Instagram chatbots, the secret to making between $5,000 to $10,000 per month

Instagram Chatbots – The Secret To $5,000 To $10,000 A Month

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Instagram chatbots have just been released and it is not very often that a genuine $5,000 to 10 thousand dollars opportunity comes around and so when this does come up then you should always take notice.

When people are able to do this from anywhere in the world with ease, then it’s worth listening to because there is nothing else like it out there at all! A lot of Gurus think they can offer chatbot services on Instagram for cheap and expect money just rolls into their account.

Chatbots have been around for a while now, and in the beginning, there were quite a few businesses that had seen it as an opportunity to be on their pages. With Instagram’s new app with messages, you can expect some of this too, but we wanted more than just being normal run-of-the-mill chatbots.

Our team decided to go above and beyond what other bots might do by offering customers something special – A Chatbot that still works on Facebook, now working also on Instagram!

But wait…there’s even better news. Where people from other chatBot apps may try selling these influencers just a chatbot we wanted to go a whole lot further so we also added complete e-commerce right into our chatbot. Meaning, less friction for customers to buy.

And with 11 payment platforms, plus cash payments, this is the single biggest thing to happen for influencers on Instagram.

This means less friction because there is no loss of customers in their sales pipeline. And no longer having to sell people away from Instagram, which will keep the algorithms happier.

And I’m not just talking theory this is step by step on how to go out and achieve your financial freedom. In a future post, we are going to be deep diving step by step on how to do this easily.

But I want you first to learn all about what’s possible for me so that when it comes a time in the next few posts or videos for us to dive into these steps more deeply, then you’ll have had some background knowledge of where all those points came from as well as an understanding of whether they’re something that would work with your lifestyle.

What Is The Best Chatbot For Instagram

Chatbots for instagram

Now when chatbots first came out it was like the wild west out there, and a lot of people made a lot of money, I was very lucky to be a part of all of it, and I had started with manychat, who were the leader in chatbots at the time, and if you didn’t know about chatammo, could easily be argued they still are. This is an opportunity like that as it is brand new, just out, and we have the most advanced automation out there, with all of our added extras.

Now I don’t if you have already used Instagram in your business, but very many people do, and all of these people need help with something they don’t even know about. And you don’t need any special skills to be able to offer them help get paid.

Even better nobody else is offering this as quite simply their systems aren’t up to it because no one has a system that can automate followers on the fly so quickly or easily without compromising quality like Chatammo does!

This actually solves two problems for anyone looking at using social media marketing: It offers an easy way out from having zero followers while also providing a service where other companies fail miserably by not being fully automated which means there are always more hours available for business owners and influencers to free up their time.

And as mentioned before a complete built-in E-commerce solution.

Instagram is an online photo and video-sharing social networking service. It was created in 2010, but it has quickly become the most popular form of sharing on the internet today.

As of late 2020, there are 1.1 billion active users on Instagram, and still growing rapidly. It is also known that the amount of time spent daily by each user averaged about 58 minutes per day. Furthermore, it has been said directly by Facebook themselves that they believe that engagement with content on Instagram is four times greater than on Facebook.

Now as with everything digital marketing, it’s all about who can get the most eyeballs on their offers. A whole lot of people follow businesses there and that is why they are using Instagram to make money. Most of the time they are making this organically on here.

-The platform allows influencers to use the platform in order for them to earn more cash

-Businesses have noticed how popular social media has become which is where many companies promote themselves successfully

But they are still slaves to the Instagram algorithm, and manual labor to make their channels a success.

Now out of all the Instagram users, there is quite a large amount who have gained over 10,000 followers.

You know that they are monetizing in some way since it takes hard work to get to this many follows or likes on their page.

Facebook just recently announced its partners will be opening up API’s and we decided instead of rushing into developing something like other chatbots already exist.

Wanted our first release with Facebook Chatbot Builder would give people an edge by increasing engagement rates for those looking at potentials for business pages to make more from the platform but with a lot less actual work.

We wanted to make something that would upset the way that Instagram marketing is currently run, by offering more complete automation without having to be hands-on.

We wanted to design our software to be able to solve all of the problems both Instagram businesses face and build a sustainable business for an agency owner or somebody who would like to become and agency owner.

Now that the number of businesses with at least 10,000 followers has increased to 130 million and it’s more difficult than ever for small business owners to get eyeballs on their offers. Luckily Instagram Automation doesn’t require video production or funnel building!

This is something that you can start without having anything else at all, just your chatbot account.

Nobody else can offer that service to somebody who has a million followers, because nobody else has the automation open to you right now. Finally, ahead of the game, not behind all of this could be easily learned within a day, and you can become an authority at the same time, as literally, nobody else has access to this with their chatbots.

