Leadpages Review 2021 – Is This Landing Page Builder Worth It?

In this Leadpages review 2021, I would like to go deep inside this landing page builder to find out if it is as good as they say or is it yet another hyped landing page builder.

What Is LeadPages 

So if you have landed on this blog then no doubt you would like to know what Leadpages is. Leapages is an online platform to help you build landing pages.

Leadpages had raised over £35 million from investors when first started. Redbrick, a Canadian software company, has recently bought Leadpages. Leadpages annual revenue is around $18 million, and a team of 40 people, and over 40,000 users. It’s fair to say they won’t be going anywhere soon.

Leadpages Review 2021

Leadpages promise is “turn links into customers” but does it live up to its hype.

Leadpages Review Overview

Leadpages function is to build landing pages that help you to collect email addresses. This is, of course, great use to you in so far as building your email list.

If an email list is something important to your business, then Leadpages could be a good fit for you.

Within leadpages, you choose over 150 templates to help you make landing pages quickly and easily. These are simple to customize within the platform, which means you aren’t going to have a huge learning curve when first starting with Leadpages.

Leadpage Templates 

The templates that you are given with leadpages include 

  • Real estate
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Fitness
  • Ecommerce
  • Ebook
  • Lead capture
  • Opt-in
  • Webinar
  • Newsletter
  • Thank you

Which is a pretty good choice, if there is a template that you need that isn’t available as a standard, then these can be customized.

The standard templates aren’t all you get. Leadpages also let you choose between a further 300 premium templates, however, with them being additional there is an extra charge to use them, so please be careful when considering using.

Like almost all of the builder tools around now, leadpages simplify you to design and create the perfect custom landing page. With a simple drag and drop builder.

Added to that, Leadpages also offers split testing, which is important for making sure you have optimized landing pages. Leadpages have also done a nice job of their responsive UI, meaning that your landing page will look good on all devices from smartphone to desktop.

Leadpages review and £10k of bonuse

Leadpages Integration

Leadpages plays nicely with many software. But does come along with stand out integrations that are done a little better than some other funnel builders

Facebook and Leadpages Integration

This feature is especially welcome as Facebook and leadpages seem to get along very well indeed with each other, leadpages also allow users to build Facebook ads inside the platform. 

There are many parts of this integration which work well including Leadpages ability to pull content from your landing page, targetting and targetting tools.

All of this is a very welcome addition to a landing page, meaning that you are no longer wasting your ad on people who will not buy.

And automated pixel placement is also present within your leadpages dashboard, which is yet another welcome addition, as it means you no longer have the fiddly set up that some page builders have.

Leadpages And WordPress

A good little WordPress plugin is also available, enabling the user to link lead pages up to WordPress sites easily and add a pop up into the WordPress site.

This could be used to specify one of your landing pages as a standard WordPress page, along with its custom URL, a landing page from leadpages could also be set here, to appear as a WordPress page.

The popups can be set up depending on users actions such as exit intent or a time delay, which is another nice feature that although plenty of WordPress plugins have. doesn’t slow your site down.

Other Integrations

One of the essential integrations as always is zapier. Once leadpages are linked via zapier, you also have over 1,000 other software pieces you can integrate with.

In other words, once you have your zapier integration in place, you have pretty much linked to everything.

Leadpages Check Out

If you have any eCommerce site, this is a must, and you will be happy to know that Leadpages does an excellent job building a good checkout. 

Even better, you can add a checkout app on any page, or even a pop up which is a nice touch, as this frees up your page space and also gives an excellent conversion rate.

Conversion Ranking

Possibly my favourite feature for time-saving. With Leadpages being around for so long, they have kept up with all of their data. Letting you use it to hack a tremendous converting offer.

Within leadpages, you can click sort templates by conversion. This means that you can pick a template that already has a history of success.

And with more than 40,000 members you have some great information to work from.

Leadpages, however, will not give you the raw statistics, you can’t see the actual conversion rates or the length of time people have been using the template. However, I still think this is a massive gift to its users, allowing them to cut down on months of testing.

Premium Templates

As I previously mentioned leadpages, as well as their standard templates, offer Premium templates. 

I must admit I am in two minds over this. one the one hand you are already paying so I don’t want to pay anymore (much like clickfunnels who always seem to be trying to get you to spend more) On the other hand if it helps to keep the price down I am all for it.

Now what has happened with there being standard and custom templets out, is that when you go into the standard, the templates look a little familiar, s a loy of leadpages users have used them in the past.

Sadly with over 40,000 users not only have you seen many of these templates before but so will your customers.

I think this might have to be a case of biting the bullet and maybe getting a premium template. At the end of the day its certainly not a big deal, just a little more annoying. However, it is a worthwhile spend as these haven’t been overused, and it is worth spending a little bit to make back a lot with your funnel looking good. 

Two Page Editors

Things get a little confusing here as Leadpages has two-page builders within the platform.

