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What Is Email Marketing How To Build Your List Fast And 10x Your Results

There has never been a time like this in our lifetimes. It’s real, never before have we had such an extensive reach and a captive audience waiting for something exciting to happen in their inbox. In this article, I would like to go through how to do email marketing, which, although doesn’t have the open rates of yesteryear is still a massively important aspect of marketing.

You have heard the phrase the money is in the list. In this article, you aren’t going to find out how to do email marketing, but how to build your list fast, If ever there was a time to learn and put this into action it is right now.

If we where in ordinary times I would be selling this post as an ebook pdf, or membership site. However, when I started this site, I did it purely to help as many people as possible to start making money online. This is why you will find a whole load of content within this blog that other people are charging a small fortune.

To learn the real secrets of email marketing. I will be deep-diving into all aspects of email marketing and show you how to build lead gen. and where you can find some other excellent lead gen to grow your list fast. at the very end, I’ll show you where you can build your landing page and get your email marketing system up and running for free

So let’s start your life change right now, and email marketing is one of the keys to the castle.

Emails Marketing To Build Trust

As you have probably heard before all, successful marketing is built upon know like and trust. If you are trying to sell to people who don’t know you, you will be fighting a losing battle as not many of those people will be ready to buy right now.

However, with email marketing, we are mainly going to concentrate on the trust aspect of marketing. The know and like will be there.

Within our email marketing, we are working on building the trust engine for your business. The overarching philosophy is that phase is to grow your audience.

Phase two is to grow trust with that audience; that’s where you’re at right now. 

Money Is In The List

Phase three is to monetize. Now I said before that the money was in the list. No doubt you have heard the same thing. However, that isn’t strictly true, you see the money is in your list’s relationship.

If this wasn’t the case, then affiliate marketers wouldn’t have such success when launch jacking, (to find out more about launch jacking I have to build a FREE for now members site where you can learn even more about digital marketing).

So the relationship you have with your list is your number one asset. What that means to you is there is a direct correlation between your lists trust in you and the relationship you have with them.

You very well might see other marketers boasting about the size of their email list. Still, without a relationship with them ultimately, they aren’t going to be making much profit.

 I want you to think about email marketing as permission marketing. This is actually the title of Seth Godin book from 1999. The big idea here is that people who give you permission to market to them are 10x to a 100X more valuable than people you simply interrupt.

If you are running Facebook ads that is an interruption as people go onto Facebook without the intention of buying something. They’re trying to make the lives look better than it is, they’re spying on an ex who knows what they’re doing on Facebook, but we interrupt them with our advertisement.

So because we have interrupted them that marketing message isn’t going to be as compelling. There’s not as much as much trust involved there’s no relationship there; therefore, it’s simply not going to work as well as permission-based marketing.

After gaining their attention, the number one goal is to invite them into a deeper relationship. Where they give you permission to market to them so you can build trust.


Step 1 Is gaining their attention.

Step 2 Is asking for and obtain permission to market to them.

When I say market to them, I mean really loosely, as if you are just sending offers day after day, your emails will be ignored or worse still sent to their junk mail folders. Sending a lot of suggestions doesn’t do anything as far as building trust.

Trust you when they click on your affiliate link, or they click on your sales page. They trust that you can actually get them the result.

email marketing best return on roi

Why An Email List Will Make You More Money

Why is an email list required for success? Well, 95% plus people don’t buy on the first click. And even the world’s most outstanding marketers rarely get a 5% conversion rate from a cold traffic click. Some of the world’s best marketers earn less than a 1% conversion rate from a cold traffic click to an actual sale. 

When you build your list, you’re giving yourself multiple opportunities to convert the sale.

Around 90 days of that first interaction is when most people will buy so by staying in touch with them and building relationships. You have multiple different touchpoints to make the sale.

You can also offer more things you don’t just provide your stuff to provide other people’s stuff. If your audience would benefit from an affiliate product, you stumbled across and then showed them and got your affiliate links there. I currently have quite a lot of my own products. Still, I have sold many more affiliate products that I believe might help my audience.

If we take this post for example, here I am showing you how to build an email list, and I will be linking it to another article that will show how a chatbot will 10x that growth. And I have a link to my own chatbot. Now do I want to sell my chatbot…. of course, but that isn’t my main objective. my main goal is to give you something that you can use to fix the problem you have. (growing a responsive email fast).

This is how I make most of my income, as if people have problems, I tend to research that problem and come up with a solution.

So it’s all about trust, and ultimately the email opt-in is the first transactional experience.

