How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency With No Experience

I want to show you how to start a digital marketing agency with no experience and make it profitable from anywhere.

What we don’t want is just another job that enslaves you; so the goal of your built-to-scale agency should be profit and freedom for yourself!

What we want to do is create an agency that can take care of itself and profits its owner. Once it has paid for itself, your job becomes easier and you start reaching the goal of freedom and time off whenever you want. The secondary goal of your built-to-scale agency is to create a business that you can sell if you want

There is the opportunity to run a digital agency from a beach, car or office, or wherever you would like. And deliver services all over the world. This article will be useful for anyone who wants an overview of how things work in this fast-paced industry with plenty of insight into tools and strategies that can help you succeed.

If you already own an agency and have been feeling the pain of client acquisition, then this guide is for you. You’ll learn strategies on how to land more clients (on autopilot), work less, eliminate some soul-crushing tasks like meetings & proposals but still keep your creative juice alive!

If that sounds good enough to get excited about then continue reading…

Before you continue, I also want to clarify that even though this book describes how I grew my creative client services business to this level, my pursuit with this agency is not creative. My agency is simply a money machine. If you care deeply about the creative aspect of your work and take extreme pride in it, this book will do nothing for you, if anything you’ll probably despise it. The key differentiator is that the pursuit of art/creativity does not go hand in hand with automation and profits. Additionally, charging extremely high prices for a project is often the goal when your pursuits are creative as prices are a reflection of your skill level, whereas lower prices and bulk sales are neither looked down upon nor undesirable in my mission of profit and freedom. Just felt I’d get that off my chest in case you want to win creative awards and this book somehow ended up in your hands.

With creative pursuits, often the goal is to win awards and this book will not help you. We will be producing many articles on the finer points of running a successful agency, but if you are just starting out this could be a great method for turning your agency into a profit-making machine.

However, if your pursuit is profit with a focus on automation as well then this article can show you how that’s done.

Working Hard But Not Getting Anywhere

working hard in your digital agency but not getting anywhere

There are so many agency owners who seem to be putting in a huge amount of hours, fixing websites, project management, networking, client calls, And the list goes on. Current agency owners are nodding their heads.

So many seem busy all of the time but not actually getting anywhere.

Get Clients Not Just Leads

So many owners seem obsessed with getting leads, sadly leads are a side effect of not getting sales. The primary goal of your business should be to get sales, I’ve yet to see any lead that can pay the mortgage or put food on the table.

Now we are certainly not saying no to leads, however, with this method, we are a lot more interested in sales

We’ll put systems in place to convert some of your leads, but it won’t be nearly as effective as your efforts of converting a website visitor to a buyer right away.

The way that most agency owners run their agencies, and indeed how I have run agencies before is, a lot closer to being a freelancer rather than an owner, if they get sick, lose a client, take a day off, then this results in them not making money.

Building An Asset

Building your digital marketing agency asset

But this isn’t the worst of it, the worst thing about running your agency this way is the inability to sell their agency, and get a lump sum if that is something that would interest them further down the line, rather than having systems in place, they are their business and how successful the business is, is related to how many hours the owners put in.

This means if you are building your business this way you aren’t growing an asset, as you become the asset, and not your business.

When you have systems in place then you can give somebody access to your software, show them your systems, and then they could run your business.

Compare that to you basically having to take them through everything from getting clients, building funnels, setting up prospects, and writing contracts and you can see how that isn’t a feasible business model to sell.

The big secret is having a saleable system that is easy to repeat, that gets you, new clients, on autopilot, and delivers your services with as little interaction from you as possible.

Build To Sell Or Build For Income

Even though you have systems in place which will give you the options to sell your agency if you wanted, sometimes that isn’t the best thing to do.

Once the systems are in place you will find yourself working in your agency for a very short amount of time, and will be making a recurring income from the time you put in.

If you were to sell your agency yes you would get a lump sum but it would mean that you no longer have a cash cow that pays you month in month out.

Personally, I love recurring revenue and so that is the route that I would always go, however, everybody is different and if you would prefer the idea of a lump sum that is completely your choice and some very large sums can be made once everything is in place.

Freelancer Or Business Owner?

Most agency owners, by not having a repeatable system for getting new clients, are basically making themselves a freelancer, as they are constantly on the lookout for new leads who they can then try and persuade to sign a contract, and use their services.

You will find the owners spending all of their time on prospecting, networking, cold-calling, emails, writing proposals, this list is almost endless

On the other hand with this method, clients will come to you,

You have a simple choice to make, do you love the work, and you want to become a highly paid consultant or freelancer, Or are you in business to give you more freedom in your life?

If it’s the former then don’t worry we have so much info to share with further posts, but if it’s the latter this article is for you.

Your Beliefs

The last thing that you need is your own beliefs holding you back, already hopefully you can see the difference between you doing all of the heavy lifting and your system doing the lifting for you.

You are not trying to create yourself a job.

To be successful with an agency you need to fully know that opportunity is out there, and every day that opportunity is growing. New opportunities are being made every day.

