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Ten Days To 10k’s Sell Saas Online

Today is going to be a great one, as today we are talking about how to sell Saas online and why it is a perfect fit for your agency.

Hopefully, by now, you know that I will always try and give as much value as possible, and today is no exception. So, if you have an agency or not, today may well be the day that once and for all gets you to hit those goals within online marketing finally. 

Before I get into all of this, I would first like to say sorry to anybody. I am upset with this post, but frankly, I would rather tell you what you need to hear than what you want to hear.

Forget Fulfillment

Sell saas online

Okay, so I know what you are thinking about running an agency. It’s all about how you are going to get your clients the results that they want. This is something that holds so many people back from starting their agency.

At the beginning of your agency journey, you should be thinking about building your sales machine. If you have your sales machine working, you can outsource your agency fulfillment if needed.

So many people spend their time going to various events and taking courses but then still take action because they aren’t sure how to provide the fulfillment. Well, the good news is if you have no clients, this is the very least of your worries.

It’s All About Sales

The more I learned when setting up my first agency, the more it struck me that sales are the most important thing. It’s not about automation if your automation doesn’t bring you in sales, and it is undoubtedly not about expertise.

Ultimately, your whole focus should be based on your pipeline and what will be building your business. But, first, you have to be making money.

A More Lucrative Way

What I would like to go through today is a far better and more lucrative plan on prospecting and making a lot more money for a lot less effort.

And that is Saas which stands for software as a service. Now there are so many misconceptions around Saas. So often, people will believe that having a Saas company is a lot more complicated, but keep reading as I will prove how a Saas hybrid model could be the best thing that could happen to your business.

First, you can’t truly function as a Saas company, but being in the agency space is the perfect platform for providing Saas services. Second, agency owners understand the industry.

If you compare your knowledge to a big brand software company, you know the local client market. Another huge advantage is you have marketing expertise, where developers simply don’t.

This means that if there is a local company struggling with something, you can hop on a call with them, or myself or one of my team can and spend the time to get to know their problem and sort out a solution.

The larger software companies cant do this, which gives you a huge advantage.

Limited Number Of Clients

The amount of clients that you need isn’t as many as what a Saas company would need.

You don’t have to pay for the support teams. You don’t have to pay for development, which makes you more agile.

Closing Five Clients In The Next Ten Days

By the end of today, I would like you to have a concrete plan to begin to close your first clients. Now I have said five clients in the next ten days, but it could just as easily be ten clients in the next five days.

Now I don’t want to be aggressive, but I believe that these targets aren’t too far away.

I want to break this down on getting those clients.

How to start your Saas Correctly

What to do today

What is your first step


Sales calls

Starting Your Saas Sales

sell saas online, its all about sales

Okay, so first thing first, we need to make some decisions, and some of those you might not like too much in the beginning, but they are essential to do.

Choose your niche now. We have covered this on day two, so hopefully, you have already gone through what you need to know. But to put it simply, we are going to think of it as chasing four rabbits simultaneously.

This is so important because we don’t want to be wasting time creating multiple sets of marketing approaches to try and get various sets of prospects.

So as an example, if I were going after the real estate niche, I would want to look at their sub-niches and go further, so let’s say I go after real estate agents who deal in the higher-end homes.

That means I am not going after commercial, real estate brokers, investors, or any other sub-niche until I have completely exhausted my first chosen niche.

This means that I can later expand horizontally. I wouldn’t want to go after them all simultaneously, as I am trying to spread myself too thinly. I wouldn’t move in on my next niche until I begin to start closing some deals.

Capture Entire Niche

Now that I am going after a complete sub-niche, I want to capture all of their details.

We want to gather as much data as possible in a short amount of time as we want to market to them, so get a list scraped

Why is that important? We want to have dependant variables. The size of the industry you have chosen doesn’t change as a whole, so we want that data. Yes, new people might come into the industry, but it isn’t going to change too much as a whole.

