OptimizePress 3 Review 2021

OptimizePress 3 Review 2021

In this Optimizepress review, I would like to take you through all things Optimizepress, and ultimately help you complete examination to find if this lightning-fast landing builder is right for you.

To make finding the topic that little bit easier, I have also included a complete content break down. 

What is Optimizepress?

Okay well, first things first Optimizepress is a WordPress plugin that is made to build sales funnels.

Optimizepress has begun to gain quite a bit of fame lately and is one of the most popular plugins n the WordPress market.

Even though Optimizepress was a very well known plugin on its previous versions, it is the complete rebuild and release of version three that has made me want to complete Optimizepress review.

Is Optimizepress Worth It? 

That depends as I said it is a WordPress plugin which means it is open source which is always good. However, a lot depends on if you want to have a small learning curve and be comfortable with WordPress.

Optimizepress 3 review 1

Optimizepress 3 Review

It’s nice to see a plugin that isn’t pretending to be something else and trying to bend itself into being a sales funnel builder. 

Optimizepress is primarily a landing page builder, and it is nice to see a product niche down and go for that one market.

You can think of Optimizepress similar to Clickfunnels, which I have reviewed thoroughly in this Clickfunnels review.

Much like Clickfunnels, you could use Optimizepress for different purposes but again like Clickfunnels is not designed for that purpose so expect great results.

Optimizepress Is Built For Marketers

When you purchase or download many WordPress plugins designed as page builders, you can manipulate them into giving you somewhat of a landing page. However, the results are never going to be as good because the needs of a marketer and a website builder are very different. 

Page builder plugins are focused on the designer’s needs, which are very different from that of a digital marketer, who wants to take their viewers on a journey that leads to a product selection.

Effects like sliders etc. have no place in a sales funnel that needs to be fast and slick, Building addons that do not help conversion is pointless and will ultimately cost you sales.

Optimizepress Templates

Another significant aspect is the templates. You can see that Optimizepress have reviewed which templates will convert and have supplied them for their users. Other page builders you would often find yourself having to create your templates from scratch. 

Of course, you can still start from scratch, but there is no need to as the selection of page builders has everything you could want.

Over 50 premade templates are ready to be customized and some old templates that I would be expected to migrate in.

When you create a new page, you’ll be asked to select a template, and you can choose from the following categories:

  • Landing pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Sales pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Launch pages
  • Collections
  • My templates

All of the templates supplied a very clean and modern looking and built towards conversions.

Even once you have picked the type of template, then Optimizepress will present you with yet more choices such as 

  • Simple opt-in form templates
  • Free shipping offer templates
  • Personal branding homepages
  • Event promotion templates
  • Ebook lead magnet templates
  • Free chapter templates
  • Mini-course opt-in templates
  • And more.

If you want your funnel pages to match, you can either clone the chosen template or open your selection within the collections where all of the templates are grouped, making your choice easier.

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Is Optimizepress Easy To Set Up?

After signing up, you are given the Optimizepress dashboard, which is both simple and clean in design. 

Also included is a WordPress theme too, which is your choice if you would like to use it.

Optimizepress Email Marketing

Simple integrations are already built into your email marketing campaigns such as 

  • Getresponse (recommended – getresponse review)
  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • Campaign Refinery
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Emma
  • Infusionsoft
  • MailerLite
  • Sendlane
  • Ontraport
  • Many more

There is also video integrations, but most importantly there is zapier which means you can pretty much hook up anything with your Optimizepress.

Lightning Builder

The lightning builder is one of the best cornerstones of Optimizepress. Its clean interface is very well laid out with your basic settings across the top. 

Everything is built very much with what you see is what you get style editor, making creating your funnels a joy.

The lightning page editor’s speed is excellent, meaning that there is no hanging around for your ideas to become a page.

Blog Creator

As the saying goes if you want to blog, then you need WordPress, and although that isn’t strictly true these days, there is no doubt that WordPress does have one of the most easily rankable interfaces out there when trying to score on SEO.

Even though Optimizepress is focused on creating landing pages, it does offer more than a passable blog builder and post editor that is very well built.

Better yet the editor works very much the same as the landing page builder works, so once you have your landing pages built, you will know how to construct your page.

Optimizepress is a little simpler than the likes of Elementor, with the page editor straightforward to work with.

Lead Generation

You can tell the guys at OptimizePress have put a lot of work in for version 3 of this plugin, and it even comes complete with a new WordPress theme called SmartTheme.

On first look, SmartTheme looks very minimal, but this is intentional, as there are so many customization options that you can use to make it your own that having them all in already would be a little overwhelming.

