of value to your audience, which will mean they will be keen to open any other emails you might send them.

Where To Place Your Opt-In Forms

You want to find where are the best places to add your opt-in forms

  •  About page 
  •  Homepage 
  • Bottom of a blog post
  • Blog sidebar 
  • Exit pop-up form

A landing page, this is pretty much the best converting opt-in you can get as all you need to do is have a great lead magnet and people either want it, or they don’t

Ensure that you test all of the placements to start to build out your email list the fastest way possible. But please don’t try and do these all at the same time. Yes, you can do more than one, but start with one and then add from there, removing those that aren’t working for you. 

However, it isn’t enough just to put a form up there. Always ask for the subscription; make sure that people have that opportunity to become your subscriber.

Two-Step Opt-In 

Okay, so you have got your email opt-ins on your site, but which is the best to use?

I want to talk about the two-step opt-in process instead of directly asking for an email address and the name on your web page. When people land on your page, you can show them your call to action. For example, subscribe now or register for the webinar or download this thing or get instant access, whatever it is. 

Instead of asking directly for the email, you first have them. Click a button groove does this exceptionally well but if you click on, for example, subscribe now, you’ll then see an opt-in form pop up.

Different Lead Magnets

This is a little more work but well worth the effort. Having various lead magnets, depending on the page your viewers came from, will hugely increase your opt-in rates, as suddenly they are seeing something related to the post they are reading.

These lead magnets don’t need to be huge as long as they show value to your audience. A well thought through lead magnet will always beat something too big for the audience to consume in one session.

To choose the pages to add the extra lead magnets onto, so go into your Google Analytics, determine which posts are most popular.

Contexts And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways work well to get your audience excited by what you are offering and build a viral aspect. Meaning you can get a lot of new exposure and growth because people want to share to get more entries. And there are a host of tools out there, including one called king sumo, which works on WordPress. But what’s cool is that when people sign up for the contest to gain an entry, they can earn even more entries by sharing them on different social media platforms. 

Email Autoresponders

Affiliate Marketing Through Email autoresponder

So what are they? 

Why are they essential how to set one?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not using their autoresponder, so this typically happens. People subscribe in one way, shape or form, and they get the first email, which says something along the line, of hey, thanks for joining my email list.

But then that person is subscribed to your list. And they have to wait for you to send another email. So you, whenever you feel like writing. You write a broadcast email.

It gets sent to everybody or a particular segment of your list. But until that happens, this person is sitting here on your list. Wondering what the heck is going on. Like hmm, I didn’t get any emails from so-and-so, I wonder what happened and then all of a sudden you send a broadcast, and this person may have forgotten about you, or maybe they thought they think it’s spam or something because you haven’t kept in constant contact With them.

With an autoresponder, all of that changes, your autoresponder takes care of sending out the email on a schedule that you picked. You write these emails ahead of time. 

So if a person subscribes on day one, let’s say seven days later, they get email number two and so on. 

You’re keeping in contact with them. No matter what, you’re always continually providing value automatically, which is enormous if you can automate the value giving process. 

Using your autoresponder, you can send out content, survey questions, and one of the biggest things you can do is a simple email saying, hey, what are you struggling with. That way, you’re going to get people to reply to share with you what they need help with.

This can then help you determine what content to create and what products to make all those sorts of things. 

What To Send Out To Your Email List 

 I agree with the introduction content. 

  • Who are you? 
  • What do you have to offer? 
  • What can a person expect when they’re here on your list?

Next, send an educational message to set a tone that you will be giving away pure value when your emails arrive.

Now you can space out your autoresponder emails to send a broadcast and not have more than one email a day if you do get a good promotion. For example, you could space out your autoresponder by three days, which, if you then want to drop in a broadcast, will mean nobody is getting too many emails.

A week or so after that, you can switch it up and have a little soft sell.

When a person subscribes, they automatically get these emails sequentially, so you automate the selling process. 

The subject line is going to be necessary. You want the subject line to captures people to capture people’s attention. You can make it related to whatever they signed up for here, but don’t make it too long. 

The size of your paragraphs. They should never be too long as a massive block of text will put most people off reading what you have to say. And the only job of your paragraphs is to make people want to continue reading. It’s best to keep the paragraphs in 2,3, or4 lines. 

Make sure your links are just on a line all on their own, and that’s because it makes it easier to click. Many people are reading on their phones, making it easy to make sure they don’t fat-finger this and click on, perhaps something else, so it just makes it very clear and straightforward.

Next is your call to action.

Of course, you want to end every email with a call to action if it is suitable. A simple click the link to see my latest blog post, subscribe to my youtube channel, or anything similar will bring outstanding results

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