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Modern real estate sales funnels can be pricy. You might well have heard how excellent sales funnels are within real estate, But they can be so challenging to keep track of, there are so many properties and combined with all of the follow-ups it can be almost impossible for one person to handle. Its no wonder so many struggle.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, we will have not only ended that struggle but set you up with everything you will ever need.

I have added a table of contents so that you can easily refer to any part of this post easily, So we have a lot to get through lets dive straight in

What Does A Real Estate Agent Do

Thanks to new TV shows like Million Dollar Listing, people believe that the real estate industry is all cocktail parties and shiny white teeth.

But the reality can be very much different. Real estate can be a challenging game to crack and continue.

Firstly there are your existing customers to look after. Then you have the search for new clients. How do you go about finding them? 

  • Put up a billboard?
  • Advertise on Facebook?
  • Start Google Ads?
  • Hand out cards?

All of these methods work, and some continue to work better than others. But that is only the beginning as many in the real estate industry then send their prospects to their websites.

Why Realtors Need A Website

Now I know that you clicked on this post to learn about leadpages, squeeze page and funnels, but please bear with me.

Suppose you listen to the affiliates army out there working for clickfunnels, builderall, landingi, etc. In that case, you might be tempted to throw your website out and purely concentrate on sales funnels that would be a huge mistake, As to succeed, you need both truly.

A few years ago, if people wanted a home, they would pick up their local newspaper or online. Grab a map and look where the house was and maybe take a drive out there.

Now as far as websites go people are spending a lot more time on their mobile devices, they might well pick up their mobile find the home and their mobile phone will direct them there.

So with this massive shift to mobile, real estate agents need to make sure that their websites are mobile-ready. But even that isn’t as simple as it once was. With so many different mobile phones out there getting your website to display well on all of them is a tough ask.

But your website now needs to be optimized a little differently than it was in the past. A recent study by the digital information world has found that people’s attention span is now around the same as a goldfish.

Lower Attention Spans

The average human’s attention span fell from 12 seconds in 2000, to around 8 seconds today. (scientists believe a goldfish has the attention span of about 9 seconds). It isn’t surprising that so many prospects are lost via websites.

Think about it every day we are bombarded by push notifications texts, tweets, Facebook, emails, and so much more, our brains are getting hooked on all of the stimuli around us. And that means that your prospects are always craving more new information.

This means that for your website to be effective, then it needs to change. Too many agents are trying to put too much on their websites.

But the problem is websites are dying, below I have added a great example of a real estate website. (I have chosen this website as it was voted one of the best).

Real estate website vs a real estate funnel and how to get the perfect real estate funnel for free

Unfortunately, being good doesn’t mean that it is effective. The problem with all websites is they are a destination rather than a journey. They don’t guide visitors through the buying or selling process.

They allow visitors to interact, with your content, and they even let them take action.


They don’t take them by the hand and lead them from point A to point B.

With so many choices on a website, viewers often leave without knowing which action they should take.

If you look at the number of choices that a viewer faces on the site above, you will see what I mean.

  • Resources For Sellers
  • Resources For Buyers
  • Find Your Homes Value
  • Watch My Videos
  • Read Our Blog
  • Read Client Reviews
  • Call Me 
  • Email Me 
  • Join My Youtube Channel
  • Join My Facebook
  • Join My Pinterest
  • Search
  • Meet The Team
  • Featured Properties
  • Resources

These are all roads that your prospect can get lost down, and you do not get the lead.

And with the drop in attention spans. This could lose a prospect. It is just far too many options for your prospects to click. Looking at the pretty houses rather than the home they came for in the first place. And we have all done it.

Wel knows our budget is $350,000, but we will have a quick look in the $2,000,000 homes so we can snoop. Then before you know it, a text comes in and you lose the prospect forever.

This means that it is complicated for your website to hold anybody’s attention for very long. This creates a real challenge to real estate agents whose job is to cut through the noise and have a meaningful engagement with their prospects.

Your website needs to work as a team with your other digital assets to bring you up as an authority within your market.