For example, the new API that is released for Instagram to automate sales is one of the largest things to have happened within the marketing space for quite some years, and all this new stuff is being brought out daily.

Digital Agency Oppotunity

There are millions of small businesses out there, and the internet is an ever-growing part of daily life. And most of these business owners haven’t got time to learn the various marketing skills that you can learn simply.

More to the point so many of these business owners aren’t aware that half of the solutions are out there.

How many businesses out there need a new website, chatbot, Instagram followers, etc this list is almost endless.

Every single thing that is out there on the internet, is yet another opportunity for you to grow an agency.

It is important that you notice the constant changing, and creation of these brand new opportunities, even Instagram stories made a whole new need for video production in a vertical format. That’s a whole new agency or upsell.

By keeping one eye on what the social media companies are doing you will spot brand new agency opportunities springing up.

Pricing Structures

building your digital marketing agency work, life balance

Before I get into pricing structures, then I must warn you with this method, this is going to be a little controversial. I am not going to agree with the various Gurus, and software owners out there giving all of their promises of $1,000 a month to clients. Yes, there are quite a few of them about, but only in certain niches, real estate, doctors plastic surgeons and the likes are some of these people who you can basically charge whatever you like, but that is going to limit how many clients you can get.

Let’s go through why higher prices may not be the answer.

Don’t worry if you don’t agree with me here, maybe you’re going into these higher-paid niches, hey maybe I’m wrong but hear me out.

Most of these so-called Gurus out there will say something along the lines of ‘want to make more money? double your prices

This is something I don’t necessarily agree with, look at my pricing structure for Chatammo. And I am going to use my software as an example here.

If you want to gain clients on autopilot then you need a great offer at a great price on your front end, you can upsell later but if you are wanting hands off it is the way to go.

There are so many problems gathered around charging higher prices that these gurus who are away from the trenches seem to have forgotten about.

Problems such as

1 More profit and freedom not higher pricing

Your goal with this method is to build a scaleable agency with little to no involvement from you. Your new cash machine should be able to deliver you new clients, not you having to go out and hunt them down.

Think snare rather than a shotgun, clients will come to you, rather than you opening fire with a whole load of cold emails and your fingers crossed that somebody will say yes.

With all of that being said, if you can get one of the higher paying clients in, then still do it.

The big question is would you care?

If your business charged clients less money per client, than somebody else’s, or would the profit and freedom make it all bearable.

I’m hoping if you like the sound of this model, you have said the profit and freedom side of things. The reason being, charging higher amounts is not your end goal on a built-to-scale agency, your goal is the profit you can make and the freedom this allows you.

Let’s do a quick example here, and you go out and get yourself, one new client, every few months, because of this then it is understandable why these agency owners charge a higher price, they have to as they don’t have too many clients, and it has taken a lot of work to find that one high payer.

Now obviously having the big playing client is an ego boost, and you see these owners going onto their Facebook profile to boast of their new big signing, their ego is boosted as it looks like they are worth more, they believe that their prices are a reflection of them, as both a person and their skillset.

But is that what you care about, do you want your ego stroked or your bank balance?

You are in the process of building a machine, this machine of an agency is building your bank balance, freedom, and providing a lot less stress in the process. And all creating a long-term business.

Before you think that I have something against charging higher prices, I haven’t and if later you are wanting to introduce a VIP service then that could be great, but when starting off, it can seriously work against you.

2 The lower your prices the more people can afford your service.

This isn’t just me who is pulling this from thin air think about all of the businesses who couldn’t afford these vanity prices, that is a huge market that you are saying you wnt serve, and because all of the other agencies are going after these high payers, there are complete niches not being taken care of.

Yes, we would all love a Rolex but at the end of the day, any watch will tell the time, if you are pricing yourself as a Rolex don’t be surprised when nobody can afford you.

By lowering your prices you are now making it possible for people to buy from you, having lost customers is better than only having a few, from a business standpoint.

3 Higher expectations

I always find this quite amusing as nobody seems to consider this, so for this example, let’s say your agency runs Google ads, and you charge $2500 per month per client.

How much do you have to make for that client to keep hiring you month after month, so if you are charging them $2500 you better be making them a whole lot more than that, otherwise what is the point.

And again when you hear the guru’s advice they will tell you to let your client know you building their list and it might take a while for your client to start seeing results, trust me when I say business owners not just want but need a return on their investment.

So let’s say that you have a client and charging them $2500 per month, well what if they cancel after one month, but say you had charged them $1500 then they may well have stayed for 3 months, making you more money.

Or what if you charged them $500 and they stayed with you for a year, never assume charging more will make you more.

And this applies to every niche, the more you charge the higher the expectations, and so it should.

4 Refunds

No matter how much you are charging you are going to get refunds, so let’s imagine that you have two clients each paying you $2500.

Or let’s say you have 10 clients each paying you $500.

And for the sake of argument we are going to say all variables are equal, and now let’s say one client wants a refund, now yes $500 might sting a little but $2500 will sting a lot.

