Moosend Review Could This Be Your Email Marketing Secret Weapon

Within this Moosend review, I would like to see if this easy to use email marketing platform, is the best option for the budget-minded marketer. 

Moosend was designed to bring an easy-to-use email marketing platform that was very simple to use and appeal to users who didn’t want to spend a fortune on it.

As an entry-level, email marketing solution moosend seems to have a lot going for it. When I was reviewing moosend, I found it quite refreshing on the simplicity of use. With the low price tag of moosend, I can see what attracts people to try this software. But in this review, I wanted to go deeper.

Right from signing into my moosend account, I was presented with

Moosehead Review 2021

Before we get started lets go for a quick over view of what I found I loved about Moosend And what I didn’t like so much.

Moosehead Pros

  • Generous Support – Moosend help available to all of its customers via Phone, Chat And Email, and no additional fees. Which is a nice touch meaning you can get any problems solved quickly.
  • No Holding Back Of Moosend Features – It seems a lot of email marketing software at the moment seem to hold back on some of their features for them to charge even more. Moosend has gone out to buck that trend, and it is nice to see a company offering this to its customers, regardless of their account size.
  • Built-in email templates  – I am not a large user of templates. However, it is nice to see these being offered to Moosend customers.

Moosend Cons I Found on Signing


  • Sign Up Forms Are Needed – You may need slightly more customization 
  • Not Many Native Integrations – Quite a simple fix and zapier can be used to get past any shortfalls

Moosend Pricing

Moosend’s have done an excellent job on their pricing with the first 1,000 subscribers being Free. 

  • After your first 1,000 subscribers, it is $10 per month. For up to 5,000 subscribers
  • For 50,000 subscribers it is $150 per month
  • Discounted rate up to 20% for yearly subscriptions and 15% for 6-months

To sign up for a free account, visit Moosend’s website today.

Moosend Free Bonuses Worth $10,000

Because moosend is targetted at the money conscious, I have decided to give away a £10,000 bonus if you choose Moosend Is right for you.

You can view my bonuses here. 

Moosend Full Review

Moosend was founded in 2011 and firmly put itself out there as an affordable email marketing solution, for businesses of all sizes. Moosend has placed itself nicely in an area of the affordable price range and used from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

One of the main benefits of Moosend it’s easy to use interface, automation, and list segmentation. All of which leads to quite an impressive software.

On review, Moosends tools seem robust and are there to help you build and maintain a strong relationship with your subscribers.

The company has provided an intuitive user interface that you will find easy for your navigation and only a small learning curve. Creating your Moosend marketing campaign couldn’t be more straightforward with a simple drag and drop editor, much like what you would see in Getreponse. So building your email engagement is elementary.

Moosend Email Templates

There are over 40 email templates within your Moosend account, although that seems limited compared to ActiveCampaign or Getresponse. I believe this is more than enough. 

Moosend Automation

Included with Moosend is their advanced automation, given to you no matter what plan you have, even on the FREE TRIAL. 

Moosend automation is built with a visual builder. Much like Groovemail, and preferable to Getresponse’s builder. This makes your sequences quick and straightforward to plan and execute.

Moosend’s Recipes

Moosend has also included what they call their ‘recipes.’ These are predefined automation designed to save you time during your set up process. And again they have made it available to all of their users.

Which is rare when you look at a lot of their competitors who charge for features like this.

Is Moosend An All In One Marketing Software?

While Moosend does a vast amount for email marketing, they are not a full marketing suite of tools, things such as sign up forms are basic and will need to be customized. 

A lot of native integrations lack within the software. However, this slight problem can be overcome by using Zapier. Which means you will be able to link most other software to perform well with Moosend.

Moosend also doesn’t offer a good landing page builder. The best one I have found is groovefunnels, which is excellent software. At the time of writing, it had a free lite version.

A Full Review of Groove Can Be Found Here

Moosend is a smaller company compared to some of its well-known competitors. Still, their affordable pricing structure lends itself very well to businesses who want to compete with little budget.

At the same time, don’t let this fool you as its range of industry-leading email functions make sure you’re not sacrificing your performance when saving on cost.

Key Moosend Features

So let’s get into what Features Moosend can provide you with

Creating Campaigns

Moosend has a no-nonsense approach for users to send emails to their subscribers and is similar to other email marketing providers. However, Moosend also includes a step by step ‘Campaign Creation Wizard’ that helps new users set up their campaigns for maximum results.

