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How to find clients for your digital agency

So I’m going to show you in this session, how you can go out there, find and close clients on demand for any product or any service that you’re offering.

Here are 6 ways:-

1 Identify your niche market (i.e. who do you want to work with?).

2 Build a website for your niche market (don’t try to be all things to all people).

3 Create content that resonates with these target customers (show them what’s possible with the right team behind them).

4 Search social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn for potential new customers within your niche.

5 Attend events like conferences where potential customers hang out and network offline too!

6 Use digital marketing tools such as what I am about to show you.

What Services To Offer As A Digital Marketing Agency

If you are thinking, I don’t even run an agency. Maybe you’ll get some ideas from this today. And maybe realize that you have a lot of products that you have access to. 

Let’s say with agency or white label rights. Like the done for you chatammo service and you can just sell that. That would be 40% of $1,000 set up right there, so would be $400 each time you get a new client in.

Added to that 40% of whatever we agreed monthly, so you would have recurring income too.

But that’s not really what I want to talk to you today about, I want to go through how you can make your own money, with your agency, and how simple it can be.

If you are currently running one of the few established digital agencies in the world, you may be wondering what services to offer to your clients. Even if you don’t have any agency services, I hope this article will give you some ideas.

For example, you might have access to a chat marketing service that can be licensed with either white-label or done-for-you rights. This service would cost $1,000 for set up you would receive 40%

400 per new client. You could also offer your clients recurring income by having an agreed monthly fee.

The purpose of this article isn’t to talk about how other people can make money from their agencies – instead I want to share how easy it can be for agency owners to make money from their own digital agency. And begin to sign clients with ease.

How Do I Get My First Marketing Client?

Now the software I am going to be using I have been keeping pretty quiet about for the last few months as firstly I wanted to test everything, and feel more than confident to finally reveal it, and get you the results that we are seeing.

So again, it doesn’t matter what product or service you are selling, obviously we have chatammo, which will cover a lot of services that you can offer, and we would always recommend that, but you can safely use anything, at all

As long as you’re prospecting clients. 

This will help you to close clients from your small offers up through your services and grow exactly how you wanted to grow, by doing what so many people tend to get stuck on finding new clients for their agency.

And the best part is with the technique that I’ll show you today with a system that I’ll share with you today, you can sell anything to anyone.

As I said, it doesn’t matter what business or market they’re in. 

It doesn’t matter what services they need. You can sell anything that you want. 

Like so many agency owners perhaps you’ve been looking for the right way to lower your advertising budget and Vidporposals can help. I have white label copies of Vidporposals that I would love to give you a jumpstart with your agency, as well as information for how you can go out and get more if you want it. All of this comes with a money-back guarantee so that there’s no risk of purchase.

As the standard links that I have will let you send out 30 proposals per month, but this can be quickly taken to unlimited. With access to my team account. 

Now there are a lot of people who are going crazy over this software and for very good reason, once you see what it can do.

So a quick question, have you ever tried emailing, or even calling prospects?

Now when I say prospects this could also be an affiliate offer, it doesn’t matter.

If you have a service product or affiliate offer then this is for you.

So as long as you have done one of these things, as long as you have picked up your phone, sent an email, sent the text message, sent the letter to someone to pitch them, to offer them your product, the service you’re going to find this session useful. 

What Marketing Gurus Tell You – Which Is Wrong

A lot of digital agencies get started with a small customer base and then grow as they acquire more customers. The key to finding new clients for your agency is to network with potential prospects. Here are some ways you can do this:

– Send email messages

– Call prospects and offer them your services

– Reach out to other business owners in the industry to see if they can help you find prospects

But let’s face it most of your emails, will end up in the junk folder, calling prospects, is almost impossible to get through to a decision-maker and often you get stopped by the gatekeeper, other business owners will not tend to help as they see the same thing day in and day out, and are pretty fed up of agency pitches

Finding New Clients For Your Agency

As an agency owner, how do you find new clients for your digital agency?

Some agencies have to fight really hard to get their foot in the door but it’s becoming more and more difficult with the rise of tech giants and huge agencies who seem to be able to specialize in everything. And can show testimonials

Smaller agencies need an edge to get their foot in the door and finally get their clients.

Well, typically process looks a little bit like this, back in the old days, and by older, I mean pre COVID, you would drive around all of the tiring, you know, basically prospecting for each client, right? 

You would use old-looking business proposals. And then you would drop the letter into post offices. 

Luckily technology came along, and we started doing these proposals, these pitches, via emails, messenger, etc.