You need to take advantage of that 8-second attention span on your website.

Using images and visual storytelling will help you capture and hold the attention (marketers have even given it a name ”picture superiority effect”). The concepts presented with pictures and images are easier to recall.

Website For Relevancy

With your website, a lot of the traffic will be people who are just beginning to think about moving home. You should be using your website to make yourself relevant in their search and an essential resource to your prospects and the community.

With so many real estate agents trying to get a piece of the pie, it is very easy to have your website overlooked. For you to rise above you, need to find a way to market yourself effectively.

This doesn’t mean sending out mass emails or placing newspaper and magazine ads. This is about inbound marketing.

What Is Inbound Marketing

With this post I am going to both show you and give you some tremendous inbound marketing resources as one of the most important things is giving yourself a complete online presence including 

  • Primary Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Pop-Ups
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing

Please don’t panic, it sounds like a lot to be done, but with the systems that I will give you, it is easier than it looks. All of these things add together, meaning that you naturally attract your perfect clients.

The Top Elements Your Real Estate Website Need

  • Resources – The first thing that your website needs is the resources where your current and prospective clients can learn more about you and your services. But too many agents stop there, you need to go above and beyond to stand out, and include, your website, blog and social media to become a hub for information.
  • Branding – Branding seems like a fad word at the moment, but it is that important. You don’t want to be just another agent treat your website as a reflection of yourself, your goals, your authority, and your services. Use your site to build trust with your prospects. The National Association of Realtor’s website states that 54% of buyers and 64% of sellers found the agent they worked with either from a personal referral or used an agent they had worked with before.
  •  Stay Updated – The National Association of Realtors, 96% of Americans look for their new homes on the internet. Now, this does mean using your site for sales but even more importantly using landing pages.
  •  Grow Your Brand – Just because you are a broker doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be growing. You still need to set yourself apart from the crowd. Do you want to be lumped with the others on a corporate site? This means that there is no reason why somebody should choose you.
  •  “Go-To” Resource – Give value to your clients, and let them be able to learn about the services that you offer. Clients want to know they made the right choice by selecting you as their realtor. Adding simple tools like mortgage calculators, home buying tips, and information on loan programs all increase your clients’ perceived value.
  • Be The Best Local Agent – Having your website means that you can easily target local SEO. If there is a particular area of your city that you want to focus on, keywords can easily be added, in the form of long-tail keywords. When a prospect stumbles onto your site, the information will quickly establish you as the authority in their minds.
  • Blogging Network – Blogging is still alive and kicking, and google still looks very favourably on blogs. You can use this to your advantage and help your reputation along the way. Blogs also give you an excellent opportunity to link to social media sites, helping build your brand.
  • Work For Your Dream – While you are working on all of this, you aren’t just building ABC Real estate. Instead, your branding is building up your dreams and your own future, without needing anybody else. You can use my REAL ESTATE WEBSITE TEMPLATES FOR FREE and start to build your brand today.

A Real Estate Sales Funnel

Landing pages make up part of a real estate sales funnel, but let’s go through one at a time to give you a complete understanding of them and of course, how they can increase your profits.

Landing pages give you a way to pinpoint specific audiences and tailor messages to their needs. By using landing pages, you can collect exact data, segment and grow your all-important client list.

Inside of the post I have included landing pages for you, which you can use as they are, or you can customize exactly how you would like them.

Let’s dive into what makes a great landing page and some of its different types.

What Is A Real Estate Landing Page?

Okay, you have probably guessed already a landing page is where your prospect will land, after they click on a link or ad.

So where your website has a multitude of jobs, your landing page only has one. When a visitor lands on your landing page, it gets them to complete an action.

In marketing jargon, getting a visitor to complete an action is known as a call-to-action or C.P.A.

This could be getting your visitors, to buy a product, schedule a booking, joining your mailing list, share their contact information, in fact almost anything that moves them along their buying journey with you.

If you have ever looked at marketing strategies for real estate, you would have seen many people touting how great they work. With a landing page, you can create any number of unique pages. Each optimized for a specific buyer.

