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Starting A Digital Marketing Agency – Step By Step Set-Up

When starting a digital marketing agency there can seem so many things that you need to get right, here we will go through the process of setting up your digital agency, and the process to run through for maximum results for your clients.

When working with clients it is paramount to remember that at first, you are VERY replaceable, if you aren’t doing a good enough job for your new client their is always somebody else about who will.

So with that in mind, you need to be able to prove yourself very quickly. Within this Sops document, we will be going through how to get you up to speed on producing results for your clients rapidly, and consistently.

Your Audit

How to do a website audit, for your digital agency

Many small business owners have never done an audit within their business, which is why when you run a simple basic audit you will begin to see where the easy wins are and how you can capitalize on them.

However, every audit will be very different, and as individual as the clients themselves.

Many small businesses aren’t doing much marketing at all, which is why they would be interested in using your services in the first place.

What this means to you as an agency owner is a lot of the time your easy wins can often be the same

Example Audit

To keep things simple we will use an audit of a tattoo studio, as I wanted to choose something a little unusual so it can be applied to all other businesses.

So after we have an interest from a client, then we are first going to head over to their website and see if they have a pixel installed.

Google Tag Manager

Checking google tag manager for your digital agency

So first things first we are going to head over to the google tag manager plugin for chrome, and also the pixel helper also for chrome.

If these two are missing it is important that you install both, this will help you start to gain information and start your retargeting process.

Having these installed you will know who has already visited, in our example tattoo studio had these installed and so we could see they were getting around 350 visitors per month. Which is good enough for us to use.

Now if these are installed then we are going to move on.

Are They Running Ads


Within the running ads we want to head over to their Facebook page, and click on page transparency, If they aren’t running ads we have a huge headstart, as they have gathered data on their visitors but aren’t doing anything with the information.

This means we can retarget.

To create your Facebook ads with the information gathered we are going to head over to Facebook ads and then ads manager, then click on create an audience, here you will see the audience information they have gathered.


Google is your next step. For local businesses, you can set up a simple google ad for their local area, which will make you look like a rockstar, so something pretty simple, naming the tattoo studio and setting the local target area.

I tend to use Jarvis for this, but creating a good copy for this ad shouldn’t be too difficult.

Now it is very important that within google you only set these ads to run if the exact phrase is used, so Tattoo Studio Newcastle, the ad spend you can set for around $5 – $10 per day.

Because we are using the exact match for our keywords we will get highly targeted results on the ad. As we are using a buyer search term.

Now this means that the Google ad will be running and we are still gathering information, so on your google ads side, it will look a little like the following.

Somebody searches Google for tattoo shop Newcastle, they see our client, and click onto the website. Now most customers at this point will not sign up for a free consultation, as they will want to do their shopping around.

This isn’t a problem as we have gathered their information, so perhaps an hour later we retarget and hit them up on Facebook, with our retargeted ad.

The Ad

So obviously the next step is setting up the ad, don’t worry it’s not as bad as you might think.

And by now hopefully, you know the entry points. And one I tend to use the JSON ads as the first stop with a new client.

Within the ad, we can use the free consultation, or even better if we can run a large competition, with a good prize (but you might want to save that one for later). No matter what we want to be offering something for free.

A small hack that is useful would be to head over to Groupon and see what my client’s competitors are doing and then trying to do something similar, but we are going to send them into messenger to claim the offer.

Which in turn will build our database of customers at the same time. and that we can also follow up with them, and send out more offers within the 24 hour period, or in the future.

The reason why we are sending them to our chatbot, even if we are sending them to our website and funnel later is we can grab all of the information that we need to make further offers.

And this also opens the door, at a later date to run sponsored messages

Add Urgency

By adding urgency you will greatly increase your sales, something like ‘get this offer within the next 24 hours to receive your 10% discount’.

There is a reason you see a lot of this within business ads and that is it works.

The Chatbot

Okay, so once we have the ads running to our chatbot we need to consider how we can help the subscriber on their journey to a purchase.

First things first, if we have offered something free or a giveaway, make sure you get that done very early in your chatbot flow, this will build trust between your client and their customer, it is also an ideal place to collect their email/mobile number. Your Chatbot should be also qualifying and lead that comes into it.

Chat Widget

It is also a good idea to include a chat widget onto your client’s site, as this means, again that your client has an easy link to their clients, and also builds, our all-important list.

Now anybody who has clicked the widget on their site is straight into your chatbot flow and is into your client’s ecosystem.

This particular flow doesn’t need the offer in it, as this is going to be a lot more of a catch-all situation.

Fan Page Profile Image

Change your client’s profile image if they are okay with that, by changing the profile image, you can then draw attention to it and have an M.ME link attached, by changing the image it will be shown to some of your client’s followers, and although you will not get a huge amount of options you will get some, and after all, it is free money, so well worth doing.

The profile image can then be changed monthly to reflect whichever deals your client has.

QR Code

If your client has a physical location or has any sort of delivery then QR codes are a must for another easy win.

And there are so many applications for this, you can basically turn and physical visitor, buyer, or passerby into a customer using the QR codes.

And each QR code can lead to a part of your flow.

Live Video

Another very powerful way to grow your client’s business, but one so many businesses simply aren’t using.

Facebook loves to show live videos, as it keeps its subscribers on the platform longer. If you can get your clients to do a live video, then a comment trigger can be added, and again you will get these new people into your list.

One thing that is important to remember with the comment trigger, make sure you ask a question, as these people who land in your chatbot via this method will only become a member of your client’s list after an interaction.

Make sure your client is aware it doesn’t matter how many people hop on the live with them, the live will be on social media forever.

Within the video try to have a call to action, so comment below for…..

Send To Messenger

Using your client’s existing traffic is a no-brainer and so a send to messenger button should always be used, This button is a great way to deliver freebies or more information on your client’s business.

Sponsored Messages

This is one of the jewels in the crown of chatbots, by building your list, you can now go out and target every subscriber within your chatbot list.

So your client might be having a slow month, you can go out and run a 10% discount on their services, or perhaps it’s a black Friday sale. with the open rates for a chatbot so high, it really doesn’t matter.

Simply put you will find your messenger marketing for your clients on average four times more powerful than email marketing.

Does that mean you shouldn’t use email?

I would always also run email, with as many ways of marketing as possible your client is going to be seen a lot more and makes them omnipresent, so the next time a customer is thinking about getting a tattoo, your client is going to be the first business they think of.


The huge deciding factor of your chatbot is the ability to build a relationship with your client’s customer. And because messenger is such an intimate platform, trust is built quickly, and branding becomes a doddle.

You are engaging your client’s customers in ways that no other medium can do. One of the ways is by asking.

Now you could ask a question over SMS or email, but getting an answer straight away could prove difficult.

So as an example.

Are you looking for a realism tattoo?

If the subscriber clicks yes, they are taken to examples of realism, they are asked what is the subject matter, they can upload the reference photographs, they can be speaking to an artist who specializes in this type of tattoo, all within minutes, This can’t be done as easily with any other medium.

And of course, this wouldn’t just work for tattoo shops, restaurants could offer discount tokens, realtors can give live home viewings, it is almost endless the possibilities that you will suddenly have at your fingertips.

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