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Suppose you haven’t heard of Miles Beckler in your search for affiliate marketing. In that case, you are missing out on something extraordinary.

Where a lot of digital marketers are trying to sell sell sell at any cost. Miles has done something very revolutionary. He builds relationships and helps solve your digital marketing problems.

I know how very strange that he is doing something that seems to have become so rare. One of the most moving parts about this is that even though Mile’s videos get so many views, he is still refusing to run ads on his videos.

Now put that in the very harsh. The contrast of what a lot of digital marketers. where you will be told ‘come into my free webinar, and I will show you how….’ Only to find that there is going to sell you into a course or whatever else it is that they have an affiliate relationship.

In a sea of fake gurus and the amazing hype they peddle, it is refreshing to find a marketer who has been there and done it and puts his money where his mouth is and proves it.

Having worked with his wife for seven years behind the scenes, on a hugely successful site, Miles decided that it was time to expose the fake gurus for what they are.

Miles has now been a full-time online marketer since 2009 and is still heavily involved in their site together.

The site they work on together brings around 8,000,000 visits per year and combined with Mile’s site visits of over 250,000 per year. It is often shocking to find that Miles runs both of these sites on straightforward WordPress Builders.

This is another way that Miles shows his commitment. If he was to represent Clickfunnels as an affiliate, he could be making even more money. But due to his morals, he chooses to keep helping hs followers on the most cost-effective way possible.

Through these fake courses and on his site, Miles freely admits to this, with one damning review to most of them.

‘Most of the people selling courses and coaching are regurgitating ideas they learned in a course…’

And when listening to Miles on his Youtube channel, you can hear his disdain for these fake gurus who don’t have the business model they are trying to teach.

In 2016 Miles finally opened up his Youtube Channel to help people get to where they needed to be. And at the time of writing the channel had more than 169,000 followers. No doubt revelling in finally somebody speaking out on fake gurus.

When starting on his Youtube Journey, Miles completed what he calls the 90 day challenge. Which he now shares and it works for both Youtube and Blogging. 

This is not for the faint-hearted but for marketers who want to build their wealth over time.

It was this video that I stumbled on that is responsible for this blog. 

Mies is the consummate professional in sharing what he deems valuable within his teachings, ranging from setting up your blog, keyword research, mindset, and so much more.

At present Miles is posting on his Youtube channel around three times per week, and is a highly recommended resource.

Recommended for anybody who would like to make money online, and are not afraid to put in the work now to reap the rewards later

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