Types Of sales Funnels

Types Of Sales Funnels

So there seem to be almost endless types of sales funnels. To make matters worse, several marketers call each funnel slightly different. 

I want to go over some of the significant funnel types to get sales within this article. Where you can use these types of funnels and how to use them to their very best.

Lead Generation Funnel

The whole purpose of your lead generation funnel is to get yourself leads in exchange for their email address. 

This is possibly one of the first funnels you will set up when starting with digital, as building your email list is one of the most important things. And can help you get sales long into the future by collecting both messenger subscribers and email, which means that it is easy to retarget.

Free Consultation Funnel

So this funnel type has quite a few different jobs that it can cover and help you convert a browser to a buyer.

The idea behind a free consultation funnel is that as a customer goes through your funnel, they are encouraged to book a consultation or coaching call with you.

The customer can schedule a time that suits them, and your funnel can be linked to your scheduling software. I use calendly this way. A customer can schedule the best time for them. Enter their name and email. And talk to somebody in person.

Product Launch Funnels

 These are a great form of a funnel and are used to educate your audience, so as an example, we will use chatammo and food trucks. Now food truck owners may not know the benefits of chatammo for their business. So with a product launch funnel, you can show them in a mini-series or class funnel. This would be something they would sign up for through your chatbot, and they would get a message every day with a new lesson. Showing another bonus.

The object is to have raving, educated fans, and buyers. We are currently building out our product launch funnel for exactly this above.

Shock And Awe Funnel

We use the shock and awe funnel a lot within chatammo, similar to the product launch funnel. However, we do not include the full training. It should be done and how we can improve our current funnels to tell affiliates that we are going live on a particular date. And have a live where we would show up and ask for money.

Ebook Funnel

The next one is the ebook, which I would refer to as the old-school, very effective, Clickbank-style front-end launch. You could call it the jvzoo or the warrior plus style. This is generally a mini marketplace style launch that starts with a small front-end product, say $47.

Freemium Funnel

An interesting funnel type is the freemium or the $1 trial. This can be hugely effective when used for Saas or membership.

As a side note on your freemium funnel, I suggest you charge them $1 rather than free on most occasions as this has the benefits.

Higher quality leads

Already having card details

More commitment 

The Evergreen Launch Funnel

Again, this is very similar to your product launch funnel, but we will turn evergreen. Meaning it will be running for a reasonable period.

As a side note, I would strongly suggest that this is built using Groove, as when made with Groove, you can rank the funnel on search engines and reduce your ad spend over the longer term. Other sales funnel builders I have found very difficult to rank.

The evergreen funnel would use what you had built for the product launch funnel and turn it into an evergreen funnel. So it would look like you are giving these lessons often and automating their delivery.

Tripwire Funnel

Your tripwire funnel is mainly built with a self-liquidating offer. This means some advertising would usually get the customer in and make your profit later in the funnel.

VSL Funnel

The video sales letter funnel is, as the name suggests, a funnel where you would invite your viewers to watch a video sales letter. This would typically last around the one-hour mark. A hybrid of the video sales letter is when you have the video sales letter and a supporting sales page underneath.

Live Webinar Funnel

Live webinar funnel, that’s what goes on during a live webinar. Then there’s an automated webinar funnel. They are slightly different, especially in what happens with the replays and how they’re executed. The limited-time presentation is a new type of funnel that’s about two years old.

Book Funnel

This type of funnel is becoming a little more challenging to pull off. It relied heavily on being a bestseller on Amazon However, Amazon has now tightened its criteria, so this isn’t as viable as it once was.

The Butterfly Marketing Funnel

This is a funnel type that is exclusive to Groove and is designed to send your funnel viral. I will be going into more detail on a butterfly marketing funnel in a future post so keep your eyes peeled.

E-commerce Funnel

The e-commerce funnel is usually used at the store level. However, there is a growing trend for the storeless one-page e-commerce funnel.

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