How to Targeting Luxury Home Buyers in Facebook With The Special Ad Category

In this video, I’m going to show you How to Targeting Luxury Home Buyers on Facebook With The Special Ad Category. So for real estate professionals using housing ads in the USA and Canada, they need to select the special ad category when they’re setting up a Facebook ad. This limits the targeting options that you have inside of the ad set level with the audience.

However, there are still some ways that you can limit your audience based on interest, and target your audience closer to high-end luxury.

Special Ad Catagory for real estate

We then discuss these points one by one:

1) For real estate professionals running ads in the USA or Canada, they need to select the “special ad type” in order to get access to their inventory or feed. After selecting “special ad type”, Facebook will limit the targeting options at the ad set level. This video covers how to target high-end luxury home buyers.

2) There are still ways to further target luxury home buyers on Facebook but you need to create custom audiences based on your existing advertising. For example, if you created an audience for luxury homes that are currently active on your website, then you can target this with Facebook ads.

3) You need to also limit the audience within Facebook itself at the ad set level, and not just your website. For example, you should add a location to filter for people who are more likely to have money buying luxury homes. But of course, geo-targeting has been limited, but we are still going to get our ideal clients.

How To Use Facebook For Real Estate Agents

Let’s go into the Facebook ads manager and I will show you quickly what you used to be able to do within the ad;’s manager so that you can see the difference and the restrictions that have been placed on real estate.

Once you see this you will see that there are a few things that simply don’t make sense

For example’s sake, let’s say we were previously going to create an ad, so we are going to click, marketing objective, and then choose traffic. Again this is what you used to be able to do. You used to be able to click on an ad, and then select marketing objective.

Then you used to be able to go in there and look at the audience. Now if we pick geolocation we can see that it starts out with a large radius but you used to be able to use the slider and bring that right the way down. Even down to one mile, so you could drop a pin in a more exclusive area, and begin to farm that area. This used to result in you having a great choice of almost pre-qualified leads.

So if you had a listing on a specific area, or you just wanted to farm an area, you could tightly run your ads and get the results that you wanted. And even better, when you kept running ads to this area you would be seen by people in that area and become an authority for that area. It was very easy indeed, and very effective.

You could also edit into ages, so you could select ages between 30 and 60. You could have gone even further and targeted as an example only men.

However, all of that quickly changed back in 2020, which means that now sadly these can’t be used.

Special Ads Category Facebook

Since 2020 facebook brought in their special ads category which includes ads related to employment, credit, and housing. and because you are in real estate then you have to click on the housing section.

Now reading through the key points, you can see exactly what this is, if are creating a campaign that includes ads to offer credit, employment, or housing opportunities like we are, you must use the Add category that best describes your ads. These are special ad categories, for which the audience selection tools are limited to help protect people on Facebook, from unlawful discrimination. Okay, choosing the correct category for your campaign is an important part of following Facebook’s policies.

If you don’t select this and you try and run a Facebook ad for housing, it will get disapproved or declined. If you don’t select it and again try and do anything else, it actually can end up, resulting in your account getting banned, which you do not want to do.

So let’s look at the housing one and then get straight to the ad Housing Opportunity or related service ads that promote or are directly linked to a Housing Opportunity or related service, including, but not limited to listings for sale or rent of a home or apartment homeowners. Insurance mortgage insurance, mortgage loans, housing repairs, and home equity or appraisal services.

This does not include ads designed to educate consumers or housing providers about the rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws. So a lot of us are going to be running listings.

Limitations Of Special Ads

So using the special ad category let’s go in and design an ad that will get approved and bring us the results that we would want. So first things first again we are going to select a location.

Now within the location, you can see something has changed here and you can only use the slider down to 15 miles, which is often the entire radius of the city you are trying to target.

As well as that we also can’t change age or gender.

Placements For Realtors Ads On Facebook

How to find your perfect high end clients

Next, we are wanting to go in and adjust the placements for where our ads will appear.

By default, Facebook has automatic placements, which tell you is to maximize your budget and help to show your ad to more people. This means that Facebook will spread your budget across several placements.

Please remember Facebook is in the business of making money, they will allocate your budget in a way that makes them the most money, so we want to edit the placements. We want to get as much bang for the buck when it comes to where to place your ad.

So I am going to get rid of messenger, Instagram, audience network, and feed.

Yes, these may get you leads here and there but we really want a lot more engagement to our ads. Metrics that don’t really matter in terms of just like overall views and such. But these are the ones that are really going to get in front of people that are actively looking at things like that, so this will help you the best.

Facebook Optimisation

Next, we are going to hit optimizations here I would only suggest two choices as they will bring in much better results.

1 Send them to one of the free sales funnel templates that you are given through Chatammo. This means that you can set up your sales funnel for the particular home and then collect many more leads, by using our special chatbot integration, meaning you get a huge bang for your buck and the ability to nurture your leads, for either future or current sales.

2 Straight to your chatbot, this means that you are collecting your leads and starting on not only qualify the leads but also guiding and nurturing them through our automation inside of Chatammo.

How Much Money Should You Spend On Facebook Ads?

When you are first getting started with Facebook ads, feel free, to begin with $5 per day. However, if you can bump this up to $10 then that would work to your advantage.

Sadly the cost of clicks is becoming higher, as more people discover the advantages of Facebook advertising, back in 2017 the cost of gaining clients was around $0.17. Now you are looking more in the region of 1 to 3 dollars, so as you can see the $10 per day would work nicely.

How Long To Run Your Real Estate Ads

Please give your ads some time to bed in, Facebook goes through a learning phase when you first put ads up, and so if you stop the ad too early you will find little to no success. Let the ad run for at least 4 days, and make sure you split test. Personally, I would rather run 2 ads at $5 each for 4 days and then pick a winner and continue split testing. You may believe that you have designed the perfect ad but it is only by running it that you will find out.