So you want to get more clients for your digital agency? We have a few tips for you:

-Send out proposals via email, chat, or messenger instead of waiting for the perfect email pitch

-When sending out proposals, Include this software which will include everything from your pitch, through personalization, even contract, and pricing

So you would send them a message and say something along the lines of, Hey, this is what I can do for you. Here’s my name. 

Forget What The Gurus Told You

And to be honest, most of those emails got lost in the process. If you’ve ever sent a cold email, you’ll know that the reply rate to that is probably like 1%, If that.

So you spent all that time generating leads and you may begin to hear back from 1% of the people that you email to. 

And this is what some of the so-called Gurus are telling you to do, if you want to sell chatbot software send out x amount of emails, and messages per day, and some people will eventually maybe get back to you. 

Now I don’t know about you but burning through a list is not my idea of fun, I ask you want is the point of you going out of your way using a technique that everybody agrees may be lucky if you get a 1% return.

Worse still businesses get so much of this junk email daily, that they just skip over it, within my bricks-and-mortar business I will receive around 4 of these per week from different agencies. And everyone will follow the same pattern that every guru says is the best way.

Now I am in a little bit of a unique position, as not only do I have software that businesses genuinely need and that you can supply an outstanding service using but also have a physical business.

Agency Owner Pain Points

1 I don’t know what to write in the contract. 

Most people can’t afford lawyers. Most people don’t have the legal jargon to create their contracts. Now don’t get me wrong there are some paid and free contracts around, but they can be a little hit and miss as to how good they are.

2 Getting your contract signed can take too long. 

This is one of the biggest problems that plague enterprise businesses, or agencies, even if you’ve ever tried to discuss with someone, what you can do for them. And they’re excited. They’re like, yeah, that sounds good. 

Send me a proposal, send me a pitch and I’ll consider it. 

Or I’ll talk to my business partner and I’ll get back to you. You always get that response. 

So getting a contract signed actually can take too long. And part of the problem with that is that you are sending a lot of emails back and forth in between. 

You are sending the video links to YouTube, which explain what your service can do. And then you also send them a separate contract as a PDF file that they have to print, sign, scan it and send it back. 

It’s a painful process. I mean, some solutions make your job easier, make your life easier, but they’re expensive. 

3 Getting the client to keep their side of the contract

If a client does sign sometimes not all the time, sometimes they don’t keep up this side of the contract and you don’t know what you can do about it, right? 

I have made deals and because we haven’t signed on the dotted lines, those deals have gone sour. So it is a problem that affects everyone, including me, not just you. 

How Do Marketing Agencies Get Clients?

I’ll tell you how you can find 1000 new leads a day on tap. I’ll show you how to convert these leads with ready-to-go. Proposals, pitches, offers, whatever you want to call them. I call them proposals 

Most agency owners end up underselling what they are doing and doing work for a lot less than what they are worth. And charge a monthly fee that will keep you ahead and constantly growing your business by taking on new clients.

I will walk you through a very specific system that I’m using myself and is bringing me consistently great results at the time, however, I have to say these results are not typical. And there’s a good chance that you will not get the same result. So I have to say that because of FTC. 

However, I am happy to show you exactly what is working for me right now for free, but I do understand, appreciate that. It’s not for everyone. Firstly you do have to do the work, if you are looking at this and thinking, Shaun I want you to do all of the work for me, well this isn’t for you.

Sorry to have to break the news but there is no such thing as truly passive income, there always has to be some work on the front end to set it all up and get it to start working for you.

My core focus all this time has been to help people set up and streamline their businesses. My entire focus all this time is to make sure that people are running a good profitable systemized business. 

No with this software part of the beauty is that it is so quick and simple, but don’t get me wrong you could gaffa tape something together that would have the same results, but when I was trying to, it cost me more to do than this software.

It’s a linear process. It’s a simple process. And I want you to do it. And if you want to send your first proposal to someone, once you have its proposals, you’ll be able to do it in five minutes. Literally, in five minutes, you’ll have your first proposal out of the door. 

It’s a case of picking, customizing, and hitting send, but we’ll go deeper into that. So let’s go into the steps. 

I will also give you a demo of the good proposals app, how it works, how you can use it. 

Find the leads

That’s how this entire process starts. You need to have leads, you can make an offer to. 

Maybe it’s the restaurant you always go to and you want to help them get more traffic in the post-COVID days or maybe it’s your local hair salon, it doesn’t matter a quick search on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or one of the many lead finding tools will find you more leads than you possibly know what to do with. 

Maybe you would like to run an ad and get interested parties holding up their hands looking for your service, it doesn’t matter and I will give you some links at the end if you are wanting software that I would recommend.