All that you need to do to set up your business is log into your account, and use the step-by-step videos.

The best part is the Instagram business owners don’t even know this exists.

How Much Can Be Made With An Instagram Chatbot

instagram chatbots

Now to be honest when I said $5,000 to $10,000 per month I was lowballing you. When think about it if those figures are a drop in the ocean and sky is the limit for those who commit themselves. What’s nice is they don’t dictate how you spend your day as well, yes setting everything up may take an hour or two but after that little time is spent not much else is needed.

If your time is even more limited you could even do a very similar plan using our affiliate program, giving you even more freedom.

Is It Illegal To Use Bots On Instagram?

Instagram frowns on certain kinds of chatbots, but they have released the API to developers and actually want Chatbots within their app. The only downside is that there are no current apps with automation for managing your account. However, Chatammo has created a platform where you can get 24/7 automated assistance from our specialists in any area-from answering questions or replying to comments about posts – all the way up through generating leads and selling products & services!

Without anybody being there, and the businesses that you will be working with have no idea how to do this themselves, they don’t know who much work goes into it. Which is very little as the software is made to be simple.

Business owners would rather hire an expert, and say, that thing you did on our post we want you to do it again.

So you can make good money on this, $5,000 to $10,000 per month is easily achievable.

So this means that you can automate inbound and outbound messaging in Instagram and you can leverage four very useful entry points, we’re going to be covering them right now, but these are the ways that you can get someone into a dm conversation.

Everyone who dm’s that brand or your brand is considered a subscriber and they have multiple ways to monetize them, So again, remember these key points. There are four entry points, well I should say new entry points as Chatammo already had quite a few.

So let’s begin with these four entry points, so the most important thing to any business owner on Instagram is getting more subscribers, as they believe more subscribers equals more eyes on their offers

Instagram owners tend to say things like I want to build my following and when asked why they will say so that they can make more money, at the end of the day that is what every business wants to do. And you can help them do that. Because you are about to become an Instagram monetizer.

And you become a monetizer by simply getting somebody into the Instagram direct message.

The four new entry points are.

1 Inbound message.

2 Story tags.

3 Comment On posts.

4 Private replies

Now, let’s go a little deeper into number one inbound DM’s. This is Instagram stories; now an Instagram story post lasts for 24 hours and hangs right at the top of your feed.

At the bottom of any given story, you’ll see “send message”, also known as the default action.

Think about what would happen if you have a big influencer with over 10,000 followers who put up that they’re giving something away for free to anyone who wants it!

This is huge as before your client would have needed to add some kind of link, then the viewer would have had difficulty remembering it and typing in their browser. Or a lot of influencers started to use SMS directly from their posts, again this proved problematic as trying to remember a phone number can be difficult.

we also have direct SMS built right into our system, so you can actually build your list in three different platforms, you have direct DM’s, SMS, and email. Making the Instagram page truly omnipresent.

Now, let’s look at another way this automation can skyrocket engagement, lets say we are doing some sort of lead gen giveaway, all we need to do is ask the viewers to comment on the word free, or any other keyword we set up.

This means your client doesn’t need to be waiting around, doesn’t need any VA’s nothing, and better still it’s not just giving away a little thing and one message, we can get an entire flow going.

Now let’s take a look at another way to skyrocket engagement. Let’s say we are doing some sort of lead gen giveaway, all you need to do is ask the viewers to type free, or any other keyword that has been set up in advance.

This means your client doesn’t have to be waiting around and can focus on their business without having VA help them out with this project; it also allows us to give away whatever it was automatically and build the businesses list at the same time.

So let’s say we have an e-commerce owner, and somebody sends a question of do you ship to South Africa. Not only can we send them an automated message but then also sell straight into our E-Commerce within the chatbot for their native payment gateway anywhere in the world where Stripe and Paypal, don’t cover!

So now you can get in touch with every Instagram influencer, and say hey you know how you are trying to sell your new product? We can completely automate that for you.

We get the job done faster. Our system is better because we send follow-ups automatically so it’s not reliant on their algorithm which changes all of the time. Our businesses can finally own their lists and don’t have to depend on the Instagram algorithm.

But as soon as a viewer clicks anything inside of the chatbot, that’s it they are now a subscriber, so not only are you answering questions, making sales, building trust but your also building your clients lists.

These are just a couple of examples and I’m hoping by now your head is spinning with ideas, this can be built to almost any scale that you want.

You truly have a wide-open blue ocean, that even if everybody who uses chatammo went out and hammered this 24 hours a day seven days a week, could never even get through 0.01% of all of the potential clients out there.

