Kajabi review 2021

Kajabi Review 2021 – The REAL Pros And Cons

Welcome to my Kajabi review 2021 within this review. I would like to uncover everything Kajabi warts and all so that you can decide if Kajabi is right for you, or if other software might serve you better.

What Is Kajabi

This is a question that gets asked a lot. Kajabi isn’t entirely as well known as some of the powerhouses out there.

Kajabi is in effect one of the elite one-stop software for selling online courses and combining quite a few of sales funnels’ features.

Founded in 2010 by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter Kajabi intends to supply a simplified tech system with everything you need to start and sell your products. With built-in tools that will help you create online courses, carry out marketing campaigns and build website pages.

What is Kajabi Used For:

Kajabi has tried to get a considerable amount within their building software and offers many functions that are simple to use but powerful at the same time.

Such as 

  • Website builder
  • Online Course builder
  • Membership site builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Funnel Builder
  • Automation 
  • CRM functionality
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Quizzes & Surveys
  • Payment processing
  • Affiliate management 

Why Kajabi Review In 2021

When looking for reviews of Kajabi in 2021, I found a lot of very superficial reviews that were written by affiliates of this software, which were not giving an unbiased version of this software.

Full Transparency

I am not an affiliate for Kajabi. But have used the software for quite some period. And so feel well placed to write this review.

Kajabi Review Summary

Kajabi is one of the most feature-rich platforms out there, and if I had written this review even four months ago, that would have pretty much been the end of the review. However, some software can now give Kajabi a run for its money. We will be diving into those a little later.

Kajabi offers everything you will need to sell online courses and a membership site and has become a little bit of a specialist program to do that. But Kajabi has already placed itself well and has the support tools you need to do with ease.

Kajabi review 2021

Kajabi Pros And Cons

Pros of Kajabi

  • All in one platform, no more taping software together
  • Over ten themes and a significant amount of customization options in the course player
  •  iOS/Android mobile app.
  • Engagement tools like Community, Assessments, etc.
  • Websites and blogs easily created.
  • Sales pipeline and marketing automation tools
  • 24/7 customer support 

Cons of Kajabi

  • No advanced quiz elements like question banks, randomization, etc.
  • Only a few landing page templates
  • Huge price
  • Cant handle sales taxes well

Kajabi Features

The primary job of Kajabi is getting your online courses together, so in this review, lets start there. 

Uploading Content

Uploading with Kajabi is straightforward, made simple by something Kajabi calls product blueprints, which are pre-made structures to help you through your digital products.

 These blueprints will provide you with a straightforward outline for your course structure and help you start quickly.

Product Blueprints in Kajabi

Once you have selected your product blueprint, Kajabi will create a simple structure for your course, with your categories and posts added by default.

Kajabi has decided to name your modules. Categories and posts, which are your categories are where you organize and posts where your content is stored.

These can be reorganized by a simple drag and drop system, which makes changing your order a breeze.

Various content types can be used with Kajabi such as videos, assessments, texts, pdf downloads etc. 

Video Hosting

As part of your Kajabi subscription, you will also receive unlimited video hosting. This is on all plans and is a nice touch to get your subscribers away from youtube hosted videos and the next video suggestions that come with it.

However, Kajabi is not very flexible when adding different types of content within the same lesson.

Uploading content is about as simple as you can get, and uploads can be completed either straight from your system or dropbox/ google drive.

A feature that saves a lot of time is the bulk uploading where you can upload multiple videos and turn them straight into posts.

Content Delivery

Where you find many course platforms will only offer one theme, Kajabi comes into its own with a great selection of themes.

This means you can choose different themes for different courses, so no matter what type you are running there should be a theme to suit your needs.

A great theme to get started with is the ‘premier’ It is clean and elegant, where you can display thumbnails of the individual lessons, and branding—giving a premium touch to the look and feel of your online courses.

IOS / Android App

No matter which theme you choose, Kajabi has made all of their templates mobile-friendly, so your students will have no issues watching your content on the go.

Push notifications can also be sent to your subscribers to inform them of updates and keep their engagement high with your content. Or new discussions start in the community area.

Kajabi course delivery is well optimized for your subscribers, and at this time no other platform gives the same flexibility (however that is changing)

Certificates And Quizzes

A tool called Assessments takes care of your user engagement and adds value to your course. With assessments, you can add quizzes, including multiple-choice, multiple options, paragraph style questions, etc. And students can get grades for completing these.

One of the best uses for these is, of course, to get feedback from your students and continue to give them what they want within your course.

A couple of small snags with assessment include not importing questions from an external style.

You also cant add advanced quiz elements such as question banks, timed quizzes etc., which means that Kajabi is not ideal for fully blown exams.