The standard editor used to be the only one offer by leadpages and until 2016 was the only editor that you could use. However, since then, leadpages have brought out their drag and drop editor, a very welcome addition.

You can still use the standard editor, and it is easy to use; however, you will find some functions lacking in it, such as move around the widgets. 

The drag and drop editor doesn’t suffer these same problems, and if you are using the templates to build on, then the drag and drop is a must. 

With the drag and drop editor, you can do the following

  • Everything the standard editor can do
  • Add a widgets
  • Move widgets 
  • Browse through the icon library and include an icon
  • Access to Google fonts
  • Include alt text 
  • Set a cover overlay for a background image
  • Create new sections
  • Duplicate existing sections

A/B Split Testing

Leadpages do support split testing, which is needed if you are in almost any digital marketing space, as it will help maximize your conversions. 

Allowing you to display different versions of your landing page, or pop up, you can then use the information to optimize your elements further.

Some drawbacks though, split testing can only be completed with the standard editor, and drag and drop can not yet do this. I am personally hoping that this can get sorted out as I would instead use one editor all the way along.

The lowest membership doesn’t offer slipt testing, so if you are trying to save money, you will need to sacrifice one of the items.

Lead pages review 2021

Optin Forms

Called lead boxes within leadpages optins and call to actions are another uncomplicated thing to set up. Each call to action is triggered by the user, with a simple click.

Two-step optins are also easy to create and are needed if you will be selling to Eastern Europe.

Styling of your boxes is a little bare though.

Leadpages Sms Marketing

If you enjoy SMS marketing, then this is a massive bonus of leadpages. Leadpags have made Leaddigits, which can be used to capture emails via a text message.

It works by getting the prospect to text a simple phrase to a five-digit phone number, asking for their email address, and they reply with their email address.

This could be used to significant effect. When out and about and somebody asks about your business. Or a bricks and mortar business where you could make an offer to the prospect.

 Lead Links

Another little app from leadpages is lead links, which are there .to increase conversions again.

They are links that include a broadcast email. When a user clicks on the link, they will automatically ‘convert.’ For example, you could be about to host a webinar. A lead link could then be sent out via email, and when the recipient clicks the link, they are automatically subscribers to the webinar.

However, lead links can’t be used with Aweber or the 1shoppingcart.

Leadpages Pros And Cons

Like every software out there, leadpages have pros and cons, so let’s have a quick look over them now.

Leadpages Pros

  • Small learning curve
  • Simple building
  • Good templates
  • Easy sorting
  • Integration well

  Leadpages Cons

  • Not very flexible
  • Limited styling
  • Some bugs

Leadpages Pricing

As with almost all marketing tools, Leadpages has a monthly subscription, with prices ranging from $25 to $199 per month. Depending on the level of service you are needing.

How Much Does Leadpages Cost Monthly

As you could expect leadpages do charge more if you are paying by the month with the minimum level shooting up to $37 per month. Which is quite some increase if you do not want annual. But relatively cheap when compared to some builders out there.

 You must bear in mind that you will not have split testing with the base offer, so if this is something you will need, do not go for this plan.

For the split testing option, the minimum plan that you can be on is $48, but this plan will not support the advanced integrations with specific tools like Marketo and Salesforce. 

Is Leadpages Free 

Leadpages only offer a free trial, which you will have to enter your credit card to receive.

Leadpages Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans within the leadpages platform, 

  • The standard for new businesses
  • The Pro for growing companies
  • The advanced for agencies

Because leadpages isn’t aimed at larger companies, there isn’t an enterprise choice.

There are also three different payment methods, of monthly, annually and every two years, Each of these progressively giving more of a discount.

Compared with some other builders, Leadpages are placing themselves firmly in the small businesses looking for a cheaper alternative.

What Leadpages Plans Offer 

Leadpages Standard ($37/mo, paid annually)

  • Unlimited Pages, Traffic, & Leads
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Unlimited Alert Bars
  • Free Hosting
  • Connect 1 Domain
  • 200+ Free Templates(Mobile-Responsive)
  • 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Facebook & Instagram AdBuilder
  • Tech Support (via Email)
  • Weekly Group Coaching

Leadpages Pro ($79/mo, paid annually)

  • All Standard features
  • Online Sales and Payments
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing
  • Email Trigger Links
  • 10 Opt-in Text Campaigns
  • Special Discounts with partner companies

Leadpages Advanced ($321/mo, paid annually)

  • All Standard and Pro features
  • Advanced Integrations
  • 5 Free Sub Accounts
  • 50 Extra Opt-in TextCampaigns
  • 1-on-1 Quick Start Call
  • Leadpages Virtual Workshops

Leadpages Features

As far as features go, you have to be a little impressed with what leadpages have packed into their platform with a comparably low price.

However, I would have liked to have seen the a/b split testing on the standard price plan.

I understand completely why they have done this so that you can differentiate between its plans, but I think that this maybe shouldn’t have been what was held back.

