Types of sales calls

Ten Days To 10ks Day Seven, Types Of Sales Calls

With so many types of sales calls it’s about time that we started our dive into various types and how to crush your sales call goals.

Okay, so now we are getting into it. Once we have our leads in place and ready to start making those leads into clients, we will do this.

Record Your Sales calls

success by recording types of salles calls

Let’s start with one golden nugget that has helped me throughout scaling my agency: recording sales calls. This is a trick that I picked up from grant Cardone, who recorded all of his sales calls in his early days to go back to them later and improve his own selling. Record all of your sales calls when you are taking them and produce a transcript. This can quickly be done by using loom screen recording software, which will transcribe everything for you. 

This one piece of advice will help you across all sales call types and will directly lead to you having more success within your marketing.

Giving Feedback

Once you have transcribed your sales call, use this information to read through and see where you can improve. For example, use the video recording you took to study your facial expressions, tone of voice, etc. 

then sit and give yourself honest feedback, were you showing what you should of, did you look confidant enough, look at all of the variables, and then think how you can improve on each of these 

Note Objections 

Another golden nugget when starting your sales calls is to note the objections that come from your prospects. These can then also be studied and solutions created to make sure on your next call it is easier.

Automated The Qualifying

Using our chatbot template, the bot selling bot, your clients can be fully qualified for your call and already have a large amount of the selling done for you.

After your prospect has gone through the chatbot, you will see what is important to them. The issues their businesses face and their pain points are great for gaining ammunition to use within your call.

Have A Questionnaire

When finding different types of sales calls make sure that you send out a questionaire

Every time you have a client, even on a call. You want them to fill out a questionnaire. The first few may not be very good because you don’t have a wide enough audience yet. Still, as you get more practice, your questionnaires will become invaluable due to the cross-section of business owners who have completed them. This is also where the information gained inside the chatbot will also come into play and show you how you can improve your offer.

Get Your Sales Calls Fast

No matter what type of sales calls you are getting or making it is massively important that you get to them quickly.

I have given this advice to every client I have had through my agency: get to your sales calls as quickly as you can from them asking. I can not stress this enough. You will close around 50% more people when you jump on a call quickly.

And like I tell my clients, you may need to follow-up, up to ten times. Luckily our chatbot will do a lot of the grunt work in this situation by using emails, messenger, and SMS.

If you aren’t getting to calls quickly and not following up, you will not succeed with this system when you get a phone number inside your chatbot. Call it.

Please don’t wait for them to schedule.

Imagine that they aren’t going to schedule an appointment if need be, then call them via Facebook.

Help People

When taking any type of sales call always make sure you are helping people

Helping people is what I found I enjoyed the most when it came to marketing. Everything is about the relationship you can build, both in business and also in my personal life. 

Suppose you have that mindset going into your agency. In that case, you will find getting clients and scaling so much easier than going in thinking. So what’s in it for me.

However, if you try and help all of the people, you pretty much end up satisfying nobody. This is why picking a niche is so vital.

Qualifying People

Like I said before, we have designed a chatbot that will do a lot of the qualifying that you would need to be done. However, I do think it is essential that you always keep qualifications in mind.

We only want to book meaningful demos. We want to make sure that the people we are speaking to are actually in our niche. 

These are people who need the help you are offering, and once you get onto the demo, you can walk them through all of the steps to make their business a success.

Sales Calls A Two-Step Process

Many agencies use a two-step process to gain their clients. The first is a discovery call to find out the qualified clients, and the second, a demo call. And even though your chatbot will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you, I would still suggest jumping on a call. 

Your first call will help you pad out your prospects’ needs, expand on what they have already answered, build trust, and put a face to the name.

Another massive bonus from your first call is you can dig a little deeper into their pain points and know what is needed to solve them. You can also use the oppotunity to confirm your demo call with them and increase the probability of them showing up for your demo.

Keep your first calls friendly and straightforward. There is no need to deep dive at all. All you want to do is build rapport. 

Preparing A Script For Your Sales Calls

When I say have a script prepared, I don’t mean something that you will read from. Instead, your script should be more of an outline that you want to cover. 

Any terms or phrases that you have picked up in the niche and previous objections mean that you are fully prepared when you make a call and can brush over the script to ensure that you have covered what you want to cover.

