What To Include In Your Sales Funnels

What To Include In Your Sales Funnels

The next thing that we need to do is go through what to include in your sales funnels, we know sale funnels are great but what makes a sales funnel successful.

So firstly, the object of your sales funnels is to have direct response designs. 

This seems simple, and many funnel platforms now come with pre-made funnels, but they aren’t really customizable. This is another reason why Groove is better. It is all built on blocks and elements, which gives you limitless funnel-building opportunities.

As you can see from our dashboard screengrab, Groove has a whole load of funnels, all of which come as free. If you will use a template rather than build a page yourself, it is important to forget what the template has. Instead, just think of the general look and suit your particular niche, product, or service.

With that in mind, let’s begin to look through what we need our funnel to have inside of it to increase awareness and make you more sales.

Call To Action

There is a reason that sales funnels make sales and websites don’t, and one of the main reasons is the call to action button. And all the journey that leads to it. 

Within your sales funnel, the custo0mer embarks on a journey with the end result of your prospect taking action. Your funnel should spark your prospect’s interest, tap into the desires they have, solve a problem. And would end with the call to action, such as buying, leaving their contact details, etc. 

You should always make your call to action and offer, rather than just a product or service. Your funnel is greatly optimized with a great call to action. However, remember that you should only have one call to action per sales page. If more are needed, they can always be added to your upsells or even your follow-up messages or emails. 

Navigation Inside Of Sales Funnels

So navigation in the traditional sense should not be included within your funnel. As you want very few things that could make your prospect deviate from their course. 

However, a trend that has begun to show up has navigation to lead the viewer further down the same page. Therefore, it is important to not lead the viewer from your page.

This navigation will only lead to certain parts of the page and has a call to action built into it. This is typical for this type of page made for affiliates to represent the vendor’s product.

Your Tags Within Your Funnel

Now, this is actually really important, and I may go off on a bit of rant here. Your H tags are vital to your sales funnel. 

Many other funnel platforms don’t have the technology to differentiate your tags and are extremely difficult to rank within the search engines. Let’s take, for example, clickfunnels. If you examine a page created within clickfunnels, you will see that the entire page comprises h1 tags and paragraphs.

When Google sees this, your page will automatically be ranked downward (there are many other reasons why Groove will always outrank clickfunnels, but we won’t deep dive too much in this article). When you create a page with Groove, you can build it the way Google wants you to, having one h1 tag, h2, h3, paragraphs, etc.

Upsells Downsells Etc

These, of course, are optional and very much depending on your price point and what you are selling. So let’s take chatammo, for example.

I could make my front end (hero product), which your viewer will see could be just my essential software, so perhaps just a Facebook chatbot. And let’s say we sold that for $7 per month.

Next, we could offer Instagram automation and monetization, and we could perhaps go to $27. If they say no to the upsell, we could give them a downgrade of only the Instagram chatbot added for $17. The very next upsell could be done for you, where we would build out the chatbot, and after that, we would be done with you. All of these could be upsells and downsells and would help increase the bottom line.

Another route that you could take is a lifetime deal, so let’s say, for example, we will sell chatammo on a lifetime deal for $997. If I were to sell at this price, it would be very annoying if I continued to upsell, as everything should be included.

So, for example, it would be immoral to sell your software and then go out and charge extra for teaching people how to use it. But, on the other hand, I have seen many people saying, well, you need to join my premium membership site to get the best out of this software.

Creating Urgency

By creating urgency, we can start to get people to buy when they see the offer, and as long as we have thought through the offer and make it as good as we can, this will be taken up.

I like to think when creating an irresistible offer that no matter what people buy, they will get more problems that come along with the product. So if we take a drill as an example. They haven’t purchased a drill. They are buying a hole maker.

Now they have their hole maker, they are faced with other problems, so they will need drill bits. But, what kind of drill bits will they need? Will the whole be through wood, metal concrete?