If you already have clients, you can reach out and offer additional services

Now if you decide that you want to scrape leads it is important to remember that you can’t ethically scrape b2c leads, but you are allowed worldwide to scrape b2b or business to business leads. Even with GDPR. 

Now some of these scraping tools can gather 1000 leads per day, without a problem. But there isn’t a need for such high numbers as we want a success rate which we are going to do by personalization.

So let’s say for example I’m going to go to restaurants in London, I would want the restaurant’s name, email address any social media, and a little background information on them, something that has grabbed my attention on their website of Facebook page.

The thing to remember is if a business has its own Facebook fan page, this means they are actively looking to market. Check how often they post and their engagement, to see how good a client they would make for your services.

As an example for a restaurant with a Facebook page, you could offer them services like food ordering and payments, social posting, reputation management, birthday bot promotions, and so much more just using the Chatammo platform.

So you can do all of that for these businesses, whenever you want easy service to offer. And if you don’t have something to offer, don’t worry

Maybe, you are thinking his agency stuff doesn’t make any sense to me, that’s fine sell them what they need. And again, this is a mistake that a lot of people make. A lot of people think that if I find a business, no matter what business I find I’m going to offer them exactly what I do. 

Well, that’s fine. I mean, if that’s what you want to do, that’s a good thing. You know, you’re going to grow your reputation. You’re going to grow more experience and you’re going to get more sales coming through the door, but it’s a harder route to take. 

So listen carefully. If you have something to sell, you’re in a good position to find a business that needs a service like that. So for example, I could find restaurants in London and say, Hey, we could offer you menu printing services easily, right? If that’s what I have. If I have a graphic design house, I can offer them menu printing services done deal. 

But if I don’t have a service type, here’s what I can do. I need to understand what the business needs. So let’s say if I go to their Facebook fan page, maybe they don’t have a cover image. Maybe they’re not posting regularly. If I go to their, Twitter account, and maybe they’re not tweeting. If I go to their website, maybe their website looks like crap. Maybe they don’t have a menu there if it’s a restaurant. 

So you need to understand what a business needs. And then we do this thing called arbitrage. Arbitrage is where you give businesses what they need without actually fulfilling the work yourself. I repeat you give businesses what they need without actually fulfilling the work you sell. 

So this is how I would do if let’s say if I find someone who needed help with SEO ranking. 

So they were ranking terribly in Google and they need help with SEO. But truth is, I don’t know enough about SEO to rank them. So I would reach out to them.

Then I would go onto the likes of Fiverr, and look for somebody with excellent reviews on SEO services, and you can then look at the price points that they provide. Now before I go any further the single most important thing is that these people are good at the service you are wanting to be done, in this case, SEO.

If you then look down their listings it will tell you everything that you would ever need to know. I can then go and sell this thing that the person does, to the people who would need it. I can then charge double or triple what this service provider charges me, and make a profit that way.

A lot of these people on Fiverr are excellent at the service they provide but terrible at marketing their services, by using arbitrage then you are acting as a middle man, your customer does not need to know that you are not providing the service and the service provider will be happy that they are working.

The best thing about arbitrage as a service is it brings in more clients for you without you having to do more work, and of course, builds your agency to a full-service agency quickly. Another major advantage is it will cost you nothing, if the client doesn’t want their (in this case SEO) then we just don’t employ the provider.

There are many agencies I know of that use these services and have built themselves up to five figures a month. And of course, they have zero fulfillment to deal with

If you don’t have a skill set that you are confident about, you can just rely on them. You don’t even have to worry about what should I offer?

Because the provider tells you exactly what you should offer. He even tells you what the expected results are. 

If you already have products or services to offer, that’s great too. I mean, it is possible that you already thinking, you know, the wheels are turning in your head that, I could do this to do that. And then I could offer that service and this service. 

Even if you don’t, you can still turn it down and offer a collection of white-label or agency-level products that you have. 

Now I want to go to the final step. And in this case, you’re going to close these businesses with the proposals. And that’s the secret software that I want to share with you today. 

You will be able to get e-signatures on the proposals, So it’s not just a case of you sending your contract by email. The client says, yep. I agree with all the terms. And you’re like, okay, we assume it to be signed because you said, I agree your client has to sign. 

And as I will show you, we record the IP address. The email address has all those things. So you have control over that in the future. So, you know, who signed the contract when they signed it as well. 

And the best part is that you get templates within the proposals that will help you ship out contracts. 

Even more impressive is that your proposals come with a video which you can either make yourself or with the pre-recorded videos included

I’ll show you exactly how its proposals work and how you can use them in your business to get your prospects, to sign these clients. 

This solution is built to make it easy for business owners, like you to find prospects and close leads with the proposals. You can offer personalized videos and contracts once accepted your client can sign them and we track everything. 

