Kartra Review 2021- The Truth About This All In One Platform

In this Katra Review 2021, I would like to take you through every detail of kartra, I have included stable of contents in the hope that you can find the items that you are looking for to find out if Kartra is the right choice for you.

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is an all in one digital marketing tool, that can take care of everything from one dashboard. When setting up an online business, a lot of tools are required. 

Kartra addresses this problem with an all in one builder that, includes email automation, helpdesk, membership sites, etc.

 With Kartra, and similar programs. Because everything is built within the same platform, they talk to each other seamlessly resulting in a better experience for yourself and your users. 

The biggest benefit of this is that you only have one support team to contact if something goes wrong with any of your software. 

Kartra has been around since 2018 and formed by some pretty formidable marketers, in fact, the same team that brought you webinar jam, although one of the leading minds has since left and begun in direct competition to Kartra, Releasing Groove

What’s Katra Used For?

Katra is used to begin automating all of the moving parts within your business. This task is completed with innovated software that works together seamlessly, which means rather than dreading a new build within your online business all works together.

Who Is Katra For?

With every piece of software, you always feel that there are particular niches that the developers had in mind when designing Kartra. The critical thing to remember id Kartra is more than just a sales funnel software.

Coach / Consultant

If you already in the coach consultant niche, or looking to start, Kartra gives you the ability to capture new leads and target all your follow-ups with ease.

Course / Membership Creator

Katra supplies a good solid membership framework. Of course, complete automation within maybe not up there with the dedicated membership site builders is more than adequate for building your membership sites. Many membership websites are built on Kartra.

Business Owners

Who are looking to expand and streamline business, needing various integrations but not wanting to try and piece everything together.

Plus many more can benefit from this software

Kartra Features plus bonuses

Onboarding Process

Katras onboarding is efficient, and through every point of the signup, Kartra will keep you informed.

After sign up, four emails are received to let you know where you are in the process. When first logging into your account, a video shows some of the features of kartra and your next steps.

A checklist is outlined during your onboarding which will help you through your early days with kartra. Although you aren’t forced to follow it to the letter they do encourage you to do so.

Kartra Review 2021

Kartra has been an industry leader almost from the point it was released and is often compared to clickfunnels. Many people just see Kartra as another funnel building software. Clickfunnels is the best known in the space.

But Kartra is so much more and is very closely related to Groove, more on that later. 

Kartra has done a beautiful job of making its software easily accessible to both pro and novice users. Giving an intuitive experience within the platform.

This helps users on the kartra platform produce what they want to create within a few days, rather than wasting time trying to learn. 

Kartra has a great flexible framework, which means you can set up your online business to perform any way you would like.


I am going to include this as another great thing about Kartra. Many other of these builders Katra is cloud-based which means it isn’t going to slow down your computer when working on it. 

The cloud hosting is included in the subscription, so there are no surprises when paying for your Kartra platform.

Kartra features and bonuses

Kartra Features

All of Kartras features are included with all of their memberships. The only differences in the memberships are contact list size, traffic allowance and bandwidth.

This is a point that I am not too keen on. When building an online business, I like to have almost everything unlimited so that I have no worries about if I am going above my allotted amounts. (And yes there are good alternatives out there, that let you do just that, more on that later)

Web Hosting

Another good feature of kartra is their web hosting which goes above and beyond what many other builders offer. 

For example, if you have an existing business that already has a WordPress site. Katra can help you host both, which is a considerable hassle saving feature. Kartra has made sure that this is as straightforward as possible.

Funnel Building

Many businesses are now aware of the importance of sales funnels. Kartra has also made this very easy and is at the very least on par with Clickfunnels.

Kartra gives you the ability to move your business into an eCommerce channel. 

Unlike some funnel software. Kartra gives you a complete system from your sales funnels. Taking care of every aspect of the sales process, meaning you are not trying to wrestle other software to work together.

The advantage of this is obvious as with Kartra you have the ability to connect all of the pillars of your business, such as:

  • Linking pages
  • Optin forms
  • Checkout options
  • Emailing
  • Lead tagging
  • So many more

Affiliate Management

I have used so much software that boasts about how simple it is to set up your affiliate management systems, only to be let down with substandard software. 

I am pleased to say Kartra’s affiliate management is one of the good guys. Helping you keep track of your affiliates and manage all of their data effectively.

All of the details needed to uneffective affiliate campaign are all there. As well as having this fully automated, you can also manually review your affiliates giving you complete control.

