What is Groovefunnels

What is Groovefunnels?

So what is Groovefunnels

If you are reading this post, you may be unsure what Groovefunnels is and what it can do for you.

Perhaps you have heard of groovefunnels. Or seen one of the ads on Facebook and Google, and wondering what all of the fuss is. 

Or even worse, you may have heard of it but unsure how it can help your business.


What Is GrooveFunnels Exactly?

What is Groovefunnels, and can it help you?

Groovefunnels is a website and sales funnel builder. Plus so much more, Groove has gone out of its way to producing the complete digital marketing platform around, and they are not done yet.

Salesfunnel Builder

You might be wondering what a sales funnel builder is too. It is a little like a website, but where a website is a static unit, a sales funnel builder takes your viewer on a tailor-made to get them to buy.

A Little Like Clickfunnels 

So you may have heard of Clickfunnels, which is another popular software. And one I used to use myself for a very long time.

Well, clickfunnels lets you create landing pages, sales funnel builders, accept payments, and manage entire sales funnels.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

But Groovefunnels does all of that and more, and what is even better it does it all for free. On the free for life plan. Now with Clickfunnels, you can have the pleasure of paying them $97 every month, forever. And like I said groovefunnels gives you all of this for FREE.

Now having a funnel builder is one thing, but having a complete website builder is something else. Again, Groove has excellent building its entire platform on the latest and fastest framework. So google loves its speeds and will help you to rank your site.

But of course, it isn’t fair to compare clickfunnels to groove funnels, Clickfunnels can only really do sales funnels.

And Clickfunnels Costs between $97 and $297 per month, there is the two comma club membership that is a staggering $2497 per month Prices were correct at time of writing.

That means paying at least $1164 per year, without even a website builder that can rank in Google.

Whereas Groove can also build complete websites and they are fast, so they are loved by Google similar to WordPress

A Little Like WordPress

Well, I suppose you could say a little like WordPress because you can build awesome websites that google loves and ranks well in WordPress. And on WordPress, there are some great themes. Such as Elementor and Builder Beaver.

And If you have a WordPress site, you can also add a sales funnel too, But another option that Groove has is an email autoresponder built right in. With the upgraded Groovelifetime plan you also get 25,000 subscribers, I think the free you call 500 for free.

So the pricing for builder beaver is $199 per year, which is pretty good.

Elementor’s pricing comes in at $199 too, but you do get unlimited sites with it. The same as Groove has unlimited.

But then we have to add to our autoresponder, my favourite is getresponse, and its also one of the cheapest. The pricing for getresponse over a month well that comes to $165 per month.

That comes out as going the budget way to paying around $2179 a year, and that’s every year.

But at least you have a website builder too, well that is if you can be bothered to learn all of that WordPress stuff. 

What are you need to a membership site or to bring out a course?

Groove member can do that, so it’s a little like Kajabi.

Memebership Site Builder

Okay well, the very best website builder out there is Kajabi. The software is fantastic and has more design options than any other membership builder. There is a but is a catch.

Yes its the price again, for the number of members you can get with Groovemember you would need to pay Kajabi $399 per month.

Which comes in at $4788 per year, and yes you guessed it that’s every year.

Video Hosting

If you have dreamed of having a membership site, then this is always a concern, if you host your videos on Youtube, well, not only can non-members find and share them. But they are also going to have a suggested video pop up which makes your membership site look terrible and maybe even lose members.

You will need Vimeo, which’s pretty cheap, coming in at around $20 per month, so that’s only $240 a year, so lets not even count that. 

The excellent news is Groove video is also included.

How would you like all of this for FREE?

Click the link below and you can be part of the Groovefunnels family, and bag yourself £10,000 worth of bonuses Here

The Very Best In Affiliate Marketing Training FREE

FREE for a Very Limited Time

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