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New Butterfly Marketing – How You Can Use It To Your Advantage 2021

If you have arrived on this page no doubt you have heard of butterfly marketing and what it can do for your online business today.

Welcome To Butterfly Marketing

With butterfly marketing almost a forgotten term, it is good to see this kind of marketing getting a considerable resurgence and already beginning to retake hold in 2021. 

Within this guide, I would like to show you a little of the history of butterfly marketing and how you can use this technic today to boost your sales throughout your online business.

Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing

Mike Filsaime is the brains behind the original Butterfly marketing, which was hugely successful back in the early 2000s and then lost favour. WordPress began to take over and made the system almost obsolete.

However, with the launch of Groovefunnels, Mike has made the system accessible and for zero cost. And bearing in mind that this is the same system that made Mike over $9,000,000 in one year, you had better believe that this is a system that you should be paying very close attention too.

Within this post, I will be going into detail about how you can use butterfly marketing, and help you to set up everything needed.

The Butterfly Effect And How It Affects Marketing

If you have ever seen the movie the butterfly effect, you would have seen that even the most minor changes, changed the results in his future and those around him.

But what does the butterfly effect have to do with digital marketing?

We need to know that even the slightest change that we make could have a considerable effect on our marketing efforts, good or bad. And can result in our success or failure, over time.

Butterfly marketing takes these small changes and uses them to produce viral marketing, helping you succeed in the process.

What Is Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a term that the owner of Hotmail in 1996 first used. Nothing could spread around the world quickly, and the internet was in its infancy. Then email came about, and suddenly a marketing campaign cold spread similar to a virus. Meaning people all over the world could see and forward a marketing campaign within a matter of hours.

Hotmail pioneered viral marketing by offering free email accounts and used the email service to advertise themselves in the process. This was the first time something like this had happened, and it blew the marketing world wide open.

Hotmail added a small line onto emails sent saying simply, ‘get your free Hotmail email account’. Over 100 million people did just that. Hotmail spent almost nothing on marketing. and in effect turned every one of its customers into its own marketing team.

Hotmail spread the word almost like the covid virus, infecting everybody it touched.

If I had the virus and infected five people and then they also infected another five people each, making 25, then onwards 










This is the same principle that viral marketing is based on. By leveraging these numbers, you can see how quickly your product could spread.

Create A Buzz

However, before you get two excited your product need to be buzz-worthy, it must get people talking about it. Rubik’s cubes, Sony walkmans, E.T. Tamagotchi’s the list is almost endless of products that created a buzz and had success by using the buzz around it.

If you can create a Buzz around your pre-launch, you can have the same results. Right now Mike Filsaime is making a huge buzz with his Groovefunnels software.

Make It Shareable

butterfly marketing

The next thing that your product needs are why somebody wants to share it, this could be almost anything, heartwarming, funny, or a way to make or save money. Above all else, it must be beneficial to the person and have the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor.

Another shareable point to note is that it must be easy to be self adverting, and easy for people to spread the word, without any barriers in the way.

It’s simple if it isn’t easy to share, then it isn’t going to spread, or succeed.

Okay so now we know what we need, we need a way to put these things together. And right now there is no better way than a membership site, along with preset tools that will help your customers spread the word for you.

Butterfly Marketing Membership Sites

Membership sites take viral marketing and start to produce the first part of butterfly marketing. This puts viral marketing on steroids.

There are a few reasons why membership sites are essential to butterfly marketing, the main reason being that you are creating a database of members.

Once you have built a suitable membership site, you can start to build a relationship with your members by using email and newsletters.

Unlike what you may think about membership sites, you do not need to provide articles, news, and tips continually. Instead, your butterfly marketing membership site is a way for people to.

  •  Create an account 
  •  Login 
  •  Receive the value on the INSIDE 
  •  Find a reason to promote your site 
  •  Come back over and over 

Even if your product is an Ebook, rather than just giving people a zip file, you can get them to create an account within your membership site on a thank you page.

You have increased the perceived value, and you will also reduce your refund rate. But even more important than that is that you are building a database.

And then comes the magic. Once inside the membership site, the users also get an instant affiliate link and all of the tools they will ever need to promote your product as an affiliate.

It keeps getting better, by creating your membership site you can also build the sense of being part of a community. And build trust at the same time. 