To begin a new campaign, users first need to select a campaign type. You can choose between a regular a/b split, which is an attractive feature.

Regular campaigns are one-off emails sent to your entire list. Whereas a/b split test lets you compare different email types to judge which are the most successful. Both in performance and delivery. Moosend has several options for A/B split testing. You can test variations to things like your email subject line and the content within each email, to pick the variant with the best conversion results.

After you have selected the type of Campaign, you would like to use. You can then choose a subscriber list that you would like to send it too if you would like to send out a newsletter simply using Moosend drag and drop editor.

These things have been designed with the beginner in mind, so to create fabulous newsletter etc. You don’t need any coding, or technical skills and you will still produce great, compelling content.

Within Moosend there are around 40 built-in templates for you to use, from real estate to ecom. This choice isn’t huge, but again, many marketers use templates far too much.

The Moosend editor is intuitive, which means you can customize your branding with minimal effort. If you are experienced in HTML, you can also edit the code and the visual builder, which will allow you to develop your project even further.

Countdown Email Feature

Suppose you have any experience with digital marketing. In that case, you will know that a sense of urgency can help your conversions tenfold. Moosend has recently added their new ‘countdown emails’ That will add the speed needed to get people to take action. Excellent use for this is if you have a time-sensitive offer or a countdown to an event you will run.

Moosend Deliverability

Before launching your new Campaign, Moosend will allow you to run a few tests to test your Campaign’s deliverable. It is a good idea to set up a test email address that you can use to see things like.

How deliverable

If you have an effective design

Content spam

All of these factors help you to arrive in your subscriber’s inbox rather than their spam folder.

Campaign Performance

Once you have sent out your emails, you can check within your Moosend dashboard and see the performance. the information that given to you in the dashboard is everything that you would need to know to track the success of your marketing, such as open rate, click-through percentage, number of subscribers etc

List Management – Importing Your List

If you already have an email marketing software, you will want to bring your list over to moosend with you. 

Moosend provides you with different uploading options such as CSV, copy and pasting, or importing your contacts. 

Targetted Lists

One prominent feature that all email marketing software must have is sending the right offers to the right lists. 

Moosend will allow you to do this by collecting detailed information on your subscribers and use that information to build great targetted lists.

Many custom fields can be added to your subscribers, such as date/time, text, checkboxes, and more. All of these can be used to ensure you are delivering the perfect message. All custom fields can be set as compulsory if needed. This can be done when adding new subscribers to your list via optin or importing your subscribers.

List Segmentation

When you have collected the data above, you can use this to segment your list. There is a very extensive criteria that moosend gives you, so segmentation is easy. Criteria such as.

  • Links clicked
  • Mobile vs desktop
  • Specific user actions
  • And predetermined fields

If a subscriber is on more than one of your lists they are still only counted towards your charged subscribers.

There are quite a few marketing systems that don’t do this, and you can be fooled into thinking you have more subscribers. And pay more money for your list.

Sign Up Forms

There is no denying that moosend sign up forms are on the basic side. However, they certainly do the purpose that they are designed for. I have noticed no drop off in subscribers between a basic for and any other.

However, there isn’t an easy way to customize the form if you believe it will give you higher returns. Any alterations will need to be done via HTML text. 


As you would expect, Moosend has included their automation within all of its plans (unlike others). This helps you send the relevant messages to your list, and get better conversion rates without paying extra for it.

As mentioned before, advanced workflows are called recipes. They can be created from scratch, which makes your targeting automation easy. This also allows you to have particular triggers, that will start your automation. And actions to perform once the criteria are met.

 Allowing you to specify various triggers (events that start an automation), conditional/control steps (filters for the trigger) and actions to be completed once specific criteria are met.

One feature that tickled me was the filter by weather conditions, where moosend uses the recipient’s location. This filter can split your list by using the weather conditions.

This could be put to great use while building a relationship with your list by simply reminding them to wrap up warm. And although not a big thing does show the kind of detail that moosend have spent to help you make money.

Moosend seems to have enjoyed building out their recipes and have done quite a few of these to save you time and build a powerful automated campaign quickly.

Each of Moosends recipes is based on all you are left to add the conditions. 

Several that are built-in are the likes of:

“Abandoned Cart”, 

“Thank You” for new customers, 

“Special Offer Reminders”  

“Welcome Email Sequence”.


