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Send To Messenger Facebook Ads, The Ultimate Guide

Send to messenger Facebook ads are rapidly growing again, but why is that? 

I want to go through both the pros and cons of using Facebook ads for messenger within this article. And why you maybe should be implementing them a lot more within your marketing strategies.

Over the many years within the digital market, I have tried various marketing methods, hacks that seem to fade away rapidly, and tricks that various gurus have put out as the best way to produce results with ads, 

By far, the most effective marketing tactic is Facebook messenger ads.

Back In 2020, send to messenger ads were one of the fastest-growing methods within Facebook ads. So by the time you are finished with this article, you will be fully armed with the knowledge that you need to finally start making your ads pay.

Three Types Of Messenger Ads

When you go inside Facebook and look for ad types for messenger, you will be given three choices.

  • Run ads that show up in the Messenger inbox or messenger stories – Ads showing as sponsored conversations between messenger stories or within the messenger inbox.
  • Sponsored messages – sending messages directly to people who have had a conversation with your business.
  • Run ads that start a conversation in Messenger (Click-to-Messenger ads). – These are where you use a call to action that starts a messenger conversation. This is my favorite, and what I will be concentrating on throughout this article.

Advantages Of Send To Messenger Ads

There are many advantages of using messenger ads. For example, when a customer engages with a messenger bot, they are three times more likely to buy. 

You don’t need a website or landing page. Now you can send people directly into your messenger, meaning that your bounce rate is massively reduced. Furthermore, once somebody clicks a button within your bot, they are subscribed to you.

Building a relationship, rather than just having the one point of contact and hopefully grabbing somebody’s email Inside of messenger, you can interact with your subscribers, ask them questions and give them a tailored solution to their pain points.

Qualify leads straight from your ad. By having a chatbot, subscribers can suddenly be qualified, meaning no more time wasted with tire kickers.

Streamline your customer’s journey through to a sale.

Drive Traffic To Your Inbox

To achieve all of the above, the most important thing is to get them into your inbox, which is precisely what the click to messenger does.

Even better, you’re direct to messenger can be used across all Facebook family, and services.

These include

  • Instagram newsfeed
  • Facebook newsfeed
  • Instagram stories
  • Facebook stories
  • Messenger stories

Suppose you are familiar with the Facebook ads manager. In that case, you will already be aware of the enormous targeting that is available within it.

Running Facebook Ads with Apple IOS14

Apple caused a considerable stir when they released their brand new ios14 update, which saw many Facebook marketers lose money on the ads they were running.

That is because retargeting became massively complex almost overnight. But, as we all know, the money is in the follow-up.

With messenger, you don’t have these complexities as your ideal customers are already in your lists, ready for you to retarget. Thus, making your return on investments a much better prospect.

Clickthrough Rates With send To Messenger Ads

Click to messenger boasts huge clickthrough and conversion rates. Once your customized flows are in place, excellent ROI is across the board impressive.

send to messenger ads example

So let’s start by looking through the best practices when using messenger ads and how to set up your Facebook chatbot to capitalize and make your ads successful.

What Is The Goal Of Your Facebook Ad

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. What matters is that you have a clear plan set out.

Are you looking to build brand awareness, build your leads base, grow your email list, or sell products? 

It is vital to set out clear goals before you think about clicking that ads button.

The worst thing that you can do is begin to spend money and not see a return, and that is what happens when you are eager to run ads without taking care of your result.

By defining a clear goal, you can plan your campaign and track your results. This means that you can tweak your ads as you move onwards and scale 

Brand Awareness

can be built using conversational messaging. The critical thing to remember is you want to create something unique within your message flow. 

With brand awareness, you want to stick inside your subscriber’s minds so that whenever they think of your niche, you are the first person that comes to mind.

Quick replies are good to use in brand awareness. They provide a direct route that your subscribers can go through with the pathway back disappearing, as once a quick reply has been clicked, it disappears.

Lead Generation

With lead generation, an important aspect to bear in mind is to collect email addresses and possibly even SMS numbers. This is paramount within your considerations for a few reasons.

  • Taking people away from the algorithms making it very easy to recontact your subscribers
  • Being able to use the email addresses you have collected to retarget with Facebook ads
  • Build a lookalike audience within Facebook so that you can use their data to expand your lists. And create a great targetted audience for your next campaign.

Sell Products/Increase Traffic

Calls to action should be used to get your subscribers to want to click, fear of missing out, social proof, and many more can enhance users’ need to click.

Send To Messenger Facebook Ads Break down

Create Flow To Support Your Goal

So as an example, we will say we want to drive traffic to our website and want people to sign up for our membership site.

What a lot of marketers would do is send the traffic directly to our website. However, the drop-off rates from this can be significant, and running those ads can be expensive.

Luckily, we have had a lot of experience with ads and have found that the send-to-passenger model works better for this objective.

We decided to build a chatbot that would hit on various pain points our prospects might suffer and offer solutions through the chatbot flow by asking questions to pinpoint their most significant pain point and directing them to our sign-up page. 

So results on the ad, In the first 24 hours, we saw a 34% click-through rate and a 68% conversion rate.

Now obviously, it takes some time for the Facebook ads to get out of the learning phase, and in our case, dropped our conversation rate to around 18%, which we were still happy about.

Designing Your Ad Sets

When looking at a design for your ads, head over to your competitors and see what they are using. If you go to their page transparency, you can view the best converting ads and use these for inspiration.

If you have used that inspiration, you will see your ads relevance score increasing over time.

Setting Up Your Campaign

Send To Messenger Facebook Ads desktop

Head over to your Facebook Ad’s Manager, and click on create a new campaign.

Then select messages as the objective.

If following along, remember to click the sent to messenger for the ad type. It is also possible to use these ads for Instagram and have your automation in there, too, with our new Instagram automation.

Next, choose your budgetschedule, and target audience. You are selecting the Click-to-Messenger ad type.

After that, you want to select where the ads will be shown. This is your ads placements.

Finally, select the ad’s budget and schedule, and you’re ready to start creating the actual ad.

Create Ad And Linking to Your Flow

Send To Messenger Facebook Ads choosing ad type

Creating your ad will always start by choosing the correct Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Choose the ad format (carousel, single image/video), upload your visuals, here looking for something that will be a scroll stopper. If people are browsing your imagery, they will stop and look at what you have posted.

Make sure you have a solid call to action that also ties into your ad campaign. For example, I like the send to messenger action here. Just so that people aren’t going to get confused when they are directed into their Facebook messenger.

Then head downwards and choose advanced setup, and then edit.

Send To Messenger Facebook Ads4

It’s now time to head over to your chatammo account. We have made it so that you can link your messenger ads to any postback that you have created to target the pain points of your prospects.

Send To Messenger Facebook Ads your chatbot settings

So click messenger bot on the left-hand side, and then, postback manager, under the facebook controls, choose the postback you wish to use and press the JSON code.

Copy the code you have just been given, head back to your ads manager, delete all of the pre-populated code that Facebook has supplied, and paste in the code you have just copied.

Send To Messenger Facebook Ads json set up

Suppose your business is already using Facebook ads, but you aren’t using send to the messenger. In that case, you are missing out on a vast potential customer base, and of course, building your list while making your business better both in the long and the short term.

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