Next, we have story mentions. Now, the big brand has a huge following and they get tagged often. Don’t believe me? Check out go-pro who are masters at this and have grown their Instagram rapidly from using tagged stories.

So let’s still think of e-commerce, people take selfies of themselves and then post them to their stories and tag the brand. Now if they have our system set up the system will automatically respond with another sequence, so that your client can again get more subscribers.

And these aren’t just normal subscribers, big brands love influencers, you could supply a chatbot flow, that would convince these people who tag the business to become influencers.

Imagine if it is a viewer of theirs that has 100,000 subscribers and they tag your client, your client knows that if they are tagged by these people then their friends will buy too.

You could have a sequence that asks these people if they would like to become influencers, you could have a questionnaire for them right inside of your flow, so questions like.

How many followers do you have?

How many likes did your last post get?

Can we get your email address?

Facebook ads can be placed to your chatbot with an untapped opportunity for you.

  • You don’t need to know how Facebooks Ads work, this is purely something that people are not doing and they could learn on the job.
  • These targeted ads will make potential customers even more sales by advertising their Instagram content or a particular post of theirs on Facebook as well which increases engagement.
  • All of these can be led directly into your chatbot to increase sales even further

By using the chatbot, you are building up your lists and hitting people who already know the company and trust them, so making sales becomes even easier to sell as of the interactions on autopilot through the chatbot flows.

And once they are on your client’s list you can keep marketing, keep building relationships, keep selling.

By using your chatbot for e-commerce clients it becomes easy to advertise any special offers that a business might have, and because the business now owns the list, they aren’t going to be restricted by Instagram’s tightening grip on who sees their post. so you are building a list of buyers and people interested in the products

Now, you can easily contact them with any specials by using your chatbot.

The client doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on marketing and you can set up an automated broadcast in your chatbot in just three minutes.

So now you as an agency, go to clients and say: look. Not only am I going to make you money on automating inbound dm and automated your stories posts but I’ll also automate sales for you- all these people that we’re messaging are becoming subscribers of the future.

This means every time your client has a sale, it can be automated via DM, as well as SMS, and email, so they are no longer relying on the algorithm.

I want you to go over to Instagram and look at these huge companies with let’s say 1 million followers and look at the tiny engagement they are getting, half of them will be lucky to get 10% engagement, that’s not their bad posts that is the algorithm taking over and only showing to a limited amount of their subscribers.

That means that these businesses are spending all of their time building their following and then Instagram isn’t showing it to most of them, Instagram is making the decisions about who can see their posts. But with this automation, you can change all that, you can take their followers and make it so they can all see your client’s posts because now you control the subscribers.

I want you to go over to Instagram and look at these huge companies with let’s say 1 million followers, then check out the tiny engagement they are getting that is because of their algorithm. They are only getting a tenth of the engagement they should be. That means that these businesses spend all of their time building a following and then Instagram isn’t showing it to most of them, which is terrible for them as their businesses aren’t getting the exposure they deserve

But with automation, this can change everything – take over their followers and make it so they can all see your client’s posts because now you control the subscribers.

I love this analogy! Imagine if your favorite restaurant or store has a grand opening for all its new products but it only lets in four people every day…what would happen? It’ll be hard not many will show up. But what happens when we automate each follower so they can see our content too? Now everyone shows up and there’s less chance of them forgetting about the business

It doesn’t matter how big or small businesses get, automation gives power back into their hands instead of letting the algorithm control the businesses reach.

Now do you think a company would be happy to pay you $1,000 per month so that they can reach all of their subscribers, I’m pretty sure you’re getting the idea

How The Instagram Algorithm Works

instagram chatbots

Now the way Instagram’s algorithm works is that it scores what subscribers do. If a viewer saves your video, or posts that are big to their feed then they can give them more power which will show your business’s posts to more people.

If brands share cool content on Instagram, how does Instagram know when something inspires us?

People comment.

So commenting is a big deal, so they show your post to more people because they’re, like hey, there’s a community happening here. There’s a lot of action going on so just to catch up real quick, make sure that the last 30 seconds resonated with everybody. 

We can get more eyeballs on the posts which will increase the engagement, which in turn will show the post to more people, and this is a circle that just keeps going, the more engagement you get for your client, the more Instagram will show it to people too.

If you look at how people are using Instagram at the moment you’ll see that people are making posts that say things like, comment on my post below for my free event. When people comment then the business has to go through all of these comments and reply to them all manually, sending out all of the information one by one. And to try and beat the algorithm they are also manually commenting on the post, in reply.