5 Lack of volume

One of the key things in a built-to-scale agency is to gain volume, this way it provides both your profit and freedom. And this is done by automation and delegation so that your cash cow keeps giving.

One of the problems when charging more is you will have less volume of clients like we have already gone through not everybody can afford a Rolex. And it takes a lot more effort to sell something highly-priced.

If you could choose between 2agencies both making $10,000 per month one agency making the $10,000 from one agent, and one from 50 clients, I would take the agency with 50 clients every day of the week

When you have 50 clients then you are forced to make systems so your business works, and you also have 50 more people who you can sell to.

If you have only one client at $10,000 then you have two points of focus, one keeps that client, so you had better be bringing in some major money, and two, trying to find another client just in case.

having a $10k client sounds great on social media, but not to anybody who might have considered buying your business, you don’t have an asset.

6 Sell direct from the website

As your prices increase the levels of effort also increase to sell that service. One of the key benefits is you can sell lower and medium-priced services directly from your website, meaning not having to spend hours on the phone or endless zoom calls.

In fact you don’t even need to deal with clients, you are getting them on autopilot.

As your prices increase the expectations of your service also increases, as does the level of effort, not always true, but more often than not.

My own personal experience with premium pricing doesn’t match up to my expectations – I’ve had more success offering low-medium priced services and found myself much happier both in life and financially speaking. In addition, this does not mean that I make less money because of what we offer upfront (about $700). My average client spends around 2x on a front-end sale ($2k) which is pretty significant for me personally, but our returns are very different than someone who has built their agency or business from scratch using high ticket items such as coaching programs at $10k+.

Find Your Idea

With so many services that you can offer, it can seem a little bewildering to begin, even within Chatammo software, there are a whole host of services that you could offer.

And these are all services that small businesses are looking for and buying daily, these markets are primed for you to grab your piece of the pie.

But which tools should you use to find your perfect fit?

Don’t start with your service or product, you want to find the problem that your future clients are already suffering from. And paying to fix

So what are small businesses already buying?

If you are smart this is where you will go after a small market share of a large market, and not try to invent a market yourself.

So let’s head to a website like Upwork, or one of the similar websites, that is a marketplace for both buyers and sellers

Now simply create an account, as a freelancer, and then browse the jobs that are being offered by the buyers

Now from what people are wanting make a shortlist of around 5 ideas, that you could see yourself starting. Don’t worry at this point if you know how to do these services.

Now go through your top three which could really spark your interest. Now that you have your three it’s time to head to google, and look for competitors, you ideally want to get around ten for each of the three business ideas.

Look what they are offering how much they are charging, add all of these details into a spreadsheet. This will make it easy for you to see an overview of the competitive landscape.

What headlines are they using?

Is it a clear offer they are making?

Do they display their pricing?

Usually, you will find that these websites don’t give out their information easily, and that is great news for you as this can be capitalized on. Later we will be building a specific website, that will actually give your prospects the opportunity to buy your service.

This is contrary to what most agency sites will do, as you will not be starting a long buying process where your prospects have to jump through hoops.

Once you’ve outlined 10 competitors for each business idea, you should be able to combine your interest, the level of desire from prospects (how much people are already buying this service), and the competitive landscape in order to help decide on an agency. The truth is if you actually built a shortlist based on whether or not they’re currently buying it then that really won’t matter too much which agency one decides to start with because it’s our consistency at showing up every day as well as doing what we say when we say that will determine how successful or unsuccessful their own agencies become over time!

When starting an agency, it is always wise to do so based on what people are already buying rather than what you would like to sell. The truth is that it’s a lot wiser if one gets 1% out of the big market rather then 90% from the small market! What if in fact, these days success was only 10%. You wouldn’t have anything left to grow before either reinventing your entire corporation (which could be a bad decision given how much success you’re having) or start something new with scratch

Build An Offer To Good To Refuse

One of the big differences between a built-to-scale agency is the ability to buy the service directly from the website. Whereas many sites will have a contact sheet. (we won’t be even doing that but instead using a chatbot to fully engage and sell with the minimum amount of friction.

Visitors want to purchase products, but most agencies don’t allow this. They think that every client is different and has a varying scope which leads them to believe they can’t offer the same price for everyone.

This is a huge mistake, the easiest way to sell more is to make more offers.

They offer different prices to each client, but there is no standard price.

This company needs a standardized pricing model in order to give the same service to every customer and make more profit off of their services!

This leads to a need to discuss the scope of the project on the phone, or in a meeting. A complete waste of time. This also leads to the need for you to spend 3 hours creating a proposal. More wasted time. This time waste and unnecessary complication are what ultimately kills the deal and creates copious amounts of extra work.

What we do differently is that, based on your needs and budget. We package the services into standardized packages ready for purchase right there on our website!

What you’ll find is that almost all clients want the same thing anyway – any variables in each project are simply added as options visitors can select based on their preference, so they only get what they need at an affordable price.

Another thing that can impact the scope of our projects is whether or not we are using graphics and templates that might be found in other chatbots, or whatever service.

