Why Marketing Is Important

Why Marketing Is Important in 2021

Why marketing is important is a question that many people ask every day. Marketing becomes one of the first things people begin to cut from their budgets when money is tight.

But by cutting your marketing spend, you are missing your future profits. Any business’s object is to make money. Without marketing, you could have the best product in the world. But without marketing, nobody knows it exists.

Without marketing your business, you can’t generate sales, and without sales, you don’t have a business.

Let’s Look At The 12 Key Reasons Marketing Is So Important

Lets go through the reasons marketing is so important

why is marketing important 2021 - building relationships

1.Marketing To Build Relationships

Building a level of trust within your business or product should be a primary focus. People buy from people they trust. It is no longer enough. This needs to be continued online too. to build relationships inside your business

By using segmentation, you can begin to get closer to your customers. This will help your business meet its customers’ needs and build trust much faster, and trust will always build more sales.

Why Marketing Is Important - customer engagement

2.Marketing For Customer Engagement

It has never been more critical for your business to engage your customers, both old and new. Using your marketing wisely, you keep a two-way conversation going and putting your business front and centre in your customer’s minds.

However, this is not hard selling, rather than trying to ram your marketing message down your customer’s throats. Engaging your customers is much more gentle than that, and often much more effective.

Engagement is all about giving your customers information about your business and products in a relevant way. By relevant I mean, it is all about producing the content that fits with the platform.

Social media is best suited to this kind of marketing, and each of these can be fully optimized to get the very best out of each. Creating beautiful picture based informative content for Instagram and Pinterest, you can use video on Youtube and Facebook.

Using social media, you can build your tribe of customers, inject some humour, and give value.

Why Marketing Is Important marketing for reputation

3.Marketing Company Reputation

Your business reputation is one of the most important aspects related directly to sales. Brand building seems to have become a little bit of a buzz word, with prominent brands spending many millions to achieve their branding.

However, one of the quickest ways to build the brand. Deliver on what you have promised, as a bare minimum, and over-deliver where possible.

Why Marketing Is Important - marketing for communication

4.Marketing As A Communication Channel

Marketing helps your customers understand the services and products your business offers.

With the correct use of marketing, Customers get to know like and trust your products and your business as a whole. This also helps with your branding.

 With so many businesses baying for your customer’s attention, a consistent voice from you will help you gain and secure more customers. 

Why Marketing Is Important - boost sales

5.Boosting Sales With Marketing

Marketing your products and services is just the beginning when a customer buys your product for the first time and is happy with their purchase. The customer can become a brand ambassador for your business.

By creating your own brand ambassadors, you can spread the word on your business or product without any extra work from yourself.

See how you can 10X the sales your customers can make for you in this post.

Why Marketing Is Important - split test

6.Split Test Your Marketing

Split testing your marketing is hugely important, you can’t improve what you cant track.

Firstly, your audiences need to be carefully thought about to establish which gives you the best ROI, then your message, images or video, etc. With all aspects of your marketing tracked, it is easy to gain new customers.

7.Stay Relevant With Your Marketing

There are far too many businesses out there who believe that no news is good news. And because they haven’t had complaints from their customers, everything is tickety-boo.

Taking this for granted shouldn’t be done, as many customers would instead find another business than kick up a fuss.

Concentrating on finding new customers while ignoring the needs of your current customers should never be done. It is much cheaper to keep a customer than gain a new one.

By maintaining your relationship with your current customers, you are doing your business an excellent service.

8.Creating More Options With Marketing

Marketing shouldn’t only be treated to sell your main offer, but you can open more by using your marketing. 

After testing your various marketing and getting a good ROI, you can begin to look at other options to make money. And of course, new customers.

This means that you will naturally begin to gain higher paying customers to your business.

Why Marketing Is Important - decisions

9.Using Marketing For Business Decisions

By abiding by number six and split testing, you now have all of the elements you need to make an informed choice.

Having your marketing metrics at hand, your choices to help your business grow are much more straightforward. The who, what, why and when are all presented for you in an easy to understand and actionable way.


There has never been a better time to start marketing your business than now. Options are wide open and ready to suit all niches and business types.

The information that advertising platforms have on their users is perfect for you to target down and find your ideal customers.

Why Marketing Is Important - Sustainability

11.Marketing For Sustainability

With constant marketing through the good times, you are far less likely to hit on any bad times.

But even if those leaner times do come, marketing should be continued. Marketing is perfect for filling your businesses pipeline of customers. Think of your marketing as oxygen for your business. It would be best if you had a constant supply all of the time, and build a great relationship with their customers.

12.Marketing For Growth

To ensure the growth of your business. Marketing is paramount, and as previously mentioned, you should take present customers. 

But gaining new customers will allow your business to continue growing by introducing it to new clients.


With the world in 2021 being a widely online-focused place, it has never been so important, or affordable. 

And aggressive marketing campaign, using social media, email autoresponders, funnels, and blogs can seem daunting at first, but automation is easily achievable.

With all of your competitor’s using marketing, you can even ‘spy’ on their marketing and improve. There is no need to reinvent the wheel to gain a competitive advantage.

Study what others are doing to improve it a little, think strategy, and soon you will see your marketing where you didn’t know it could be.

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