Your script can be used a little like a safety net, you may not need it, but it will help to give you the correct mindset when it is there. You want to have a winning mindset when talking about how you can help, which will put your prospect at ease knowing that you are an authority.

Inbound Sales Calls

As you begin to build your agency and reputation, it won’t be uncommon for you to start receiving inbound calls from prospects. Of course, inbound calls can also happen from paid ads where you contact us within the chatbot.

If you are receiving inbound calls, these are from warm leads, which means you have to treat them like warm leads. And the thing to remember about warm leads is they are going to be buying from someone. This means it is pretty often that yours isn’t the only call they are planning on making.

The only question is, will they be buying from you?

Tips To Success With Inbound Sales Calls 

Okay, so the things to think about during incoming calls, firstly, you want to take your time and dive into why they called. Don’t try and rush your inbound calls. As I said, they are buying from somebody, and we want it to be you.

When you have an inbound call, you don’t need to pique their interest. You have all of the leverage. Take your time and build your rapport with these prospects. Two conversations that can help are the weather, where they are, or the location. Nothing too heavy when making rapport.

Dive into their pain points. 90% of inbound calls will have a pain point. The other 10% are window shopping. By understanding your niche, they will open up to your pain points. It will feel to them that they are talking to somebody from the same industry.

When you are speaking to your prospect, come from an abundance mindset. Run through everything. Whenever you are on a call, you are selling two things. Firstly you are selling yourself, and then you’re selling the demo. 

At this point, you aren’t selling a price. You aren’t talking about Facebook ads, chatbots, funnels. None of that stuff matters at this point. If they ask questions, you have to stay vague with it. Yeah, we do everything from Google ads to Facebook to youtube to whatever the question is. 

Tell them that you are asking them questions because you want to find out precisely what they need and what system would bring the best results for them.

Questions like, How much does it cost? It can be answered vaguely, with things like. Great question, some people have paid us $100, and some have paid us $10,000 a month. It depends on the systems that are put into place. The first thing that we have to ensure is that we have the right system you are looking for and work together. I never lose people on money. I lose people on value. If you do not value what I am showing you. So let’s put money aside and get into it. 

This is also another great reason to keep your script and notes with you, because in your notes, you have objects written down. Now I don’t want you to be stuck handling objections, but you can get past any complaints as you talk to your prospect with those written down.

I consider an inbound call when somebody has come through my ad, taken the time to answer my chatbot, and booked an appointment with me. These are what I consider how leads. Outbound, on the other hand, is when you are reaching out to them.

Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Move Forward

There are only three reasons why the prospects you speak to don’t move forward with your agency.

  • Money
  • The system
  • You

If it is you, well, then taking some more training in sales could be a good idea, or it might be your mindset.

If it’s money, that isn’t a problem as you can have down-sells to your full agency in place, such as software as a service, or you could offer a DIY solution. Using either of these will get past the money objection. In addition, it can help your prospect move up to a complete managed system once they have gained more marketing and see the value in what you are offering.

If it’s your system that they do not like, then maybe you know somebody who could help them out with a more suitable system. Or perhaps there is something you can add to your systems. 

There are certainly ways to overcome these objections. But I like to find out what it might be before I pitch them. Again this is done via your chatbot. Do you want to pitch somebody who doesn’t have the money?

Of course, you can still pitch them and get the letterbox money, where you would get paid as an affiliate for not having to lift a finger, so personally, I still pitch them.

If you are using the two-call close, then always ask on the first call if they have time to see your demo. Simple actions speak louder than words. So, do you have a little time, and I can show you our systems? 

It will often be enough.

Another critical point before the demo is asking if they have a business partner or another pair of eyes that needs to see the demo. This will cut down on the objection that I will have to run this by my partner. Even if it means rescheduling, I will wait for their partner.

If they say, they don’t have a partner, clear the objection that might come later by asking your the sole decision-maker? If they say yes. Okay, great, so you could make a decision today. Perfect awesome, let’s get started.

By making sure you are talking to the decision-maker, you are doing the business a favor. One partner is out and spends $1,000 per month without consultation. That could prove an awkward position for the partners.