The choice between custom graphics versus template-based content impacts both quality (unique to your chatbot) as well as production time since it requires more work.

This means we can service, and get paid straight away, not in 10 days time when the client has cooled off

This, in combination with very good pricing, is what allows the built-to-scale to get new clients on autopilot, without sales calls, meetings, or proposals.

When I say an offer too good to refuse I’m referring to an offer that you are showing on the front end of your website, this is just the front end and more can be added to give your buyers exactly what they want

Be A Sliced Apple

So you see an apple in the supermarket, and well it’s a good apple, one bite and your into it, But have you noticed the pre-sliced apples, now I personally have no idea why somebody would pay more for that, but they do, day in and day out.

The reason is, it is saving the people a job, they don’t need to bite or cut the apple

This same thinking applies to the built-to-scale. We are not so much concerned with being able to charge more for less (although that is also nice), but rather the lack of confusion as to what problem your service solves.

Visit most agency websites and you’ll find some vague headline whose intent is always clever. The more creative, they think, means better headlines ́better puns get bonus points). This terrible waste of real estate should be clear on their site: explain clearly what problem they solve and which offer it offers visitors

Your competitors are not making an offer on their website

The problem they solve is very vague.

So what we need to do with your agency is to make sure you get clear on what problem you are solving and presenting that on your website so that there is zero confusion as to what you sell, and why they should buy it. We want to clarify and simplify the website so that when people arrive on your site they know why they are there and what you sell.

Then once we have established a clear offer, it’s about attitude from here onwards. We need to change our attitude and approach as marketers with regard to marketing strategy planning. The way some agencies treat their business.

Solve Every Problem

If you have ever followed Russell Brunson, then you may well have heard of the one funnel away challenge, well the premise of that is don’t just solve the first problem but solve the problems you create while fixing the first problem.

So for example let’s say you are doing content creation for your client (which would be automated through chatammo). as well as content creation, how are people going to find it, offer Facebook ads, how is finding it going to build their business, offer a chatbot building their list, now you have a list but it’s under facebook, so offer email marketing, but emails only get 16% open rates so offer SMS, it is almost endless, you can offer so much that will solve all of their problems, and of course you can charge more.

Once the client has made the first purchase follow-up purchases are much easier to get.

Your Bottom Line

Okay so lets for an example say that your front end offer is $500, but you have all of these backend offers that increase your bottom line all of the way through, suddenly you will find your average order value creeping up, But the front end is so good they have to buy it we lead with a ridiculously good low-medium priced front end offer. This is the secret to the built-to-scale.

The website is just like an iceberg. What you see on the website is only a small portion of what they have to do in order for it all to work, there have to be addons and even higher-priced services or implementation packages behind the scenes that are not seen by customers.

Another thing to note for your built-to-scale service offering is that there is always room for 3 types of offers in your agency. Do-It-Yourself, Done-With-You, and Done-For-You. DIY can be an online course showing the buyer how to do what you do for your clients. It should cost less than your done-for-you option, but once the course is done it requires no work for you to deliver on the DIY offer.

You have the expertise and can help them shortcut their results. I think this can be a fantastic addition to something like Facebook Ads agency for example, where most clients need guidance on how to optimize campaigns as they typically don’t know what works best or even which type of ads are worth running in the first place

– You could offer coaching services at $500 per hour ($1,000 when formatted by project). This is less work than the Done For You option because you’re not implementing any campaign changes but just advising and giving some strategy advice.

– There’s also a “Done With You” service that charges around $1500 – it includes implementation + training

Client Retention

So how do you keep your clients?

You offer a great quality of work, it is literally that simple. A lot of agencies when starting off offer a positively average service at a high price, this is why they are struggling and getting themselves a bad name.

By lowering your prices, then you are starting to move in the right direction. But we still want to offer a great service that’s why we offer completely free training to all of our users. We want you to offer the best service possible.

If you do scale your agency to the point of taking more people on, try not to skimp on quality, you will be surprised how much you will make if you have the correct people working with you.

Delivering On Your Promises

To begin with, you can offer template-based work where you customize for each client rather than creating digital products from scratch as they come up in conversation with them more often when templates are used instead!

However, there is a great opportunity to offer custom-made work to the 10-20% of your clients who want to stand out a little more, and of course, you should charge more for it. And Chatammo even offers a white-label service for this.

This way of working is also what allows you to create a ridiculously good offer at affordable prices!

Two Ears One Mouth

Another thing I want to note when it comes to expanding your offer is to keep your ears open. Your clients will ask you for other things and whatever they ask, often the best one should be what you start offering all of them as part of their order

Your Too Good To Be True Offer

Make sure you have an offer that is too good to be true

Once you’ve got that part figured out we can get you, new buyers, then we simply need to finish your funnel by offering other valuable things to your customers.

If you sell Instagram growth services such as liking and commenting on other people’s posts, offer to create content for them, run ads to their account, etc. Most of this can be automated inside of Chatammo

One of the best ways to figure out what else be offered is simply to listen in on clients’ requests which are written down so patterns become clear – turning into a service they all want!