So using the drill as an example, we could also include a complete set of drill bits, so a wooden drill bit with step-by-step instructions on how to fit the bit into the drill, the correct speed to run the drill, etc. For tiles, we could also include how to drill through tiles by using masking tape. We could also include hooks, screws, wall plugs, and various fitting types. When the whole is made, we have included everything that could ever be needed. 

This is what makes up an offer, rather than just a drill. We are offering so much, we don’t need to compete on pricing as long as we get our targeting right. I would look at this particular offer, perhaps new homeowners, a young age group who hadn’t already got the tools they need, etc.


Social proof has a significant effect on viewers’ behavior. By using social proof then you can show that your offer is trustworthy. Your testimonials should be near the end of the page. As you are leading people through the linear path, you want to have reassurances.

Suppose somebody has gone through your entire funnel. In that case, they are interested in your offer and just finally need something to push them over the edge.

Social Proof

Social proof is shown to improve your conversion rates, and this is easily added with a small pop-up in the corner that shows when people have joined.

However, if you aren’t using Groove, these can be pretty expensive to get and have some strict limitations on them. With Groove, these can be added for free, as they are built into your suite of tools.

Only One Call To Action

This is possibly the most essential aspect. No matter what you want your visitor to do, only ever have the one call to action. As remember, a confused mind will not buy.

Take Action

I have seen so many people not ask their visitors to take action if you want them to buy. You must ask. So many newbies seem to be afraid to ask their visitors to take action.

When I ask them why they may say something like, I will ask them the third time, via email, etc. 

While you have your visitor on your page, I can’t stress enough how important it is to ask for the result you want. It’s the reason why you drove traffic there in the first place. 

You need to remember that it is direct response marketing and not content marketing. With content marketing, you can build up and wait for the sale, whereas direct response, as the name suggests, you want people to take action directly.

A More Effective Lead Capture

You will often hear me speak about lead captures, as it really can’t be overstated when first starting your marketing journey, as you need to build your lists.

I am saying lists rather than a list because marketing is moving along quickly. By building up your lists, you will get more people to see what you have to offer.

A standard email collection box is still better than not having any email collection. Still, things really start to get supercharged when you use a chatbot on your page. This can behave the same way as your email collection would. So when somebody clicks onto the chatbot, the sales funnel still acts the same way and takes the visitor to the next page in your funnel. 

However, because you are using a chatbot, you get extra benefits. One is that people do not need to type out their email. In fact, many people put in the wrong email just to go further down the funnel. 

A chatbot linked to Facebook will give you all of the contact details to log into Facebook. And now you also have two ways of contacting them.

Webinair Registration

So webinar registration is the perfect example of where a chatbot is a much better option than just a lead capture box. So let’s imagine that you want people to register for your latest webinar. 

You need to have a lead capture at some point, either in the squeeze funnel, where they cannot get more information without adding their details. A tripwire or whatever linked to a chatbot will get you better results because of the open rates you get from chatbots. 

However, when used on a webinar, this form of lead capture ultimately comes into its own, so they can be taken over within your chatbot and confirm their email address. Still, you can send a reminder out in both emails and within your chatbot, with an over 80% open rate. Which would result in more sales.

Video Lead Capture

This is relatively new to the average marketer, as it used to be expensive to have videos with this capability.

So with this form of lead capture, we will hardwire it into a video with Groove. So we would make a video that would go onto your landing page and talk about the product you would like to sell. We would use a few little tricks that would help hugely with conversions. 

So firstly, you may well have seen videos from Russel Brunson, where you see the video playing but no sound. This makes many viewers want to know what he is talking about. It can be done within Groove Video. 

From there, you can make a small lead magnet offer that would trigger email collection baked right into the video. People buy from people, and this feature should start to make waves shortly as Groove has cost-effectively pioneered this.


If your traffic source allows it (Facebook does not like pop-ups), always use an exit pop-up. This is yet another feature that will help get your email address before losing your lead and may well be the last chance you have on collecting those details.

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