Marketing Automation

If you don’t want to be stuck in front of your computer day in and day out, doing all of the mundane tasks needed, needed marketing automation is a must.

Marketing is a crucial element of any online business, and because the competition is raising daily. The need for an excellent complete marketing automation platform has never been greater.

Suppose you have tried gaffa taping various programs together. You will know the frustration that can cause.

Kartra has tackled this issue well, with all aspects of your marketing taken care of for you. Automation such as tagging will help all businesses and reach out to your potential market and give customized service to each.

Landing Page Design

The front end of any funnel builder is the landing page, and Kartra has done an excellent job of making its landing page easy to use. Katras choice of landing page templates are both beautiful and functional, and simple to customize.

Using an easy drag and drop system, your landing pages can be up and working in no time. With a fair amount of elements that can be added to increase conversions.

Added to that, kartra comes with the ability to preview and edit your landing pages so that they can be viewed on any device.

Page Builder

Page building capabilities are also built with the same drag and drop system that the landing pages use. Once one is learned, those skills are transferable.

Again Kartra has an excellent varied amount of .easliy editable templates. If you don’t need a full template, then block templates can further expand your creativity.

Each kartra pricing plan comes with more abilities to add more elements, so in that instance, you aren’t left paying for parts that you won’t fully use. Easy social sharing is also featured in the page builder, allowing you to have your pages go viral.

You should bear in mind that like a lot of other builders Katra is still built using bootstrap technology, which means load speeds can be slower, which makes ranking your website within the search engines more difficult.

This is a real shame to get the traffic to your site you have one less cheap option, and you would need to rely on paid traffic a little more.

Email Marketing

Even with opening rates being at an all-time low email marketing is still one aspect that must be considered. Often, email marketing is included within an all-in-one platform; they tend to lack functionality and are often clunky, which is added as more of an afterthought.

Karta has done a lovely job on its email marketing, ensuring that reasonable delivery rates are in place, and making everything inside its autoresponder work. Custome tags can again be added, meaning that your email lists can be segmented and only delivered to the right people.

All of this helps leave a positive impression as your subscribers aren’t bothered by emails that don’t apply to them.

Video Hosting

Having built-in video hosting is yet another significant aspect of kartra. That isn’t usually one of the things that spring to mind that you need until you have used it.

With your video hosting included. It means you no longer have to rely on Youtube to host your videos and watch your prospects get leaked from the next video that comes on the end of your video.

Video hosting also comes into its own when used with your membership sites.

A significant aspect of hosting your videos with your Kartra. You can also add CTA’s inside your video and track views inside your videos, all adding to yet more conversions.

Products & Carts

It doesn’t matter how good your sales pages are if you don’t have a product to back it all up. Kartra has covered this with their built-in shopping cart.

When adding a product, you face two options: upsells/ downsells or make the main product.

The first few times through the shopping cart are a little tricky, but once you have done this a few times, it gets easier and is worth sticking with it, until you have it mastered.

The steps to setting this all up are :

  • Payment gateways (PayPal or Credit Card)
  • Product pricing (one-time, recurring, fixed amount, etc.)
  • Trial structures (such as $1 for first 7 days)
  • Product, checkout and thank you page design
  • Cart abandonment rules
  • Cart bump offers (add X for $5)
  • Cart templates & style (hosted, overly, embed)
  • And a whole lot more…

A lot of these features also have a stackable feature meaning that you can build your sales as straightforward or as complex as what suits, Without feeling overwhelmed by the tech side.

From the shopping cart, you can also enable the product to be marketed by affiliates and set up the pricing and percentages, all in the same dashboard.

So Much More

This is just scratching the surface on what Kartra can do. There are too many moving parts to go through each in details, in a single review.

Within this Kartra Review, I have tried to go through the essential bit software you get, but others like the CRM are very welcome smaller software.


One point about Kartra I would like to point out with Kartra is they have gone the extra mile. Giving you proven done for you funnels by marketing legends like Frank Kern

Out of the companies I have reviewed so far there is only Kartra and Groove who have bent over backwards this far and given away marketing for free to help you grow.