Testamonials First Clients

The most difficult part of getting your agency started is the first step. It can be hard to get into space, but once you do, it’s easy (one thing that’s important in these early stages is collecting testimonials for future clients).

Since our goal is to turn a website visitor into a paying client immediately we have to take on the task of proving that working with us is a good idea. One of the best ways to do so is by providing evidence that shows that it’s true and one way you can help your visitors see this proof, or “evidence,” when they’re visiting your site for the first time are reviews from people who’ve worked with you in past and got positive results out if their work. Reviews also show current viewers how others found value in what you offer them!

+ As such, testimonials are an important part of any business’ online presence because they not only attest as experience but provide valuable feedback about services offered

The catch 22 problem everyone is faced with when they start their agency is that they have no testimonials so how can they make a sale off their website?

The truth of the matter, more than likely you will be making your first couple of sales manually in order to build up your credibility and allow for easier future selling.

Now some of this is old-time advice like tapping into your current networks, friends of friends, and so forth can be a great way to get those first few testimonials, along with free trials, which can work extremely well and are a great inroad into starting your agency, and getting those all-important three testimonials.

Offering your services at cost will increase trust with business owners, and until you get those first three testimonials then it is worth breaking even

One of the simplest ways is to post on your Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, and saying something like.

“I’m starting an XYZ agency. My goal is to help solve YOUR AUDIENCE with THEIR PROBLEM. I’m looking for 1 or 2 people that I can help with this. It will be free of charge, all I ask in return is a testimonial when the job is complete. Comment below or send me a PM!”

Now if you have made sure you are selling something that people want, then you shouldn’t have too many problems in finding clients, that will want to test your services.

It is important to remember

1 It’s not the end of the world if nobody takes up your offer.

2 posts on social media don’t get seen for too long so think about what time you are going to make the post, you want to get eyes on your post, particularly if posting to a group.

3 Text-only posts will get a lot less engagement, include images with your post. And if your up for it videos are even better.

4 If you can and feel confidant doing a live stream do it, social media loves live streams and again will show it to more people.

5 In the post say you are looking for 1 – 2 people as you want to create scarcity, and a feeling of urgency, however, take on around 5, to allow for fall-offs, etc.

6 Don’t overthink, just post, money loves speed so don’t try and make it perfect.

7 There are plenty of other methods if this doesn’t work just comment below and we can quickly start on those

Get A Great Testamonital For Your Agency

It doesn’t matter how much work you put into this and to get your first testimonial, often they don’t seem that good, the people who you have helped may not know how to give a good testimonial.

Ask the giver of the testimonial to be authentic and share experiences of you are your service but don’t be afraid of half writing it for your client, and asking them to put it into their own words if they agree with you.

In the future people who are considering buying your service will have objections, if you can overcome those within a testimonial then you will sell more.

As soon as you can try and make a list of objections that you get, and ask the testimonial givers if they can address one or two of these points.

In an ideal world your testimonials will all be in different formats, so text, text and image, and video. But any testimonial is better than no testimonial.

Make It Easy to Buy

Okay so last year we decided to go and buy a new car, so we went to the BMW dealership and looked at cars there, we sat in them all my girlfriend gave her views on which car we wanted, we thought about the color of the interior, and everything else.

We wanted to buy it, but it was a Saturday and all of the salesmen were busy, so we had to wait. Now it would have been very easy to leave and go to another showroom, hell Mercedes and Audi are across the road from that showroom, luckily by the time we had our copy a salesman had arrived to take our details and finalize the deal.

Now, take a look at your competitors, they are all showrooms and no salesman, when you arrive on the page, then a lot of these agencies make it impossible to actually buy.

Yes, they have a lot of information, a portfolio, contact form, and all of the rest of it, but try and find a buy button.

This is the opposite of what we want to do with a built to scale agency, we want to have a lower front end price that will give the business owners the chance to buy there, and then, we want to grab their details in our chatbot, so that they get immediate replies to any questions they have.

If you already own an agency, take a step back and look at your site, can people click and buy your services?

Are you capturing all of the information needed, to continue automation of a sale/

If not you are leaving huge amounts of money on the table. If people leave your website because they cant buy there is a very good chance that they won’t come back, any chances of them buying from you are going, and going quickly, some of your competitors may have a buy now button on their front end offer, in which case there is a very good chance your prospect will buy from them.

You might have heard of a buying state before, it is basically when people are aware of the problems that they have and they feel compelled to take action, now. These aren’t people who want to wait days for an agency owner to contact them. And let’s face it they don’t know the pricing half of the time so its even more unlikely that the majority of them will want to jump on a call and be ‘sold’ too.

Your Agency Website

So first things first when it comes to your site, people will never buy if they still have unanswered questions. Too much information is fine, too little information, and you could well cost yourself a sale.

Now a sales website is simple to build and in fact, we will probably be putting one together to give away to our Chatammo clients.

I tend to use Groove For both my and my client’s sites because of the amount of value they give away

1 Headline

Your headline should do two things, your too good to be a true offer, and what problem you solve. Your headline should point out how your offer will solve their problem.

