Groovefunnels affiliate program

Groovefunnels Affiliate Program

How to make money with Groovefunnels

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Today I would like to take you through Groovefunels Affiliate program that pays on two tiers at 40 % Commission on level one and ten per cent commission on level two. With the Groovefunnels platform, it’s easy to become an affiliate.

As soon as you join Groovefunnels on their free or lifetime plan, you an affiliate. And with the Groovefunnels affiliate program you are primed to start making money from the very day that you get your own groove account.

Inlike a lot of affiliate programs out there such as Clickfunnels etc Groovefunnels Affiliate program, doesn’t make you sign up and pay to promote their program.

Groove has put together what I believe to be some of the very best Apps for all of your marketing needs.

Groove free for life includes

Butterfly Marketing

As an affiliate, it works in the way of what is called butterfly marketing, which goes a little something like this.

You put together an offer that seems almost too good to be true, and you offer this for free.

Now instantly you become an affiliate, but before you get into the actual back end of groovefunnels. You are offered a one time deal.

Now, this one time offer isn’t there long and goes along way in helping you make more money as an affiliate. Rather than paying $99 -$299 per month. Mike Filsaime has put together a deal where you pay once and own the program for life.

This can be split up or paid in one lump sum of $1347 (this price will be changing very shortly) Now if you or anybody else say yes to that deal, you firstly get 40% commission rather than 20% on a free account. And you also get unlimited on 95% of all grooveapps.

So it is certainly something well worth bearing in mind.

Groove Funnels Affiliate

As soon as you join Groovefunnels either on their free or lifetime plan, you are an affiliate.

Groove automatically signed you up for their powerful affiliate program.

Now, here’s the thing: here’s! What makes their affiliate program more unique than anything else out there in the world. They lock every person you refer to in what they call a parent-child relationship that is hard-coded your affiliate tag.

Essentially, what that means is you refer somebody to them once, and you own them for life. They are locked in and tagged to you for life.

So let me give you an example: once you refer somebody to groovefunnels, their system will tag them to you, hard-coded in the system, so you don’t have to worry about cookies or them using another computer when they decide to upgrade.

Which is pretty awesome as what that means to you is once you send somebody to a FREE account, you can relax.

As groove take over your marketing for you, and if they upgrade you get paid

You see many people like to sign up on an iPhone but later upgrade on a laptop, or sometimes they like to sign up a day a week or sometimes even two to three weeks or a month or months later.

So that means with a hardcoded Locked in a parent-child relationship with you and the person you referred, it doesn’t matter if they sign up on an iPhone and then take a vacation to Costa Rica, walk into an internet cafe and decide to upgrade once they upgrade.

That person will be locked to you. You are guaranteed to get an affiliate commission just for referring somebody to us for free when they upgrade.

Groovefunnels Affiliate Commissions

Let’s talk about why this matters, first of all, no one can ever take your lead away from you. It doesn’t matter if your lead watches a video review or a blog review after you’ve already referred them.

If you prefer them and they sign up for free, they are locked into you. Your cookie can never be overridden because groove is not even using cookies at that point, hard coding and tagging those people to you.

So again, it doesn’t matter when they upgrade, and it doesn’t matter where they upgrade. You will own this lead for life.

They call this first tag wins and what that means is essentially getting somebody to sign up for free is very, very easy, so all you have to do is make them aware.

Imagine a little like playing tag, you tag them, and they instantly become your customer for life.

Now, this might sound cliche, but right now with groove funnels and groovesell. It is like a gold rush. And you’re the one with the shovels.

But you might be thinking how many people from the free sign up go onto upgrade. And so far that is working out at 1 in 5 are upgrading. And of course, as they upgrade you get paid.

No-one Can ever get credit for this upgrade other than you.

No blog reviews or video reviews could steal your referrals, no webinars, nobody on stage no bonuses, no one can take credit for your referrals plus, as you can see, they play on two tiers.

So it would help if you got started so that you can start building a downline so that you get paid on other people’s efforts and referrals.

Now, if you’re not getting this, if somebody that you refer also refer somebody else on your second level, they would have tagged that person to you in a parent-child grandchild relationship, that’s even locked in for life.

Okay so think about this for a moment, let’s say you sign a big influencer, lol, as an example we will say Gary Vee, and Gary begins to tell everybody about groovefunnels.

That means you would get paid for every one of their followers who sign up under them. If you managed to get that one colossal influencer well, it wouldn’t just pay the mortgage. You would be looking for a new home.

Let’s look at the math, so groove has two affiliate programs—one for pro members paid and upgraded. And one for free members that have not upgraded pro members get double the affiliate Commission they get paid 40 % on tier one for all of their efforts, and 10 % on their tier two downlines for the actions of the people that they have signed, for now, free members that don’t upgrade well.

They still get paid at 20 % on tier 1 and 5 % on tier 2.

The idea is if you are investing in groovefunnels, they will support you right back and get you more money for the same effort.

Now, this is where it starts to get interesting because as well as more money, you also get access to every one of groovedigitals new software. The best thing about this is it is one of the most potent suites on the market, and so will help you with your current business while making you affiliate money.

Each free referral on average you send will result in a $ 9 and 60 cent commission overall based on the amount that has been converted.

That is based on free signups, on average, not sales. So what that means is, if you referred on average about ten people to groovefunnels they are going to pay you around $90.60 by referring a hundred people they will be paying you around $900 to your account and now over the next weeks and months to come. If you prefer over a thousand people to us that will result on average to about $ 9,000 for you now.

This could take months or several months, but when you reach about 5000 referrals, you could expect that they would have paid you about $ 48,000 and that’s why you want to set a goal for some time.

This alone seems like a great reason to upgrade, and when combined with groovefunnels continuing to market to them, it becomes a bit of a no brainer. Now groovepages want more people to sign up to full membership, and so they will be doing their very best in their marketing efforts to get them to upgrade

Groovefunnels have also included Groovesell with their software. Which will track all of the stats such as, clicks referrals and sales. Now, of course, we get onto tools that groove also includes ready to use to get more sales.

Such as Pre-made high converting emails swipes

Blog review banners

Thank you page ads

Facebook ads

Twitter ads

LinkedIn ads

Pre-made articles

Pre-made press releases

Video Reviews

And Lastly, email signatures

So remember: first, hag wins! Which means the sooner you start, the better.

So please hurry before someone else beats you to it remember this is your opportunity.

First mover’s advantage is to go out and tag or get anybody to convert because it’s easy and free, and then they’re locked into you for life, and the people they refer are locked in under a parent-child grandchild relationship.

Groovefunnels Bonuses

Of course, if you are looking into working as an affiliate for groovefunnels, offering bonuses is huge. And there are some great affiliates out there with some great perks. So being able to compete if you would like to become a groovefunnels super affiliate is essential.

Now I would always strongly suggest that you look for bonuses that will help you to sell more groovefunnels and you may want to look around. I believe of course I have the very best bonuses out there (but of course I would)

However, if you are looking for mentorship, full affiliate marketing training (that you can then offer to your affiliates that you sign), and so much more then you have to check out my groovefunnels bonuses. So that you can start making money not only with groove but with all types of affiliate marketing.

I hope this article helped on groovefunnels affiliate program. And cant wait to give you my bonuses so that you can also start making money with groove

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