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Possibly the most important part is your sales funnel prospects, which funnels will you use and where on their journey are they?

So next, we can go through the process of a sales funnel. If you are one of the chosen few, you might well have seen the book by Eugene Schwartz called breakthrough advertising. And even though this book was only released as a limited edition, it has become the blueprint of how many marketers use funnels and tactics today.

Sales Funnel Copywriting

How to get great copywriting for your sales funnels

Even to this day, it is a widespread belief that Eugene was one of the very best copywriters around. He was really that good. Now before we get into the details of your marketing process. It is important to remember that copywriting is essential when setting up your sales funnel. 

Sad;y not everybody can be a Eugene. However, if you are serious about your copywriting, click this link to give you 10,000 credits with Jarvie, which is possibly the best copywriting tool I have used.

Sales Funnel Prospects Levels

Inside Egenes’s book, he goes in to explain the five levels of customer awareness. When building a funnel for any sort of promotion, it is vital to keep it in mind.

These levels are

Most Aware

Product Aware

Solution Aware

Problem Aware 


Most Aware

When building your funnels, the most aware customers are possibly the easiest funnel to create, and of course, that is most aware.

These are the customers who have bought from you once or many times and will typically be from your buyer’s list. In Russell Brunson’s words, these are the people who are part of your 1,000 raving fans.

In my own software, these would be the people who love Chatammo. These are the people who would join my group and become part of the chatammo family. They will typically attend your webinars and launches.

Types Of Funnels For Most Aware

These are your bread and butter clients. You already have the customer. You have their contact details. These are the customers that you would give an offer to. And it is so good they can’t get the offer anywhere else. This would be your irresistible offer, that when they see it. They would believe you are crazy for giving such an offer away.

The funnel would explain that you want to give them a VIP package because they are such a valued customer of yours. I would go down the live webinar route with these customers.

Generally, they’re going to show up, and a webinar is a great time to have fun with your members to lay out the plan. Within the webinar, you would treat these members like gold and make sure that you give them the very best offer you can. I would also include webinar replays and build a funnel. That would invite these people to your event.

So if you have some quality customers, you would want to send email and messenger blasts saying something along the lines of

Hey, we’re doing a customer-only mastermind or live event. In general, if you are hosting a live event, the price point is around $1,000 to $5,000, as an industry rule of thumb.

Remember that these are your most valuable customers, so the deal you offer must be of great value. 

Product Aware Sales Funnel

These are prospects that know about your product but have not yet bought it. They are also aware of your competitor’s solution and are unsure which option is right for them.

So as an example, let’s use manychat, the best-known chatbot builder in the industry. They might even already be a customer of manychat, chatfuel, chatmatic, etc.

Perhaps these prospects have even had a soft visit to one of our sites (a soft visit is more a curiosity visit, they aren’t fully engaged).

They will see chatammo and think to themselves, yeah, this looks like a manychat competitor. So there was no reason for them to jump in. They are often coming from your competitors as they are the most known in the space, making manychat the elephant in the room.

Types Of Funnels To Use For Product Aware

Some of the best funnels for you to use with product awareness are webinar funnels, live webinar funnels, and video sales letter funnels.

The reasoning is simple, you need to make the case of why your product is better. This can be done via software demos and showing the many features other chatbots don’t have.

They haven’t bought yet when they have previously visited your site because they didn’t find the information they needed. An ill-informed mind will never buy.

We would also want to make a bold claim, so within the presentation, I want to show you why we are twice as good as manychat, but for half of the cost.

Suppose you can show the bold claim and also keep their attention until the end of the presentation. In that case, you will gain not only a customer but also a raving fan.

In Mike Filsaime’s words, you need to go in there with cold war pricing and positioning, as they are already established within the market. In addition, the users of manychat may already know, like, and trust the product, so you need to go in hard to get the sale.

After you have built your funnel and shown the features in our case, chatammo. You should have taken the viewers from, yeah, nice product where my credit card is much better than what I am currently using.

Your product has to be, get twice as much for half the price, so something like.