This is your opportunity to get them to trust you because their first thought is, can I really trust them with my email address. Do I believe that they’re gonna help me get the result that they’re saying I’m gonna get in this lead magnet thing?

It’s trust when they give you their email, and then you actually deliver on what you promised. They take action on that thing that you gave them they get on the path to achieving their goals. By doing this, the belief gets instilled that you can actually help them achieve their goals. 

It’s when you cross that trust threshold that you’re on the path to making the sale. It allows you to give more value so you can build up reciprocity. You can also overcome objections through emails.

When you get really good at this, you could build their beliefs that they know that they’ll get results working with you and ultimately this is how you become their trusted adviser.

More deposits into that value account, and then you can begin asking for that sale. 

Importance Of Building A List

When I decided to do affiliate marketing, I was doing what so many starts out doing and linking directly to the offer (this was before Google and Facebook started blocking the links). And I did pretty well.

But when they decided to block those links my income dried up overnight, I went from success to failure, very quickly. If you had built an email list beforehand, I wouldn’t have had the problem, as your email list is one of your most significant assets.

Building An Email List Fast

Many things can be used to build a list and get people to sign for your list. However, I will go through a few different things that I sometimes use to build my list as a blistering speed.

Lead Magnet

Your lead-gen is the first thing that people see when you are trying to build your list. Hence, it is always essential to have a lead magnet that will reflect the quality of service and fit the niche that you are in. 

This is your first chance to show that you are a trustworthy source of information. A few of the lead magnets I have used and continue to use are.

Webinar Mastery [PLR]

New Year Magic Bundle

Affiliate Marketing Takeover with PLR Included

Digital Product School PLR SALES FUNNEL

Of course, this is a tiny amount, these are okay when you are starting to build your list, but a made by you lead gen will almost always work even better.

Building A Lead Magnet

When building your own lead magnet is a huge step. So we need to get this lead magnet right. 

Your lead magnet should be something that you would pay for yourself when building your lead magnet if you think to yourself, I am giving away too much you are on the right track and keep going. 

Now you will have to do a few versions unless you are fortunate and your lead magnet just clicks with your prospects straight out of the gate if that is you well done.

Your lead magnet needs to get your audience to take action. You want to help them get off the couch and get moving. They will remember that it was you that started them on the path to success. And you need to help them get the desired outcomes essentially, they want in their life.

You want to get them on the path to their desired result you don’t always get them the desired result. But that is the idea that your opt-in is actually preparing them to become a customer.

When they finish with your Free lead magnet, they should be thinking wow if his free stuff is this good I need to see his paid stuff. So when the time does come that you will pitch them an idea, they will be very keen to hear it because of the value you gave. Because of how far your free lead magnet got them, they believe it is achievable.

So you want to get your lead magnet done fast so you can start to build your email list so you can have a location to send people to get your free thing.

It has to be exciting for them to prove to your audience members that you can help them. You are the trusted adviser. You are that friendly, helpful guide who can help them achieve their goals. Everyone in this world seeks to improve their lives; we all want more happiness; we all want less frustration.

When you prove yourself as that person for your audience that you’re committed to them that you’re trustworthy, you can actually help them get results that are the moment you’ve won in business.

Opt-In Page To Collect Emails

An Opt-in page or a pop-up is the next thing you are going to need, and again there are loads of options myself I use Groove (see full groove review here), as I believe it is the best you can get a FREE account HERE. Many page builders and pop-up builders are n WordPress, but Groove will do both so a much better choice in my mind.

Build your email list fast

Chatbot To Increase Email Opt-Ins

A little hack that I use is a chatbot within my opt-in page. I do this because it autogenerates the user’s email address that they used to sign up to Facebook. Still, they can change it if they like. This has made my sign up to my email list easy as I no longer get fake email addresses and bots signing up. Meaning it keeps my autoresponder prices down. (See the full review here). And means I can deliver their Lead Gen Extremely quickly, building the trust level even faster. 

As a side note, chatbots also work great if you have any time-sensitive offers.

Thankyou page

This is where you can thank the people for signing up, and also ask them to white list your email address, so that you stand the most chance of getting your emails opened.


Finally, you have the autoresponders which are pretty much the workhorses of the entire operation. There are a few great autoresponders out there, and I have reviewed them on this blog to help you decide.

The two that spring to mind straight away are Groovemail, which is linked to Groovefunnels and is free for up to 25,000 subscribers at the time of writing. And Moosend, which is a robust little autoresponder that is an excellent buy on price.

Email Marketing Strategy

Once you have them on your email list or even better email and chatbot list, it is time to automate your emails. All of this is taken care of via the autoresponder. Still, the first email that should be delivered on sign up is whatever the lead gen promised.