With this data, you can run it on custom audiences. If running ads, you can call or email.

Irresistible Offer

This is where I see so many marketers lose out. Marketers seem as though they are great when it comes to getting their clients to make great offers and then forget how to do it themselves.

Many marketers will put together the weakest possible lead magnet without thinking how much they could make from each client long term. Instead, you should spend time thinking of what would help your niche and charge a good amount of money for your niche needs. But give it away for free.

When trying to think of your offer, there is no one-size-fits-all. Your market is constantly changing. And that’s why you need to think of an offer that is hugely desirable to your target market.

Your offers should be not only something that will grab attention, known as your gateway offer, but should also be something easy to show that people need.

As the name suggests, your gateway offer should lead people towards your core offer, but you should always be marketing your gateway offer, which will lead to your core offer.

Your core offer is where you can sell your marketing services, which could be running promos on your chatbots, Facebook ads, google ads, you name it.

What I am trying to say here is that you don’t need to depend on it. So, for example, let’s say that your core offer is Facebook ads, but you don’t want to set up chatbots.

Firstly put together your gateway offer, and then you could use our done with you as the first of your upsells. Your marketing service could then be offered.

Long Term Clients

When you are offering services alone, then your whole business plan isn’t a stable one. The average agency-client will only be with you for around three months.

On the other hand, Saas clients typically stick around for many years. It’s a simple case of retainer versus subscription. Netflix will always win over agencies as they have the subscription model.

Example Of Saas Gateway Offers

Hopefully, you are starting to think about the various offers you could make, so I thought I could put in a few that I have seen that looked pretty good to give you some ideas on how you could put something together.

Closing My Agency

So you might well have seen this type of ad yourself. Which is telling prospects that you are closing down your agency, and so you are giving away all of your funnels, proven ads, etc. And the only thing is they have to self-manage.

This means that these agencies are getting calls coming to them. Your ads would say whichever niche you are in and tell them that you are charging a tiny amount for all of the stuff you give away.

You would also tell them that if they needed any help, reach out to you. They can take what you have given them and run with it straight away. However, this is where you would mention that if they wanted the latest best stuff, well, that’s where your new agency would come in and run all of that for them.

You might be thinking, but where do I get these proven ads, again really simple look for somebody in your niche and then look at their ads, copy and paste them into Jarvis. From there, you can run content improver or any of the ad templates. So you now have a great selection of well-written ads.

Want the sales funnels? Sign up to Groove and then give them some groove funnels. If they upgrade their Groove account, then you will also get paid from there. There are funnels already made for you there, and we also produce funnels that you can use.

So if they do take the self-management route, they are still paying for your ads, as they can get everything packaged up and sold to them in a great offer. 

Then they might well add a chatbot. Finally, they might want a done with your chatbot. All of these pay you a recurring commission, which will all pay for your ads. In addition, a few of them may well upgrade your services, which again adds to the amount of money you are making.

This is awesome and will make you more money again, but even if they last with your services for three months, you aren’t entirely losing a client because you still have the software running.

So you now have a cool gateway offer of ads and funnels, which is not to be confused with your core ads and funnels offer. Often even if they only take the gateway offer, you can quickly get them on a call, and often you will find them telling you this is too much work for us. So how much will you charge?

Another one that I saw was somebody who would run all newsletters and email for the business and charged $50 per month. Again another very easy thing to do, as you are doing the work once and then copy, pasting and automating it all, maybe an email per week, with a few minor changes.

Mr business owner, listen, you want to talk to your community and stay in front of your audience, in front of your entire ecosystem. So every single week, we’ll send out newsletters on behalf of your brand is forty-nine dollars. Oh, cool. You’re starting to see leads come in from there.

These business owners know that they need something in their business to boost sales, so it becomes easy to upsell.

And even better, you can change these offers as often as you would like, keep them dynamic.

An offer that you have no doubt seen before is offering to bring in calendar appointments. 