Chatammo is half the price of Manychat and twice as effective. Why settle for less.

You have no choice but to go for the elephant in the room. True, it isn’t always friendly. But your competitors aren’t paying your mortgage.

Solution Aware Funnels

The solution-aware prospects know that there is software like yours out there. But they don’t know about your solution. They may not even have heard of you before.

This means that these prospects have never even been to your website to find out about your product. These are a set of prospects who may not even be using your competitors. And may even be patching systems together to get the end result that your solution can offer.

In chatammo, people might be hooking together Shopify, Uber east, some QR program, a chatbot system, Hootsuite, etc. When they could have all of the solutions within chatammo.

When somebody is solution aware, they aren’t yet in crisis mode, but they still need help.

What Type Of Sales Funnel For Problem Aware

For problem-aware prospects. Your sales funnels should be focused on media. Meaning that you would have plenty of videos hitting the pain points and showing what your solution could do to fix them.

A sales letter type of funnel is very well suited to this kind of marketplace, and when adding the media, the videos. You would be showing what each aspect of the software can do. So you get this, and this, and it also does this. For these customers, you want to focus on demo-type selling.

With solution aware, you want to be very much it saves you time and doubles your sales, type of title. It is all about making your customer’s life easier.

Problem Aware Funnels

These are the type of prospects who know that they have a problem but don’t know a solution exists. So as an example. You may have a realtor who knows many people are driving past their listing but not going to their sales funnel or remembering the telephone number.

Now, there are actually two problems. Problem number one is websites don’t make sales. Funnels do. So we need to get their prospects onto a funnel for that particular home. (after all, that is the one they are interested in). Problem two is that trying to get these people to remember a long URL is never happening. 

So firstly, we could introduce a QR code onto their signage. That comes with chatammo. This would then take them into our chatbot and give them details of the property in exchange for their contact details. Once this has been completed, we could send them over to the sales funnel, which would show that property in all of its glory.

This means we are now building their lists and giving them so much more value within funnels and Chatammo. (I even give away the funnels, as Groove has an outstanding affiliate program, so they can try before they buy).

These are people who are desperate for a solution.

Sales Funnel Types For Problem Aware

The funnel types that would work best for problem awareness would be the automated webinar funnels, lead/chatbot capture to organize a live demo.

Like before, these funnels would be very media-rich, so video sales letters and evergreen. In addition, a product launch funnel that is made evergreen would also be an excellent solution for these types of clients. 

Each video in your funnel could even be around 10 to 15 minutes long. You want your prospect to fully understand the solution you have in place. You would want to position yourself as an authority in the marketplace. Your prospects should look at yo0u and know that you have their best interests at heart.

Testimonials are also an excellent addition to your funnels, in this case, as they will help with your social proof.

Unaware Prospects

Many marketers often ignore these, which is a mistake as there are many more unaware prospects out there than any other type. These prospects aren’t aware that there is a problem at all.

They simply do not know that a problem exists. This is particularly true if you are a new product on the market such as chatammo. Many businesses don’t know that they have a problem with not building lists. In fact, many marketers don’t realize the problem either.

This is mainly disruptive marketing, so keeping with chatammo provides so many solutions using automation, so not many people are using it. It can solve all of their problems, as it offers complete marketing from chatbots to the integration with funnels. It provides a done with your solution that can be sold to mum and pop stores, to keep their overheads down and the profits up.

Types Of Funnels For Unaware

A product launch funnel works perfectly for this type of prospect, and you need to make the case of hey, we know you are suffering from XYZ. Here is the solution.

You will need to include a lot of proof of concept. Here you are showing people that their beliefs aren’t always accurate. Live webinars also will work well for this type of prospect, and your hook should be thought out very carefully. Again I would use Jarvis for this and go through their templates to get the perfect ad copy

Live webinars work so well with this type of prospect because you can answer any questions that may come up. And in my experience, there are a lot of questions.

I hope this has hopefully got you more switched onto your Sales Funnel Prospects and how you can better serve them with your funnels.

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