Building Community 

Adding comments to courses is getting more familiar with other platforms; however, Kajabi has taken this a step further and includes the ability to add what it calls ‘community’, which can be added to your membership site and as a standalone product.

Community access is available through the user’s dashboard, where they can start a new topic or participate in an ongoing topic, all while staying on your website.

You can also create a members directory page where your members will see other profiles, and send direct messages.

Again, this is a great feature but could be improved by adding features like setting up events, live streaming or polls, and quizzes.

Drip Fed Content / Locked Content

Not a unique feature but certainly one that is needed, significantly if you are charging a monthly membership payment to your site, is the ability to drip feed your pieces of training over some time

This means that rather than giving all of your members access to your full course as they sign up, you can instead release according to your schedule.

Locking is another excellent feature, which means your subscribers must (if you set it) complete one lesson before they are allowed to take the next.

This could be used with the assessment feature, meaning that they will not be allowed to proceed until your students pass your test.


This is a great feature. This allows you to create a when/then rule. This means that you can set certain actions when a user sets off specific triggers.

Kajabi Courses

Kajabi does a great job as far as course creation is concerned, having all of the features that you could need to create and deliver a right course, or membership site.

Kajabi has plenty of advanced features which leave a lot of other platforms in the dust.

It is easy to see why Kajabi is an easy sell for its affiliates when customers want a top-notch member building website as it does precisely what it says on the tin and is a very advanced piece of software.

However, the pricing is very high. With some new software coming out could be a very pricy option, if you don’t need all of these features, I would suggest most people don’t.

Kajabi Site Builder

It is a little pointless having a great membership site and a good website to recruit members. Kajabi also lets you build your website within its platform.

Kajabi Hosting

With kajabi, there is no need to buy separate hosting as it is already provided for you within their subscription package. A nice touch is that you don’t need to increase your hosting as your website becomes more popular.

When you first set up your Kajabi website, it will by default be pointed at the Kajabi domain. (yourdomainname.mykajabi.com) But adding your domain is simple and reasonably inexpensive to buy.

SSL certificate is also provided at no extra cost and no need for you to go through the setup process

Finally, Kajabi lets you remove their branding from all places and thus completely white-label your website.

Kajabi review 2021

Website Themes

The thems inside of Kajabi are all straightforward to install with one click, and these dictate the look and style of your website.

However, only six website designs, although all look clean and modern, are minimal and a minimal choice compared to others.

However, themes can be customized to change the design yourself, which will get you over the limited choice.

Alternatively, if you are a power user of Kajabi, you can hire a developer to build a complete custom theme for your website.

For you to customize your website yourself, you will need to use Kajabis page builder. Luckily this is a drag and drop builder where it is easy to make changes to your sites front end.

Luckily, over forty pre-built ‘sections’ can add to your pages to make them a little more unique. All of Kajabis pages are fully optimized for mobile by default, and you have the options to hide or show different elements on mobile and desktop.


Kajabi allows you to add blog elements to your website, which will help you rank your site within the various search engines and complete with their blog optimization.

Kajabi lets you set how you would like your blog to appear, with items such as a sidebar, custom blocks etc. easily changed.

Opt-ins and various other elements are also simple to add.

While you can build a complete blog within Kajabi, you should bear in mind that this isn’t going to be as powerful as a dedicated blog creator like WordPress.

Or a blog built with a faster base such as Groove.

Website Creation – The Bottom Line

Although Kajabi is suitable for website building, it is not really top of its game, unlike the membership side. They do offer what you need which is always good, but everything on website building is a little bare, without the choices a lot of platforms have

Sales And Marketing

Kajabi takes a very different approach from all its competitors when it comes to sales and marketing tools. Agan Kajabi shines within this area. Rather than just giving the basic tools, Kajabi has provided an entire suite of tools to handle your marketing and build your audience.


Kajabi has what they have named as offers to sell through them. They are straightforward to create and give you a significant amount of flexibility, including charging for your course as a one time, subscription, payment plan, or free.

Suppose you want to create a recurring subscription. In that case, you can charge your customers weekly, monthly or yearly, and add an initial set up fee.

A feature that I love is the price flexibility within Kajabi, you can price your offer in any primary currency, including USD, GBP, AUD etc.

If you are reselling your courses, this can also be done by setting a specific date for access to begin.

You can also restrict members access to your courses, to a set number of days, for example, access for one year and then access expires.

Payment Processing

A hugely important aspect of any digital marketing is sales and payment processing. Kajabi does a rather neat trick for a beginner, of when you add a new product for sale. Kajabi will automatically create a check out page.

