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Launch Jacking – How To Start And Make Money With Launch Jacking

I want to put together a complete roadmap for anybody who wants to start making a good income online, starting with affiliate marketing. And I would like to start with a way that you can make money for free online which is of course launch jacking.

Launch jacking is pretty much one of the foundations of affiliate marketing. It is straightforward to begin in my niche. Using just a few websites launch jacking is a quick and easy way to get to the affiliate commissions.  

Starting Affiliate Marketing With No Money

In this the first affiliate training post, I would like to overview launch jacking and start quickly but very successfully. 

Launch jacking is something that I do daily, and for making Free money, it is one of the best things you can do to start with affiliate marketing. Creating your email marketing journey with launch jacking means that you can start building an email list of ready-made buyers once you begin to get the hang of it.

In the future, I will also be going through email marketing and how if used together, it will bring the results from affiliate marketing.

The niche that I would like to use as an example is the make money niche, as it is a niche that I use a lot myself for my launch jacking.

What Is Launch Jacking

Every day, vendors release new products onto the market, and affiliates email out their email lists telling them all about these products. This is excellent news for you as a new affiliate marketer. Many of these more established affiliates, with their vast lists, tend to send out quick emails and don’t seem to pay any attention to their relationship with their subscribers.

With these emails, you generally find minimal mention of the new product, perhaps a little information on it, and the vendors’ landing page.

The subscribers are left with very little information on the product. So a large percentage of them head over to Youtube or google to find out more.

These buyers are becoming savvier, so they will use words like such, bonuses, best bonuses, Review, buy, and others linked to the products name.

This is where your affiliate Youtube review will come in, using various methods that I will be covering. We will rank your video high in the search results, within youtube to get people clicking onto your video.

Within your video, you can go into the program, give an honest review and bonuses along with your affiliate link. If the viewer goes onto buying the product from your link, then you will get the Commission.


Without having a great product to review then sadly launch jacking won’t be of any use. Luckily vendors are bringing out new products daily, and when you are searching, you will see a huge list of product and be able to find the ones that fit your audience’s needs.

By heading over to mucheye, you will see up to months ahead and be able to pick the right product that you would like to review.

First things first scan through the products and look at ones that will grab your attention. I will be covering how to find the best product with the most demand on my Youtube channel, that will help you pick plenty of winners.

Your Affiliate Commission

Once you have seen a product, you like the look of open it up in a new tab on your browser, and firstly what the percentages these can range from around 30%all the way up to 100% commissions. 

Your commissions are placed next to the pricing on your muncheye page and generally in the JV page.

JV Page

Next, you want to go into the Jv page. (JV stands for joint venture). There will be information on the product itself within the page, what it can do for your customer. Upsells and downsells that will be offered to your customer, email swipes. And possibly access into the software for your Review. All of these are hugely important, so don’t close that tab.

Affiliate Networks

There are many affiliate networks out there. For this launch jacking, we will be concentrating on two of them; however, if you see a launch that looks good, feel free to try with the third.


Warriorplus is where you will see many info product launches paid out. It is straightforward to add your bonuses, simply by clicking the button link details.

Warrior plus like most affiliate ports, pay our approx every three days. What you earn today you will receive 30 days from now, and there is a minimum withdrawal that you can set. Payments are mainly paid via PayPal or stripe after passing through your warrior plus wallet.

Warrior plus used to be where you could find all of the info products, but lately, more and more software is finding its way onto warrior plus, which is great for us as it is a straightforward platform to launch jack from


Another porthole that I use regularly is JVZoo. Much like warrior plus JVZoo will issue payment 30 days after the sale and have a minimum amount you can withdraw.

Jvzoo payments are given via Payoneer and so make sure that you set up your account and link it with your bank.

To add your bonuses to a JVZoo product, it is just as simple as the warrior plus. Just click on bonuses above where your affiliate id is.  


Lastly is Clickbank. Now I tend to avoid using Clickbank as it isn’t as simple to deliver your bonuses, which is one of the main tactics we use to get people to buy from our link. 

Affiliate Launch

Most of the affiliate launches will give you the launch time in eastern standard time which is new york time.

Now from the video on my youtube channel of how to find a good affiliate offer. We already know that many other affiliates will be ready to promote this same offer by using their email lists.

Sometimes these affiliates lists can be into the tens of thousands, so we know there will be many people searching for a product review.

Does Launch Jacking work

So let’s assume for a moment that this product that you have found has one hundred affiliates applying to promote it.  

And each of these affiliates has a list of say two thousand people.

That is two hundred thousand people who are going to be emailed about this product.

