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How To Write Cold Email For Sales – part 2

So we have already begun to get email addresses and now know what to write, but cold emailing your prospective clients needs to be a little more considered.

By now, hopefully, you have already got a domain and have hosted it with Groove so that you aren’t paying out money every month. What we need to do now is look a little into the backend tech.

So let’s say your primary domain is something like We will not send any cold emails from that domain’s email address, as that would put our domain at risk.

Your primary domain is where we will be spending time running SEO etc., too, so keeping that first domain in favor of google is hugely important.

So we are going to get a second domain and redirect to your primary domain.

The second domain is where you will send your cold emails out to your target audience. To generate leads.

Your Second Domain

This second domain can be bought from google domains; the reason is google domains will already give you your DK and SPF records, which are your keys to getting inside of the mailbox of your larger agency clients.

So grab the email address from this second domain that you will be using, I believe it is around an extra $6

Without these two keys, your emails will bounce or end up in the spam folder.

Warm Up Your Email

Warming up this new email address is critical. The last thing you want to be doing is going out there and sending out a ton of emails on a brand new email account.

Warming up your email doesn’t need to be complicated and can be automated to save even more time. If you are a groove user already, you may have heard Donna Fox saying that Groove is still warming up their email servers.

I have used Mailreach for warming up emails before, and it is pretty straightforward, and I only use it to warm up the emails

Begin your warmup by sending out ten emails per day and slowly ramping up the number of emails you send.

Do not start sending out any cold emails until around two weeks after purchasing the domain. And set your schedule to

  • first week 5 per day
  • the second week, 10 per day
  • Third week 20 per day
  • The fourth week 40 per day
  • The fifth week is your max out week at 70 per day.

Maxing out at 70 per day is a good number as it will keep your email address safe from getting blocked. This 70 per day is also including all follow-ups.

If you are structuring your emails correctly, there is no need to go above 70 per day. However, if you want to go above 70 per day, then please get another domain and another email address and run through the same thing again.

Hand Written Emails

In a previous post, I went over how there are only four tiny parts to your perfect cold email, this is important to know, and I would suggest going back and reading through it.

I am going over these minor points because everybody is trying to find shortcuts and start skipping over certain aspects when doing their email outreach. This is a huge mistake.

Think about when you go to your front door, and there is mail waiting for you. If you see a handwritten letter, that will be the first you open as you already know the rest are junk or bills. It’s the same principle you are working with here.

Make sure you follow each step and then make your emails personal. Don’t be surprised when you get emails back thanking you for your cold email when you do this.

Your Signature Line

So, your signature should be your name, email address, phone number, and address; the presence of a phone and an address will improve deliverability because spammers do not include it in their spam campaigns.

Do not include your website on your signature. This, again, will increase your deliverability.

Don’t worry. Anybody interested in working with you will look up the sending domain, and because you have that redirected to your primary domain, there will be plenty they can find to build trust.

Get Clients Without Case Studies

Okay, so we have been going through in these articles how to get clients with case studies, but I know a few of you haven’t already had to pay customers, so let’s look at what can be done if you cant show your proof.

So the basis of any offer you make on B2B is that you are trying to convince your target market to give you money in exchange for something you do.

And the only way that these people are going to give you money is if you are going to make them more profit. So you need to effectively show them that by using you, they will make more money.

So your offer should be a quantifiable result within a specific time frame

Something like a 30% increase in sales in 60 days or your money back. A money-back guarantee is a massive incentive as now the business owner isn’t risking anything at all.

And be truthful with it, if you haven’t delivered the results, then giving them their money back is the best option.

When you contact a business, one of the first thoughts that cross their minds is, is this a scam by offering a money-back guarantee.

Another killer way of getting clients is offering your services FREE for a certain amount of time, again giving them confidence in your services.

You need to have confidence in your service; if you don’t, when you do get your prospects on a call, they will notice the lack of confidence in how you interact and speak to them.

You need to be confident in what you say.

Know Your Service

By the time you are looking for clients, you should be very confident in your service. You should have done your research and completed training on what you are about to offer.

If you have not learned about your niche, you shouldn’t be trying to sell it yet.

An email something like 

My name is Shaun, and after looking through your product pages, I have a couple of ideas about increasing your conversion rate. Give two specific ideas. Would you be accessible for a quick call this week or next?

You need to be very specific. Sometimes, you might get an email saying how much you can make those changes without even getting on the phone.

Getting Your First Client

So you are brand new and have no numbers or no names that you can drop. So your main objective is to get those first clients and get outstanding results as fast as possible.

You need your case studies.

When you have your case studies in place, you will find getting new clients easy. When you show other businesses your case studies in the same niche, they will want to jump on board with you.

But what if you are in the niche and can’t get a client? 

Well, then work for free. 

It can be that people do not want to give money to somebody with absolutely zero results. If you are hungry enough, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. After all, you need social proof, and yes, it can be a little tricky getting it in the first place, but once you get those case studies, it is well worth it.

So now we have gone through a few of the mechanics of this. Next, let’s go into other ways to crush it with cold emails.

Using Upwork For Cold Email

Hiring a freelancer can be a good move if your time is worth more than you are paying them, do some simple maths, and if you are getting paid more per hour, you would be paying a freelancer. This could be an excellent route for you.

There are all kinds of people on Upwork who can generate lead lists for you. However, always make sure they give you the data you need, such as name, job title, company site, and email.

Booking Rate

To begin with, aim for around a 2% meeting rate. If you haven’t already done many sales calls, don’t worry. It will take a little while to master, don’t let this bother you. We all started somewhere, and sales calls can be difficult when starting.

The mere fact that you jumped on the sales calls will quickly understand where work is needed. You will slowly but surely begin to master your sales calls.

Sending Software

So to begin automating your cold email outreach, you might well want to have software do all of the heavy liftings.

From what we have tested, Mailshake is around the best.

When you are sending out many cold emails for your outreach, you will need a CRM Mailshake that has all of this internally and will help keep track of what you are doing.

Another advantage of Mailshake is the ability to run through list cleaning, meaning there is no need to run your lists through another software first.

Email Signature

Make yourself a good signature. Ensure you include your name, phone (google voice can be used), email, and a physical address.

The Google algorithm detects whether you have this content. So, it increases deliverability when you do. And, people trust you more when you have it.

Also, make sure that your cold emails don’t include images, bold text, bullet points, italics, or any special formats, as all of these will count against your deliverability.

You can, however, set your image to a picture of your face inside of Gmail.

Making A Cold Email Business

Now some of the software that I have mentioned isn’t cheap, and so to offset your expenditure, you could build a business around what you have.

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