In effect, this means you could have landing pages for first time buyers, multi-million dollar homes, and each you could capture the visitors’ details and retarget them on precisely what they are looking for.

Who Should Use Real Estate Sales Funnel

A common misconception is that landing pages and sales funnels are only for marketers. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A sales funnel, or landing page can be used by every real estate professional, to get new clients.

  • Selling/listing agents
  • Realtors
  • Buying agents
  • Brokerage companies
  • Vacation rental platforms

Why You Need A Real Estate Landing Page

High-quality landing pages drive conversions. Imagine a lead generating machine that speaks directly to your ideal clients 24 hours a day.

Suppose you run an ad campaign that sends referrals to your website homepage.

Inside your website, there are many different goals and links that invite your viewers to explore rather than take action. 

With people having such short attention spans, they don’t want to be scrolling around trying to find the information they arrived on your site for. It is the age of convenience, and people expect to see what they are looking for quickly and easily.

A Real estate landing page gives you just that. With a landing page in place, you can create content that is targeted for your ideal audience. The more targetted your message, the higher your conversion rate will be.

Even better is set up a landing page for each of your goals

  • Collecting feedback
  • First-time buyers
  • Real estate investors
  • Listing a new home
  • Hiring a team of realtors
  • Growing your email list

A landing page can meet all of these goals.

Now you might expect building all of these different pages to be expensive, and in some ways, you would be right. If you were to use clickfunnels, you could see yourself spending between $97 and $297 per month.

However, when you download your free funnels, you will also receive access to three domain names, unlimited pages, pop-up builders, and email autoresponder. 

If you need more than that you can pay a one-time fee and get most of it upgraded to unlimited.

Different Types Of Real Estate Landing Pages

 So far, we have touched on some of the landing pages’ versatility, but let’s dive a little deeper.

Home Valuation Landing Page

There are so many prospects out there who are considering moving home, but they need to know how much their current home is worth.

My mother in law wanted to move home nine years before she finally took the leap and done it. The reason why is she wanted to know what her home was worth first. But didn’t want to enter into high-pressure sales.

Now, of course, I am not suggesting that you are using high-pressure sales, but that is the perception that she had, and because of this, she stayed put.

She only started looking at new homes once she had seen a landing page which promised to give her a free valuation.

If you were to build your home valuation page, you would be surprised how much of the traffic you send there will enter their details. And when they have entered their details, you have yourself a lead.

But it is better than that because you have given your prospect value, then they may well want to reciprocate. It has been proven that by providing value first, then people want to pay you back.

In the home valuation template, we have used a simple design, that invites the viewer to find out how much their home is worth, with an even more straight forward call to action.

We have built it this way to cut down on confusion and have absolutely no distractions. And like most real estate funnels, it is clear and straight to the point, giving a much higher conversion.

Home Search Landing Page

The complete opposite from above the home search landing page, allows your visitors to search homes in the area, but rather than just send these prospects over to a complete website, where we could lose them. We gather their information so that they can be provided with a personal touch.

Again this leads your prospect by the hand to take the action that we want them to take.

The value is simple in this real estate sales funnel. We will help you find a home if you give us some details.

This funnel could be added to by including testimonials and social proof, which would help you gain a higher ranking in search engines, which is vast benefit many funnel builders simply cant offer as they are built on old frameworks.

Lead Magnet Landing Page

The fastest way to grow your email list full of hungry prospects is to offer something of value in exchange for their information.

This can be used for both buyers and sellers and quickly become the cornerstone of your real estate business. Free checklists on buying and selling homes are always well received and very simple to make, using the likes of

From this page, you can segment the buyers by their buying interests, within your email marketing. This means that every subscriber will get a tailored email listing the properties you already know will suit their needs.

Creating A High Converting Landing Page

So far I have said a lot about the benefits of landing pages, but as good as they are it doesn’t mean that you can knock one together in your lunch break and have done with it.

