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[Free Template] The Ultimate Chatbot Proposal: Marketing Agency Chatbot Proposal

How to produce the perfect marketing agency chatbot proposal.

With so many chatbot agencies trying and failing to protect themselves we thought it was about time to give out our ultimate Chatbot agency proposal.

We are building this proposal for use with our chatbot system which is of course chatammo, which although not the best know chatbot system is certainly the fastest growing. And since hitting the market only a couple of months ago has already proved itself to be innovative in its design and features that will get your agency starting and running the correct way with automation.

How Do I Start A Chatbot Marketing Agency?

Joining chatammo is a great way to start your own successful chatbot agency.  We’ll show you how!

-You can get started with us for as low as $27 per month with unlimited subscribers/ We supply all of the other features you can offer your clients

-Join now and we’ll give you a $1 trial!

-No transaction fees  — Unlimited API calls  — One-time payment for your bot’s design with our white label service.

-Outstanding personalized chatbot, and marketing support.

-Complete Membership site with full access and training, covering various niches and growing rapidly.

-Not only is pricing a big draw, so are our expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

We get this pretty regularly in our Facebook group

Proposal For A Chatbot

If you are wanting to implement a retainer then it is important to remember that chatbot proposal are very different from what you may have seen before.

In this article, I am hoping to provide a very clear outline of how to create a chatbot proposal and RFP response. in a different article, we can put these together via software and send the perfect video proposal along with the chatbot proposal, and get those signed simply and easily with hardly any effort.

However, the information included here will help you gain a good understanding of how to integrate chatbots into your proposal.

Marketing Agency Proposal PDF

Below we have a template that can be used for your agency’s chatbot proposal, but before we go through that, we need to clarify a few points.

  • The template copy, doesn’t provide all of the copy for you, It is to be used more to give you an understanding on what to write. This is so you can make the proposal personalized from your agency and put your own edge onto it.
  • We have not included pricing details inside of the template, again this is something that you should closely consider of how you are going to price your services.
  • throughout the template the term client is used.
  • This template is made for customization, but please make a copy of it by going to the address and then – make a copy and save it to your own google drive.

Get Your Marketing Agency PDFPlease make a copy

How Do You Write A Good Welcome Message?

Your welcome letter is your chance to add a personalized note to an individual within a company. And the key to a successful welcome letter is personalization, use the prospect’s name where possible, and the more you can personalize the better.

Use your welcome letter as a warm-up, so that your prospect know what they are about to see.

Personally, I use a further program that also delivers a video along with the letter and proposal, which I will be very shortly white labeling, however, it is possible to get a limited account of this software yourself. If you are in a hurry

This is an excellent product (which is why I have it as a white label) but if you can’t wait then you can use the link above.



Dear [NAME]

Your letter should be kept pretty short and sweet, and even better if you have this on your video with your clients website also included within the video. Show your prospect that this is something you have thought about for their business.

In around five paragraphs you want to cover

1 Whatever interaction you have had with the person to make this proposal personal.

2 Explain how your chatbot services can help them achieve their goals and get results, do not get technical here, the only thing an owner is interested in is results

3 Invite them to reach out to you, via zoom facebook, etc, so that you can go through a little further.




Chatbot Marketing Strategy / Blueprint

Your chatbot blueprint is at the very heart of your proposal, and that is why it should come first. The blueprint should be used to explain to your prospect exactly how your chatbot will help them to achieve the goals they have set.

The chatbot blueprint should tie your services exactly to the challenges that the business is facing.

Because of this your strategy can not be made before talking to the potential client. It should include specific information that they have provided.

Eg. primary traffic source, highest converting channels, average order value, etc.

Using bullet points for this is a good idea, as even if your prospect’s eye is just scanning your document, bullet points stand out well.

What Is Chatbot Marketing – Key Points For Prospects

Using bullet points, go over some key metrics about your prospects’ business, such as their main marketing channel, web traffic, and their own unique selling points, make all of these as positive as possible.

Challenges Chatbots Can Solve

What are the pain points your prospects are facing, these should be focused on and used as part of how you can help them.

What is hurting their business? Why did they seek you out?

Using real numbers will help give the feeling of understanding to your prospects.

Chatbot Objectives

Again bullet points are perfect for this, what can your chatbot service do, give these examples of results.

Real numbers are again excellent for this to give a real feeling of understanding but do not over-promise, in fact, underpromise and over-deliver.

Planning A Chatbot?

Your action plan I the perfect place to discuss the deliverables that they, as a client will receive with your chatbot services.

Explain to your prospect what they will receive, and how it will help them within their challenges. Here you can go into detail, about how you are going to approach, plan and give a good solution.

Including screen shots will help here. Use screen grabs of your chatbot doing what you have promised, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Pricing Your Chatbot Agency

After you have delivered your blueprint then it is time to send your pricing for your services

Use bullet points, to list all expenditures, including monthly optimization, maintenance, and any additional services you may be providing, remember with chatammo there is a lot of room for upsells.

Discuss your philosophy, perspective on chatbot investment, etc.

Add any notes that may be needed such as refunds, and anything else you believe is important.


This is where you can ask them to sign, and if using the software that I do this is already included and will keep all signatures on file so if there is ever a dispute, all of your legalities are in place.

Your Clients Next Steps

Using bullet points, set out the steps your prospect should take, such as Facebook access strategy call, etc.

Make sure the client knows exactly what they should be doing next, and how to get in touch with you if they have any questions or problems.

Chatbot Agency Terms And Conditions

All contracts should come with terms and conditions, to protect both yourself and your client.

FAQ’s On Chatbot Agency Proposals

So we have the basics all mapped out on your proposals let’s get some FAQ’s out of the way

How should I send my chatbot proposal?

The basic answer is whatever works best for you and your client, personally, I like sending proposals through Facebook business pages and emails, and then a complete link to my video and proposal is included in there.

What is the sequence

This very much depends on your lead generation strategy, so let’s use as an example from a Facebook ad that you have put out there

1 Prospect reaches out for more information

2 Discovery call, to learn as much as possible about the clients business, such as challenges, desired outcomes, by the end of this call you should have a good overview of your clients business

3 Send proposal

Reacting quickly is more important than reacting perfectly.

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