One massive advantage that Leadpages has over the competition is that you have no traffic restriction, regardless of which version you use. In contrast, the other funnel builders in the price range do limit your traffic. Unbounce you are limited to 500,000 uniques per month, on the basic version.

 Do I need Leadpages?

Well that all depends, leadpages is made up essentially of three core products, all of which can be used on all levels of its platforms, Alert Bars, Pop-ups and Landing pages. All are designed to increase not only engagement but conversions too.

leadpages review plus bonuses

Landing Page Builder

The primary function of Leadpages is, of course, its landing page builder and if you have used any landing page builder before you will be familiar with what leadpages is offering.

Leadpages comes with a fair amount of templates to get you started, but remember that the standard ones have been used many times in the past.

However, Leadpages seems to have taken their landing page designs seriously. Lately and have come up with some excellent modern looking designs that you can use.


The popups are well thought out and suitable for their purpose, all of which can be added to your pages very quickly.

The popups work like a lot of the others. And the triggers work very well, such as the intent to exit. 

Popups will always be an excellent way to help you build your list, and so an option there is no doing without.

Alert Bars

The alert bars are another excellent option that will help you deliver your message without disturbing the user experience, and provide a good CTA to pages that might not have generated leads without them.

Leadpages Alternatives

With leadpages pricing bing so competitive than its a solid start from leadpages, landing pages have a good choice. But now is the time to put lead pages head to head with a few other solutions to see how they all stack up.

Being focused at the budget end of builders. Competitors that spring to mine are the likes of Unbounce and Istapage

Unbounce vs Leadpages

Without doubt, Unbounce is more expensive than leadpages with the starting pan coming in at $80, which is quite large. 

However, with that price tag does come quite a few more features such as unlimited A/B split testing across all plans, and an extensive range of optimization features.

Dynamic text replacement is one of the stand out tools of Unbounce.

The page builder you get with Unbounce is slightly better, making it fast and straightforward to build and customize your landing pages, Leadpages is a little frustrating on this front, so a clear win from Unbounce on this one.

To be entirely fair Unbounce’s built-in forms are also slightly under-par when comparing like for like.

 In fairness, Unbounce’s built-in form options were also under-par for us but what you can do is embed forms on Unbounce pages, and this allows us to place our highly-optimized Leadformly conditions on any landing page we create.

We can’t do this with Leadpages.

Unbounce or Leadpages

I would love to have a definitive answer, but it is a little more complicated than that. 

If the price is a factor in your choice, then Leadpages could be the very thing fr you, provided that you aren’t going to be building a huge amount of funnels then I would choose leadfunnels, as it has a good set of features and is well priced.

If however, you are going to be building more funnels Unbounce has a more specific page built a platform that is a little easier to make. There can be a little frustration when building with leadpages. 

The biggest question to ask yourself if you are faced with this choice is how much you want to spend per month, If money is tight, Leadpages is an excellent option; however, you don’t mind spending more than maybe Unbounce could be right for you.

My advice, sign up for both of the free Trials, then decide if you mind paying a little extra.

Instapage vs Leadpages

Instapage also offers you unlimited A/B split testing, on its basic plan, and its landing page builder is not bad. One of the standout features is the heat mapping tool, but this can be added via a 3rd party using software like Hotjar.

Instapage or Leadpages

My choice on this one is I would still take out the free trial on Leadpages. Something that didn’t have the same feel for the building, and although on paper Instapages should have been a good match for leadpages, somehow it falls just a little short. 

Leadpages vs Clickfunnels

Okay, this one isn’t going to be an easy win at all as clickfunnels is one of the premier page builders out there, with a vast host of integrations and almost industry-leading interface.

At starting price of $97 it is a massive leap from Leadpages, it is easier to build than leadpages and comes with a membership site built-in. 

Leadpages Or Clickfunnels

This one will be a surprise result, I have been a Clickfunnels user for many years, as well as a user of Leadpages, which would I choose in this space.

If budget is the issue, then it is Leadpages. If money isn’t or you want to start with zero money down, I would strongly recommend Groove, sign up with there Free for life plan, or upgrade. Which is, pay once and never again.

What Is The Difference Between Leadpages And ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is mainly built with the entrepreneur in mind, where Leadpages places itself firmly in the new business end of the market. For most people, Clickfunnels is overkill with a lot of the software going to waste meaning that many people are spending money that they don’t need too.

Leadpages Verdict

If you are a small business just wanting to build a few landing pages, and not be making a living from building pages for other people Leadpages is a good choice.

Leadpages have a good policy and good support, with many tutorials easy to find.

There is of course niggles such as the A/B spilt testing but in all honestly, would you use it, and if it is something that you badly need, and upgrade, would do just fine, and still at a reasonable price. 

To counter that with Leadpages having their best-performing templates, this gives you another alternative to the testing. If you don’t need the split testing, then the standard plan is a genuine asset.

Final verdict? Leadpages could be an excellent option for smaller businesses if it fixes a few key issues.

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