Now, this can be a difficult thing to accomplish, and my copywriting skills are terrible so I use a software called Jarvis (there is a 10,000-word credit for free in here so you can use that to get your headlines together) get around 9 or ten headlines and then see which one works the best for you.

2 Problem

If you can explain the problem your prospects are having well then they will instantly believe you have the answers. Understanding your client’s pain points is hugely valuable.

3 Solution

Describe how your solution solves their problem

4 Portfolio

When you are starting out then obviously you will not have a complete portfolio, but I like to practice what I preach and so, we actually give you templates for chatbots websites, etc, so there is no need to worry about being underprepared

5 Testamonials

As we spoke about before testimonials can make a lot of difference in your business, so make sure you let your testimonial suppliers do your boasting for you and clear up any niggles that your prospect might have. But only show a couple of testimonials this high up on the page, just before you get to the offer.

We are just building the client’s appetite at this point.

6 Services

A common mistake is believing that you cant standardize your services, and every client is different, but remember we are addressing those differences on the back end.

But on your front-end offer, you want standardized services, with your prices and a buy button, this is going to get you, clients, on autopilot.

7 Guarantee

Offer a money-back guarantee, yes you are going to have refunds no matter what, possibly around 1% be open and let them know that it isn’t a problem.

You will actually get fewer money-back requests if you have a guarantee on your site.

8 More Testamonials

As you continue to build your testimonials keep adding them to your site, this is the time for overwhelm, your prospects need to feel like they are making the right choice using your services.

9 Case Study

If you can a case study can work well to get your clients into your business, as again it will help to ease their minds about the services you can offer.

If you are struggling with your own case study you can use somebody else’s showing the results of the services you offer, however, please don’t try and pass this off as your own work.

10 About Us

People buy from people, so this short section will help build trust.

11 FAQ’s

all of the questions you have gathered before can be placed in this section of your site, and again is used to ease any doubts your prospects might have about your services. Every time a new question pops up add it to your FAQ section, remember people will not buy if they have unanswered questions

12 Call To action

With your buy now button, you are wanting your prospects to take action make it easy for them.

13 Even More Testamonials

Get into the habit of asking for testimonials, and then keep adding them to your site, again we are keeping with too much information.

Once your website is good enough to actually get paying customers for you, it’s time to build roads leading people there. You don’t want to jump the gun on driving paid traffic until it has all the ingredients needed to make a sale.

Getting Traffic To Your Agency

The word traffic is such a good choice of words too, I wonder how they came up with that. The reason it’s a good word is that “traffic” or moving vehicles drive on roads which we need to build next. Imagine your website being the physical house in your city and the biggest roads are redirected to this house which people would start showing up at leading them back here (your site). That’s what you want; there are many ways for visitors like posts, SEO services, etc., but these will be shared later on.

Free Clients

As we have already been through our research phases there are a lot of websites out there that offer the chance for buyers and sellers to meet. And if used correctly can be a goldmine for your agency.

On websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc people are actually putting out there that they need your services. If you combine these websites with your chatbot, then you can create a questionnaire that your free clients will fill in before getting your services.

This means that you can now upsell these customers, use your too good to refuse the offer, and post it on these websites, this will also help you to gain better reviews, as most of these marketplaces will write to the customer and ask how they rate your service.

Social Media

Social media is also another great tool, with LinkedIn businesses are advertising jobs that are directly matched to what your agency does, now I’m not saying go out and get a job, but certainly, explain why your agency can do that job and at a lot cheaper price than if they were to employ somebody.

Facebook groups have a wealth of leads and are already categorized for you to make the most out of. But please don’t go into a group and try to sell, you will be blocked by the moderators and your posts will never see the light of day, instead, go in with advice, Just pure value posts, people will begin to look at you up for the services you offer, and if you also get your profile looking good, can lead to a wealth of free sales

Setting up your own group is another way to gain authority in your area, and means that you have a ready-made platform for your ideal clients. Make sure all roads from your group lead to your site.

Building up a Facebook™ or LinkedIn group can be a great asset to your built-to-scale and should help you get new clients by offering value and bringing people together around certain topics.


Using search engine optimization is another great way to get people to your website. It can be time-consuming depending on what level of competition you’re dealing with, but when you pull it off there is nothing better. The reason SEO traffic is so good is that there is very high intent when someone actually searches for what you are selling.

The other great thing about this type of marketing strategy and it’s free! So if the idea behind Marketing and Advertising online has always been “build an audience then advertise their products or services” while “SEO comes down to finding which keywords are relevant and possible rank for,” content creation should also play a major role in successful campaigns according to the current marketing landscape.

Cold Emails

Another free, or almost free strategy to get clients is by using cold email. There are tools out there to automate the collection and sending of emails, then you’ll need to finalize the sale by getting on a call with prospects. To be a true built-to-scale you’ll want to delegate this part but start off doing it yourself so that we know what can expect from cold emails.