Try to set a beginning and end date on your ads, I have seen many realtors simply forget that they are running a particular ad maybe on a split test, and forgetting about it. If you have scaled an ad up this could prove very costly.

If you are running an ad and set the running time for a week, then at least you can rest safe that you know exactly what the full cost of the ad will be if you forget about it, and you can always end an ad early.

Best Facebook Ads For Realtors – Your Creative

So now we get onto the creatives of your ad comes into play, and we need to carefully consider how we are going to build out the ad for maximum impact, on this brand new listing. within our Facebook training, we have went through how to spy on your competition so that you can see what is working for other agents.

So first let’s look at the media first, and we are going to use one image, now you might be wondering why we are only choosing one image. And I often see a realtor using many images, and the problem with that is you will greatly reduce the number of leads that you will receive. At the end of the day, your business works from getting and then selling to leads, if you are giving the viewers everything as far as photographs go, then they have nothing left to see.

You ideally want your prospects to have enough information to get excited and inquire so that you can convert them.

So let’s say this home that you have set up the ad for isn’t quite the right fit for them, you now have them as a lead and so your next home could be a perfect fit, and you don’t want them to miss out on that opportunity.

But which photographs to use. the highest converting photographs are.

Master bedroom

Master ensuite


But if you are going to include multiple photographs, include one interior of the living room and one exterior front, one exterior rear, but make sure you exclude those three key photos because if you include them again, you’re going to reduce your lead influx, which, you don’t want to do.

Next, we come onto our text, for this example’s sake because there are too many options to run through I’ll just do a general one. So what we’ll do is we’ll say you know just listed in a community name, so don’t give the address away either, and then what I like to do is say a couple of quick features, this incredible bungalow backing onto the golf course has unparalleled views.

Another feature that you need to be really mindful of is the fact that previously, Facebook ads used to be able to see quite a good portion of the text, you can see here the first three lines.

So now you have to be very strategic with the copy that you write in those first three lines, because if you start rambling on and putting in information, but the gold is actually below those three lines. People aren’t going to see it unless they click for more so make sure you put something enticing in these first three lines.

Make sure that you have something where they will either click directly on your ad or at least click the see more, again, don’t put all of the information in here, the key is to get as many leads as possible.

Lately, I have been using a software called Jarvis, which is a copywriting tool, I have a deal sorted out where you can get 10,000 words credit, so well worth testing it within your ad.

How Do I Target A Luxury Home Buyer On Facebook?

First things first we are wanting to target people who we believe may have the money needed to afford our higher-end homes. Meaning they have more money, so I’m going to go ahead and show you what you can do inside of the ads manager account.

So when setting up your Facebook ads, trying to sell a high-end home, we want to be able to find the people who might well have high-paying jobs, but with Facebook stopping us from selecting the occupations, we are going to look at their interests.

Now as I have said this is based on you having to select the special ad category of housing. For the USA and Canadian real estate professionals.

Once we get into the ad set, within the targeting section we want to scroll down, here is where Facebook has limited the Geo-targeting, so obviously if you are targeting a high-end area the lowest radius you can select is 15 miles, which isn’t much help at all. However, we can still select the area.

But, no more one-mile radius around your selected neighborhood.

Target Audience For Real Estate Facebook Ads

I’m not sure if you know this, but you can actually target your ads to focus on a specific audience so that they see the post that you’re sharing. It’s important to note that this is a great way to limit the reach of your posts and get only the audience that you want to see it.

There are many ways to tailor your targeting, but I’ll show you the easiest way and how it applies specifically to Facebook ads. You’ll scroll down to detail targeting and click on browse. From there, select an interest.

This will allow you to search for interests that will likely mean they have more money, or are in specific jobs (such as accounting). I’ll cover a couple below and go through the list fast.

So the first one obviously is accounting. If they’re an accountant they’re interested in accounting, they know about money, and have an interest in money. It’s likely that they might have some more money, so that’s one you can select.

As a side note when you are selecting these you don’t necessarily have to go through and select every single one. This is the perfect time to split test your audiences.

Select one or a handful of them you want to make sure your audience doesn’t get too specific, head for around 50,000 to 100,000 in your audience.

How Do I Find The Target Audience For A Facebook Ad?

Now before we go any further by using this technique, it is important to remember that Facebook isn’t checking your audience’s job titles, Facebook is actually checking the interests across the Facebook Platform.

There are so many interests that you can target, but a few that I have targeted in the past with a good amount of success is.




Business Owners.

Business Developers.

Car Dealership


Mechanical Engineers





Obviously, this is a relatively short list however does start to give you something to begin expanding on, and of course, testing, remember don’t go too high on the number of people selected, rather do a split test, and find which ads are working the best. Consider who would be interested in your property, and which interests could translate into having more finances

You really want to be targeting the interests that suggest they have a little more money, to be placed in the higher-end buyer’s group that you are building.

The other thing that you can do like a little side note, is using the actual ad to target higher-end buyers so when you’re running your ad use a high-end luxury photo of a home, make it look like you’re a luxury brand.

A luxury brand will bring in more likely than not, luxury buyers, so keep that in mind when you’re branding yourself.

Obviously, that’s a whole nother topic and a whole other discussion. but part of your brand will attract the type of client that you want, or repel them.

Sadly Facebook ads and online marketing, you can’t target people by their income anymore. Here’s where these workarounds should help you get the results for your real estate clients.

Now one thing to bear in mind is high-end photographs, and positioning will get a large influx of people into your ad, so it has never been quite so important. Using the qualifying inside of chatammo to make sure that these clients are right for you. And label them as such based on the answers they have given. This way you can either refer them or show them homes that are more matched with their budget.

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