Starting with the FREE Real estate templates I have supplied will be a great start but you want to keep on expanding your landing pages.

Rules For Realtor Funnel Templates

Remember K.I.S.S. 

Keep it stupid simple. Your landing page works best when it is stripped down to the bone. The whole object is for the landing pages to do just one job. 

Don’t overcomplicate it, by adding busy visuals, buttons and links. Landing pages that work the best are short simple, and to the point, the more choices you have in there, the less likely your visitor will complete your call to action.

You don’t want them stuck in the Amazon scroll, where they scroll through your content but never taking any action.

Compelling Headline

Remember the 8 seconds of the human attention span, that’s how long you have to grab their attention.

Most people will scan the headlines, and many won’t ready your landing page unless there is something on there that really interests then. Your headline is the first and possibly the only thing that they will read on your entire page. 

If you target your landing pages correctly, you should write headlines solving the problem that your prospects have hen coming to your page. Write headlines that show your prospects you are the right person to provide the answer they are looking for.

Benefits Rather Than Features

‘People don’t buy a drill they buy the hole.’ No doubt you have heard the saying before. When you focus on their problems, and the benefits you will be seen as somebody your prospects can relate to.

Merely adding features such as a home value calculator, can be a huge benefit. Talk about how the seller can get more cash once they know what their house is worth.

Are you giving away a home selling checklist? Talk about how it can help your prospects in selling their home faster.

By pointing out the benefits they receive when they use your services, it will significantly value you and make them want to give their contact information.

Your goal is to help your potential leads envision all the incredible value you’ll give them – all you need in return is their contact information.

Use High-Quality Photography

The use of a professional photographer can be worth its weight in gold. When you see a landing page with pixelated photographs, it cheapens the look of the property.

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to real estate don’t just think of photographs of the house, think about the surrounding areas of beauty. And use photography to build a complete story rather than just a picture.

If you can’t decide which picture might convert the best, run split testing on the pages. And also put them head to head on your social media pages. People love to give their opinions, and it will also create a buzz.

Think Of The Users Intent

Google has started to place a significant amount of focus on user intent. A page for renters will look vastly different from a landing page for property investors.

With the tools available with Google and social media, you can target particular groups of people and design a landing page that will resonate with your visitors.

By using the templates that we have supplied, you can customize it to show your branding, capture leads, automate your marketing, and of course, target your ideal client.

Many sales funnel builders are complicated, they all boast about how simple they are to set up and run, but so often that is not the case. And they don’t seem to tell you about all of the extra costs.

Clickfunnels Real Estate Templates

If you have looked at the leader in sales funnel builders (clickfunnels), you will see that you will get a minimal service for their standard monthly pricing of $97. 

And even with that hefty price tag of $97, you only get twenty sales funnels and 100 pages. At first, glance that could look tempting, but there are other costs. 

Not least is email marketing, which starts at $15 per month.

Then there is the pure time aspect of your sales funnel, as I have said building them can be time-consuming, and with yet another learning curve.

In this guide, I would like to take you how to set up a perfect sales funnel and later explain how you can even get your sales funnel free.

You might well have heard how excellent sales funnels are within real estate, But they can be so challenging to keep track of, there are so many properties and combined with all of the follow-ups it can be almost impossible for one person to keep track of.

This is what I heard so much of from real estate agents throughout my research. I just knew that something could be done and the full process simplified.

So how can this all be done?

What Is A Realestate Sales Funnel?

To fully Grasp what a funnel is, it is essential to know what it isn’t.

Most real estate agents and investors rely on their websites to drive traffic, build brand awareness and generate leads.

Now don’t get me wrong. There is a place for a real estate website. But that place is not to take care of almost all of your leads. Its almost like you are building a maze full of temptations to lead them away from taking action.

A Realtor Sales Funnel

Looks a little different, 

  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Clients

Just one way for them to go and no risk of them getting lost in a complicated website

What Makes A Good Real Estate Funnel

Know Your Target

If you don’t know who your target market is, you don’t see how your service can help them. 

And this, in turn, means you will have a tough time finding your leads, and closing deals.