The optin forms on OptimizePress are impressive, and something you would generally expect from a much higher priced landing page builder.

All opt-in forms can be added as a one or two-step optin, which keeps you right in European countries.

Is OptimizePress Fast Loading?

Obviously, with all of the new google updates and speed being a significant consideration with google ranking, any landing page needs to load quickly, luckily OptimizePress has considered this. By adding their script and style enabler.

The idea is so simple that I am amazed that a lot more plugins aren’t using it. It simply lets you decide which plugins you will allow running on your landing page when they aren’t needed. This, in turn, makes your pages load much faster and doesn’t bog down google with unnecessary plugins.

Scarcity Addon

The scarcity addon is only available in the business or suite plans and is called the urgency plugin.

This add on is mainly about sharing social proof so isn’t a scarcity add on as such, but does result in excellent conversion rates.

It is based around people looking at what other people are doing as a buying trigger, and you have more than likely seen it before when you have seen a small pop up informing you that somebody ha just bought whatever product you are browsing.

If you were to buy these plugin separately, then there is a lot of expense to them some rinning into hundreds per year, so it is nice to see it making an appearance.

You can also use this addon to announce new blog posts or display how many visitors are on your website.

Optin Forms And Lead Magnets

Again included in the business suite plans, you can also use optin forms to deliver your lead magnets. 

An aspect I particularly like is the ability to add popovers, full-screen overlays, alert bars, and slide-ins can also be added. As well as what is called an Intro Optimizer which rather than being overlayed, it pushes your content down, which means users can scroll down to get back to your content.

There is a limitation to a 5,000-page view limit, and although this should be ample for a small site, it can be upgraded at the cost of $15 per month, which is still a considerable saving compared with other funnel builders.

Optimizepress 3 review 4

Funnel Builder Addon And Future Updates

OptimizePress certainly don’t seem to be slowing down at all and are continually including more enhancements geared at sending your conversion rates up.

These enhancements, such as split testing and funnel analytics, are something you would typically expect to find on a much pricer funnel builder. It is good to see that OptimizePress isn’t resting on its laurels and still determined to give a great funnel builder.

The check out builder is something that I am particularly impressed with, and again not something you would expect from a landing page builder at that price point.  

Payment providers such as Stripe and Paypal, are already built-in so straightforward to hook up to your account. Bump offers, checkout page design, digital file delivery, etc. are all easy to add within your platform.

And the best part is that you get all of these as part of the $199/year plan that can be used on up to 20 of your websites.

OptimizePress 3 Pricing

With pricing, OptimizePress 3 has three different pricing options with each building on the previous. option

Essential ($79/year) For One Personal Website

This is the entry-level plan, and for what you get included is pretty good value for money.

Such as 

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Leads & Traffic
  • SmartTheme Marketing Theme
  • 250+ Conversion Optimized Templates
  • 27+ Premium Integrations
  • Regular Product Updates & New Features
  • Email Support 

Business ($149/year) For Five Personal Websites

The five websites is a nice touch for only a minimal outlay and also comes with

  • Build Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Leads & Traffic
  • SmartTheme Marketing Theme
  • 250+ Conversion Optimized Templates
  • 27+ Premium Integrations
  • Regular Product Updates & New Features
  • Email Support from our global team
  • OptimizeUrgency:  Add Scarcity alerts to your pages

Suite ($199/year) for 20 personal websites

The most expensive of the three options, including.

  • Build Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Leads & Traffic
  • SmartTheme Marketing Theme
  • 250+ Conversion Optimized Templates
  • 27+ Premium Integrations
  • Regular Product Updates & New Features
  • Email Support from our global team
  • OptimizeUrgency:  Add Scarcity alerts to your pages
  • OptimizeFunnels: Our sales funnel builder for WordPress
  • OptimizeCheckouts: Accept payments on your website with ease
  • OptimizeLeads: Our Hosted opt-in form software (add optin forms anywhere)
  • Easy Split Testing: Split test pages in your funnels for optimized results
  • Premium Template Collections

When you compare these prices with other landing page builders, there are considerable savings to be made, leadpages, which is one of the budget end landing page builders would cost $576 per year.

OptimizePress 3 Review: Would I Buy It

OptimizePress 3 has come on in leaps and bounds making this third version something rather special.

The speed and ease of use are two considerable aspects to why I like this program. And the templates are well crafted. 

Out of all of the WordPress landing page builders, I have found this to be excellent. And I would certainly have it in my shortlist.

If having a WordPress site appeals to you, then OptimizePress 3 could be a great solution.

OptimizePress 3 Alternatives

There is only one alternative that I can think of, and that would be Groove. 

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