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Twilio Chatbot Set Up – What To Avoid

In this article I would like to go through Twilio and chatbot set up

Let us introduce you to the highly effective channel for customer communication: SMS through Chatammo! Below you’ll find the description of the feature and how to use it.

Which Chatammo accounts can send SMS?

Sending SMS is available for usage on all chatammo price plans.

User phone numbers should be collected via user input and the steps from SMS/Email set up be used

What can I send with SMS? 

With text messages, almost anything can be sent including, texts, emojis, and links, without any restrictions that may have been placed by Facebook.

Any inappropriate, drugs, weapon-related, or pornography content can’t be sent via SMS according to the law.

Within the USA and Canada, you can also send Multimedia messages, however, through the EU there are restrictions in place
Multimedia messages can contain images, gifs, text, emojis, and links, and a single multimedia message can include up to ten pictures as long as the size does not exceed 4.9MB in total, and text no greater than 480 characters.

Each phone number with Twilio (I have included a $10 credit with this link), each Twilio phone number can have 1,000 subscribers, when that number is reached you will need to get another Twilio number, which will store additional phone numbers.

How to start sending SMS through Chatammo

Please follow the steps on our other post.


  • It’s important that the phone number looks like +12345678901 or 12345678901 for them to work correctly. If the contact entered the number incorrectly, for example, with brackets or dashes, it will still be added to System Field. Chatammo will clean out unnecessary characters and prepare the number for sending SMS. However, make sure that the country code is always present in the phone number in order for the SMS messages to be viable.
  • Right now, Verizon and AT&T phone users are unable to receive SMS messages with the external URL shorteners due to an issue between these two mobile providers and the Twilio automated SMS service that we are using. You can solve or by excluding a link from the SMS message altogether and instead use a button to move contacts through the flow (e.g.: if you were using a Ref URL leading to your own chatbot – remove the URL from the SMS and instead add a user reply button leading to the same flow).

What can affect SMS delivery?  

Remember when writing your copy for SMS be careful to not include any ‘red flags’ that mobile providers have taken and used to identify spam.

This includes:

  • Overuse of capital letters
  • Overuse of emoticons
  • Overuse of  exclamation marks and informal words like “hey”, “pssst”, “yooo”, 
  • Prices
  • Spam words like “free”, “won”, “now”, “only”, “sale”
  • Links processed by URL shorteners
  • Note that keywords like “YES” and “START” that a contact writes in their SMS response will be processed by Twilio automation and not the ChatAmmo automation! In that case, keywords will be recognized as the opt-in keywords and make that subscribe viable to receive your SMS message (if they are not already viable for that).
  • Following the same logic, keywords like “STOP“, “UNSTOP“, “UNSUBSCRIBE“, and “CANCEL” will opt the person out of receiving SMS messages so you won’t be able to send them your automated SMS, regardless of how you set up SMS keywords on the Chatammo side!

Used properly, those things can increase your CTR, but be careful! Here are some examples of texts at risk of being marked as spam:

Get a FREE box NOW with any purchase of another box. ONLY TODAY ???
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Hey %%first_name%%, YOU WON!!!!!
Click here to claim your FREE t-shirt 

Yoooo bro, GREAT BURGERs and TASTY WINE ???
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HURRY UP and get $10 coupon for BURGER BAR 

Twilio Costs

At Chatammo, unlike other chatbot providers, we do not charge any extra on top of your Twilio pricing, which means that you can send in confidence with Twilio and know what you are spending before you start.

Twilio Prices and plans

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