So who is your target market?

Before you say, people who want to buy and sell in your city. You might want to think about niching down if you are in a competitive area. 

You don’t want to be a small fish in a big pond. It is much more comfortable being a massive fish in a blue ocean.

You might be 

  • Real estate for first-time buyers
  • Real estate investor helping people through foreclosure
  • Real estate investor who helps people going through a divorce
  • The real estate agent who sells riverfront homes

It’s an old but true saying that the riches are in the niches.

The more you know about your target market, the more direct selling to them is, and you will also have a much clearer idea about why your services will help your target market.

Once you know your target market, you will have a much easier time reaching out to them personally. After all, people always buy from people. And knowing your target market will put you streets ahead of your competition.

So let’s plan out your ideal funnel.

It starts with a squeeze.

Squeeze Page For Realtors

Okay, so this is where you start getting shocked by how simple this is. A squeeze page is made up of two pages, a squeeze page and a thank you page.

People will happily give you their email address if you are offering something in return, for FREE.

But it has to be something that will help them think along those lines so maybe a home selling checklist, but let your mind go wild a little there are a load of options that you can offer, where your prospects will start seeing you giving value straight out of the gate.

The only thing you need to figure out is the irresistible offer. What would your target market love?

Once you have worked that out, its time to drive traffic.

There are so many driving traffic options, but two that stand out are Google ads and Facebook ads.

Also, SEO is essential for this, but don’t think about trying SEO with Clickfunnels as it just does work (don’t worry I have a solution a little later)

Using Google ads, you can target words like ‘sell my home quickly for cash’ ‘who is the best real estate agent in …’ think about the terms you would use.

And Google will pay for some of your ads.

If people enter those search terms into Google, you know that they are already seriously thinking about needing your services. 

This is where your funnel begins to shine, as everybody who goes there and is serious is giving you their contact details.

So let’s go into the process if you were to build the sales funnels yourself.

We will be using automation, as a shortcut and improve your current R.O.I., so we have already gone through the squeeze page lets dive a little deeper.

We will Cover

  • Creating a pop up for each of your pages, to subscribe your visitors.
  • Segmenting your leads and sending out a newsletter
  • Creating a landing page for each property
  • Automatically sending out emails
  • Setting up a remarketing campaign on Facebook.
  • Setting up a remarketing campaign on Google.
  • Creating a second-stage landing page optimized for return traffic

Why Do I Need Landing Pages For Each Property

Okay so not too sure why you would need so many landing pages, imagine for a moment that you are a fisherman, and your property is the bait.

Now with your ads and SEO, you can see how many fish are out there biting.

Your various landing pages are your nets, now some of the fish as you may be too small, some may not like your bate (the property), but that’s fine, as you don’t want those fish.

But unless you have many nets, then you could lose the fish that you were interested in.

A well thought out landing page is like a net without holes, you might throw some of the fish back as they aren’t what you are looking for, but you have the best chance of finding your perfect fish.

First-time buyers might not be interested in the million-dollar property you have. The same as the million-dollar property buyer doesn’t want to see homes at the lower end of the scale.

You are already familiar with property directories. Unfortunately, they aren’t optimized for conversions or engagement.

What a landing page does is not just place the information in front of the prospects. Instead, we concentrate on how visitors will be engaging with the page and what they might want from it.

Once a landing page is made, it can be saved as a template and reused for all other properties, which means that you have an optimized landing page for every one of the properties you would like to sell.

Create A Pop-up

Your optimized landing pages are only the beginning, yes you are starting to block holes in your fishing net. But as always, you can go further.

Pop-ups subscribing your prospects is one of the primary ways of doing that.

And there are many different ways of using them, such as,

  • Exit Pop-ups added to your landing page and only showing when your prospect heads towards leaving the page
  • Entry Pop-ups add a subscription pop-up that appears as a prospect arrives on your page, mentioning that subscribers receive the most up to date information before it is added to your site.
  • Scroll Pop-ups when set to around 30-50% of your page, your prospects get a good chance to look around your site and rather than just leaving had the opportunity to subscribe.