A key success for Cold Emailing is differentiating oneself which means standing out! Most of us receive many emails every day yet have no interest in opening them as they seem like more work than anything else; therefore conveying your message in an engaging manner will help make sure people open your messages (thus helping you get more clients).

To be engaging most of us have to send out a message that is different from the rest; I’ve found that turning an elephant into something funny or lighthearted tends to grab eyeballs. If so, make sure that your email stands out and generates interest in working with you!

To be truly successful with a cold email check out our article on vidproposals.

Ads Spend And Huge ROI

First of all, you need to realize that the average profit you make per client is how much money you can spend to acquire a customer without losing money. This is an important number to know as it allows you to make decisions, especially about advertising. If ads on a certain ad platform cost more on average than your profit shut it down!

Advertising is a great way to get new clients. But before you start advertising, figure out how much it will cost to acquire them first!

Places to start include

Google Adwords, Youtube, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Another goldmine can be niche sites that offer to advertise, if your prospects are there then it could be worth you striking a deal with the owner, to place your ads in front of their audience.

Make sure that your ads have a specific offer, are minimalistic, and have a strong call to action.

It would be pointless to show you how to set up the ads in this article as the setups change often, we do have a site that explains how to set up Facebook and can be accessed for free with your chatammo account.

One common mistake agency owners make is giving themselves a budget they say, “If I don’t get a client from spending this $100, I’ll turn off the ads.” So then of course that never happens. They always end up turning them back on and the same thing keeps happening again with no success at all. However, these ad platforms work as time goes by you will be punished for it because when your account gets put into bad standing to where it’s not performing well anymore which means lower quality traffic comes in instead

The way to get the most out of your advertising dollars is by committing a fixed amount monthly. This will increase odds for sales and also help you build momentum with customers, as it’s more likely they’ll notice when products are on sale if they see them consistently throughout that month period.

The other truth here is that ads usually pay off in waves! You might have periods where there aren’t any sales at all, but then suddenly great numbers start coming through again – this just means advertisers need time to catch up after low periods too though so don’t be discouraged or turn your adverts off altogether because of long stretches without activity If you’re turning them on and off I promise even during the good times some days won’t show.

A Higher ROI

This is a great strategy for you to get clients on Facebook. I’ve used it myself and generated a great ROI on some of my ads. This is simple and straightforward, but it will take some work to get it all up. Once up and running you should be able to scale it to reach more people and get more clients. Here’s the strategy:


Create a video of yourself lasting between 3 to 10 minutes, and provides pure value to your audience, this is going to be made on a problem your audience suffers with, now what do you know that might help them with that problem.

The object is not to pitch, this makes you stand out from the crowd of people trying to sell to them and take their money, optimize your ad for video views, this will get as many people to see your video for the cheapest price possible.


By using the first video to give value you now have an audience who are beginning to know you, and they now know that you not only give value but, your also an expert in your field.

Within the pitch, you can identify their problem, describe your solution, provide some proof for your credibility, and then have a call to action.

Your pitch will be in the copywriting of the post.

Your audience is people who watched your video and can be split into people who watched 25%, 50%, 75%, or 95% of your video and then use that audience as the target for your pitch ad. I just start off with people who watch 25% and if conversions are no good perhaps make it 50%+.


Put your testimonials in a short slideshow and add them to your video, this helps to provide proof on what you are saying.


Use retargeting, this means that people who visited your site will be shown your ad and bring your agency back to the forefront of the minds of your prospects, all of these prospects were interested enough to go to your site and so we are using this to bring them back and hopefully make the sale.

Use your retargeted ad to bring even more value, or add even more credibility

Double Your Agency Business

Once you have started an agency, it is a good time to take more of an overview look at your business and ask ourselves how we can make our process better.

Improving on a situation that is kind of working already is MUCH easier than starting something from scratch. This doesn’t mean you’ll be happy all the time- there will probably still be moments where you think about quitting and trying again with another company, but these are just thoughts. The quickest way to reach your dreams would usually be by improving what’s not perfect so instead of giving up or getting frustrated it might actually make sense to work towards those goals!

I say this because as humans we seem programmed for instant gratification: if we can’t get results quickly then most people tend to stop caring and move on to other things which aren’t great progress at all even though they’re “kinda” ok with how things currently stand now.

What follows in this chapter is a very very useful exercise that I do in my business a few times every year. It should be credited to the brilliant marketer Jay Abraham who brilliantly broke down the task of making more money in your business into 3 simple tasks.

  1. Get more clients
  2. Get clients to buy more
  3. Get clients to come back more often

That’s it that’s the three things that no matter what is what you should be concentrating on to make more, every. The brainstorming session you have will always be on these three things.

Get More Clients

This is the most obvious way to make more money, simply by getting more clients. The easiest way to do this is by brainstorming, don’t worry there is nothing that you can write down that is a wrong answer, go wild, you can sort through your ideas later.

Don’t worry if its a good or a bad idea

so as examples it could be a partner with another agency, improve your offer, etc

Buy More

This is the easiest way to increase your revenue and profits if you already have some momentum. If you’re getting new clients on a more or less consistent basis I guarantee that they have more money to spend and would happily purchase with your agency, but how do we know what area of expertise they are looking in?