Another essential feature is the one step check out that Kajabi has put in place, meaning that subscribers don’t need to create an account before buying, leading to higher conversion.

Full information can also be gained from the buyer to decide which information is essential for you to collect.

Order bumps and upsells also integrated within the platform, offering yet another way to collect more revenue.

All of this Kajabi also offers a cart abandonment email follow up to remind would-be customers that they haven’t completed their purchase as yet.

Like other similar platforms, kajabi offers checkout pages rather than carts, which have been proven to have much higher conversion rates.

However, this can be changed if you build a marketplace where a traditional shopping cart is present. To properly run an eCommerce store, Kajabi will connect to the likes of 3dcart.

Payment processing is limited to Stripe or Paypal (I would recommend Stripe as I have my own horror stories around PayPal. Kajabi doesn’t charge a transaction fee which is a rather welcome bonus.

Kajabi’s Sales Pipeline Builder 

This is a helpful feature allowing you the ability to build different marketing types of funnels. And is made with the novice in mind making building your ales funnel quick and easy.

This is one of my favourite features of Kajabi as it is so simple to use, simply select a set of sales pipeline blueprints and it is pretty much done for you.

As soon as you select a blueprint, Kajabi will put together the pieces you need for that funnel. Including landing pages, forms, email campaigns, your offer etc. 

Kajabi Landing Pages

Landing pages also come in the way of templates within Kajabi. These can be embedded into your blog posts or used as pop-ups to collect your email subscribers. And although not very advanced they do their job in an okay way.

Email Marketing 

Kajabi allows you to do a whole lot more than just collect emails, and send out newsletters, and can send out automated email campaigns.

Adding emails to your sequence is a simple task, and deciding when to send the emails out is also very simple. Users can be tagged to create segmentation, to make your campaigns more relevant.

For example, you can remove your subscribers from a sales sequence as soon as they purchase your offer. Or, you can add them to another email sequence if they don’t buy your offer.

Suppose you are expecting Kajabis email marketing to be on par with dedicated email marketing platforms. In that case, you will be disappointed as Kajabis is missing a few key actions that make it a great email. (email autoresponders I have found to be the best are GrooveGetresponse, and Moosend, full reviews of these can be found within this blog.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

This is another excellent addition to Kajabis line up of apps. It will allow you to have affiliates sell your products for you. All of the essential features you need are there, making it easy to manage your affiliate program.

You can add affiliates, select the products they can sell, create affiliate share links, custom commissions etc. As well as track your affiliates’ performance and export their payout reports to pay them.

By default, an affiliate page is built to access their affiliate dashboard, find links, and track their statistics.

However, a few things could be improved within the affiliate tools, such as setting a custom number of days for the tracking cookie. By default, this is set to 30 days.

You also can’t upload assets and swipes for your affiliates to use

Third-Party Integration 

Kajabi will integrate with specific third-party tools with Aweber, Mailchimp Drip, ConvertKit and Activecampaign being the most noteworthy. There is also a perfect zapier integration so you should have no problems adding almost anything.

Sales and Marketing – The Bottom Line

Kajabi offers an excellent robust all in one platform when it comes to sales and marketing. However, there are better out there and I would suggest checking some of these out at the bottom of the page to get a complete picture.


The reporting and analytics tools withing Kajabi, are handy and well thought out. Tracking things such as page views, opt-ins, revenue etc. are all essential when running an online business. It is good to see Kajabi taking its tracking seriously.

Reports for your subscribers are also useful, with average revenue per user, monthly recurring payment, and churn rate all there to help make your memberships more successful.


Outstanding support is offered with Kajabi, I have never had any problems with them at all, and I would say that they are one of the few platforms that take pride in their customer service teams,

Kajabi review 2021

Kajabi Free Trial

Yes, Kajabi offers a free trial below. I will list some of the best affiliate bonuses I have found for Kajabi.

Kajabi Pricing

Three Pricing plans are offered with Kajabi, all of which offer you an unlimited video hosting with Wistia and zero transaction fees.

Basic Plan

The basic plan comes in at $149 per month and is the lowest tier that Kajabi offers. With this plan, you can create three products and three sales Pipelines.

Growth Plan 

The growth plan is $199 per month and allows you to create a larger number of products and more importantly, perhaps. Have a larger number of members on your site.

You also get more pipelines, affiliate marketing tools and automation.

Pro Plan

The pro plan pricing is $399 per month and will increase your limits even further with everything you will need. 

Most users find the first two plans adequate for their needs, so this plan may not be for you. 

Is Kajabi Worth It

With the starting price of Kajabi so high then I would suggest if you are here just to test the waters, certainly try the free trial, and look around at my other reviews to see which platform may be a better fit.