What To Say On An Inbound Sales Call

what to say with different types of sales calls

So as we have said, you want to firstly go into your chit-chat about the weather, area, or whatever. Next, you want to make sure your prospect has time to speak.

Then we can dive in

“So, what made you schedule the call with me for today?”

Next, I want to know details so who have they worked with in the past, or who are they still working with?

How long had they done it for?

What were they charging?

What worked and what didn’t?

Do they want to add extra services?

Are they looking to replace this person or agency completely?

Why did it not work? 

Next, you want to be asking questions that are specific to their niche.

Is it long-term patients or short-term?

What kind of clientele?

What are their goals as far as revenue in the next 12 months? this can also be broken down into 3,6,9 months of revenue. It is also a good way to gauge their current revenue as a lot of people will double their three-month goal from what they are doing now. You can even say something like. Well, I am assuming that you are already at x amount. This should get them to open up.

What do they believe is holding them back?

When would they like to see your demo? Do they have time today? Tomorrow? or the next day?

All of this is only around a 3-minute phone call, so nothing to panic about.

You want to book your demo call within 72 hours of the first call. If you leave it after 72 hours, getting a booking time will be more complicated.

A script could go a little like this.

Hey Mr realtor, 

This is Shaun just wanted to reach out to you. I saw that you responded to one of our Facebook advertisements for your business?

Yeah, it just popped up. It sounded interesting. 

Awesome! You know I just want to be careful with my time, and I want to respect your time as well. If you don’t mind, I’m going to ask two questions and go from there.


How did you get into this business? What brought you into this industry? 

It’S a family business. 

Cool. Are you one of the best decision-makers? 

I am 

Cool, Tell me a bit about your business how’s volume like right now? 

Not the best. 

Thank you for being transparent with me. One of the first things that we got to make sure of is that when we partner up with somebody like you, you can handle the volume that we bring in.

Have you ever done anything before to bring in leads or referrals to your business? 

I went through Facebook ads, google, etc.

Yeah, we hear that a lot from other owners. Well, here’s what we do. First, we work with business owners just like yourself, and we generate referrals and leads. Then, we use our own software to get those leads straight to you and through your messenger SMS and email. How does that sound?

Yeah, sounds good.

Here’s the thing I want to make sure that we are a good fit, and I would love to show you our entire system via a zoom call and let you decide if this system would make sense for your business. But, again, I don’t want to come across as salesy, but I want to see if we match here and be good referral partners. So before I continue, does this makes sense for you to invest in this solution?

Yeah, well, I have already invested so.

Yes, I know what you mean. Can I ask what sort of ROI you got when you invested before?

Not much

That’s cool. We can talk about that on our call, I just want to show you if this is a good fit, and then we can go from there. Let’s set up a time, then you can bring your business partner, and I will send you the links.

So when would be best when you could be next to a computer, today, tomorrow or the next day?

How about now.

Sounds good. Let’s go.

So that’s just about that for inbound sales calls.

Outbound Sales Calls

In this post, I mainly focused on your inbound calls as these will be produced through ads and a lot of your organic methods.

Outbound is so much more difficult as you are chasing these people. You will be using cold calling, voice drops, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. You are basically fishing.

You now don’t have any leverage rather than an inbound call where you have the leverage, as you are the one with the needs. You need clients. And that is even more true at the beginning.

These are the things that you don’t want to do, but if you do, then you can have massive success. 

To bear in mind that outbound sales calls require more patience, skill, and a lot thicker skin. However, if you can find a good salesperson, you can plug them straight into your systems and get them doing ten or more demos per day. With ten demos, you should be looking around one or two closes.

The name of the game with outbound is quantity over quality. So you are mass, sending everybody cold emails, thousands of emails, thousands of messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, all that stuff. 

It’s all a case of trying to get people to respond, and then after that, you have three to five minutes to get the demo booking. 

The more you call, the luckier you get

A text message blast that I saw with excellent opening rates was straightforward and open rates through the roof. It was.

This is shaun from chatammo. I see that you responded to an email regarding patient referrals. I wondered if you had a few minutes to chat. This marketer who was sending this out was getting 10 to 20% of people responding.

Now one thing you really could do with investing in is a CRM. Google sheets will work okay when starting to organize both your outreach and your follow-ups. And remember to record all of those calls and outreaches.

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