The question becomes: What does our prospective customer need without even knowing it yet?

So as an example, let’s say we have a realtor whose QR codes could help to get more clients by using it on their signage and then go into a complete flow for that home.

Get Clients Back More Often

So many agencies don’t even try to do this, they sell whatever it is to their client and then never reach out again, by simply reaching out via an email phone call, or message can bring so much more money in.

This can even be set up as automation within your agency using our tools, so four weeks after a signing, then reach back out again and offer something else you know your client will love.

In your reach out just ask how it is going, don’t go straight into a pitch, but instead, open up a conversation, people want to share how things are going with your service so ask them about how it is going, as the conversation moves on then you can start your pitch, nice and gently.

Automate And Delegate Your Agency

This is possibly one of the biggest things you can do, to turn your agency into a business.

Here is where we want to pick up speed, and rather than finding yourself being far too busy to deal with everything, we want to begin our automation process.

But when?

So the very first step is to start getting new clients consistently, now there is no time limit as to how long this can take, the more action you take in the early setups the sooner this point will happen. However, when this does happen you have to make sure that you remove yourself, remember we aren’t just building another job.

Firstly we are going to look at the software that can take your tasks and automate them, and also consider delegation to somebody else who could be doing these tasks.


Delivering what you promised to your clients can quickly become a full-time job, you will quickly become the go-to person for every small task, and that means you are not going to be able to scale your business.

You need to get out of the day-to-day and focus instead on growth.

So firstly grab a pad and pen and list down every single task that happens in your delivery process.

Now list if this task needs a human or can software do this (Chatammo for example can automate many of your daily tasks)

Once this has been completed, look for the best software to complete these tasks, so you might well be looking at email software, website, chatbot, posting, find the software you like.

The likes of Trello, active campaign, Groove, and of course chatammo are some of the software that we use to automate, and I can recommend each wholeheartedly.

It is important, to look fully into the software you are going to be using, it is pointless getting it all set up only to have to change a few months later.

Hiring a project manager is essential to make sure all the freelancers and clients are taken care of.


This is not a step that I want you to jump into straight away, you have to be making money to make it viable to begin hiring

making a hiring process is simple, put together a short questionnaire, and ask about situations your new part-time employee might run into, ask how they would handle these situations, Build up your applications to around 20, and then you can begin to pick your 5 outstanding candidates.

Jump on. skype call and interview these 5, by now hopefully, you will be able to pick a top two. Now you need a second interview and a paid test task, to see who really shines.

Look for somebody who you can vibe with at the end of the day you are going to be working with them a lot, and they will be almost running your business and representing you.

Finding clients doesn’t need to be fancy, and often you will g=find some great clients through Facebook groups. However, if that doesn’t work it is easy to run an ad to find your perfect match.

Hire slow-fire fast, is a great mantra to keep in mind.

Remember a lot of the time with your hires you get what you pay for, If you pay peanuts you get monkeys, is an old saying by grandma used to tell me.

Start small, as with anything else. maybe start with 5 hours a week, even this small amount of time gives you more time to build your business.

Be More Productive In Your Agency

When no one tells you what to do it becomes your job to tell you what to do. I’m sure most of us are aware that humans generally suck at this, and how many days have we woken up without an agenda? How about the times when we’ve skipped out on going for a run because “we didn’t feel like”? These behaviors are normal human behavior but rest assured, someone is not going to build our agency or go through life doing things for us.

We need systems in place so that procrastination doesn’t hold any power over us; if anything they can be used as reminders – little nudges reminding ourselves why something needs to be done!

I’ve tried a lot of things but the one thing that consistently works and turns my productivity up is having an accountability group. But just having an accountability group is not enough, you have to follow a proven method. Here’s what I do:

-Get me 3-4 people in your life who are ready for this call with me each week

-Schedule weekly calls on the same day at the same time every week

-Use an accountability tool with a video chat component like to record the calls and then share them if necessary

On the call, each member should run through what they did that week, what went well and what went bad, and lastly their tasks for next week.

When setting your tasks for the week make sure they are things you can control.

You’ve had plenty of times where you set a task that turned out was, well, not in your hands;

Whether it’s because someone else is involved or there were some unexpected setbacks (or both!), this has happened to all of us! It’s important to remember when we’re planning our weeks–our jobs don’t revolve around ones and zeros but instead about people.

Now I know what many content marketers say: “Focus on process-oriented goals rather than results.”

I get why they recommend these types of goals – after all, who doesn’t want measurable success? The problem is if something outside my power

Finally, in order for all this to work, you need to have punishments in place to motivate you not to fail your tasks. I’ve experimented with this a lot and found the best punishments are ones that benefit you that you absolutely do not want to do.

Fitness punishments can work great, having to do 300 press-ups in the day, will normally sort out any procrastination that I have going on.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you can use this guide to finally help you achieve both the money and freedom that you deserve, and I would love to hear your thoughts on this article





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