This is how you use the proposals. 

Step one, log into your dashboard and start creating your first video proposal. There are two ways to create a proposal. You can start from scratch and use our video recorder to record a video. This can be on camera, on-screen, or a mix of both. And you can do that with a Chrome extension. We provide you with the best results. I like a mix of both so I can personalize my proposal. 

Usually, in these videos, I talk about how I can help my client’s business alternatively that you can also use one of our preset templates with an easy search feature. You can find a proposal that works for you. You can search for the niche and or the service type. 

The team has created professionally recorded videos that help point out the problems that your prospects are currently facing. These videos can help highlight how you as a service provider can solve these problems, these templates also have ready-to-go proposals or contracts you can use with our built-in editor. 

You can edit these contracts as you want, instead of digital videos, images, texts, and even customize your pricing. You can even embed external links and calendar links have everything you need to make your proposals interactive and ready to be signed. 

Now let’s go into step number two. This is the easy part. You can share this proposal with your prospect. You can even embed it on your website. If you wish you can add a custom thumbnail, as well as a call to action in your videos. 

Once you share the proposal with the client, they can review the proposal and sign it once they do, you get a confirmation, but not just an email confirmation put proposals locks in the contract. 

So neither you nor your client can make any further changes. They can also download this contract. And so can you, on your end, you can see the client’s signature, the date of signature, the email, and the IP address. You also see a confirmation of the total proposal value, which for you is a sale. 

Digital Agency Owners FAQ’s

Can you add your own contracts?

Yes, you absolutely can. I would advise you if you want to just get started to use our preset templates and we have a lot of them, I think about a hundred templates altogether, and in this account

Can you add your own videos?

Again another big yes and I would advise you to do that with the business website in the background so when they see the video and their website they will open up your link.

Can I record videos straight to the software?

Yes you can use the chrome extension or even your favorite editing software

Can I use 360% videos, as I’m in real estate?

If you are working with real estate businesses, and you wanted to upload 360-degree videos. Well, you can upload those as well. So if you have a 360-degree video and you want to, let’s say close a contract with a local business, you can do that with this software as well. 

Are there niche-specific templates?

So we’ve got a lot of templates over here, so it is up to you how you want to build them. You will also see that we have a ton of templates depending on the niche. So for example, if I search for doctors, it brings all these different templates. And then you can see all the different service types that we have as well. Content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, lead, gen mobile, marketing, reputation management, all of these things are available as well. 

How do people sign the contract?

Is it through your phone or e-sign the client sees this proposal, they see the video. And as they’re coming down to like, Hey, okay, I agree with everything. This is all fine. Now, this is where the client can sign. 

How do I send the proposal?

So many different ways, pretty much whichever suits you, share a link, email, embed onto a website.

Can you download the proposal and contract?

You can download the proposal. And so can you client, so once a proposal is signed, both you and they have a copy and you cannot delete it for legal reasons. You cannot delete or edit the contract once it is signed. So in this way, we are legally compliant as well. You know, we’ve been not creating software where you can just come in and remove signed documents. So we’ve got encryption built in to make sure that no documents that have been signed can be deleted. And that’s an important thing. 

Can you change elements on a page?

Yes before it is signed you can do pretty much anything.

Can you accept payments through the software?

No accepting payments directly through the software can’t be done, however, after the contract is signed then a payment request can be made using your favorite payment platform. One way of doing this would be directing people to your thankyou page and integrate the payment there.

Like I said, if you have your contract and your computer, you can upload a video and you can start building the contract yourself as well. 

One of the things that didn’t emphasize enough is the built-in recorder as well that you can use to record your screen, your webcam, and both at cam and screen. I mean, that’s one of the things I was using before to record custom videos for potential clients. 

I’ll be honest in effect. It’s a fairly simple and easy-to-use application, but this is the most important one because once a contact, or prospect signs on the dotted line, essentially they are in a legally binding contract with you. No worries about emails, everything that you’ve stated is there.

So this is a full-on editor and you can add images to this. You can add videos to this as well. And we have a pricing table available too. So you can customize this pricing table as you want. You can add more fields to it. So if you want it to, for example, add more rows or columns, you can do that as well. 

So there’s itemized billing. So your prospects know exactly what you are charging for. 

If you’re doing emails, these things can get lost in translation. Your clients will probably miss out on it and not have a full understanding of what it is you’re offering to them, but this makes all of it easy. 

With the vidproposals software, it is a very visual solution, meaning that you are getting a lot more impact delivered to your prospects, who are in turn a lot more likely to view the proposal, and not leave it buried in the depths of an inbox, never to be viewed.

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