Instagram chatbot, with complete e-commerce

Instagram Chatbot Complete Set Up Including E-commerce Inside Of Your Chatbot

Welcome to Chatammo, we have recently released our brand new Instagram chatbot. Now Chatammo can also reply to your Instagram messages automatically.

I will go through how to install it for yourself, as it isn’t just a chatbot but also the ability to build a complete e-commerce store inside of Instagram messenger.

This means with chatammo not only can your chatbot communicate to Instagram users but also sell products to customers right inside of Instagram.

Let’s go through to install it all for maximum effect.

There are a few things that we need to check to enable or chatbot to work, firstly your Instagram account must be changed to a business account. And is connected to one of your Facebook businesses pages.

Step 1. Head over to the Facebook page you would like to connect Instagram to, and click settings.

Adding Your Instagram Chatbot To Your Facebook Page

Step 2 After hitting the settings button, scroll down until you see Instagram on the left-hand side and click

Step 3 If you haven’t already connected your Instagram account you will see a button to do this. Click on the button and follow the guided steps inside.

connect your instagram chatbot

Step 3a Choose your Instagram account

choose the Instagram account to connect your chatbot too

Step 3b Choose business as the account type

Choose business as account type for your Instagram chatbot
Simply press next, Your Instagram account is now ready
your instagram account is now ready for your instagram chatbot

Step 4 Now you can head over to your chatammo dashboard and click on the import account, then click login with Facebook, select the Facebook page that is connected with the Instagram account, and enable bot connection.

Importing your new page with your Instagram chatbot

Now head over to bot settings and you will be treated to your new Instagram setup.

Let’s start creating our Instagram chatbot with Chatammo.

So for this example, we are going to imagine that we are. business and we want to use an Instagram chatbot to automatically reply to our potential customers.

The first thing we can do is set up our conversation starter.

When somebody wants to start a conversation these messages will be shown automatically

This is helpful because we are able to guide users to head in a particular direction and answer the questions that are common among our users.

Creating An Icebreaker For Your Instagram Chatbot

Head over to messenger and click bot settings

and then the get started settings. Now enable the icebreaker

Let’s use as an example a potential customer who wants to know the opening times.

Creating an icebreaker for your instagram chatbot

We can now select a previous reply, message, template, or postback that we have previously created, in this example, we are just going to add a new message template by clicking the small plus button below.

Adding a new template to your instagram chatbot

You are now taken to the add new template screen, fill this in as you see fit, you could also add further replies here, or send people into your flow if it has already been built, but you can do this later if you prefer.

Fill in add new template for your Instagram chatbot

Once completed hit submit.

We can add more questions by clicking on adding more questions.

Building Your Instagram Chatbot With FlowBuilder

Another way of replying is by building a flow within Chatammos flow builder and linking it to a keyword, so let’s head over to flowbuilder on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Now click to create a new flow and select the page under Instagram, then click okay.

You will now be inside of the flow builder and your starting point will be there as well as your dock on the left-hand side.

Flow builder block for your Instagram chatbot

Now drag and drop a trigger onto your pallet, this is what we are going to use for keywords, so double click on the trigger when it is in your pallet and write the keywords separated by a comma.

We can now drag and drop a generic template, which comes with a button already attached, which can be added too or deleted depending on what you are wanting your flow to do.

In this case, we have added a text to the flow, which was simply dragged and dropped onto the canvas.

adding a generic template to your instagram chatbot

After the text flow I decided to add another generic template ready to add our store

Here a simple link to our store that we had previously made for chatammo was placed so that the viewer would be taken straight to the store without ever having to leave Instagram, meaning higher conversions

eCommerce for instagram

Sequences can also be added to your Instagram Chatbot

Another useful feature of our Instagram chatbot is we can also send an automatic reply to a commenter.

Let’s go through how to do that.

Go to the comment, growth tool and click on the reply template under Instagram.

instagram chatbot from auto reply

Click on create a new template.

We can hide or delete any offensive keywords write the offensive keyword separated by a comma.

We can also send a private reply to the commenter. After deleting the offensive comment, give a name for the campaign and write the filter, word or sentence write the comment.

Reply text select a message: template for a private reply, put a different reply text, and select a different message template for no matching found.

Finally, click on submit now go back to comment, growth tool again.

Then go to automation, campaign click on settings.

The button of the post enables auto comment. Reply select the template we have just made.

Finally, click submit.

Another feature is to give an automatic reply to a story mention, which is when somebody mentions us within their stories.

For this, we are going to head back to the visual flow builder again, and create a new flow, (or you could just add it to your previous flow) select the Instagram account, and then click the okay button.

Double click on the starting step already supplied and as before name this flow., then drag and drop the action button and double click on that, now you can select action type as story mentions.

These are just the beginning of what you can do with the Chatammo Instagram chatbot.

So it’s now time for you to play with it and enjoy, possibly one of the biggest features in the new built-in e-commerce store inside of the chatbot, and this can be used with massive effect to help bring you brand new clients.

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