Kartra pricing and bonuses

Kartra Pricing

Kartra has two main pricing plans, with two other pricing plans for the heavy users

Kartra Free Trial

Although Kartra don’t offer a free trial they do offer a $1 trial of there product

How Much Is Kartra Monthly

A monthly plan might be the correct fit for you, and Kartra has this covered well with its two main pricing plans (there is a further two for large bandwidth users)

Kartra Starter

The starter pricing plan comes in at $99 per month. For what you get I think it is very well priced.

However, there are limits on this plan; you are limited to 2,500 contacts and 15,000 emails per month, 100 pages, 20 products, and 100 automation.

These limits are a little on the low side if you want to scale your digital marketing rapidly, and there are some better options out there. Alternatively, you can save a substantial amount if you decide to pay annually. If you have the money, this could be worth it as this will bring the cost down to $69 per month.

Kartra Silver

The Silver plan, which is $199 per month, also comes with limits which are 12,500 contacts, 125,000 emails per month unlimited pages, products and automation.

Again has significant savings if you decide on paying annually, which would equate to $139 per month.

Kartra Pricing Plans

There are also 2-year discounts available.

Suppose you require more than your allotted amounts. There is also the Gold ($299/mo) and Diamond plans ($699/mo).

All Kartra pricing plans let you try the service out for $1 for 14 days.

Kartra Pros And Cons

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty, its a good list of Pros but like everything, there are cons within Kartra

Kartra Pros

  • Quick and easy onboarding
  • Clear, consistent interface throughout
  • Sell products with upsells/downsells
  • Affiliate module 
  • Fully featured email marketing 
  • Split-testing 
  • Courses and membership portal
  • Video hosting with tagging
  • Done-for-you marketing campaigns
  • Analytics across almost all modules
  • Live chat and ticketing support system

Kartra Cons

  • Lacks a native Webinar solution 
  • Expensive
  • Live chat isn’t open 24/7
  • Some modules are rigid

Karta Affiliate Program

Kartra has an excellent affiliate program paying 40% of all sales for the lifetime of the user. Although I am not an affiliate for Kartra myself, I would recommend finding the best bonuses from their affiliates.

Kartra Bonuses

Please check out these affiliates bonuses for yourself, if you are considering getting Kartra for yourself

Software Nights  – excellent bonuses to get you started on your kartra journey

Liam James Kay– $4664 worth of high-quality bonuses to help you succeed with Kartra

John Reviews – $6218 value of high-end Kartra bonuses

Khris Digital – Traffic and lead gen bonuses from tier 5 and others

Smart Business Trends – More great traffic leads and lead gen from tier 5

Traffic Salad – Done for you training and funnels

Today Testing – Kartra Bonus Offer (Total Value: $994.95)

Income Mesh – fantastic quick starts and more

Alternatives To Kartra

There aren’t too many fully pledged alternatives to Kartra, as with it being a complete system, it takes some beating. But let’s go through what people searched between and see if it will help in your choice.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels

Okay, this one is easy as sadly Clickfunnels is not a complete builder rather just a sales funnel builder. Although it is a lovely piece of software, it simply can’t compete with what Katra can offer. 

Winner: Kartra

See My Complete Clickfunnels Review 

Kartra vs Kajabi

This one is a slightly tougher call to make as Kajabi has one of the best membership site systems out there. However, Kartra does beat it on pure amount of functions.

Winner Kartra

See Me Complete Kajabi Review 

Kartra vs Builderall

What should have been a battle of two complete web builders is a whitewash, with Kartra, a better program all around

Winner Kartra

See My Complete Builderall Review 

Kartra vs Leadpages

Again sadly Leadpages is mainly only a funnel builder, so it’s yet another win for Kartra

Winner Kartra

See My Complete Leadpages Review 

Kartra vs Groovefunnels

The biggest comp so far with Mike Flisiame leaving Kartra to set up Groove, already you can see a lot of similarities and with everything that is coming in the pipeline (even though Groove is still in beta) it has to be Groove

Winner Groove

See My Complete Groovefunnels Review 

Final Thoughts

I believe that Kartra is a great all in one done for you solution. And if I had written this review even six months ago, I would have wholeheartedly said get Kartra (and make sure you have great matching bonuses from above.

Now I am not quite sure, at the very beginning, I mentioned that one of the creative geniuses had left Katra. He has also set up a brand new complete affiliate option. This option is still in beta, but already is proving to be a very worthy challenger.

At present, it has a free for life option or a pay a one-time fee.

My final thoughts are I would possibly get both, and then see which one fits, and if like me you wanted to upgrade and get everything for life well then I would go for Groove.

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