Why You Can’t Use Most Members Sites

So far this all sounds simple but sadly trying to use a static membership site page. When using a static page, you need your subscribers to go through more awkward steps to become your affiliate. 

When that person has just joined you, they are enthused about your product, as most people have made a purchase and the endorphins are still high. This is the time to turn that happy customer into your next great marketer.

So now is the time to get this happy customer as your product is still at the very forefront of their minds. If you sit back and hope it will happen, you will lose 99% of the people who could help you market.

Now I want you to quickly think about all of those thousands of sites you see with a little link at the bottom, saying affiliates, or affiliate programs. 

How many affiliates do you think that they get?

Let’s assume for one moment that they get a load of affiliates promoting their product.

Now think for a moment about if you concentrated on turning your members into affiliates. The more sales they make, the more affiliates you get, which brings you even more sales and affiliates.

This is how butterfly marketing works, taking the idea of viral marketing and supercharging it.

Free Or Paid Members Site

So which site is best for you to get the viral effect. Well if you look to your left you will see my thoughts, I would always say free.

However, when I say free, I don’t mean completely I mean a limited membership, with an upgrade option.

So why is it better to go with free

  •  You can get more people to join, meaning you build a bigger list faster. 
  •  You can up-sell your free members at a later time 
  •  You can up-sell them on a small offer when they join 
  •  They can sample what you have and want to get more 
  •  You can follow up with them to become a paid member 
  •  You can email them promotions for other products 
  •  They can become your affiliates even if they do not buy. 

Doing your marketing this way means that you can work on the 1,000 people that didn’t pay, or you can concentrate on the 7 and try and make it to number 8.

Suppose you run a service and some big influencer joins because it was free, but they see that the service is meant to get him traffic after they joined. But he already gets loads of traffic, and so that doesn’t interest him so as a free member he sees no reason to upgrade to the paid membership.


The WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) kicks in. Suddenly, this member sees that if he tells his list once he will get paid over and over again, with his recurring commission on your paid membership site.

Two-Tier System

Okay, so far you have this new member doing the marketing for you. Still, now you can supercharge that too, by adding a two-tier system into your affiliate commissions.

Now suddenly they can build their own downline and get even more recurring commissions. This person could have an email list of 100,000 that is responsive. This is how that one FREE member can make you $10,000 by sending out one email.

If you had charged for your website right from the beginning, there is a very good chance he would never have joined, and that means you also wouldn’t have got all of his email list paying you.

Please go back and re-read this as this is one part of butterfly marketing, that is very important to grasp. If you can see how the sites work, then making money is the easy part.


Now here is the perfect way to get even more traction, using a pre-launch, many marketers don’t seem to understand this and go straight to the launch phase. Instead of using a three-phase product launch

  •  Prelaunch phase 
  •  Launch phase 
  •  Post-Launch phase 

The pre-launch phase can be thought of as the yeast of the recipe which will get your product launched with the most chance of success if you focus on the right parts.

  •  Create a buzz – Start telling people about coming in the next 30 to 60 days. 
  •  Create a Blog of the project domain to be used in the pre-launch. 
  • Make sure you have a place for people to opt-in to the VIP notification of your launch. 
  •  Get creative. Use forums to salt the launch as well. 

Using the words beta test will get even more people interested in joining your launch.

  •   Start making some leaks of it being exclusive. Only xx seats or packages will be sold. Only xx members for the first year. Then a few more will get in for a higher price. 
  •  Set a date and put it on your calendar. This is a mistake many people miss. I have seen launches on Easter Sunday. The best day to launch is Tuesday.  
  •  Hire an affiliate manager if possible
  •  Make sure either you or your affiliate manager lets people know the date and when it is coming
  •  Get your product into the hands of top super affiliate JV partners. 
  •  Have an affiliate pre-launch member’s area. 
  •  For Butterfly Marketing, use a Blog to keep my JV’s focused. 
  •  When emailing your JV’s, use a standard subject line so they can always know how close you are to the launch date. 
  •  Also, in the JV member’s section, have many emails for your affiliates. 

If you do get a good influencer or super affiliate don’t be afraid of offering a higher percentage when they make a sale. Even making their rates, 100% can still make you huge profits as everybody they sign up will also be an affiliate for you.