Businesses are using Instagram to promote their events, and people can comment on the post for a chance to get whatever the business is pushing.

When they do so, businesses have to go through each of these comments one by one manually in order to reply back with information about the event. Some business owners also manually comment below posts using VA’s which further sets into any profits they might have.

Consistancy On Instagram

But it isn’t just comments, saves, and sending messages, Instagram wants their users to post more.

They make money by selling advertising, so the more content they have on there the better, they need fresh content to get people on their platform.

Our system also automates the entire posting, so that the algorithm will see that the business cares about their views and this again, increases how many of their subscribers and non-subscribers will see the posts.

Automating Post Comments

So we can use a post and tell people to comment on a post, and then let the software private reply to every comment. As well as commenting below the previous comment, again increasing engagement.

You could tell people to comment to get VIP access to whatever it is that your business client is wanting to use.

Instagram Entry Points

These four new entry points can absolutely bring your clients a whole load of new profits in, and when you consider that you can also add complete e-commerce the sky really is the limit as you no longer have to send them out of your conversation, everything is right there so a whole lot less friction.

When you talk to businesses or influencers they are really excited as they didn’t know this was possible. You don’t have to try and do a sales pitch, you can basically show them and watch them get excited themselves.

What can you actually do now that you know that we have these ways of getting people in? What do we actually do? Well, you can indoctrinate and capture so right away. You tell people hey. This is my Instagram VIP. You can get their email address. You can get their SMS information. You can send that over to their email platform, you can send that over to their SMS platform and now they’re building their list. Now you can also sell more because we have something called a 24-hour marketing window.

How many of you guys have ever heard the saying? The money is in the follow-up. Well, it’s true. The money is in the follow-up and with Instagram dm automation, campaigns the same thing with email and SMS.

We have 24 hours to follow up with those people within the Instagram platform, if we are going to try and sell, however, we can continue to contact the businesses subscribers in the future as long as we don’t try and sell, but once they have re-engaged, then we can start selling again. And with 80% open rates obviously sales are going a whole lot higher.

But remember we also have email, with 16% open rates, and SMS with around 87% open rates, so you can contact customers and buyers easily through all platforms.

So as an example of your first 24 hours in Instagram DMs you could send the initial message: two hours later you’re, reminding them four hours later, reminding them six hours later, you’re, reminding them 22 hours later you’re, reminding them there’s a better chance, you’re going to get a sale because you’re not just sending one message, and your clients can jump in at any time to take over the conversation.

Can you imagine a business owner trying to send dm’s to thousands of people every day, they would be up the wall, or they would at least need one virtual assistant with our systems in place they don’t need to worry about any of that at all.

Imagine a customer comments on your post and you’re, sending them straight into to your store. You’re actually going to them, and then that link is actual chat automation.

We can use the chatbot flow to find out exactly what they are looking for and lead then straight to in our flow, so say they want, shoes, well that’s cool, we can find out the color the style, everything and then have the shoes presented to them right inside of the chat. and we can have all of that with our 11 payment processors so it doesn’t matter where in the world they are.

This is the sort of stuff even Shopify, Groovecart, or woo-commerce simply can’t do. You are in effect adding a personal shopper to their Instagram.

Instagram Icebreakers

Then you have the icebreaker elements inside of the chatbot, and those are questions that these people’s customers always ask, all of these can be put on there so people aren’t waiting for their answers.

So you could have what are your returns policy, how long does delivery take, the sky is the limit

You could literally automate this process and it’s absolutely worth you know thousands a month.

You can tell your prospects that you are going to help them get more exposure and reach a larger number of people with their Instagram account.

They will also be able to grow their following faster than they would on the shaky foundation it is sitting on now because we’re relying only on the Instagram algorithm, which could affect us at any time, we are truly building a list that they own.

Imagine these businesses get a ban on their account and suddenly boom, they have lost everything. Which our systems in place have their own customer base, they can contact people outside of Instagram, if they did get thrown off the platform they could be set back up again, straight away, sending an email or SMS and just telling their subscribers where their new Instagram is. 

This is a massive blue ocean because I’m talking about clients that you’ve never even seen most of you so imagine, you’re, probably following people that I’ve never seen it’s it’s available for everybody. 

You could totally do this for a thousand dollars. You don’t have to do ads, You don’t have to make websites, you don’t have the right copy. Just get to go behind the scenes. 

Now, here’s what I hope for all of you there’s a couple of different layers to running an agency, and this above is a basic agency, I think everybody who wants to make more money. With a very base level knowledge, you could be making a ten thousand to five thousand dollars a month offering these simple services to just about any of these influencers, or businesses.

They have no idea what is possible.

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