You don’t want to deliver your lead gen via your thankyou page. I see so many marketers out there doing this, and it really is a bad idea. Firstly if people know that they can get whatever your lead gen was on the thankyou page, you will get many bots and bogus emails. arriving

Secondly, you want your emails associated with your subscribers getting something good. Meaning that they are more likely to give the correct email and look out for your next.

What Is Email Marketing And How Does It Work

Now we have finally arrived at the actual email marketing. So as I have been explaining email marketing is about building trust, this is created through your email sequences. 

Even though you can provide email sequences for years in advance, some marketers do this very successfully. I suggest that it isn’t the best way to go. Email marketing shouldn’t be a set it and forget it type of thing. Send out the value you want to begin to bond with your subscribers, tell them a little about yourself and get them wanting to know more. I’m not talking a full life story more a why they should trust you.

Email segmentation can also be considered here, as you want to show your subscribers empathy with their problem. If they can see that you have come from the same place as they are now, you will get a lot more respect and trust you quickly.

I see so many marketers who send out emails to their lists that don’t tell their aha moment. What was the turning point that got them to the success they are bosting of? Your subscribers need to be able to relate, or they won’t feel any connection.

Split Test Your Email Marketing.

Successful businesses are always optimizing their opt-in process for maximum ROI. As well as testing new sequences, and it is worth doing too, as this is where all of your money can be easily made.

email marketing

Writing Emails For Your Perfect Customer

Hopefully, you already know what your perfect customer avatar looks like. That means you can write emails that will speak to them, on where they are with their mindset. Always try and put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes. 

The most significant mindset change that I had a few years ago is to stop worrying about the money side of things and put what will help people first. This one shift in mindset quickly sent my earnings up. People can tell if you are just trying to sell and it tends to turn them off, after all, who wants to talk to somebody who sees you as a cash cow.

Show them that you can help them get the results that they desire. When they value that result, you can help get them to get the million other desires. If you have shown them that your intentions are to get them to where they want to be, they will trust that you can solve different problems for them too.

When you know your avatar well, you can begin to answer questions before they even pop up, and long before they have looked at your sales page. Concentrate when writing the emails as to what pain or desperation precedes their purchasing. Everybody wants the oooooo (good result) without the argh (finding the answer or hard work).

What was it that has recently happened that they are now looking for a solution, what is their why?

They want to spend time with wife and kids, live the laptop lifestyle, lose weight, gain muscle. These are all whys that people have in mind. 

Your goal on the early days of your email marketing isn’t to sell them to help them get ready for the buying. If you prove that you can help them in the early part of your relationship, there is no need to even attempt to sell to them, they will sell themselves.

You need to install the beliefs required to purchase your core product, and one of these beliefs is. I trust this person, this person can help me.

Email Testimonials

Another big question your subscribers will have in the early stages of your emails ishas this person helped anybody else. If you have then sent out some testimonials within your emails, the closer your testimonials are to your subscribers the better received they will be.

These are all beliefs that need to be built up in their mind before they’re ready to click the Buy button. So this is your opportunity to overcome their objections before they even hear the sales offer.

Building An Email List With Paid Ads

I see many people marketing on Facebook various products and hoping that people will buy straight from the ad. Still, I would like you to imagine for just a moment that instead of writing an ad that goes directly to the product. You write an ad for a very closely related Lead magnet that you will give them for free.

As I said at the very beginning, there is only around 5% of people ready to buy right now. However, there are possibly 50% of people who would download your free lead magnet. This again will give you more bites at the apple, rather than those people either buying or losing them forever, including the ad spend to get them.

You now have multiple opportunities to sell to them. The first thing but the second third and fourth, you now have somebody who is building their trust with you, and of course a new subscriber. And almost as important you now have the beginnings of a retargeting ad.

Rather than sell a product, it would not be better to use the ad to sell yourself. You can send an email pointing out how great the product is or going to the method below.

Cheaper More Productive Ads

Okay so hopefully that made sense, but what if I told you that you could not only get cheaper ads, but you could also get an 80% open rate on your follow-ups.

Yes we are talking omnipresence, it is really is something to behold, so on your landing page rather than an opt-in form, you have your chatbot sign up. From here, you are still collecting the email of your prospect and still delivering your lead gen through the email, so that they white list your email. But you can also send them instant messages telling them about the deal you originally wanted to sell. The biggest bonus of this method is the 80% opening rates.

I am hoping to write much more on this subject and would love to hear your thoughts or what you might be struggling with

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