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Using ChatAmmo post To Instagram Feature

ChatAmmo has just released a new feature that could be of great use to you. The ChatAmmo post To Instagram Feature can publish and schedule posts to the Instagram news feed on behalf of your account.

Instagram is a huge platform to do the marketing of your products. Therefore, you need to publish posts on Instagram regularly. Sometimes you need to schedule your posts to best connect with their audiences.

-Plan out what type of content you want and when it needs to be posted

-Use hashtags that are relevant for your audience

-Don’t post more than once every hour or two if possible

Posting to Instagram regularly can be a little tying and so we at chatammo are proud to show you our Instagram posting feature, which will regularly publish to Instagram on your behalf, scheduled so that you know you’re hitting the best times.

Creating Instagram Campaigns To Publish

To begin creating an Instagram campaign, click on the social posting button on the left-hand side of the menu.

Scheduled posts to instagram

Now click on Instagram posting and create a new post. you will then be presented with a form type page where you can add the details of your post

using chatammo to post to instagram feature

Fiiling In Instagram Details

What is the best chatbot for Instagram

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