Segmented Newsletter

With both your lead generation and pop-ups generating your list of leads. It makes it easy to start segmenting these leads, which in turn will increase your sales.

By segmenting your leads, you will know exactly where your prospects are coming from, and what they are interested in.

Within real estate, segmentation is crucial. As it means the right properties are going to your prospects, who have already shown their interest.

Mailchimp has also measured segmentation within email campaigns and the results were pretty conclusive

  • Opens 14.64% higher 
  • Unique Opens 10.68% higher 
  • Clicks 59.99% higher 
  • Abuse Reports 6.15% lower 
  • Unsubscribes 7.46% lower 

What has proved even more successful. Is sending out an email as soon as your prospect opts-in. This could be used for sending your lead magnet, or just as a welcome message.

The most important part is it begins to increase trust from the first click.


Previously on your website, if somebody didn’t click the link, then they were lost forever. The same could be true when using landing pages; that is why we would use remarketing.

This means that you can now build entire campaigns to entice them back by using remarketing through Facebook or Google before these were lost.

Once you know who these people are, by your retargeting pixel, you can then tailor a campaign based around the properties they were browsing, either by price, location or a whole host of other aspects.

Added to that, you can also build a lookalike audience where Facebook and google will find people who have shared interests, meaning you can increase your prospects even further.

Remarket With Google

Your Facebook ads are a great way to increase your prospects, but to round out your marketing entirely, Google is a great addition.

Google has a vast remarketing platform built within Google AdWords, which can enable you to put your site in front of previous visitors as well as new visitors to your landing pages.

Second Stage Landing Page

Even though you could send this retargeted audience to the same landing page, they have seen already, which would work great. However, you could also build a second stage landing page.

This could be optimized for your returning prospects, and ideally would have even fewer calls to action, as well as update notices and status of the property.

Real Estate Sales Funnel For FREE

With so many real estate professionals not moving with the times and still using the old marketing methods, I believed now is the perfect time to help.

With over 93% of homebuyers going online to buy and sell their homes, a recent study by a national association for realtors showed that 51% of buyers found their homes online.

This is where I am hoping my FREE funnels will help.

Create Your Own Amazing Landing Pages

Of course, nobody knows your business like you, and that’s why you will find the simple drag and drop builder a pleasure to use—either starting from scratch or building from one of the funnels I will give you. 

Seeing all of that I hope I have piqued your interest a little about what can be done with a real estate sales funnel.

And for the eagle-eyed among readers, you would have also seen that I put download your landing page for free.

But what is included with it.

  • Landings
  • Squeeze pages
  • Pop-ups
  • Email Marketing
  • Pre-built templates ready to use
  • Hosting
  • Three domains
  • Unlimited pages
  • Easy to customize
  • Includes a full state of art web site builder

Why Am I Giving This Away For FREE

Well, I used to build Clickfunnels a lot, and I quickly realized that the monthly payments weren’t suitable for the real estate industry. I know that the real estate business doesn’t want to focus on paying monthly fees. 

Now I know that Clickfunnels Do a two-week trial, but really what good is that. By the time you build everything and get it working, then you would start to get charged.

That’s when I started looking for a new marketing suite for myself and the industries I help.

Now, this isn’t a test for two weeks. This is FREE FOR LIFE.

Of course, you can pay an upgrade if you would like and get more tools than you could ever need and get unlimited everything, and all for a one-time fee.

BUT You don’t need to upgrade.

Everything you need is included, and it is easy for you to edit and make your own. It’s a simple drag and drop system, and I will also be making some videos and a private members site which will show you exactly how to edit everything.

Including your email marketing, website, landing page, squeeze page, pop-ups, everything.

But if you do get a little stuck, then one of my designers or I can update all of your assets for you.

I would be delighted to answer any questions you might have either on my Facebook Page or via email:

Get Your FREE Real Estate Landing Pages And Sales Funnel Templates

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FREE for a Very Limited Time

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