Think of these large affiliates as solo ad providers, half of your goal is to profit from your building list.

The more emails you have for your affiliates ready with their affiliate link already filled out, the better. All you need to do is remind them to send their emails.

Offer Pre-Launch Discounts

You need people to take action, so within your pre-launch emails feel free to offer a discount, you don’t want people sitting on their hands when they should be reaching for their credit cards. But, be true to what you say, don’t create fake scarcity, it is your reputation to be a person of your word.

Coming Soon

With your coming soon page you need to have a capture page with a very minimum capture for name and email.

Also on the coming soon page, add a countdown to the launch, this plays to the viewers subconscious, everybody wants to see what is ‘behind the curtain.’ It is even better if you can get hold of a few pre-launch testimonials from the big influencers you gave access to.

You can access your member’s site and tease a little of what will be coming. This will begin to build your list even before you start.

Get The Upsell

When somebody joins your membership site, they must make an affiliate automatically and quickly see the upsell. And here’s an even bigger draw. 

If they are FREE members they may get only 20% of any commission sales, and 5% of their two-tier sales. However, if they upgrade, then they will double up. 40% for sign-ups and 10% on their second tier

If all of this pre-launch is done correctly, you will have people wanting to pay you before your product even launches.

Merchant Account

Many marketers often overlook this, but you could well have a surge in payments. There is nothing than PayPal hates more than unusual activity. I have had quite a few of my accounts suspended for this, and it isn’t a good feeling and reflects very poorly on you, and annoys a lot of your new affiliates.

You can overcome this by telling your merchant account what might happen; that way there is a good chance they won’t close you down mid-flow.

Show them your site and make sure you take a note of their name.

Another option through my link is to spread the risk. Here you could have multiple merchant accounts such as Paypal Stripe and Groovepay and give each 33% of the payments.

The Factors Of Butterfly Marketing

Okay so you have the basics down for you but what about what really sends growth and passive income. These are the elements you want to get right to make sure that your first growth spurt continues.

  •  Multi Promotional Tools 
  •  WIIFM – What’s In It For Me Concept 
  •  Affiliate Programs and Split Pays 
  •  Integration Marketing 

All of these are included in my link here.

You need to make sure that your affiliate programs stand proud against the others. Where you see other affiliate programs that say thank you for joining us. Here are your affiliate links.

You are the one person who knows your product the best, so ensure that you have all of the tools possible for your affiliates to succeed.

  •  Write pre-made email letters for members. 
  •  Provide multiple subject lines for these emails
  •  Write multiple emails for them  
  •  Write follow up emails for them 
  •  Write articles for them 
  •  Write Ezine Ads  
  •  Create Email Signatures  
  •  Write Reviews of your product for them to post on their blogs 
  •  Write press release(s)
  •  Write PDF’s or self-branding ebooks for them to give away 

Think of a perfect world of an affiliate and what you would like producing for yourself if you were marketing. Then try and go as far as you can. The more you can give your affiliates the more successful your product will be

Instantly making your member’s affiliates also get rid of so many hurdles. I think we have all gone to join affiliate programs where you apply to be an affiliate. You fill out what seems like a whole load of questions. You wait for them to contact you about joining. You have to log into the affiliate program at some other address this is far too many hurdles.

Instead, all of your affiliates are signed up the moment they join your program, either free or paid. And for an added extra conversion trick, number all of your tools as steps. The human mind feels compelled to complete simple tasks

  1. Add this email signature
  2. Send this email
  3. Add this post to your blog
  4. And so on

Welcome your new affiliates with a video on the welcome page, and start building your relationship right from the start. Explain how they can make money and how to use the tools.

Ensure they know about your affiliate marketing program and keep those instructions somewhere you members will see whenever they log in.

Make Sure Your WIIFM Factor Is Evident 

Pay your affiliates weekly. This has various benefits; one of them is it gives you the chance to contact your affiliates and build your relationship faster. There is nothing that inspires people to sell more than getting regular payments.

What are your thoughts, are you going to try Butterfly marketing? or do you have any questions?

Maybe you would like your butterfly marketing set up for you.

See the full Groovefunnels review here, which has all of the tools you need for butterfly marketing and over $10,000 of bonuses

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