Now there is no way two hundred thousand people will be interested or even open up their email. But you can certainly bet that some are going too. And because so many marketers believe that by merely mentioning the name of a product. People will flock to buy it.

Of course, that isn’t going to happen. Instead, many of these people will search Google and Youtube, with different questions to see if this product is right for the problem they have. 

But this will only happen if the affiliate has either:

  • Not done an excellent job within their email
  • The subscriber doesn’t trust the affiliate.
  • Or they need to know more before they can make a buying decision
  • They want to know what offers there are out there (bonuses)

Reviews On Launch Jacking

So if the affiliates subscriber has any of the above concerns, they will begin their search on the product name and any combinations. Such as

  • Blank Review
  • Blank Review and bonuses
  • Blank Bonuses
  • Buy Blank 
  • Is Blank a scam

As you can see, these are all buying phrases, meaning if you can get your video ranked for that term, then this buyers’ traffic will notice your review video.

Launch Jacking Video

In this post, I am going to focus on the youtube video side of launch jacking. Now you have an idea about the keywords we will need to fill the video up with what the buyer is looking for.

Get Paid To Grow Your Email List

You want to build your assets. The best asset you can create is your email list. When another offer comes along, you can email your list directly and then send them straight over to your next launch jacker video. We will use an email list that we build, to grow our sales as well within our launch jacking.

You want to build your assets. The best asset you can create is your email list. When another offer comes along, you can email your list directly and then send them straight over to your next launch jacker video. We will use an email list that we build, to grow our sales as well within our launch jacking.

Review Video Introduction

An introduction to who you are and what your website is. Now, this is where quite a few launch jackers seem to do this wrong. And they will hide their faces.

You are not only doing a review, but you are also starting to build your brand and your know like and trust within your future subscribers. So make sure the product you have chosen is good.

And no matter what show your face on the video. Yes, I know it is uncomfortable, but people respond to people and so showing your face will help you sell and build up your list and trust fast.

Before you finish the intro, make sure you ask the people to stay until the end to get your bonuses.

All of the way through your video keep mentioning your call to action. A simple ‘if this sounds like something you would like to click the link below and grab my bonuses’

Show Inside Of Members Area

When you are looking at your JV Doc, you will see many vendors giving review access, if they don’t ask for it. 

After your introduction, you want to be inside the member’s area and show your viewer what is in there. This will help your list to know that you are more trustworthy and not just trying to make money from them.

A Review Not A Sale

Essential to remember is this is a review you are not trying to sell the product the sales page does that for you. All you are trying to do is give an honest assessment of the product.

Something wrong with the product? All of the better as you can fix that with your bonuses. You are making your bonuses even more relevant to the product. And by making your bonuses improve any downfalls, the product might have you are coming across better.

Price Review

Next in line is the price, how much is it? What is the front end price? What are the upsells and downsells? 

It is excellent if you go through these as suddenly you show everything warts and all which again will increase how trustworthy you are seen as.

The Sales Page 

Next, it is onto the sales page where you can guide your viewers all the way through, running over again what it does and everything else and getting rid of any doubts they might have.

Show the proof of earnings, the guarantee and everything else you can show that will help your viewers make a well-informed choice. If there is something on the sales page and you think doesn’t quite sound right say it, if you think it you can be sure your viewer is too. So pull it out in the open, and talk about it.

Vendor Bonuses

Most of the time, the vendor will also add bonuses to the offer making it attractive, now is a great time to show your viewer what these bonuses are. And mention that these are the vendors’ bonuses, but they will get your unique bonuses if they buy through the link below.

Your Bonuses

This is what will set you apart from all of the other affiliates out there. Your bonuses are one of the essential parts of launch jacking. If you have done your Review correctly, you would have seen some problems with the product.

Here you are going to go back over those faults and fix them, with your bonuses.

You should have a page made up where you will copy and paste the sales copy. Below you can have your bonuses to show each bonus and then go through how this will help your viewers, really build the value into your bonuses and stress how important it is for your viewers to get them.

Making Your Bonus Page

Okay so next is building your bonus page, there is no need for expensive programs such as clickfunnels.

I tend to use two things. There is a free page builder that you can use which if you have your bonuses can be perfect You can sign up for a free lifetime account here. 

Alternatively, there is a custom page maker which I will have a review ready for very shortly.

Building Your Email List Fast

Now you have your pages, or maybe your bonuses on your google drive its time to build your email list, for this I recommend Getresponse as they seem to be the best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing (see the Review here and get your bonuses you can use)

When you get the email, start with one of their simple landing pages and then have your first email directly to their bonuses. This way, everybody who buys from you will also become a subscriber. Then you can start to nurture and build your list to even more success with your Launch Jacking.

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