This is where we can find Moosends weak point as the integrations aren’t that great. With only a few native integrations in place compared to Getresponse or Activecampaign which seem to have hundreds.

By no means, this is the end of the world as moosend has a few powerful integrations such as WordPress and woocommerce. And most importantly Zapier where you will be able to link it to almost anything else.


Another essential aspect is reporting on your emails, and moosend does this beautifully. Inside the dashboard, it gives a high-level view of opens, clicks, and bounces. Further than that if you click on each Campaign, you can see the individual recipients activity, tracking things like location, mobile or computer etc

Moosend vs. the Competition

So far, I must admit I am more than a little impressed time to see how it can perform against some of the others out there

Moosend Vs. MailChimp

With moosend being a small player in the email marketing world I thought the best thing to do is moosend vs one of the biggest out there, which is Mailchimp.

This head to head of moosend vs Mailchimp should have been a very easy knock out for Mailchimp.

But that isn’t the case.

Moosend has an impressive line up of features. And doesn’t try to upsell on various features that you are likely not to use unlike Mailchimp, who also has many features but quite a few that frankly, you don’t need.

Moosend Vs. MailChimp Price

As far as price moosend comes out cheaper across all of the plans

Moosend Pricing

5,000 subscribers $10 Per Month

25,000 subscribers $80 Per Month

MailChimp Pricing

5,000 subscribers $50 Per Month

25,000 subscribers $150 Per Month

Mailchimp does, however, have attractive pricing in place with a free option for 2,000 subscribers. Still, the plan is limited, and once you outgrow this plan prices rise quickly, and managing your subscribers can be difficult.

On the other hand, Moosend has their 1,000 subscribers free, and you get all of the functions already there, so little chance of you outgrowing it.

Both of these companies offer very similar features. However, when I reviewed moosends automation, I found them easier to create and more advanced than what I found within Mailchimp.

Mailchimp sign up forms are better though, and easier to customize, within the software itself.

Mailchimp also offers hundreds of ative intergrations, comapred to moosend.

Moosend Vs. MailChimp Review Results

Although Mailchimp does have some advantages over Moosend, these don’t warrant the price difference. Everything you can do within Mailchimp can be done at a fraction of the cost within Moosend.

Winner Moosend

Moosend Vs. GetResponse

Now Getresponse is one of my personal favourite Autoresponders on the market (along with Groovemail). Both of these I use very regularly.

Getresponse is an industry leader within email marketing and offers an all in one marketing solution, for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Moosend Vs. GetResponse Price

Moosend Pricing

$10/month for up to 5,000

Get Response Pricing

$49/month for up to 5,000

Even though Moosend is significantly cheaper, Getresponse Does have the features to back up its pricing.


  • Landing pages
  • sign-up forms
  • webinars
  • built-in CRM

These companies have great features; however, if you need all of these features but don’t want to pay the price of Getresponse, Joining this program for FREE is still possible. You may prefer to use just getresponse though as if you need all of these features sadly, you will have to get Moosend and groove to talk to each other via zapier.

Suppose your primary concern is getting your email automation going. In that case, moosend could be the very thing for you and is excellent value for money.

Moosend Vs Get Response Review Results

GetResponse may be a better option if you need all of the bells and whistles attached. 

Suppose your primary concern is getting your email automation going. In that case, moosend could be the very thing and is excellent value for money.

Moosend Vs. ActiveCampaign

Moosend is hugely cheaper than ActiveCampaign, across all of its plans because of the price difference. 

Moosend is only $10/month for up to 5,000 subscribers, while Active Campaign costs $69/month (paid yearly) on the Lite version for a similar set of features. 

It is tough to justify the pricing difference. If you need the features that ActiveCampaign offers, I would carefully consider Getresponce or hooking Moosend via zapier.

Overall, Moosend has a similar range of features and compares favourably in most areas. While it is missing other marketing tools such as a built-in CRM, we prefer Moosend for the price savings.

Is Moosend Right for You?

From this moosend review beginning, I have to admit Moosend has grown on me quite a bit. With the amount that it can do and its small price tag, Moosend is an excellent choice for most marketers.

Leaving the hefty price tag behind it, Moosend offers 90% of the features the big players in the market have but at a fraction of the price.

While Moosend doesn’t offer a full suite of marketing tools, the company does deliver industry-leading email marketing features such as behavioural-based email automation, intelligent list segmentation and a newly developed drag-and-drop newsletter builder.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Moosend Review

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