So something like, hey Mrs business owner, what I would like to do is give you ten calendar appointments, that’s all I want to do, I don’t want to sell you anything. 

And after that, we can talk about marketing. You could then set up their system and run their list with a good offer.

So let’s take just free websites, landing pages, etc., so something like hey, Mr business owner, I would like to give you a free website as a share, so you don’t have to pay $5,000 anymore. By the way, you want to handle all those leads that are coming in from your websites. So yeah, that’s going to be two hundred dollars. So we’ll help you manage all of that. 

Not Bridging The Gap

This is where people are failing. They aren’t connecting the core offer and the gateway offer to make sense for the industry. And, of course, leading them all into your chatbot so that you can continue to market to them.

So time to think about what you could offer. What would it be stupid for a business owner to turn down? 

Begin to focus on your audience. Most marketers are missing the offer when it comes to Saas, which is the biggest oppotunity. So even if you fail to sell your services, you still have a great oppotunity to make money from the software. 

When you are next scrolling through Facebook or Youtube, look at the offers other marketers are making. Most of them are pure junk. Once you get one good gateway offer, it will change your entire business. Now I’m not saying you are going to hit gold the very first time you try, but get an offer together to test

Prospecting For Clients

sell saas online and smash your goals

Okay, so the prospecting spaces certainly aren’t limited to these, and I would encourage you to go further as there is a lot of traffic out there looking for an offer.

But let’s start by thinking about cold email, Instagram, and Facebook, and let’s start thinking about paid ads, and don’t worry, I understand that running paid ads is difficult when you are running them on your credit card.

But if you have a good gateway offer in place and leading to a chatbot that gives this information, you will be golden (remember, we aren’t using funnels as yet as we don’t want to change the variable).

So the first thing you want to ask yourself is where is it your clients hang out? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin?

Now, if your pipeline isn’t full, stop trying to get the perfect message together. Just get in front of them. There is no such thing as perfect, so it is pointless trying to find it. Like I said before, the only important thing is sales, and you can’t make a sale while wondering which is the best font to use.

Inside of our chatbot, we arent even going to collect email addresses, at first, as we want no barriers for them going from our ad to chatbot to getting our offer. Don’t worry. We can sequence later. At first, we were only interested in quantity. Quality can come later down the line with our full sales pipeline.

If you can use a virtual assistant for your email and Instagram dm’s, your time is better spent closing people who have entered your chatbot. Instead, you need to be on sales calls.

Organic Approaches

Now, if you have been doing agencies for a while, then you have no doubt heard of Dan Henry, who used to tell his students to post on groups that they have just learned this new thing and would a company be willing to give you a chance to run their ads for free.

Believe it or not, this approach does still work within some industries. Still, owners got wise to it quickly, and it soon became a massively over-saturated technique, now you tend to see these posts on almost all industry groups, with little or no response to them.

Next, you have a technical approach, which is best saved for more technically based industries. So You could approach these businesses with. 

Hey, I have just built out this new system for the industry, and I want to test drive it with a company, and here’s what I am trying to do.

Next is the referral approach, where here you would ask people who have already given you a referral to introduce you to other prospects in their industry.

The partner approach is quite specific and would usually be sent out as a cold email or dm. But, again, this would show high levels of marketing intent to go something a little like.

Hey Mr business owner, It seems like you have a good location, and people are saying great things about your business. When I have read your reviews, I’m currently looking at partnering up in your industry.


Hey, I was hoping to talk to x y z business owner to see if you could take more jobs. I want to connect with the decision-maker that can say yes to consistent referrals and leads.

That’s it, guys. Then, hopefully, you can see how you would change parts to make sure that you and your brand are authentic, as people buy from people. 

I will also be making myself more available for onboarding calls, very shortly, within the Saas and done with you space. This hopefully shows you how much I love the Saas space and why I believe it is the number one way of moving forward with your business.

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