With that being said if you need feature-rich members to site Kajabi is right up there. 

Kajabi Affiliate Program

Kajabi, like most other platforms, also has an affiliate program built into it so you can also make money while you are using Kajabi.

How do I join the Kajabi Affiliate Program?

To become an affiliate partner of Kajabi, you will first need to open a Kajabi account. This will qualify you as a partner. As somebody who knows the program, meaning if you are trying to sell Kajabi in theory, you already know how to use it to get maximum results for anybody you sign up.

As a partner with Kajabi, you get payouts of 30% for the user’s lifetime, which as you can imagine can add up very quickly indeed. 

That means, if you sign up one member who sticks around for two years, you will make approximately $1,000

Affiliate Payments

Suppose you sign somebody to Kajabi anytime within the month. In that case, you will have to wait for the next full month before receiving payment. This is just a safeguard on Kajabis part that people aren’t going to cancel their subscriptions and so have to ask you for the money back.

After that month has expired, a report is generated the first week of the following month. Payouts are sent around the 25th of the month depending on holidays, and weekends. 

Kajabi Bonuses

Because of the large sums of money affiliates can make from you signing up to Kajabi some offer very nice bonuses for signing that should be looked at carefully when considering joining Kajabi.

Best Kajabi Bonuses

Below are some of the bonuses I found from various affiliates that should help you get started with Kajabi, Please read through the bonuses in the link supplied and discover which will be better for you, and give you the most value 


Are Including 

  • LIVE “Kajabi Office Hours” Zoom Sessions
  • The Membership by Monday Bonus Course
  • The Easy Outsourcing course


  • Melanie’s brand new KAJABI PARTNER MEMBERSHIP!


  • Perfect Funnel System
  • 21 of the best wp plugins
  • Aventus events maker
  • Sexy styles


  • Free support strategy calls with expert
  • 50% off Quickstart bundle

Kajabi Alternatives

If I had written this review around seven months ago I would have said that Kajabi was untouchable in the world of premier course creation, and in many ways it still is.

However, one competitor has emerged that although cant take Kajabi’s crown right at this moment in January 2021, will very shortly (based on what that have planned and what they have done so far, and It isn’t taking them long at all and that is Groove who are offering a free for life plan and a lifetime deal )

Kajabi vs Thinkific

Thinkific is one of the leaders in the marketplace of online course platforms and is a great tool in its own right.

Allowing users to host content, including videos, it also has some of the features of Kajabi, such as content drip and content and you can create advanced quizzes, and issue certificates to your students.

Unlike Kajabi thinkific only offers one-course theme and don’t, at the time of writing have a mobile app, you still do get the option to create a community.

Site building is good with a wide range of themes and a powerful site builder that is easy to use.

Thinkific, however, lacks in point of sale and marketing areas, with not having a sales funnel builder or built-in email automation

Kajabi vs Teachable

Teachable is yet another giant in this space that allows you to create and sell online courses under your own brand.

All aspects that you need to create your online courses are provided. So you can add multiple content types including videos and quizzes to your course, drip your course content, develop certificates natively and deliver content through a very well designed course player.

Even though Teachable has all of the core creation features, it lacks some of the choices you get with Kajabi. So visually it is not quite as good

Teachable also has a limited site builder, without any site themes. And the page builder is a little clunky

Sales and marketing within teachable are good though offering some cool features like coupons, one-click upsells, affiliate marketing etc.

Kajabi vs Groove

Groove is an all in one site builder that includes a complete membership site builder, and although this review maybe a few months premature, this could work to your advantage.

Groove is currently offering a free for life option, which gives you one membership site and three domains.

However, Groove’s exciting part is currently offering a lifetime plan, with unlimited membership, unlimited funnels, websites, and 25,000 free email autoresponder subscribers.

At present Groove, the member’s area is pretty basic, and around equal to clickfunnels membership builder, however, the signs are showing for something great that should take over Kajabis hold on the top spot.

See a full review here.

Kajabi Review – Final Verdict

Kajabi is currently one of the best options for creating membership sites and online courses, with its unlimited video hosting well-designed course designs, community forum builder, and so much more. It is awesome as a membership site builder, even if a little expensive.

With the added bonus of running blogs sales funnels, email automation and everything else it really is a good solid all-rounder.

And at present with its well-rounded platform that is above and beyond.

However, I am not expecting that to last much longer and believe that Groove will be a huge competitor in occupying some of the same space.

The starting price is steep, but the pricing should work well for you if you build your entire business or a significant portion of it on the platform. 

If you want to give Kajabi a try, Please check out the bonuses offered above by the affiliates.

I hope you found this Kajabi review useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below so that I can get back to it as soon as possible!

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